Making our voice stronger - IFPTE LEAP - PAC

The past few years show how necessary and beneficial it is for union members to pay attention to the actions in Congress and our state legislatures. The IFPTE Legislative Education Action Program (LEAP), Political Action Committee (PAC) is an important tool that allows union members to support the people in Congress and state legislatures who support the issues that matter most to our careers, families and issues for working families.

Visit the SPEEA members-only LEAP-PAC page.


A Political Action Committee – PAC – is an account set up to pool money for use in the political process. Labor unions, along with corporations like The Boeing Company and Spirit AeroSystems, cannot make direct contributions to candidates or elections. However, they can set up PACs that can collect and pool money contributed by individuals.

The IFPTE LEAP-PAC collects and pools money from union members in IFPTE local unions. That money can then be used to support candidates.

  • All contributions are voluntary.
  • No dues money is used.
  • Payroll deduction is from the first paycheck of the month.
  • IFPTE LEAP-PAC supports candidates who support the issues important to IFPTE members.
  • The IFPTE Executive Council, including three SPEEA vice presidents, oversees and distributes funds.


Link takes you to login instructions.

“Just like SPEEA gives us more equal footing when negotiating with the executives on working conditions, the PAC gives us more equal footing when talking to our members of Congress.” – Chris McMuldroch