Contract Negotiations

May 9, 2018
Joint Communications
Negotiation teams working internally, subcommittees
resume next week

After kicking off negotiations and beginning subcommittee work last week, negotiation teams for SPEEA and Spirit are working internally this week.

The internal work includes completing data requests and preparing for more in-depth talks. Negotiations will resume next week in subcommittees. The schedule for discussions is being finalized. The current contract expires Dec. 1.

Negotiations will determine the next contract for the approximately 980 engineers at Spirit AeroSystems in the SPEEA Wichita Engineering Unit (WEU). In addition to the engineers, there are about 1,650 technical and professional workers at Spirit covered by a separate contract.

May 2, 2018
SPEEA and Spirit open negotiations for WEU engineers

Negotiation Teams for Spirit and SPEEA engineers meet to open contract talks Wednesday.

WICHITA - Negotiation teams for SPEEA-represented engineers and Spirit AeroSystems met Wednesday to kick-off talks for a new contract for engineers in in the Wichita Engineering Unit (WEU).

The 90-minute session allowed negotiators from SPEEA and Spirit to meet, discuss the process and agree to times and dates for initial sub-committee meetings. Negotiations continued with meetings on Thursday and planned for the coming week. The groups will provide updates weekly as this process moves forward.

“We look forward to productive and collaborative talks,” said SPEEA Midwest Director B.J. Moore.

Last negotiated in 2012, the current contract expires Dec. 1, 2018. Today, SPEEA represents approximately 980 engineers at Spirit AeroSystems.   

“Spirit continues to be appreciative of the great relationship we have with SPEEA,” said Senior Vice President of Engineering John Pilla.  “We look forward to positive discussions.”

SPEEA WEU Negotiation Team members spent the past month meeting with members in the workplace and working to prepare for formal negotiations with Spirit.

Membership had grown steadily in the past year.

“The team appreciates the membership growth,” said R Matthew Joyce, chair of the WEU team. “Every additional member helps secure a better contract for everyone.”

In addition to the engineers in the WEU, SPEEA represents approximately 1,650 technical and professional workers at Spirit in the Wichita Technical and Professional Unit (WTPU).
Jan. 25, 2018
Members elected for WEU Negotiation Team
Members of the Wichita Engineering Unit (WEU) Negotiation Team are Eric Stewart (left), Elisa Acosta (vice chair), R Matthew Joyce (chair), John Poettker (secretary) and Keith Covert

The Wichita Engineering Unit (WEU) Negotiation Team this week made the two alternates full, voting members of the team and elected team officers. 

  • R Matthew Joyce (chair)
  • Elisa Acosta (vice chair)
  • John Poettker (secretary)
  • Keith Covert
  • Eric Stewart 

Team members also named Midwest Director B.J. Moore as team spokesman. 

The team is now holding regular meetings and working with staff as preparations continue for contract negotiations later this year with Spirit AeroSystems. The team was selected at a special meeting of the WEU Bargaining Unit Council on Thursday, Jan. 25. The SPEEA-Spirit WEU contract expires Dec. 1.





Contract Expiration Dates
Wichita Engineering Unit
Dec. 1, 2018
Triumph - Spokane, Wash.
Sept. 30, 2020
Wichita Technical & Professional Unit
January 31, 2021
Puget Sound
Professional Unit

October 6, 2022
Puget Sound Technical Unit
October 6, 2022