Current Negotiations

Technical Unit members approve new Boeing contract!  
Contract Expirations
Triumph Composite Systems
Spokane, Wash.

Sept. 30, 2020
Puget Sound Professional Unit
Oct. 6, 2026
Puget Sound Technical Unit
Oct. 6, 2026
SPEEA Pilot/Instructors Unit
March 6, 2024
Wichita Engineering Unit
Dec. 1, 2024
Wichita Technical and Professional Unit
Jan. 31, 2026


Summary of offers

Contract redlines
(proposed changes marked in red)
Contract offers (no redlines)

SPEEA technical unit members have approved a new contract with The Boeing Company!

Ballots counted at SPEEA headquarters Tuesday (April 28) show more than 74% of the voting members approved the agreement that keeps Technical workers aligned with their engineering counterparts and runs to Oct. 6, 2026. ┬áThe final tally shows 2,483 members voting to “Accept” and 847 voting to “Reject.”

The vote was a revote of the Boeing contract offer after information in the original voting package drew complaints because of its clarity. A complete contract redline and summary sheet are available on Bargaining Units/Current Negotiations.
Pilots/Instructors Unit approves
new contract with Boeing

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