Northwest Council Committees

Below is a list of committees, their description, the officer's names and phone numbers and the regular meeting date and time. [NOTE: The regular meeting may change, so check the newsletter or online calendar for updates.] Any member who would like to join a committee is welcome. Committee descriptions are limited to the official charter description in the appropriate SPEEA governing document, per the Executive Board Communications Committee. Members are encouraged to contact a committee officer or attend a meeting for additional information.


Action & Communication Taskforce Committee (ACT)

Co-Chair (North): Rick Mochow - (425) 294-2179
Vice-Chair (South): Mike Arrington - (425) 919-3564
Secretary: Jeffrey Forbes - (206) 544-2698

Meeting time: 1st Wednesday of every month at 4:30 p.m.

The ACT Committee will promote and enhance member communications, understanding, engagement, involvement, participation and action.

Governing Documents Committee

Chair: Walt Ditlefsen - (425) 965-6667
Vice-Chair: Mike Shea - (425) 294-2349
Secretary: Jimmie Mathis - (425) 223-1373

Meeting time: 3rd Wednesday of every month at 5 p.m.

To develop changes it deems necessary, based on its own review of the Governing Documents or request of the Northwest Regional Council or other governing body. Reviews Northwest Regional Council action for inclusion in the Northwest Regional Policy Manual. Recommends and proposes new policies as the need arises. Prior to any printing of the SPEEA Regional Governing Documents and/or any amendments thereto, the final draft of said publication must be certified in writing by the chairman or designee of the Northwest Regional Governing Documents Committee.

Labor Delegates Committee

Chair: Kurt Schuetz - (425) 717-8091
Vice-chair: Mohammed Khan - (425) 971-6835
Secretary: Jimmie Mathis - (425) 223-1373

Meeting time: Quarterly (to be determined)

Coordinates the efforts of the labor council delegates, develops positions to be recommended to the Northwest Regional Council, coordinates with the Northwest Legislative & Public Affairs Committee and other committees as required, and reports to the Council on their activities. The committee shall coordinate activities with the Northwest Legislative and Public Affairs Committee.

Legislative and Public Affairs Committee

Chair: Evan Wipf - (425) 965-6233
Vice-Chair: David Fritz - (425) 256-1497
Secretary: Dan Nowlin - (425) 717-2848

Meeting time: 4th Monday of every month at 4:30 p.m.

Analyzes pending state and local legislation/issues at all levels of government and candidates’ positions as they relate to the Northwest Region’s goals and objectives. The Northwest Region L&PA Committee shall meet when called by the chairman. Any federal or international issues impacting more than one region will be referred to the SPEEA L&PA Committee. The committee shall maintain communication with the other regional L&PA committees on issues considered. All legislative or endorsement efforts will be in compliance with the Northwest Policy on legislative issues and endorsements.

Membership Activities Committee

Co-Chair: Gordon Yip - (253) 657-9696
Co-Chair: Tony Hickerson - (253) 657-5406
Secretary: Emmanuel Domingo - (425) 717-0101

Meeting time: 3rd Wednesday of every month at 5 p.m.

Responsible for planning, implementing and providing social activities for the Northwest regional membership.

New Hire Committee

Chair: Daniel Peters - (425) 373-8657
Vice-Chair: Ryan Rule - (253) 657-5481
Secretary: Roger Aisaka - (206) 799-7756

Meeting time: 4th Wednesday of every month from 4:30 to 5 p.m.

This committee will work with the NW Council in developing methods of outreach to new members coming into SPEEA. They will also work with the elected leadership, NW Council and staff to make SPEEA a more welcoming organization to our newer members, and to create opportunities for new members to develop into the SPEEA leaders of the future.

Ombudsman Committee

Not active at this time


Responsible for hearing and assisting those members who feel they have a problem with SPEEA leadership/actions/activities, but do not have charges to file with the Executive Board nor a contractual grievance to be filed and handled.

NW Tellers Committee

Chair: Stephen Karich - (425) 965-2303
Secretary: Lynda Maynard - (425) 965-9116

Meeting time: 2nd Tuesday of every month at 4:30 p.m.

The Regional Tellers are responsible for teller activities of the Region and the installation of the Regional Council and its members.

Women's Advocacy Committee

WAC committee website

Chair: Catherine Owen (email) - (206) 544-2606
Vice-Chair: Gordon Yip (email) - (253) 657-9696
Secretary: Tanya Parker (email) - (425) 418-5617

Meeting time: 4th Tuesday of every month at 5 p.m.

Provides a focus for the Northwest Region on those problems and issues of particular concern to women employees and the regional membership’s families. Provides a source of information, education, and involvement, which will address the Northwest Regional policies, procedures, and contract issues for the benefit of the bargaining units.


Young Members Committee

Chair: Daniel Peters - (425) 373-8657 - Email Daniel
Vice-Chair: Chris Waybright - (425) 266-4554 - Email Chris
Secretary: Roger Aisaka - (206) 799-7756
- Email Roger

Meeting time: 4th Wednesday of every month from 5 to 6:30 p.m.

The Northwest Young Members Committee (YMC) works with the Executive Board, Northwest Council, and staff to develop methods of outreach to the young members in the Northwest region of SPEEA, IFPTE Local 2001. The outreach includes working to welcome younger members and special opportunities for all members to develop into the SPEEA leaders of the future.