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SPEEA-sponsored robotics team wins big

Congratulations to SPEEA-sponsored Vikings 2928, a Ballard High School (Seattle) robotics team winning at the championship in Houston. They formed an alliance with another team and together beat about 400 teams in points scored. The Vikings are the first Pacific Northwest team to win at this level. The competition, which draws teams from around the world, is organized by For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST). SPEEA also sponsored other robotics teams that qualified for the championship competition. The Viking drive team is shown here: Erika Piltz (loading station), Cecilia Kalthoff (pilot), Morgan Thompson (ace driver), Daisy DiGregorio (drive team coach) and Jett Kim (function operator).

New CR terms in May
Ballots due by noon, Wednesday (April 26)

If you work in an area with a contested race for Council Rep(s). Some districts have more than one seat to fill for the position of union representative in the workplace.

If you haven’t already voted, deliver your ballot to the nearest SPEEA hall to ensure delivery by noontomorrow, Wednesday, April 26. Ballots arriving after the noon deadline will not be counted.

Districts with contested races

  • Auburn – A-10 and A-40
  • Everett – E-8, E-11, E-15, E-17, E-18, E-26, E-29, E-30, E-35 and E-60
  • Plant II – P-1 and P-10
  • Renton – R-3 and R-50
  • Wichita (Spirit AeroSystems) – S-12

Election results will be posted after the regional Tellers certify the election results.

SPEEA marches for science

Countless SPEEA members turned out for the April 22 March for Science in multiple cities. In Seattle, more than 40 members signed up and many more stopped by the SPEEA information table prior to the march which drew several thousand. In Wichita, Council Rep Ben Blankley and his son, Antonio, joined the march, which drew about 1,000. 
Longtime Council Rep honored at Northwest Council meeting

Longtime Council Rep and SPEEA officer Dave Baine, center, is honored at the Northwest Council meeting Thursday. A 32-year Boeing employee, Baine is among the hundreds of Boeing employees taking a voluntary layoff from the company and exiting the workplace Friday. He joined SPEEA in 1999 as part of an organizing effort. With him at the meeting are Northwest Secretary James Raskob, left, and Council Chair Tony Hickerson.

Boeing hands layoff notices to 277 Profs and Techs

The Boeing Company continued to cut its Washington state workforce by issuing 277 notices of layoff to engineers and technical workers on Friday (April 21). The breakdown shows 194 Professional and 83 Technical workers are now scheduled for layoff on June 23.

Of the total, 191 are in Everett, 35 in Renton, 26 in Tukwila and the remaining scattered among the other Puget Sound locations.

The company has now issued 583 involuntary layoff notices this year. Since January 2016, using voluntary and involuntary layoffs, Boeing has shed 1,647 engineers and technical workers from its workforce in the Puget Sound region.

SPEEA contract administrators are reviewing the layoff list to ensure compliance with bargaining unit contracts. Members should report any abnormalities to their Council Representative or the SPEEA office.

The company confirmed this round of layoffs will not involve workers at the plant in North Charleston, South Carolina.

The Layoff Information page, located under Member Tools on the website includes information to assist members facing layoff.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)
Apply for Northwest Council STEM grants

The Northwest Council is now accepting applications for grants to help encourage students’ interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

The NW Council STEM grants are for non-profit organizations or institutions, with at least one Northwest SPEEA member participating (as a coach, mentor or parent).

STEM education grant application (click here) – deadline Aug. 15

For more information about the program, see Northwest PolicyVII: Subsection B.4.  

Members needed for STEM Grant Review Committee
This committee meets to review the applications and make funding recommendations to the NW Council, which votes on the grant allocations. If you’re interested, email your name and school district to by June 15.

Action needed on Aerospace Accountability

With the Washington state legislature in special (extended) session, the two bills calling for aerospace tax incentive accountability still have a chance for a vote.

Washington Legislative bills HB-2146 by Representative Richard DeBolt (R-20) and HB-2145 by Representative Noel Frame (D-36) with support on both sides of the political aisle are clear indications that Washington’s aerospace tax preferences are not achieving their intended purpose.

Machinists and SPEEA support tax incentives used to maintain and grow our state’s aerospace workforce. That’s what the Washington Legislature approved and The Boeing Company agreed to in 2013 when the state extended $8.7 billion of tax incentives to the aerospace industry.  However, instead of increasing employment in Washington as the Legislature intended and the public expected, Boeing has now cut 12,655 jobs from its workforce in the state.

SPEEA and Machinists Lodge 751 agree with Representatives DeBolt and Frame that job accountability must be added to our state’s aerospace tax preferences.  We applaud their work keeping this issue in the forefront and believe both bills provide an opportunity for the Legislature to protect Washington jobs and grow our state’s aerospace industry.

We strongly urge the House Finance Committee to consider these proposals and advance a solution that brings needed accountability to Washington’s aerospace tax preferences.

Joint SPEEA - Boeing announcement
2017 Professional and Technical Units salary funds
Today (Friday, Dec. 16), Boeing and the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA) announced 2017 salary adjustment funds. Contractually required market comparisons unexpectedly determined that employees would only be eligible for lump sum distributions of an overall five percent fund, but Boeing has decided to provide salary adjustment funds of 2.8 percent for engineers and 2.3 percent for techs.

"This is consistent with our belief that business success starts with our people and relationships," said Todd Zarfos, vice president of Engineering Functions, Washington Design Center and senior chief Engineer of Systems. "Rewarding individual performance helps us attract and retain the best talent, while inspiring the pride, energy and passion that employees contribute to the company."

SPEEA Executive Director Ray Goforth added, "In deciding to provide these salary adjustment funds for our professional engineers and techs, Boeing went above and beyond what was required by the contract. This is appreciated, and I believe, an outcome of the improved relationship we've been developing."

Boeing and SPEEA negotiated the contracts for engineers and techs in February, 2016 with a provision that salary adjustment funds are established from a pool of money of 5 percent. That 5-percent pool is further divided into two types of funds: one for salary adjustments, and one for lump sums.

The size of the salary adjustment fund is then determined by comparing the average salary of Boeing's employees in those units to the average salary of comparable employees in the market, with the annual Mercer-SIRS High Tech Company salary survey providing the standard. Thresholds for the salary adjustment funds allow averages wages to be 15 percent above market for engineers and 22 percent above market for Techs in 2017.

This year's data indicated that both units exceeded their thresholds, meaning the entire 5-percent pool would have been paid as lump sums - no salary adjustments. Boeing, however, has opted to provide a salary adjustment fund anyway.

"This improvement to the salary adjustment funds for 2017 allows us to reward high performance and helps us retain key talent with critical skills," Zarfos said.

So the company will distribute an overall salary adjustment fund of 2.8 percent and individual lump sums of 2.2 percent for professional engineers, and an overall salary adjustment fund of 2.3 percent, with individual lump sums of 2. 7 percent, for techs.

More information for affected employees is available from managers, union representatives, and Human Resources representatives.
Boeing OT change
SPEEA Prof and Tech contracts protect overtime
The limits to overtime (extended work week) recently announced at The Boeing Company do not apply to SPEEA Professional and Technical workers.  

In SPEEA Prof and Tech contracts, overtime pay is guaranteed. The overtime provisions can be found in article 11.2 of the SPEEA contracts.  

SPEEA contracts also protect workers from excessive overtime. This is covered by Letter of Understanding (LOU) 22 in both the Professional and Technical contracts.  

If you have questions, your Council Rep can help. 

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Contract benefit
Resume and job-search workshops available at Ed Wells Partnership

Ed Wells Partnership (EWP) recently added a number of resume and job-search workshops to its list of offerings. The workshops provide information about how to be successful searching for new jobs within Boeing.

Complete information and registration is available on the Boeing intranet
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