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Council Reps are member-elected delegates who work to form union policy and act as union

representatives in the workplace. CRs are a vital link between the employees they represent and the employer.

CRs have a number of responsibilities, but most important is to ensure that every SPEEA-represented employee receives union representation whenever necessary.

The Council Representative's role is comprised of eight key responsibilities:

• Contract monitoring and enforcement

• Discipline and performance issues
• Grievance handling/Investigations/Interviews
• Act as Council delegate to formulate policy for SPEEA
• Participation in partnership forums
• Keeping members informed
• Membership support
• Recruitment

Organizing Your District 

Organizing a communications network in the district is essential for Council Reps. Recruiting and using Area Representatives to assist in this work, the CR is responsible for keeping members informed with emails, workplace meetings and regular face-to-face communications.

SPEEA lunchtime meetings Quick Links

Council Reps are able to schedule lunchtime meetings for training on a variety of topics including:

  • Boeing Pension and Retirement
  • Early/Mid-Career Financial Planning 101
  • How to Use Financial Engines™
  • Intro to Negotiations
  • Medical, Dental, & Benefits 101
  • Open Enrollment

To schedule one of these lunchtime meetings presented by Matt Kempf, SPEEA senior director of compensation and retirement and/or Jason Collette, SPEEA benefits coordinator, email

Your Rights at Work

Weingarten Rights
A union-represented employee has a right to be represented during an investigatory interview. The interview could be in person, by telephone or by email. A supervisor or human resources representative normally conducts this interview. Should a represented employee be asked questions of an investigatory nature, they should immediately request their SPEEA Council Representative be present before answering any questions.

 A member's response to any request or circumstance:
“I am respectfully invoking my Weingarten Rights and am requesting to have my SPEEA Council Representative present prior to answering any of your questions. Please let me know how
you want to proceed.”

Seven Standards of Just Cause
SPEEA contracts are clear that all discipline of a represented employee meet the Standards of Just Cause:

  1. Was the employee aware of the rule and the consequences of violating that rule?
  2. Was the employer’s rule or order reasonably related to efficient and safe operations?
  3. Did management investigate before administering discipline?
  4. Was the investigation fair and objective?
  5. Did the investigation produce substantial evidence of proof of guilt?
  6. Were the rules, orders, and penalties applied evenhandedly and without discrimination?
  7. Was the penalty reasonably related to the seriousness of the offense and the past record?

Download a printable flier of Your Rights at Work

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Council Rep
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