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SPEEA-represented aerospace workers
Without you, there would be no Boeing Centennial
Lunchtime meeting in Renton draws crowd
A crowd of 90 SPEEA members attended a lunchtime meeting July 27 geared toward early/mid career employees. SPEEA Benefits Director Matt Kempf gave an overview of financial planning to help maximize 401(k) savings. Renton District R-3 Council Reps Joseph Pham and Richard Thorkildson and the Young Members Committee hosted the event.
Apply for the Judicial Review Committee
SPEEA is seeking members to apply for the Judicial Review Committee (JRC), the final hearing body for charges within SPEEA.

Deadline to apply – Sept. 9.

Members of the JRC typically have experience in one or more positions. A member of the JRC is required to have served as a member, within the past five years, of the Executive Board, the Council(s), Tellers Committee(s), the Judicial Review Committee, one of the Council committees, or any combination thereof, for at least two years.

To apply
Email by Friday, Sept. 9, with your contact information and a brief statement about your qualifications/interest. Names will be forwarded to the Executive Board for review. The Board will select candidates and forward names on to the SPEEA Council for final selection.

For more information
For details, see the SPEEA Constitution and bylaws online at or (click here).
Washington State Labor Council Convention
AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka greets SPEEA delegates
WENATCHEE, WA – AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, center, takes time to say hello to SPEEA delegates this week at the 2016 Washington State Labor Council Constitutional Convention in Wenatchee. SPEEA Labor Delegates with Trumka here are, from left, Chelsea Orvella, Tony Hickerson, Sandy Hastings, Joel Funfar, Trumka, Dave Baine, Judy Mogan and Stan Sorscher. In his keynote address, Trumka gave a strong call-out to SPEEA and Machinists and voiced support for our efforts to make aerospace companies accountable for the tax breaks granted by Washington state. Regarding Boeing, Trumka said: "... to pocket state tax incentives and then kill good Washington jobs, after the sacrifices you and your union members made, it’s just shameful.  It’s wrong." Read more about Trumka's speech in The Stand.
AARP Foundation Litigation & SPEEA
Age discrimination action against Spirit AeroSystems
WICHITA, KS – Craig Tolson, standing, talks about the impact of being abruptly terminated by Spirit AeroSystems in July 2013, during a press conference at SPEEA’s Midwest office. Tolson is one of 24 named plaintiffs in a major age discrimination cases filed in U.S. District Court. The action, involving former Spirit employees represented by SPEEA, has a legal team that includes attorneys from AARP Foundation Litigation (AFL), a Washington D.C.-based component of the AARP Foundation. “Spirit's treatment of older workers in its July 2013 RIF was unprecedented, unequal and unlawful.  Spirit's first-ever large-scale layoffs violated clear disclosure rules regarding mass terminations.” said AARP Foundation Litigation’s senior attorney Dan Kohrman after the filing. 

Read the SPEEA press release
Midwest members getting new SPEEA office
WICHITA - After years renting space in Parklane Plaza, Midwest SPEEA members are getting an office of their own.

After considerable research to find a location and investigate costs, The SPEEA Executive Board agreed to purchase the former QuickTrip building at 4621 E. 47th South. Midwest Vice President Keith Covert signed the agreement in June. Remodeling starts this week with moving planned for early October.

"It's ours," Covert said, noting that SPEEA will now have a office of its own in Wichita.

The new office will offer members more space and is conveniently located close to Spirit AeroSystems.
Midwest officers at SPEEA's future home, from left, Council Chair Mark Gayer, SPEEA & Midwest Treasurer R Matthew Joyce, Secretary Emily Forest and Regional Vice President Keith Covert.
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What happened to 'maintain and grow' Washington's workforce?

Instead of “maintaining and growing” Washington State’s aerospace workforce in 2015 in exchange for saving $305 million in state taxes, The Boeing Company cut its workforce by 961 more employees.

That brings the total jobs Boeing has cut from its Washington workforce to 5,624 since the legislature extended $8.7 billion in tax breaks to the company in November, 2013.

Boeing’s tax savings for 2015 were released Friday (April 29). This is the first year the state Department of Revenue has required Boeing and other aerospace firms to disclose the amount of money a company saves by taking advantage of the aerospace tax incentives.

Two efforts by SPEEA, IAM 751 and key legislators in recent years have brought new scrutiny in Olympia regarding corporate tax breaks. However, intense lobbying by Boeing has thwarted efforts to tie aerospace tax incentives to actually “maintaining and growing” Washington’s aerospace workforce as the legislature intended. Washington remains the only state to provide large tax breaks to Boeing and aerospace companies without a requirement to grow or even maintain employment in the state.

Boeing’s historic tax break from state even bigger than thought - The Seattle Times, May 3
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)
Apply for Northwest Council STEM grant

Members involved in outreach to encourage students’ interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) may be eligible to apply for a Northwest Council STEM grant.

The grants are for non-profit organizations or institutions, with at least one Northwest SPEEA member participating
(as a coach, mentor or parent).

STEM education grant application – deadline Aug. 15

For more information about the program, see Northwest Policy VII: Subsection B.4.

Volunteer for STEM grant review committee

This committee meets to review the applications and make recommendations to the NW Council, which votes on the grant allocations. If you’re interested, email your name and school district to by June 15.

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Contract benefit
Resume and job-search workshops available at Ed Wells Partnership

Ed Wells Partnership (EWP) recently added a number of resume and job-search workshops to its list of offerings. The workshops provide information about how to be successful searching for new jobs within Boeing.

Complete information and registration is available on the Boeing intranet
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