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Posted updated 7/14/2022
October vote
Referendum will ease process for adding members

Union tellers set Oct. 5 to mail ballots to SPEEA members to decide if the existing costly and time-consuming all-member vote requirement to start organizing campaigns outside existing employers is replaced with a simple vote of the SPEEA Council.

The Constitutional Referendum has unanimous support from the Executive Board and Council officers.

Information regarding the referendum is now on a special Constitutional Referendum web page. Members are encouraged to visit the page and watch for additional information in the by-weekly newsletter, monthly SPEEA Spotlite and coming from their Council and Area Representatives.

Posted updated 6/9/2022
Join a committee!
While any month is a good time to join a SPEEA committee, June is particularly good because members gain immediate voting rights by attending the first committee meeting after the Council Convention, which this year was June 2. Members gain committee voting rights at other times by attending two consecutive meetings. 

Committees are open to all members and cover a wide range of interests. Interested in politics? Join the Legislative and Public Affairs Committee. Other committees focus on diversity, member activities, new members, women's advocacy, veterans issues and other issues important to members. Attend a meeting to get a feel for the issues and activities. New issues and ideas are always welcome.

Established committees, along with their charter and officers are listed on the committee pages. For more information, attend a meeting or contact one of the committee officers.

SPEEA Committees                        Midwest Committees                    Northwest Committees

Posted updated 6/8/2022
Leadership Conference inspires Council Reps
Members of the SPEEA Expansion Team (SET) shared tips and tools in the Leadership Conference workshop “Organizing Your District and Beyond.” Many of the team members shared personal stories about their path to SPEEA involvement. SPEEA Treasurer Dan Nowlin (right) facilitated the virtual conference on behalf of the Leadership Development and Training Committee.

Nearly 70 Council Reps and other SPEEA elected leaders and guests took part in the annual SPEEA Leadership Conference.

With the theme of “SPEEA Today and Beyond,” the SPEEA Leadership Development and Training (LDT) Committee worked with staff to provide workshops helping Council Reps strengthen outreach with current and newer members in their districts.

Keynote speaker Peter Robison, an investigative journalist, shared highlights of his new book, “Flying Blind: The 737 MAX Tragedy and the Fall of Boeing.” He talked about Boeing’s culture shift from his perspective as an aerospace reporter since the mid-1990s.

IFPTE Secretary-Treasurer Gay Henson and IFPTE President Matt Biggs also spoke at the conference along with SPEEA President Ryan Rule and SPEEA Council Chair R Matthew Joyce. SPEEA Treasurer Dan Nowlin as Vice-chair on LDT, he served as conference facilitator on behalf of LDT.

See more conference coverage in the July SPEEA Spotlite.

Posted updated 5/12/2022
2022 SPEEA-Boeing salary charts now online

SPEEA-Boeing Prof and Tech salary charts are now online (drop-down menu 'Member Tools').

Details about this year's salary exercise can be found in the May issue of Spotlite magazine.

Access is password-protected and requires work email and BEMS ID. See instructions for accessing the charts on the web page.

SPEEA compiles charts by major organization, occupation and job family and skill management code (if applicable) based on data provided by The Boeing Company following the selective salary adjustment exercise.

Posted 4/14/2022
What is the PRO Act?

Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act is landmark legislation that gives workers a fair chance to organize a labor union at work without employer interference. Passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in 2020, the legislation (H.R. 842 and S.420) now awaits a vote in the Senate.

This federal legislation, if passed by the Senate, accomplishes two primary objectives:

  1. Ensures workers can collectively push for the changes they want to
    see at their jobs without fear of retaliation.
  2. Strengthen workers’ rights to form a union and negotiate for the
    changes they choose.

Currently, there are no penalties for employers who illegally retaliate against, or fire workers for collective action to organize. Today’s labor laws are outdated and fail to protect working people who voice concerns or seek workplace improvements.

Read more about Pro Act and Take Action!

Posted 4/1/2022
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)
Application period open for NW Council STEM grant
For those interested in applying for a Northwest Council grant related to Science, Technology,
Engineering or Math (STEM), click here for application.

The grants are distributed to help non-profit organizations promoting students’ interest in STEM-
related careers.

Grant applications can only be submitted by Northwest members who are connected to the
organization as a coach, mentor or parent with a student involved, for example.

The grant deadline is Monday, Aug. 15.

Apply for grant review committee

You can apply for the committee to review STEM grant applications along with the Northwest
Council officers. The committee provides its recommendation to the Council for a vote.

To apply for the STEM Grant Review Committee, email with your
contact information and school district where you live by noon, Thursday, June 30.
Posted 3/4/2022
SPEEA stands in Solidarity with Ukraine

SEATTLE – Members of SPEEA, IFPTE Local 2001, stand with our fellow aerospace professionals and all citizens of Ukraine to call on Russian leaders to end their senseless invasion of this sovereign nation.

Facing death and destruction of their country and way of life, the citizens of Ukraine are showing unmatched bravery to save their democracy and protect their freedom.

We support the continued use of sanctions to help stop this war. The small inconvenience these measures place on us is no comparison to the hardships and sacrifices borne by the people of Ukraine.

As a union formed and maintained by collective action, we stand in Solidarity with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian people, and the people of the world to call on Russia to end this conflict.

Posted 1/7/2022
Executive Board
SPEEA supports labor issues and union actions

The SPEEA Executive Board continues to support labor issues and our fellow labor unions in their fights for better labor contracts. When called for, some letters also include a donation to support striking workers.

Among the most recent support efforts and letters are:


The letters were also sent to respective state and local labor councils.

The Boeing Company
Virtual work is agreement between manager/employee
SPEEA received reports Boeing may require all employees working virtually to do so from a location covered by the Puget Sound (Tech or Prof) contracts. For some, this means relocating from current virtual locations back to the Puget Sound region or other areas covered by the contracts.

Despite what managers are telling impacted employees, SPEEA did NOT request this change. Virtual work arrangements are coordinated between SPEEA-represented employees and their managers.

Those who may be impacted are encouraged to contact their manager to discuss possible options or accommodations, such as long-term telecommuting or taking a leave of absence.

If concerns are not resolved, members should document the conversation and then talk to your SPEEA Council Representative.

Information in LOU-13 relating to Virtual Office/Telecommuting of the Prof and Tech contracts may be helpful.

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