SPEEA / Northwest

Approved Council Motions - 2018


Date Council Motion Number Motion Title Approved language
01/11/18 SPEEA M18-001 Proposed 2018/2019 Budget for SPEEA Council It is moved that: the SPEEA Council approve the proposed 2018-2019 SPEEA Council budget and submit the proposed budget to the SPEEA Executive Board for consideration and incorporation into the SPEEA budget.
01/11/18 SPEEA M18-002 Support for the Jones Act

It is moved that: the SPEEA Council supports the Jones Act and opposes any effort to weaken or eliminate it including SB 1894.

M18-002 Published Ballot

01/11/18 SPEEA M18-003 Waiver by 2/3 Majority Vote for Shannon Deacon It is moved that: the SPEEA Council grants a waiver for Shannon Deacon, in accordance with SPEEA Constitution Section 2.3.2 that allows her run as a candidate for the officer positions of SPEEA President, SPEEA Secretary, and/or SPEEA Treasurer in the upcoming 2018 Executive Board Election.
02/08/18 NW NW18-004 Motion to Support Passage of Washington Senate Bill 5140 - Gender Pay Equity

It is moved that: the Northwest Council supports pay equality. The Council encourages activists and staff to lobby in support of Senate Bill 5140, and to educate SPEEA members about such legislation and encourage them to support it.

02/08/18 NW NW18-005 NW - SPEEA/IFPTE Local 2001 Support to Picket with Teamters Local 174 (Seattle School Bus Drivers) During Duration of Their Strike Against First Student (Employer)

It is moved that: THE SPEEA NORTHWEST COUNCIL STANDS IN SOLIDARITY with the school bus drivers of Teamsters Local 174 and SUPPORTS the picketing of First Student until a fair and reasonable deal is reached and provide $3,000.00 in financial support.

03/08/18 SPEEA M18-006 SPEEA 2018-19 Fiscal Year Budget It is moved that: The SPEEA Council concurs with the SPEEA 2018-19 Fiscal Year Budget.


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