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Charges against
The Boeing company


Washington House Finance Committee bows to Boeing and votes against
bill to tie the $8.7 billion aerospace tax incentives to keeping jobs in state

OLYMPIA – A majority of the Washington State House Finance Committee bowed to The Boeing Company today by voting “no” on HB 2638, which would have tied Washington’s $8.7 billion aerospace tax incentives to jobs. The action denies the state’s House of Representatives a vote on the issue and leaves the aerospace giant free to continue taking tax breaks from Washington, even if it keeps moving jobs out of the state.

“It is vastly disappointing to see some legislators ignore their colleagues and their constituents so blatantly,” said SPEEA President Ryan Rule. “With more than 4,000 jobs lost – including nearly 3,000 good engineering and technical jobs already moved from Washington since aerospace incentives were extended; how many more jobs must be lost before something is done?”

Read the Press Release

SPEEA worked hand in hand with the Machinists for legislation that stopped Boeing from receiving the full tax break and then actively moving jobs out of the state. The legislation was approved during a Special Session in November 2013 to “maintain and grow” the state’s aerospace workforce. Since then, Boeing has shed 4,057 jobs in Washington.

“The vote today demonstrates the power of corporate influence to overcome what is clearly the will of the people and the intent of the legislation,” said Machinists District 751 President Jon Holden.

Prof and Tech members - Remember to vote on contract offers!

Timeline updated for
Prof and Tech contract offers

Corrected ballot packages to members in the Prof and Tech bargaining units are scheduled for mailing Tuesday, Feb. 2.

The new ballots are necessary due to process errors.

New, corrected ballot packages are being mailed in envelopes that are distinctly different from the first mailing. Members in the Professional unit will receive envelopes with ‘Prof’ printed in green on the outside. Members in the Technical unit will receive envelopes with ‘Tech’ printed in orange on the outside. The color of the ballots inside will match the lettering on the envelopes – green ballots for Profs and orange ballots for Techs.

The new return envelopes will also be marked with ‘Prof’ in green or ‘Tech’ in orange to match the ballot inside.

The updated timeline requires marked ballots be returned to SPEEA by 5 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 17.Ballots will be counted that night and results posted here. Mail your ballot early to ensure it reaches SPEEA’s mailbox before the deadline.
Members are reminded to print their name and write their BEMS ID on the back of the return envelope. Your returned ballot must have only your vote marked - any other writing on the ballot makes it invalid.

Original ballot packages mailed to members in plain white envelopes with a red starburst stating“Contract Ballot Enclosed” should be discarded. The blue and yellow ballots included in these packages will not be counted.

The need to send new ballots to members is an unfortunate necessity. The printing house is giving the highest priority to our contract vote.

Out of town or missing ballot?

  • Absentee – If you are out of town and unable to receive a new, corrected ballot, email to request an absentee ballot no later than 5 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 10. 

  • Ballot missing – If you are a member who has not received your new ballot by Wednesday, Feb. 10, call SPEEA headquarters at 
    (206) 674-7360 for a replacement ballot.
Approved motions of the Professional and Technical Bargaining Unit Councils - 1/13/16


Professional & Technical
Contract offers explained

Download Desktent

Candidates for Executive Board positions
  • Ryan Rule
  • Keith A. Covert
  • Bill Scott


  • Jimmie Mathis


  • Dan Nowlin
  • Joel Funfar
  • Daniel Peters
  • Ben Blankley

The Tellers Committee validated a total of eight candidate petitions for three officer positions on the SPEEA, IFPTE Local 2001 Executive Board. Jimmie Mathis is the only candidate for treasurer. SPEEA will conduct an election for the two contested positions.

The candidates for the two contested races are listed as they will appear on the ballot based on a random drawing by the Tellers, which oversee union elections.

The Tellers validated petitions following the deadline Jan. 27.

Ballot packages, including candidate statements and responses to Council-approved questions, go in the mail to all members in good standing by Feb. 24. Ballots are due Wednesday, March 9.

The newly elected Executive Board officers start their two-year terms March 23.

Regional Tellers Committees

Seven members submitted valid petitions for the regional Tellers Committees. With at least one opening to be filled on each regional Teller Committee, no election is necessary.

Northwest Tellers

  • Meka Andrews
  • Stephen Karich
  • Lynda Maynard
  • Darlene Miller
  • Barbara Moore

Midwest Tellers

  • Nancy Kendrick
  • R.G. Reser

If you’re interested in submitting a petition to run for Teller, go to (drop-down menu for Councils/Forms and Petitions) or click here



Nominate members for volunteer efforts
Helping Other People Excel (HOPE) award
SPEEA is seeking nominations for the Stephen Pezzini Helping Other People Excel (HOPE) award. You can nominate a member from any SPEEA bargaining unit in any state who goes above and beyond for his/her union and community.

Pezzini was a Council Rep in Everett who inspired others by his strong union advocacy for workplace issues as well as active support of his community. He died of cancer at age 36 in 1995.

To nominate a member, email your nominee’s name to Include specific examples of how the member contributes to SPEEA and the community.

Deadline: Feb. 22.

NW activist awards In addition to the Pezzini award, the Northwest Council seeks member nominations for the following awards: 
  • New activist – new to activism since 2015
  • Outstanding activist – wide range of service, such as committees,  labor activism or internal organizing
  • Outstanding leader – a leader who gave over and above in 2015
  • Lifetime achievement – many years of service to SPEEA
Recipients are recognized at the March banquet for Council Reps and activists.

To nominate a Northwest member, see the award nomination form (available under Councils/Forms and Petitions)

Deadline: Feb. 22.
Contract benefit
Resume and job-search workshops available at Ed Wells Partnership
Ed Wells Partnership (EWP) recently added a number of resume and job-search workshops to its list of offerings. The workshops provide information about how to be successful searching for new jobs within Boeing.

Complete information and registration is available on the Boeing intranet
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