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Northwest members
Cast your vote for NW regional Vice President

Ballots have been mailed to members in the Northwest to vote for three regional vice presidents to serve on the Executive Board.

Click here to see candidate statements

Make sure to get your ballot back to your nearest SPEEA Puget Sound hall by noonWednesday, March 8.
Ballots postmarked on that day will not be counted.

You can also drop off your ballot at the nearest SPEEA office during business hours.

Ballot box at SPEEA locations

SPEEA Tukwila                    SPEEA Everett
15205 52nd Ave. S                 2414 106th St. SW

 If your ballot has not arrived by Wednesday, March 1, call SPEEA headquarters at (206) 674-7360 for a replacement ballot. 

 Vote results will be posted online when finalized by the Tellers on March 8.

New CR terms in May
Interested in running for a Council Rep seat?

New Council Rep terms start in May for those interested in serving as their co-workers’ SPEEA liaison. Anyone who has been a SPEEA member for at least the past 12 months can run for Council Rep in their work area (district).

Council Reps help members with workplace issues, follow up on contract questions and share the latest news and information from SPEEA.

Click here for election information (including district delineation and petition)

Ongoing training is provided. All Council Reps will be seated at the May Council meeting. 

SPEEA Pilot/Instructors approve new 3-year contract with Boeing

Northwest Tellers Lynda Maynard and Steve Karich count contract votes Wednesday.

Members of the SPEEA Pilot/Instructors Unit (SPIU) have overwhelmingly approved a new 3-year agreement with The Boeing Company.

Voting in person and by email ballot, 76% of the voting pilots approved the contract with 29 “Accept” and 9 “Reject” votes. A total of 43 pilots were eligible to vote.  SPEEA and Boeing each recommended approval.

“We worked cooperatively with Boeing, and the members overwhelmingly approved the negotiated agreement,” said SPEEA President Ryan Rule. “The result is a good agreement that harmonized many of the differences between the sub-groups in the bargaining unit.”

In force retroactively to Feb. 10, the agreement extends to March 6, 2020.

Key elements of the new contract include a $5,000 retention bonus, an average 5% raise and changes to health and insurance coverage in 2018 that will have the pilots in plans that mirror the SPEEA Professional Unit plans.

Changes to pension coverage are included in the agreement. Pension accrual for eligible pilots continues through December 2018. Starting in 2019, those pilots will receive the company’s special retirement contributions of 9% in 2019, 8% in 2020 and 7% in 2021.

 Additional items in the tentative agreement include letters of understandings (LOUs) that address employment security, improving access to flight and to courses provided by the joint SPEEA/Boeing Ed Wells Partnership.

SPEEA in Olympia for state labor legislative effort
SPEEA Area Rep Mohammed Khan and Council Rep Suzy Kamiya are shown here at the Washington State Labor Council legislative conference in Olympia. Labor representatives from across the state met to discuss issues prior to small-group meetings with lawmakers Feb. 3. The tables were divided by legislative districts.

SPEEA members joined nearly 200 other labor representatives from across Washington state Feb. 3 for meetings with lawmakers. In small groups based on their legislative district, the labor reps went to lawmakers' offices to discuss issues such as fully funding education and tax incentive accountability along with labor and voter rights. 

The SPEEA members participating included Council Rep Dave Baine, Council Rep Carol Brock, June Creson, SPEEA retiree, SPEEA Secretary Joel Funfar, Northwest Council Chair Tony Hickerson, Council Rep Suzy Kamiya, Area Rep Mohammed Khan, Council Rep Daniel Peters and Council Rep Kurt Schuetz.

The Washington State Labor Council hosted the legislative conference which included a reception Feb. 2 with lawmakers. The conference also featured a panel of state lawmakers and a representative from the governor's office. 

Executive Board elections
Candidates for SPEEA regional vice president

The regional Tellers Committees validated a total of 9 candidate petitions for 4 regional vice president positions on the SPEEA, IFPTE Local 2001 Executive Board.

SPEEA will conduct an election for the Northwest Region where 7 candidates are vying for three positions.

Candidates for Northwest regional vice president (three positions)

John Dimas Justin Doh William Mark Worden Mike Shea Dan Nowlin Shannon
De Los Santos

The candidates for the Northwest race are listed as they will appear on the ballot based on a random drawing by the Tellers Committee (left to right), which oversees union elections.

SPEEA will mail a ballot package to members’ homes in the Northwest by Feb. 22. Ballots will be counted March 8.

Midwest regional vice president (one position)

Keith Covert*

Keith Covert  is the only candidate for Midwest regional vice president so no election will be held.

*Current office holder

Joint SPEEA - Boeing announcement
2017 Professional and Technical Units salary funds
Today (Friday, Dec. 16), Boeing and the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA) announced 2017 salary adjustment funds. Contractually required market comparisons unexpectedly determined that employees would only be eligible for lump sum distributions of an overall five percent fund, but Boeing has decided to provide salary adjustment funds of 2.8 percent for engineers and 2.3 percent for techs.

"This is consistent with our belief that business success starts with our people and relationships," said Todd Zarfos, vice president of Engineering Functions, Washington Design Center and senior chief Engineer of Systems. "Rewarding individual performance helps us attract and retain the best talent, while inspiring the pride, energy and passion that employees contribute to the company."

SPEEA Executive Director Ray Goforth added, "In deciding to provide these salary adjustment funds for our professional engineers and techs, Boeing went above and beyond what was required by the contract. This is appreciated, and I believe, an outcome of the improved relationship we've been developing."

Boeing and SPEEA negotiated the contracts for engineers and techs in February, 2016 with a provision that salary adjustment funds are established from a pool of money of 5 percent. That 5-percent pool is further divided into two types of funds: one for salary adjustments, and one for lump sums.

The size of the salary adjustment fund is then determined by comparing the average salary of Boeing's employees in those units to the average salary of comparable employees in the market, with the annual Mercer-SIRS High Tech Company salary survey providing the standard. Thresholds for the salary adjustment funds allow averages wages to be 15 percent above market for engineers and 22 percent above market for Techs in 2017.

This year's data indicated that both units exceeded their thresholds, meaning the entire 5-percent pool would have been paid as lump sums - no salary adjustments. Boeing, however, has opted to provide a salary adjustment fund anyway.

"This improvement to the salary adjustment funds for 2017 allows us to reward high performance and helps us retain key talent with critical skills," Zarfos said.

So the company will distribute an overall salary adjustment fund of 2.8 percent and individual lump sums of 2.2 percent for professional engineers, and an overall salary adjustment fund of 2.3 percent, with individual lump sums of 2. 7 percent, for techs.

More information for affected employees is available from managers, union representatives, and Human Resources representatives.
Boeing OT change
SPEEA Prof and Tech contracts protect overtime
The limits to overtime (extended work week) recently announced at The Boeing Company do not apply to SPEEA Professional and Technical workers.  

In SPEEA Prof and Tech contracts, overtime pay is guaranteed. The overtime provisions can be found in article 11.2 of the SPEEA contracts.  

SPEEA contracts also protect workers from excessive overtime. This is covered by Letter of Understanding (LOU) 22 in both the Professional and Technical contracts.  

If you have questions, your Council Rep can help. 

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Contract benefit
Resume and job-search workshops available at Ed Wells Partnership

Ed Wells Partnership (EWP) recently added a number of resume and job-search workshops to its list of offerings. The workshops provide information about how to be successful searching for new jobs within Boeing.

Complete information and registration is available on the Boeing intranet
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