Seeking Council Reps
Serve as chief SPEEA member-representative and the
eyes and ears of our union in your work area!

Council Reps (CRs) are member-elected delegates who work to form and evaluate union policy while serving as union representatives in the workplace. CRs are a vital link between the employees they represent, union leaders and the employer.

CRs have a number of responsibilities, but among the most important are serving as a workplace representative and resource for SPEEA-represented employees.

Key among Council Representative's responsibilities and roles are:

• Support members in the workplace
• Attend Council meetings, formulate and vote on union policies
• Contract monitoring and enforcement
• Union representative on Partnership forums
• Assist members with performance issues or who face discipline
• Grievance handling/Investigations/Interviews
• Communicate and inform members on important issues
• Maintain the workplace network
• Recruitment new members and help fill union committees

To express interest in serving as a Council Rep, send an email to

Learn more about the role and resources available on the Council Rep web page.

Vacancies listed below

District Unit(s) Building(s)
B-10 Both Prof and Tech 33-Series; 7-239, 7-240
Developmental Center (Seattle)
District Unit(s) Building(s)
D-1 Prof 9-90, 9-120
D-3 Prof 9-98, 9-99
D-5 Prof 9-101, 9-140, 13-01, 13-03
D-6 Tech 9-101, 9-140, 13-01, 13-03
Everett - EMC/Butler
District Unit(s) Building(s)
E-7 Prof 45-334, 45-335
Everett - Factory
District Unit(s) Building(s)
E-5 Prof 40-26, 40-27, 40-36, 40-37
E-25 Prof 40-24, 40-34
E-27 Prof 40-25, 40-35
Everett - Flat Tops
District Unit(s) Building(s)
E-3 Prof 40-58, 40-81, 40-82
Everett - Twin Towers
District Unit(s) Building(s)
E-8 Tech 40-88, 47-173 (Concept Ctrs)
E-15 Prof 40-88 (floors 1 & 2)
District Unit(s) Building(s)
Both Prof and Tech 18-26, 18-41, 18-42, 18-61, 18-62
*District has two vacancies
Plant II (Seattle)
District Unit(s) Building(s)
P-3 Prof 2-10, 2-25, 2-30, 2-31, 2-81, 2-83, 2-88
P-4 Tech 3-323, 3-324, 3-353, 3-626, 3-369,
3-380, 3-390, 3-800, 3-801, 3-802
District Unit(s) Building(s)
R-5 Prof 4-81, 4-82, 4-86
R-10 Both Prof and Tech 22-01 (Spares) 25-01 (Longacres) 7-107 (Southcenter South)
District Unit(s) Building(s)
C-10 Both Prof and Tech All buildings at Edwards AFB, Palmdale
District Unit(s) Building(s)
U-1 Prof All Buildings
SPEEA Pilot/Instructors Unit
District Unit(s) Building(s)
PLT SPIU All Locations
Wichita Technical & Professional Unit
District Unit(s) Building(s)
S-12 WTPU 2-250G, 2-257F, 2-260G, 2-270A, 2-280J, 2-297F, 2-309K, 2-333B, 2-354H, 3-238L
S-26 WTPU At-large 2nd/3rd shift