Puget Sound Prof &Tech Contract Countdown


Negotiations 2016

Professional & Technical contracts expire October 6, 2016

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and member participation opportunities

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Interested in negotiating our next contract? 

Attend a Negotiation Team candidate orientation

Negotiation Team
Candidate Orientations 

Everett SPEEA Hall
4:30 p.m.
Monday, Oct. 26  - or - Monday, Nov. 23
RSVP to reserve your seat:  justinl@speea.org
(Dinner provided) 

Tukwila SPEEA Hall
5 p.m.
Thursday, Oct. 29 - or -Monday, Nov. 30
RSVP to reserve your seat:  sheilam@speea.org 
(Dinner provided)

Plans are taking shape for the next round of contract talks for the more than 14,250 engineers covered by the SPEEA-Boeing Professional Unit Contract and the 6,200 technical workers covered by the SPEEA-Boeing Technical Unit Contract.

Negotiation Team candidate orientation sessions are now scheduled for members interested in serving on their bargaining unit’s team. Attending a session is required for all members seeking nomination for election to their unit’s team.

Candidate orientation provides an overview of the negotiation process, team members’ responsibilities and overall timelines. All interested members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

The SPEEA Negotiation Team Nominating Committee will make team applications available on Nov. 6. Interested members will have until Dec. 6 to submit their completed application. The committee will then conduct interviews before submitting their recommendations to the Professional and Technical Bargaining Unit Councils. Each Council will then vote to select the members who will represent their bargaining unit at the negotiation table. Additional training beyond the candidate orientation sessions will be provided before formal negotiations with Boeing begin in mid-2016.

While the Professional and Technical units each negotiate separate contracts, the teams work together throughout the process.

The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) extends and protects the rights of employees, including your rights to:
  • Wear union buttons, clothing, stickers, or display union items.

  • Read, distribute and discuss union literature in non-work areas
    during non-work times, including breaks and lunch hours.

  • Sign petitions and take surveys related to wages, hours, working
    conditions and other job issues.

  • Attend union meetings during lunch hours, breaks and outside of work.

  • Ask other employees to support the union.