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SPEEA News taking a break this week


SPEEA News is taking a break this week and will not be printed. In its absence, we’ve packaged the following updates for distribution.  Look for other timely updates on the website and in the August edition of SPEEA Spotlite.


SPEEA News will resume its regular schedule of publication each Friday after payday with the August 2 edition.


SPEEA news highlights:


·         Support for state’s 777X effort – The SPEEA Executive Board recently authorized $50,000 for the Washington Aerospace Partnership to support a statewide effort to keep 777X work in Washington State. The Washington Aerospace Partnership will update its 737 MAX competitiveness study, showing how Washington compares to South Carolina, Texas, Alabama and other potential locations. SPEEA, the IAM and the Washington State Labor Council are founding members of the Washington Aerospace Partnership.


·         Mariners’ box seats (suite) drawing winner – Congratulations to SPEEA member Andrew Sones, whose name was drawn from about160 SPEEA ticket holders for the July 10 Union Solidarity Night at the Mariners. He won a complimentary suite at Safeco Field Aug. 24. SPEEA received the suite tickets after last year’s success with SPEEA Solidarity Night at the Mariners.


·         Tornado relief effort postponed – More than a dozen SPEEA volunteers were ready to help with the Moore, OK, tornado effort, but a few days prior to the trip, the city took over the cleanup. Volunteer operations were suspended per Federal Emergency Management Act (FEMA) regulations. SPEEA plans to follow up when volunteers are again needed. Contact David Glenn ( if interested.


·         Spirit raise pools – Per the SPEEA contracts, Spirit AeroSystems set raise pools for 2013 based on the market. The pools range from 2.5% to 3.5% (per bargaining unit) and will appear in the Aug. 28 paycheck, retroactive to July 12.


·         Correction – Council Rep Theryl Johnson is a labor delegate to the Martin Luther King County Labor Council on the Diversity Committee. Her name was missing in an article listing labor delegates in the SPEEA News July 5.


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