Council Representative Information
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Council Reps are member-elected delegates who work to form union policy and act as union representatives in the workplace. CRs are a vital link between the employees they represent and the employer.

CRs have a number of responsibilities, but most important is to ensure that every
SPEEA-represented employee receives union representation whenever necessary.

Key among Council Representative's responsibilities and and roles are:

  • Support members in the workplace
  • Attend Council meetings, formulate and vote on union policies
  • Contract monitoring and enforcement
  • Union representative on Partnership forums
  • Assist members with performance issues or who face discipline
  • Grievance handling/Investigations/Interviews
  • Communicate and inform members on important issues
  • Maintain the workplace network
  • Recruit new members and help fill union committees
Organizing Your District 

.SPEEA lunchtime meetings Quick Links

Council Reps are able to schedule vitual lunchtime meetings for training on a variety of topics. See the topics and how to schedule below.

Retirement, Financial Planning and more

To schedule one of these lunchtime meetings presented by Matt Kempf, SPEEA senior director of compensation and retirement email

  • Boeing Pension and Retirement
  • Early/Mid-Career Financial Planning 101
  • How to Use Financial Engines™
  • Intro to Negotiations
  • Medical, Dental, & Benefits 101 (Spirit AeroSystems)
  • Open Enrollment (Spirit AeroSystems)


Benefits and Open Enrollment

To schedule a lunchtime meeting related to benefits or open enrollment at The Boeing Company, email SPEEA Benefits Coordinator Jason Collette at

  • Medical, Dental, & Benefits 101 (The Boeing Company)
  • Open Enrollment (The Boeing Company)

Other topics of interest

Contact your SPEEA Contract Administrator to schedule a lunchtime meeting for the members in your district on any of the following topics. If there's a topic of interest not listed, be sure to ask your Contract Administrator about it.

  • How to Pursue an Upgrade
  • Layoff Benefits
  • Performance Management: Define, Interim Review and/or Close-out
  • SPEEA 101
  • SPEEA Salary Charts
  • Taking Time Off
  • Understanding NORAs
  • Understanding the Retention-Rating Process
  • Understanding Your Contract

.Your Rights at Work

Weingarten Rights
A union-represented employee has a right to be represented during an investigatory interview. The interview could be in person, by telephone or by email. A supervisor or human resources representative normally conducts this interview. Should a represented employee be asked questions of an investigatory nature, they should immediately request their SPEEA Council Representative be present before answering any questions.

 A member's response to any request or circumstance:
“I am respectfully invoking my Weingarten Rights and am requesting to have my SPEEA Council Representative present prior to answering any of your questions. Please let me know how you want to proceed.”

Seven Standards of Just Cause
SPEEA contracts are clear that all discipline of a represented employee meet the Standards of Just Cause:

  1. Was the employee aware of the rule and the consequences of violating that rule?
  2. Was the employer’s rule or order reasonably related to efficient and safe operations?
  3. Did management investigate before administering discipline?
  4. Was the investigation fair and objective?
  5. Did the investigation produce substantial evidence of proof of guilt?
  6. Were the rules, orders, and penalties applied evenhandedly and without discrimination?
  7. Was the penalty reasonably related to the seriousness of the offense and the past record?

.Success for interns!
.SPEEA-represented interns may return to Educational Leave (ELOA)

Download a printable flier of Your Rights at Work

SPEEA has corrected a Boeing error that resulted in the company terminating SPEEA-represented interns at the end of their internship in 2019 instead of allowing them to move to an Educational Leave Of Absence (ELOA).

The success is the result of a grievance filed by SPEEA. Its resolution restores the option of returning to an ELOA, remaining a Boeing employee and keeping the corresponding benefits provided by the SPEEA collective bargaining agreements.

Step 3 Grievance
Termination in Violation of Just Cause SPEEA/Boeing Technical Collective Bargaining Agreement

Instructions for Interns

.Code of Conduct
Report Harassment 
.Council Rep Rosters Training Manual