Approved Council Motions 2017




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M17-001 Proposed 2017/2018 Budget for SPEEA Council

It is moved that: the SPEEA Council approve the proposed 2017-2018 SPEEA Council budget and submit the proposed budget to the SPEEA Executive Board for consideration and incorporation into the SPEEA budget.



M17-002 Support federal and state legislation to make college affordable, reduce student debt burden and provide greater access to higher education for all students in US

It is moved that: the SPEEA Council supports federal and state legislative efforts to make college affordable, reduce student debt burden and provide greater access to trade schools, community colleges, universities and internships for all students in the US. The committee will review legislation and support public policy based on adherence to theses principles.

M17-002 Published Ballot



M17-003 Motion to Support ILO Core Labor Standards in Aerospace Supply Chain

It is moved that: the SPEEA Council encourage the Companies employing our membership, to insist that all suppliers comply with core ILO labor standards, and enforce those standards as a condition for doing business with the Companies, where the core labor standards include prohibitions against child labor, forced labor or slave labor, protection for freedom of association, equal opportunities in pay and employment, and non-discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex (including sexual orientation and identity), religion, political opinion, national extraction or social origin.

M17-003 Published Ballot

03/09/17 SPEEA M17-005 Proposed 2017/2018 SPEEA Budget It is moved that: the SPEEA Council concurs with the SPEEA 2017-18 Fiscal Year Budget.

04/20/17 NW NW17-006 Motion to Support the Creation of a State Bank of Washington

It is moved that: the Northwest Council go on record as supporting the creation of a state bank of Washington by authorizing our activists and staff to lobby in support of 2017 Senate Bill 5464, or similar future legislation, and by educating SPEEA members about such legislation and encouraging them to personally support it.

NW17-006 Published Ballot

04/20/17 NW NW17-007 SPEEA Support for Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center

It is moved that: the SPEEA NW Council supports efforts in the Oregon State Legislature to ensure needed funding for the Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center, (OMIC).

Further, the Northwest Council supports use of SPEEA website, publications, and other communication resources to educate and encourage individual SPEEA members and retirees to support OMIC and supports engagement and cooperation with other organizations supporting OMIC.

04/20/17 NW NW17-008 Support of International Workers Day (May 1st) and Immigrant rights events in the Northwest It is moved that: The NW SPEEA Council supports the May 1st International Workers day event in the Northwest and also approves use of SPEEA banner at event. It is also moved that $1,000.00 be requested from the Executive Board for any signs or informational handouts needed.

04/20/17 NW NW17-009 Support of International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Local 9 in negotiations with the Port of Seattle It is moved that: the NW SPEEA Council supports ILWU Local 9 in their struggle in negotiations with the Port of Seattle. The NW Council requests the Executive Board to take steps in informing our members about this issue via our publications and information networks and urge our members to stand in solidarity and support the members of ILWU Local 9 at the Port of Seattle to help secure fair treatment of workers who keep our airport safe and running smoothly for the public.

04/20/17 NW NW17-010 Northwest Region Facilities

It is moved that: The Northwest Council requests the SPEEA Executive Board and SPINC:

  1. Study the current facilities needs of the NW Region, including a review of Portland and adding an office and at a minimum the need for a meeting room suitable for the full NW Council and associated staff and guests, conference rooms to allow multiple simultaneous meetings and to allow privacy for closed sessions, office space for SPEEA staff, and parking. Desirable features would include sufficient space to hold the NW Awards Banquet, SPEEA Convention, and NW Guest Night, outdoor space to hold events, and facilities for phone banking.

  2. Investigate property and/or buildings which might prove suitable for SPEEA Union halls in the Puget Sound Pacific Northwest.

  3. Report to the NW Council on the availability, capacity, location, and cost of such facilities that might augment or replace one or both NW halls no later than November 9th, 2017.

05/20/17 NW NW17-011 Extension of Training Requirements

It is moved: The SPEEA NW Regional Council excuses the following NW Regional Council Delegates from attending this year's SPEEA Refresher Training/Leadership Conference and grants them a 2 month extension from today's date.

  • Babak Arvani (E-1)
  • Michael Burdette (R-4)
  • Debarijit (Greg) Chandra (E-29)
  • Mark Friesen (R-50)
  • Sandy Hastings (E-18)
  • Tony Laffranchi (R-40)
  • Colleen Rowan (E-22)
  • Bob Wilkerson (R-50)
  • James Wulfekuhle (E-29)
  • Rick Yost (P-10)

*SPEEA Constitution 2.3.3 Training - requires a two-thirds majority vote of the Northwest Council

06/09/17 SPEEA M17-012 Support of CWA locals on strike


IT IS FURTHER MOVED THAT WE Publicize opportunities for SPEEA members to Support CWA members In Various ways so THE membersHIP can SHOW SOLIDARITY.

06/09/17 SPEEA M17-013 Opposition to the "Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act", R1313. Or any bills like it that allow companies to pressure the use of employees' DNA in wellness programs

It is moved that: THE SPEEA COUNCIL opposes the Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act, HR1313, or any bills like it that allow companies to pressure the use of employee’s DNA in wellness programs. Published ballot

06/09/17 SPEEA M17-014 Statement of Principle Regarding Threats and Acts of Violence Against Union Members and Other Non-violent Demonstrators

It is moved: The SPEEA Council:

  1. Strongly supports the right of nonviolent demonstration and picketing, as protected under the US Constitution and Federal Labor Law.
  2. Condemns violence or threats of violence against such demonstrations.
  3. Condemns violence or threats of violence against individuals and organizations executing their rights to organize under Federal Labor Law.
  4. Condemns acts or behavior which enables or emboldens parties to undertake violent or threatening behavior against those who organize or demonstrate. 


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