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Beyond the Weekend -
How labor unions benefit everyone


‘Hidden Figures’ draws a crowd
To help promote diversity awareness, SPEEA provided 176 tickets for members to see ‘Hidden Figures,’ a movie about a group of African American women who broke through career barriers as mathematicians at NASA during the space race of the 1960s. The free tickets were only for members and only for the showing on Jan. 11. SPEEA Diversity Committee members helped with member sign in and recruited members to discuss the movie at the next Diversity Committee meeting, Wednesday, Feb. 8, at the SPEEA halls (4 p.m. in the Puget Sound and 6 p.m. in Wichita). 
SPEEA Executive Board Regional vice president elections

SPEEA has three openings for Northwest vice presidents and one opening for Midwest vice president
on the seven-member Executive Board.

To be eligible, candidates must have been a regular member in good standing for at least the preceding 24 months.

To run for office, candidates submit a petition and written statements.

  • Deadline to submit petition: January 25, 2017, 5PM in petitioner's region.
  • The valid candidates’ statements and answers are included with a ballot sent to SPEEA members by Feb. 22.
  • Ballots are counted March 8. The elected regional vice presidents begin two-year terms March 22.

Interested in running?
Election information, including a petition form and candidate questions, can be found on web
(drop-down menu for SPEEA Councils/Forms and Petitions).

Campaigns prohibited from company/union resources
Candidates cannot use union or company resources to conduct their election campaigns, according to federal law.

Nominate members for Activist / Leadership awards

SPEEA members across our bargaining units are active in their union and their community. Members are encouraged to nominate members who go the extra mile for one of our union's annual awards.

Stephen Pezzini Helping Other People Excel (HOPE) award – Nominations due Feb. 6.

  • Council Rep Stephen Pezzini was an exemplary CR who supported members and his community before dying of cancer at the age of 36. Know a member like Pezzini? Nominate him or her by emailing Include specific examples of how the member contributes to SPEEA and the community.

Northwest activist awards – Nominations due Feb. 10.

  • New activist – new to activism since 2016
  • Outstanding activist – wide range of service, such as committees,  labor activism or internal organizing
  • Outstanding leader – a leader who gave over and above in 2016
  • Lifetime achievement – many years of service to SPEEA

To nominate a Northwest member, complete and submit the nomination form (also available under Councils/Forms and Petitions).

SPEEA Pilots/Instructor Unit opens contract talks with Boeing

The SPEEA Pilot/Instructors Negotiation Team recently added Bill Hunt to our team. He joins Lisa ClarkDavid Whitacre and James Wilkerson as full members of our Negotiations Team. 

 Since holding an initial session with The Boeing Company on December 13, our team has met a number of times internally to review survey findings and work in sub-committees as we prepare for the start of Main Table talks on Monday, Jan. 23.

 Bill Hunt’s addition allows us to keep our talks on track as Lisa Clark is scheduled to leave Boeing at the end of January.

 The SPEEA Negotiations Team is preparing for data rich, collaborative talks with Boeing. Our hope is to conclude talks in advance of the current collective bargaining agreement's expiration on Feb. 9, 2017.

SPIU Negotiation Team members are from left, Lisa Clark, David Whitacre, James Wilkerson and Bill Hunt (not pictured).
Joint SPEEA - Boeing announcement
2017 Professional and Technical Units salary funds
Today (Friday, Dec. 16), Boeing and the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA) announced 2017 salary adjustment funds. Contractually required market comparisons unexpectedly determined that employees would only be eligible for lump sum distributions of an overall five percent fund, but Boeing has decided to provide salary adjustment funds of 2.8 percent for engineers and 2.3 percent for techs.

"This is consistent with our belief that business success starts with our people and relationships," said Todd Zarfos, vice president of Engineering Functions, Washington Design Center and senior chief Engineer of Systems. "Rewarding individual performance helps us attract and retain the best talent, while inspiring the pride, energy and passion that employees contribute to the company."

SPEEA Executive Director Ray Goforth added, "In deciding to provide these salary adjustment funds for our professional engineers and techs, Boeing went above and beyond what was required by the contract. This is appreciated, and I believe, an outcome of the improved relationship we've been developing."

Boeing and SPEEA negotiated the contracts for engineers and techs in February, 2016 with a provision that salary adjustment funds are established from a pool of money of 5 percent. That 5-percent pool is further divided into two types of funds: one for salary adjustments, and one for lump sums.

The size of the salary adjustment fund is then determined by comparing the average salary of Boeing's employees in those units to the average salary of comparable employees in the market, with the annual Mercer-SIRS High Tech Company salary survey providing the standard. Thresholds for the salary adjustment funds allow averages wages to be 15 percent above market for engineers and 22 percent above market for Techs in 2017.

This year's data indicated that both units exceeded their thresholds, meaning the entire 5-percent pool would have been paid as lump sums - no salary adjustments. Boeing, however, has opted to provide a salary adjustment fund anyway.

"This improvement to the salary adjustment funds for 2017 allows us to reward high performance and helps us retain key talent with critical skills," Zarfos said.

So the company will distribute an overall salary adjustment fund of 2.8 percent and individual lump sums of 2.2 percent for professional engineers, and an overall salary adjustment fund of 2.3 percent, with individual lump sums of 2. 7 percent, for techs.

More information for affected employees is available from managers, union representatives, and Human Resources representatives.
Spirit Network change
SPEEA working to ensure benefits and coverage for members in Wichita
WICHITA - SPEEA is aware of a network change for represented Spirit employees that takes effect July 1, 2017. Over the next six months, SPEEA will work with Spirit to fully understand the impacts of this network modification, to make certain benefits are not reduced and the network is adequate to address the healthcare needs of SPEEA-represented employees.

SPEEA is developing a comprehensive data request associated with this network modification to ensure that every provider-type and service available in your current network remains available in this modified network. If you become aware of a type of service or provider designation that will be eliminated due to this network change, please inform SPEEA staff as soon as possible.  You may contact Midwest Director BJ Moore ( or SPEEA Benefits Director Matt Kempf (

SPEEA is encouraged to see that Spirit is attempting to reduce its healthcare costs through means other than blunt cost shifting to employees such as increased healthcare contributions or increasing deductibles and/or co-pays. We hope this change will result in significant savings to Spirit with as little network disruption as possible. SPEEA is still working with Spirit to fully understand exactly what is changing and how you will be impacted, but it appears that some of you may have to change your hospital affiliation in order to remain in-network.
Boeing OT change
SPEEA Prof and Tech contracts protect overtime
The limits to overtime (extended work week) recently announced at The Boeing Company do not apply to SPEEA Professional and Technical workers.  

In SPEEA Prof and Tech contracts, overtime pay is guaranteed. The overtime provisions can be found in article 11.2 of the SPEEA contracts.  

SPEEA contracts also protect workers from excessive overtime. This is covered by Letter of Understanding (LOU) 22 in both the Professional and Technical contracts.  

If you have questions, your Council Rep can help. 

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Contract benefit
Resume and job-search workshops available at Ed Wells Partnership

Ed Wells Partnership (EWP) recently added a number of resume and job-search workshops to its list of offerings. The workshops provide information about how to be successful searching for new jobs within Boeing.

Complete information and registration is available on the Boeing intranet
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