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Solidarity with Alaska Airlines flight attendants

SEATAC – IFPTE Representative Bill Fitzpatrick, right, holds the SPEEA banner with Alaska flight attendants and family during a rally and march in SeaTac to support AFA-CWA Council 19 and their contract negotiations with Alaska Airlines. Fitzpatrick attended the rally on Wednesday, Aug. 27, with SPEEA members and staff to show our support.

The flight attendants’ contract negotiations began more than two years ago. In February, Alaska flight attendants overwhelmingly voted to reject a tentative agreement on a new contract. New negotiations resumed this week under federal mediation between AFA and management on a new contract.

Complaint issued on ULP charges
NLRB sets hearing date on Boeing’s labor violation

SEATTLE – The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) will hold a hearing in January on SPEEA’s request for “any and all” Boeing Company documents relating to the “relocation” and /or “realignment” of work currently being performed by SPEEA-represented employees in the Puget Sound region.

The NLRB complaint and notice of hearing is the result of an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charge filed by SPEEA in May after Boeing refused to provide information sought in a formal information request made in response to the company’s rationale that the work moves were necessary.

In July, the NLRB found Boeing violated labor law during contract talks by refusing to fulfill a different SPEEA information request for wage rates, regional salary information and productivity data from various company locations. Also the result of a union ULP, the order said Boeing’s refusal to provide the information “undermined and tainted” contract negotiations.

SPEEA Council action
Council votes ‘no confidence’ in Boeing CEO
The SPEEA Council overwhelmingly approved a motion of “No Confidence” in Boeing CEO James McNerney.

Proposed by 16 SPEEA elected officers and Council Reps, background for the motion said SPEEA members working at Boeing have suffered under the poor leadership of Jim McNerney in the time he has served on the Boeing Board of Directors and as CEO of Boeing. Among the issues listed are his support for 787 outsourcing, pushing for Washington tax breaks without job protections, BR&T and CAS layoffs, lack of R&D spending and selling the Wichita plant. Written ballots were cast

Thursday, Aug. 14, during meetings at SPEEA headquarters in Seattle and at union halls in Everett and Wichita. Counting by the SPEEA Council Secretary took place Tuesday afternoon at SPEEA headquarters.
Golden Gate Bridge Labor Coalition petition
SPEEA ready to support IFPTE Local 21
Recognizing workers at the Golden Gate Bridge District, including IFPTE Local 21 members, are engaged in very difficult negotiations, the SPEEA Executive Board approved a $5,000 donation to help the workers if they are forced to strike.

The Golden Gate Bridge Labor Coalition of 13 unions continues to bargain in good faith, and no strike date has been chosen. The San Francisco area workers have been working without a contract since July1. They voted to authorize a strike following an all-day bargaining session Aug. 4.

About 450 workers, including 55 in IFPTE Local 21, make up the Labor Coalition, which is urging everyone who cares about fair pay to sign a petition to the Golden Gate District Board of Directors. To learn more, go to http://ifpte21.net/.
SPEEA welcomes AARP Foundation Litigation to
age discrimination case against Spirit AeroSystems
WICHITA, KS – The Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA), IFPTE Local 2001, is pleased to announce that lawyers from AARP Foundation Litigation are joining with existing legal counsel to represent former employees who filed charges of age discrimination against Spirit AeroSystems on behalf of union-represented employees. Originally filed by 10 SPEEA-represented employees in March with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Office of Civil Rights (and now up to 30), the charges allege the aerospace supplier to Boeing and Airbus terminated hundreds of employees in 2013 because they were older and either they or a family member had a costly medical condition.

Midwest Director
Bob Brewer addresses former employees of Spirit AeroSystems at a recent meeting with legal counsel from AARP Foundation Litigation, our union and counsel for the employees.

The layoffs occurred after Spirit switched its employee medical coverage to a self-insured program. In the process of deciding who to lay off, the charges also allege, Spirit illegally disclosed confidential medical information.

“The addition of AARP Foundation attorneys brings an added level of expertise and resources to our efforts to bring this injustice to an end,” said Earl Carter, SPEEA Midwest vice president.

Representatives from AARP Foundation Litigation met with the laid-off employees, union officials and other legal counsel in Wichita last week.

Spirit abruptly terminated 221 SPEEA-represented engineers, technical workers and other professionals on July 25, 2013. In all, the company terminated 360 employees that day. All were called into meetings with management, told they were being terminated and then escorted off the property. Most were not allowed to return to their work stations to retrieve personal property. The terminations included employees who for years were rated as top performers.

Just three weeks before the terminations, Spirit changed its medical coverage for employees and families from an underwritten, provider form of medical insurance to a self-funded insurance program. The result of the change is that every dollar not paid out in medical claims is a dollar that remains in Spirit’s corporate bank account.
Various serious medical conditions affected employees in the charge-filing group, as well as their spouses and children, including workers and family members waiting on organ transplant lists, fighting cancer, suffering from costly rare medical challenges or with chronic medical conditions.

About AARP Foundation Litigation
AARP Foundation Litigation is a component of the AARP Foundation, which is AARP’s affiliated charity.  Learn more at www.aarpfoundation.org.

Additional information available
Age discrimination charges filed against The Boeing Company
SPEEA recently filed a class action age-discrimination complaint against Boeing with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Washington State Human Rights Commission. 

Since the filing on July 23, we’ve received many individual requests from people asking if they are covered by our action and/or if they can become a part of our action. To help employees assess their individual situation, SPEEA created a special web page with additional information.

Visit the SPEEA Age Discrimination web page                       Read the complete ‘Charge of Discrimination.

Judge rules Boeing illegally “undermined and tainted" bargaining during Prof and Tech negotiations
The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) found The Boeing Company violated labor law and is ordering it to provide wage rates, regional salary information and productivity data from various company locations to SPEEA. The order further instructs Boeing to provide notice of the ruling to all the employees whose collective bargaining rights were violated.

Issued Thursday (July 31) from the NLRB national office, the order stemmed from an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charge filed by SPEEA during 2012 negotiations for the Professional and Technical units. Issued by Administrative Law Judge Dickie Montemayor, the order said SPEEA’s formal data request during negotiations sought relevant information because of statements made by Boeing Vice President of Engineering Mike Delaney at the negotiation table and to the news media.

“The information sought clearly had a bearing on the bargaining process,” Montemayor wrote. The company’s “failure to provide requested information undermined and tainted the bargaining process.”   Administrative Law Judge Decision
“The judge’s ruling is a complete repudiation of every argument Boeing proffered,” said SPEEA Executive Director Ray Goforth. “The long and difficult negotiations we had in 2012-2013 were a direct result of Boeing engaging in illegal intimidation of employees in the workplace and these illegal tactics at the bargaining table.

In May, Boeing was found guilty of illegally intimidating SPEEA members through the use of surveillance.

This pattern of disdain towards the workforce and the laws that protect those workers should worry everyone who is a stakeholder in The Boeing Company," Goforth said. “This lawless behavior is not helpful.”

A hearing on the charge was held in February, 2014, more than one year after the original filing and when new contracts between Boeing and SPEEA were approved by union members.

One notable defense Boeing made at the hearing was to describe a news article by Bloomberg News as “inaccurate and unreliable.”  In rejecting this argument, the judge noted that Boeing only made that assertion before him but never sought a retraction or correction from Bloomberg at the time it was published.
Aerospace tax breaks need to focus on jobs

Appalled by the movement of engineering and pilot jobs outside of Washington and the extensive layoffs at Boeing and Spirit in Wichita, SPEEA leaders took important steps at last month’s Leadership Conference to push the issue of corporate accountability in tax subsidy programs.

Tax incentives have economic value when they support well-paying jobs in the local community. It is unfathomable that companies should benefit from massive public tax breaks only to lay off thousands of skilled workers.

The SPEEA Council passed a motion in June formalizing the union’s position that industry tax breaks must be contingent on creating living-wage jobs in local communities.

Northwest leaders also signed an open thank you letter to Washington state elected officials who share SPEEA members’ frustration over jobs leaving the state. Many lawmakers have expressed urgency to add employment conditions to the state’s $8.7 billion aerospace tax preference measure, which is SPEEA’s key legislative issue.

The intent of the legislature to maintain and grow Washington’s aerospace workforce is clearly stated in the aerospace tax bill (SB 5259) passed last November in a rushed special session. However, there are currently no requirements for companies to do so while benefiting from the largest state tax break in U.S. history. (continued)

Contract benefit
Resume and job-search workshops available at Ed Wells Partnership

Ed Wells Partnership (EWP) recently added a number of resume and job-search workshops to its list of offerings. The workshops provide information about how to be successful searching for new jobs within Boeing.

Complete information and registration is available on the Boeing intranet:http://edwells.web.boeing.com/CareerCoaching.cfm.

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