Questions laid off employees at Boeing are asking

What is the layoff order once it is determined that direct employees will be laid off?
SPEEA contracts call for Profs to be laid off according to their major organization (BCA, IDS, etc). / job family / Skill Management Code (SMC) beginning with the lowest retention rating (R3). Techs are laid off according to their major organization / job family / SMC beginning with the lowest grade level and retention rating (R3).

Does a change in my retention rating have any effect?
If your retention rating changes for any reason, such as a service adjustment or successful appeal of a retention rating, a layoff notice could be withdrawn.

Will contractors be released before anyone is laid off?
SPEEA’s contracts require Boeing to release contract labor and industry assists working in a SPEEA-represented major organization / job family / SMC by the layoff date of any represented employee in that job classification. They can be released at any time during the 60-day notification, but must be released by the actual layoff date. SPEEA continues to monitor this activity.

What is priority recall and how do I sign up?
This provision in SPEEA’s contracts gives laid-off employees who sign up first consideration for openings in their job classification for up to three years. You will receive more information about how to create and maintain your priority recall status from the company prior to your layoff. To qualify, register within 60 days of your layoff. You need to reapply each half-calendar year for the balance of three years.

Is there any reason why I would not be eligible for priority recall?
You would not be eligible for priority recall in any one of these three situations:

  1. If you take a lump sum payout for your layoff benefit.
  2. If you have a “designated” retention rating at the time of layoff.
  3. If you received management approval for a voluntary layoff.

How do I apply for voluntary layoff?
Boeing management informed SPEEA that all eligible employees in a SMC code targeted for layoffs will be given an opportunity to participate. If you are aware of layoffs in your SMC and have not been notified, contact your manager, HR, or skill team captain and ask if you are eligible. Note: Management will determine eligible SMCs for participation. Also, voluntary layoff  only applies to SMCs targeted for layoffs.

If I take a voluntary layoff, can I still get unemployment benefits?
Yes, per our Letter of Understanding on Voluntary Layoff it specifically states: “The employee will be coded as a layoff and will be regarded for all Company purposes as a laid off employee (including for purposes of reporting to state employment security departments)...”

How much money will I receive in unemployment benefit?
The state in which you are laid off will determine the weekly award amount for layoff benefits. Refer to your state unemployment website (see links at for details.

Boeing will cover the cost of COBRA for the first full three months after layoff. After that, laid-off employees will pay the full cost of the monthly premium as noted in the rates, for as long as needed up to an additional 15 months.

What if I want to retire early after I’m laid off?
If you are age 49 at the time of layoff with at least 10 years of Boeing service, you will be able to retire at age 55 with the same reduction as those who retire from the active payroll (2% per year reduction under age 60). If you are under age 49 and retire at age 55, the reduction is significantly higher (6% per year under age 65).  Before deciding, contact Total Access and request a retirement estimate based on your layoff date as the last date worked to find out what your benefit would be at age 55.

What if I retire or return to work before my Boeing income continuation (week of pay per year of service) stops?
Boeing could stop payments when you return to work or on your first day of retirement.