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IFPTE triennial convention highlights

At the 58th triennial IFPTE Convention, SPEEA delegates joined about 150 representatives from IFPTE locals to conduct union business.

Highlights include:

  • Election of Executive Council regional VPs, including Ryan Rule, Joel Funfar and Donna Lehane to fill the SPEEA Area Vice President positions. 

  • Re-election of President Greg Junemann and Secretary Treasurer Paul Shearon, former SPEEA organizing director, to serve three-year terms. Both officers ran unopposed.

  • Vote to pass the Atomic Energy Resolution. SPEEA member Alex Sonnabend participated in a subcommittee that addressed concerns and drafted the resolution.

For more photos, see SPEEA’s Facebook page. For the convention agenda and daily reports, go to

Existing Unfair Labor Practice Charge
Boeing’s Pension Value Plan (PVP) change
The Boeing Company recently announced that effective Jan. 1, 2016, the non-union Pension Value Plan (PVP) minimum conversion factor will increase to $95. Boeing is not including SPEEA-represented employees in the Professional and Technical units who have a PVP benefit in this increase because of pending charges filed by SPEEA against Boeing regarding other retirement plan changes.

SPEEA filed an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charge with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in 2014. The NLRB has since issued a charge against Boeing – meaning the NLRB sees reason enough for the charge to proceed to a hearing.  The hearing is set for the first week in September at the NLRB’s Seattle Regional office.
 Read the complete explanation.
Boeing illegally withheld plans from SPEEA regarding
members' work moving out of Washington state
SEATTLE – The Boeing Company violated federal labor law when it refused to provide information regarding plans to move thousands of engineering and technical workers’ jobs out of Washington to other states and countries, according to a decision this week by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Acting on an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charge filed in March 2014 by the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA), IFPTE Local 2001, NLRB Administrative Law Judge Dickie Montemayor on Tuesday (July 14) ordered Boeing to fulfill the request and provide the union the information regarding work moving from facilities around Puget Sound to other states and facilities around the world.

“The union was entitled to all of the presumptively relevant information,” Montemayor wrote. “The refusal of an employer to provide a bargaining agent with information relevant to the union’s task of representing its constituency is a per se violation of the act.”

First hearing of Boeing plans in late 2013 of possible work movements out of Washington, SPEEA officials asked Boeing for information about the plans. When the company continued to refuse verbal requests, SPEEA filed a formal written information request. The company’s refusal to honor the written request resulted in filing charges with the NLRB.

The time frame of the initial requests regarding work movement coincides with Boeing’s multi-state competition to determine where the new 777X would be built. With intense pressure on Washington officials to win the competition, a special legislative session was held in November 2013. Legislators used the session to pass the $8.7 billion aerospace tax preference bill, the largest corporate tax break package in the history of the United States. Within weeks of the legislative action, Boeing started moving jobs out of Washington. Thus far, Boeing has announced 6,000 will move. Overall Boeing’s Washington employment is down by more than 3,100 since the special legislative session, with engineers and technical workers represented by SPEEA being hit hard.

“The judge found Boeing broke the law but what’s important is the content of the reports that Boeing was willing to break the law to hide,” said Ray Goforth, SPEEA executive director. “We believe that these documents will show that Boeing was simultaneously lobbying state officials to extend aerospace tax incentives and planning to move thousands of jobs out of Washington to other states. We urge The Boeing Company to come clean and obey the orders of the judge.”

Together with Machinists Lodge 751, SPEEA worked with key lawmakers to push for legislation that required Boeing to maintain jobs in Washington as a requirement to use the tax breaks. A second effort, sought requirements that aerospace suppliers pay a living wage to workers. Intense pressure from Boeing and industry representatives stalled the proposed legislation.

Read the NLRB decision


Tony Hickerson elected Northwest Council Chair

N.W. Council Officer positions are filled

Council Representatives in the Northwest Region on Thursday (July 9) elected Tony Hickerson to Council Chair.

Hickerson, center in photo at left, joins fellow Northwest Council officers Treasurer Orlando de Los Santos, R-50, left, and Secretary James Raskob, E-23, right.

Hickerson, a member of the Puget Sound Tech Unit since 2005, serves as Council Rep at Boeing's Kent plant for District K-2. The Northwest officers serve two year terms which started in May

In our contracts – holiday weekend overtime is voluntary
SPEEA contracts at The Boeing Company and Spirit AeroSystems have language stating overtime must be voluntary
on a holiday or the weekend which precedes or follows a holiday.

See your contract at or ask your Council Rep for a print copy. The language is in the following:
  • SPEEA Prof and Tech contracts: Letter of Understanding (LOU) 22
  • SPEEA Wichita Engineering Unit and Wichita Technical and Professional Unit contracts: Article 10.8(a)
Voting record on Fast Track

SPEEA joined the nationwide effort to oppose the Trade Promotion Authority (Fast Track). The Fast Track legislation failed to address currency manipulation, which has caused the loss of millions of manufacturing jobs. With Fast Track, secret trade deals could be rushed through Congress.

SPEEA will continue to advocate on issues that affect jobs and workplace rights. Want to know more? Get involved in the regional and national SPEEA Legislative and Public Affairs Committees.

Voting record – states/districts with SPEEA bargaining units 

Northwest Council STEM grant application

The application period for the SPEEA Northwest Council grants related to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) runs through Aug. 15.

NW STEM grants are for non-profit organizations or institutions, with at least one Northwest SPEEA member participating (as a coach, mentor or parent).

STEM education grant application

For more information about the program, see Northwest Policy VII: Subsection B.4. 

Double-dipping continues: Boeing grabs $6 million from Oklahoma City for 900 jobs

The Boeing Company’s decision to move 900 jobs, primarily from Washington state, to Oklahoma City is the latest “thank you” to the state that is providing $8.7 billion in tax incentives to Boeing and aerospace suppliers.

By relocating the jobs to Oklahoma City, Boeing will receive $6 million in job creation incentives, reports The Oklahoman newspaper this week.

“This is one more example of Boeing double-dipping on tax incentives,” said SPEEA President Ryan Rule. “Just like when Boeing relocated jobs from the Puget Sound region to Missouri, the company will again receive tax breaks from two states without creating a single new job.”

While other states tied corporate tax incentives to Boeing increasing employment, Washington was not able to when legislators extended aerospace tax incentives during a hastily-called special session in November 2013.  

With the Washington Legislature back in session on Wednesday (April 29), SPEEA and IAM District Lodge 751 continue to seek a revision to the law that will require Boeing to maintain jobs in the state in order to receive the entire tax incentive. Legislation (HB 2147) sponsored by Rep. June Robinson (D-Everett) is in the House Finance Committee awaiting action. Legislation (HB 1786) sponsored by Rep. Mia Gregerson (D-SeaTac) to ensure aerospace jobs pay living wages is also awaiting action by the House Finance Committee.

Read the story in The Oklahoman newspaper

Read the opinion editorial in The Seattle Times by
SPEEA President Ryan Rule and IAM District 751
President Jon Holden.

NEW ACTION ALERT - Tell your Washington state legislators we need them to support aerospace tax accountability before Boeing sends more good jobs
flying away!

SPEEA Press Release: While securing
$8.7 billion in tax breaks, Boeing worked
16 efforts sending jobs out of state

Boeing's legal brief listing work
movements out of Washington

Learn about tax accountability
Voters support amending tax incentives
Other states tied aerospace incentives to jobs
Voters support tying wages to tax incentives
Tax Accountability Desktent
Archive: Past Aerospace Tax Incentive news
Contract benefit
Resume and job-search workshops available at Ed Wells Partnership

Ed Wells Partnership (EWP) recently added a number of resume and job-search workshops to its list of offerings. The workshops provide information about how to be successful searching for new jobs within Boeing.

Complete information and registration is available on the Boeing intranet: