SPEEA Forms, Petitions and Delineations

Membership and Expense Forms
SPEEA Membership Application Forms
(The Boeing Company / Spirit AeroSystems)
Expense Report Forms
SPEEA Petitions and Application Forms
2022 HOPE Award Nomination form
Hope Nomination Award
Area Representative
AR Petition
Council Representative 2021-2023
*New* Election Information & Petition Guide (Revised 10-24-2022)
Includes instructions, delineation and petition
2021-2023 District Delineation
(Revised 7-7-2022)
Council Representative Designated Alternate
Designated Alternate Form
SPEEA/Regional Tellers 2022-2024
Election packet and Petition
SPEEA-related forms
SPEEA discount membership to National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals (NOGLSTP)