Pilot / Instructor (AMPA) Negotiation Update - May 29
Contract negotiations and effects bargaining continues 
Negotiations continued today (May 29) with our team presenting responses to Boeing’s contract and effects bargaining proposals. Both sides worked diligently on the issues through the afternoon.

Efforts resume Thursday with the continued assistance of a mediator from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS).
AMPA Negotiations - May 29, 2013
Pilot / Instructor (AMPA) Negotiation Update

Boeing delivers counterproposal
With a mediator from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) present to assist negotiations, The Boeing Company today (May 28) delivered its counterproposal to our May 1 proposal.

Our team planned to work into the evening to thoroughly analyze the company’s language and build our response for presenting to Boeing when negotiations resume Wednesday. Gaps remain in both effects bargaining and negotiations for a new contract. The next sessions are critical for pilots, instructors, Boeing and our customers.
May 21, 2013
Pilot/Instructor (AMPA) Negotiation Update
Negotiations resume May 28 for Pilots/Instructors

A federal mediator will be in attendance when the SPEEA Pilot/Instructor negotiation team returns to negotiations with The Boeing Company on Tuesday, May 28.

Assistance from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) was requested when negotiations recessed May 2. SPEEA and the company have continued to share information during the break. It is hoped the mediator can assist bridging the gaps between our positions and enable a more productive discussion.

Pilots and instructors are encouraged to wear their blue, SPEEA shirts on Wednesdays to show support for our team and efforts to negotiate the effects of Boeing moving simulators to Miami and a new contract for our bargaining unit.

April 15, 2013
AMPA Negotiations Update

AMPA meeting 3 p.m., Tuesday – Take the member survey

With a number of proposals and counter-proposals exchanged Monday (April 15) our SPEEA/AMPA Negotiation Team is preparing to give a complete update to members during a special all-member meeting at 3 p.m., Tuesday (April 16) at SPEEA headquarters in Tukwila. This is an important meeting and all bargaining unit members are encouraged to attend. Map to SPEEA

Due to difficulty scheduling, negotiations cannot resume until the end of the month. We will continue working on the issues and sharing data until meeting again April 30, May 1 and 2.

During recent sessions, Boeing negotiators have repeatedly stated the company will help AMPA members facing layoff find new positions within Boeing.  To help get the most out of this process, SPEEA prepared a short survey to assess the education, qualifications, experience and the job interests of AMPA members.  

Take the SPEEA / AMPA Flight Services employee survey.

If you have any questions about this survey or the process, please contact a negotiation team member or Susanne Murphy at

Bring your updated resume to the meeting or email them to:

Members of the SPEEA/AMPA Negotiation Team thank all members who took time to talk with us during our weekend telephone calls. The conversations and information members provided is extremely valuable. If you missed our call and want to talk, please email one of our team with your telephone number and the best time to call.

Watch your home email and the websites – or – for updates and information as negotiations continue. During the next two weeks, please inform a member of our team if you will be on vacation or travel and the best method of contact.

April 11, 2013
AMPA Negotiations Update

Negotiations continue – Boeing says: “Miles apart”

Negotiations continued Thursday (April 11) with our team presenting Boeing with a list of items needed by standards pilots and simulator instructors to deal with the effects of the company’s actions. Each of our proposals was carefully formulated to address the career ending situation created by Boeing.
The company ridiculed our proposals and labeled our positions “miles apart.” In a departure from previous statements, the company now is indicating it is reluctant to complete effects bargaining until after a new contract is ratified by a vote of members.
Despite the company’s dismissive actions, our team tentatively agreed to several contract articles in an effort to make progress.
For the remainder of the afternoon our team worked to build responses for resuming negotiations on Friday. Negotiations are scheduled to continue next week.
Watch your home email and the websites – or – for updates and information as negotiations continue. During the next two weeks, please inform a member of our team if you will be on vacation or travel and the best method of contact.

AMPA Negotiations Update - April 9, 2013
Negotiations with Boeing resume Wednesday

Contract and effects bargaining negotiations resume Wednesday (April 10) with The Boeing Company at the SeaTac Hilton. Talks are scheduled for the remainder of the week and are tentatively scheduled to continue next week.

These next sessions include negotiating a new AMPA contract, incorporating the needs of our newly added members and bargaining the impacts on members of the company’s recent decision to move simulators to Miami. These talks will continue to be difficult. With your support, we can secure the best outcomes possible.

The comments, feedback and information from members continue to be very helpful to our efforts. Negotiation team members may follow up with specific groups or members for information and to discuss options during the days ahead.

Watch your home email and the websites – or – for updates and information as negotiations continue.

During the next two weeks, please inform a member of our team if you will be on vacation or travel and the best method of contact.

To show support for our negotiations, our team is asking all members to wear your new SPEEA shirt on Wednesday.

March 28, 2013
First the simulators and now PEL?
In negotiations today (March 27), The Boeing Company gave us its first responses to the complete proposal we gave them on Feb. 8. Management has not yet presented a response or counter to our employment security provisions. However, they did share their intent to sunset and/or limit Pilot Early Leave.

We resume bargaining tomorrow morning and plan to ask clarifying questions regarding the intent of Boeing’s various proposals, including PEL. We expect to hear more on the non-economic proposals, including a response to our employment security proposal. This will lead to questions regarding the impact and effects of the simulator movement upon our represented workforce.

Please remember to wear your SPEEA shirt today in support of negotiations.
Negotiations begin Wednesday – join us for pizza Monday

With negotiations scheduled to begin Wednesday, Jan. 30, with The Boeing Company, we want to hear from you. Join us for pizza and conversation anytime between 11:15 a.m. and 1 p.m. in conference room 25-01.3, 31L11 (737 conference room) on Monday, Jan. 28.

Our negotiation team and staff will give an update, answer questions and discuss your issues and priorities in an open-house format.

SPEEA is providing dress shirts with the SPEEA logo for members to wear in the workplace and show solidarity with negotiations. You can try on a sample size and submit your order at this meeting.

To prepare for negotiations with the company, your team has been meeting regularly to prepare proposals that reflect all AMPA-represented employees based on your input through surveys and input you’ve given us. We will be negotiating for all SPEEA-represented employees, not just the newly organized group.

We want every SPEEA-represented employee to know they can contact any of us on the team.

In unity,

AMPA Negotiation Team
Mike Coker -
Bill Reed -
Charlie Clayton -
Willie Duncan -
Lisa Clark -
Jeff Chapman -

SPEEA staff assisting with negotiations

Rich Plunkett –
Ray Goforth –
Matt Kempf –
April Rebollo –

Aug. 27, 2012
Negotiations update

Your AMPA-SPEEA negotiation team has begun meeting with staff to prepare for interim negotiations with The Boeing Company.

These interim negotiations will resolve special provisions in the contract related to joining SPEEA-IFPTE Local 2001. We will add language dealing with each newly organized role, related work rules, scheduling and wages.

Although the interim negotiations are focused on the newly organized pilots and simulator instructors, we are interested in all AMPA members’ perspectives on the whole contract.

Next steps

  • Your team urges everyone (legacy and newly organized) to become familiar with the current contract and interim Letters of Understanding. We want your feedback (see contact info below).
  • We plan to conduct an online survey for all AMPA-SPEEA represented employees, along with general membership meetings to discuss ideas and review the negotiation process.
  • After analyzing input and survey results, our team will set a schedule for talks with Boeing. 

Contact any of us with your ideas to address in either the interim or full negotiations.

Your AMPA Negotiation Team
·         Mike Coker 
·         Bill Reed
·         Charlie Clayton
·         Willie Duncan  
·         Lisa Clark 
·         Jeff Chapman

July 13, 2012
Interim Negotiation Team election results

Congratulations to the six members elected to serve on interim Negotiations Team for the Airplane Manufacturing
Pilots Association (AMPA) /SPEEA.

Members voted to elect two representatives for each area:

Safety/Tech/Standards Pilots:  
Mike Coker
Bill Reed 

Simulator Instructors:
Charlie Clayton
Willie Duncan

Legacy AMPA:
Jeff Chapman
Lisa Clark

Next steps
Negotiation team members will put together an initial survey to all AMPA members regarding priorities
for interim negotiations.

Not a member yet?
You can still fill out and return a membership form to SPEEA.  Negotiating a strong contract begins with
strong membership.

If you have any questions related the process or election of team members, email Susanne Murphy at

Pilots kicked off a membership drive and are preparing to negotiate special provisions to the AMPA contract to cover the expanded unit. The safety, technical and standards pilots and simulator instructors voted to join AMPA/SPEEA in May.