Professional & Technical units
Voluntary layoff drawing members' interest, questions

Important dates
for Boeing VLO

  • BCA Registration ends - May 6
  • BSC Registration ends - May 12
  • Boeing reviews applicants - May 6 to 19
  • Disposition notices to employees - May 20
  • Releases sent to employees approved for July 22 layoff - May 23

With interest rising regarding Voluntary Layoff (VLO) and the enhanced benefits secured in the new Professional and Technical units’ contracts, SPEEA Contract Administrators and Council Reps are receiving and answering a wide range of questions regarding the process.

A special  Voluntary Layoff Q & A is now available to assist members in areas The Boeing Company is targeting for employee reductions and making the VLO process available. Members are also encouraged to watch for lunch time meetings in their area. 

Layoff Benefits
Type Restrictions

Maximum pay per year of service Subsidized COBRA  Lump Sum
Normal layoff 1 week / year, max 26 weeks 3 months Income continuation
or lump sum
Voluntary layoff 1 week / year, max 26 weeks 3 months Lump sum required, no recall rights, release required
Layoff due to work movement

2 weeks / year, min 26 weeks
to max 60 weeks

6 months

Lump sum required, no recall rights, release required

Information to help workers facing layoff

Experiencing a layoff is often the most difficult experience a worker will face during their career. During layoff, SPEEA is working and available to help represented employees with information, resources and assistance with the benefits they have earned.

SPEEA receives information regarding layoffs from the companies where represented members work. Information is used by SPEEA Contract Administrators to monitor the process and ensure the company complies with SPEEA contracts, their own procedures and recall processes.

Spirit AeroSystems - Questions employees at Spirit are asking

The Boeing Company - Questions employees at Boeing are asking

The AFL-CIO maintains a variety of tools on its website - When the Paycheck Stops

2015 retention schedule that The Boeing Company uses. Retention Schedule effective March 2015

Assistance available to SPEEA-represented employees at Boeing

    • Boeing Career Transition Services - On the internal Boeing web, type in Career Transition Services. On the page you will find the schedule for Layoff Briefings as well as a schedule for Resume Writing and Interviewing Techniques Workshops.

    • Boeing Total Access: 866-473-2016 (TTY-TDD 800-755-6363) (need BEMS ID and password)

    • Boeing Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or call toll free: 1-866-719-5788

    • Trade Act - Beginning the Process

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Click to download .pdf with active links


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