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April 19, 2002 Newsletter #1877


IAM 751 President Blondin talks with SPEEA

You will get two W-2's next year...

Notes from the Executive Director
SPEEA'S "Plan"

Wild Waves discount

Paul Zieske gives "final" report
for Ed Wells Initiative

Paycheck Stub Complaint -
contains Social Security Number

Partnership Update - April 11, 2002

New Council Reps seated

NW Tellers Vacancy

Council Vacancy - District N-4

NW Region Council Highlights
- April 11, 2002

Midwest Region By-Laws on web

SMS comes to BCA Engineering
in Puget Sound

CPI - March 2002

Ensuring members receive
all benefits available

Company Service Award

Upcoming Meetings

IAM 751 President Blondin talks with SPEEA
Mark Blondin was the "pre-meeting" speaker at the NW Region SPEEA Council meeting on April 11th. Mark was elected president of IAM Lodge 751 in February 2001. IAM Lodge 751 represents about 25,000 Boeing hourly workers. Before his election as President, Mark was a toolmaker and IAM Business Rep at the Boeing-Everett plant. In his introduction, Charles Bofferding said that Mark and the IAM have been working with SPEEA to form ties stronger than we've ever had before. Charles said we believe that we are stronger together, and we are working to make that solidarity both real and powerful.

Mark thanked SPEEA for inviting him to address the Union's leadership. He said he was proud to be associated with SPEEA which made its mark on the labor movement during the strike of 2000. Through member solidarity, SPEEA sent a strong message to the Company, holding them accountable - plus SPEEA recharged this area's labor movement!

Mark said this past year has been one of the most tumultuous years ever for Boeing. But the unions at Boeing have started coming together in the CLUB (Coalition of Labor Unions at Boeing). Mark said "We are committed to work together, because we have a common interest - keeping union jobs in the Puget Sound area." Mark said the unions have been sharing information, comparing benefits packages, and working together to negotiate contracts they believe the workers deserve.

Mark also talked about the IAM's participation in political action. He said they successfully lobbied for extended unemployment benefits for all workers in the State of Washington ... for Trade Adjustment Assistance for dislocated workers ... and for funding to train laid-off workers.

In the Transportation arena, Mark applauded SPEEA's new Transportation Committee to help develop ideas for an integrated transportation solution for the Northwest region. He said his union is looking to hire a consultant to help them conduct a survey of their members on transportation issues. He invited SPEEA to join in that survey, polling SPEEA members as well. Mark said, since the state legislature has decided to send the gas tax proposal for funding transportation solutions out for a vote next Fall, it's important that we educate our members as well as the community. We need to remove the "excuses" Boeing is using to move our work out of this state. "Boeing must remain loyal to their own employees - the people who made this Company what it is today."

Based on a recent contract survey of IAM members, Mark reported "Job Security" is his Union's number one issue for upcoming negotiations. Pensions is a close second, followed by retaining medical and dental benefits. Mark solicited SPEEA's support during the upcoming negotiations, noting "We're in this together!"

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You will get two W-2's next year...
This was the response to a question one of our member's sent to Payroll about the new paychecks which commenced April 11th, asking "Why is 'Current' and 'YTD' the same number?"

"Your YTD on your first HRMS paycheck reflects only the amount of your paycheck because that is the first amount of earnings on the HRMS payroll, and that payroll system is separate from the one you converted from. Therefore, you technically have two YTD totals. Because of this, you will receive two W-2's next year reflecting each payroll system that you were on in 2002." [Be sure to hang on to your last pay stub under the old system.]

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Notes from the Executive Director

SPEEA'S "Plan"

When it comes to outsourcing and globalization, we say the Company has to have a plan that makes sense from our perspective. We should too. I have had numerous discussions with members at a number of lunchtime and local assembly meetings and this is what is shaking out so far.

Here's where we're at:
At the highest level, we need to force Boeing's leadership to have an open discussion about what Boeing's plan is (which includes both WHAT the goal is and HOW it will be achieved). Then members must decide whether that plan makes sense from our perspective. If lean means "cut our wages and benefits" - we are against it.

Here's what we're doing now:
We are first getting people informed and involved on the issue. Stan Sorscher has conducted a series of lunchtime meetings; we have had a number of articles in our publications. Members have given a lot of feedback.

We are also beginning an outreach program to other stakeholders: specifically analysts, stockholders, and academics. We have been working on a position paper that basically says that we are very concerned about offloading and its short- and long-term impact on Boeing.

We intend to take this message to the investors. Just this week, we have been coordinating with the AFL-CIO and the IAM to possibly develop a joint message and deliver it together at both the shareholders meeting and on Wall Street. We are still working this.

We are also engaging Boeing to get the perspective of our members into the process. You have already heard about the March 29th meeting in which SPEEA leaders met with Boeing leaders. We are extending this idea down to local areas. Just last week Auburn Council Reps and Contract Administrators met with Auburn leadership to talk about Auburn's future. This will now be a series of regular meetings. We are pushing to make this happen in other areas as well.

We will take what we learn and what we need into the negotiations process, to protect all SPEEA-represented employees.

So this is the outline of a plan:

• Inform and involve our people to determine what we believe is happening, and what we want and need to see happen.

• Engage the eternal world to push for what our members believe is right - partnering with the other unions and outside organizations and people along the way.

• Prepare for negotiations and engage Boeing as strong, committed partners who have the people as our top priority.

This is a plan that a lot of members think makes sense. Please send any comments and/or thoughts you may have to

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Wild Waves discount

SPEEA members can receive substantial discounts on "Passports" good at both Wild Waves and Enchanted Village.
Regular rates are ~$30 adults, ~$25 for kids 48" and under. (Children 2 and under are free.)
SPEEA-discount dates & rates are:

Saturday, June 22nd -- $14.25 each

Friday, June 28th - $14.25 each

We will also be selling tickets that are good for ANY DAY in July or August (you pick your own date!)
These discounted tickets will cost $20.00 each.

Under new Six Flags' management, ten exciting new rides are being added to the park this year. For info:


SPEEA Wild Waves discount ORDER FORM

# 0f tickets

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Cost pp

Deadline for order



Sat. Jun22


Wed, June12



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Wed June 19



July or August


By August 21st)


____Enclosed is check (payable to "SPEEA") for $______...OR

____Charge $__________ (+ $2 handling fee) to my credit card:

____VISA____Mastercard____ AmEx

Card #______________________________ Exp. ____________

Signature ___________________________________________

Name ________________________________ Clock #________

W. Phone ________________ H. Phone ____________________

W. Email: ________________ H. Email: ____________________

Mailing address _______________________________________


Send with self-addressed stamped envelope to:
SPEEA Passports, 15205 - 52nd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98188

Please order by the deadlines (different for each June date),
allowing time for mailing the tickets to you.
(NOTE: Late orders CANNOT be processed.)
For more information, contact Robbi at (206) 433-0995 ext.126.

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Paul Zieske gives "final" report for Ed Wells Initiative

Paul Zieske, SPEEA Co-Director for the Ed Wells Initiative, provided his "final status report" to the NW Region Council Reps on April 11th, noting he will be retiring at the end of this month. The Ed Wells Initiative (EWI) began in 1995. Wichita Engineers were added in 1998. And all three units were renewed in the 1999-2002 contracts. EWI is governed by a joint body of SPEEA and Boeing; and there is staff support from various sources (Paycode 07, 04, 2T, 02 and SPEEA staff). The primary mission is to effectively develop and enhance the technical excellence of the Company - improving the careers of people through advanced education and training.

Paul said, in 2001 Ed Wells sponsored 783 people who attended 11 short courses; another 550 who attended 18 focus courses; and 479 people who attended a variety of technical conferences.

In the area of Career Enhancement, Paul said 104 employees are currently in a mentoring program, a lengthy course which is offered every year (24 hours of training over a period of weeks). They also have a program called "Career Navigator", with peer-to-peer career counselors; 55 people have been trained to serve as career counselors. And they published six "Career Vector" magazines in 2001, which offer self-help.

One of the biggest issues is Skill Utilization and Application, since employee satisfaction arises from this. Paul said management realizes there has been a lot of misapplication and misassignment in The Boeing Company over the years. EWI is currently running workshops for managers and employees, trying to encourage better skill utilization. Paul said they feel they are making some progress, in part because Hank Queen has embraced this in his engagement model.

Paul said last year EWI contracted with a consulting firm to run an on-line survey to find out how they are doing. They contacted 5,000 employees - about 4,000 Paycode 02's and 04's, plus first-line managers. The results showed employees value the EWI programs ...their awareness of the programs is high ... satisfaction with the programs is high ... and application of the learning is high. Usage of some programs is low - due to limited funding for the conference grants. Paul said they turn away a lot of people because they don't have the budget.

Paul said back in 1948, six men spent a weekend in a hotel room in Dayton, Ohio where they fashioned a model of what became the B-52 Bomber, producing thousands of jobs for engineers, techs and production people. Paul said if Boeing has the right people and offers the right training, we can do all kinds of things. Ed Wells, the program's role model, started his career at Boeing as a draftsman and finally retired 50 years later as the VP of Engineering and a member of the Board of Directors. He learned four foreign languages to help sell airplanes. He had a life-long love of learning. He was a down-to-earth, practical engineer. He is quoted as saying "There always have been problems to solve, and the only answer is to get to it."

Paul suggested SPEEA members can find out more information about EWI on their website: or call the Ed Wells office at (425) 393-2626.


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Paycheck Stub Complaint - contains Social Security Number

We have received several complaints from members regarding the Social Security Number appearing with their name on the paycheck stub that is now being mailed to their home address. This is an important issue for security reasons and we are working with the Company to try to resolve it.

Another place on the stub where your Social Security number may appear is if you have money transferred to a Boeing Employees Credit Union account. BECU has had a practice of using your social security number as your "account number". However, they do offer an alternative to using your SSN as an account number.
To change your BECU account number, please call(206) 439-5700, or visit one of the BECU's financial centers.

[NOTE: For now, you can opt to get an "e-stub" electronically through MyInfo if you'd prefer the stub with this SSN data not be mailed to your home.]


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Partnership Update - April 11, 2002

Staff member Maria Nelson told the NW Region Council Reps she'd like to report on the last couple Working Together Partnership Meetings, where SPEEA reps meet with Hank Queen, Dan Becker and Charlie Johnson. Maria said they've been meeting for a little over a year, but haven't seemed to have gotten a lot of "value" from the meetings. The parties seem to talk about issues of concern at the moment, but they haven't seen much change. Maria said they decided to "retool" themselves and determine what areas they can work on that will benefit all three major parties: the employees, the Company and the Union. It was easy to talk benefits to employees and the Company, but talking about benefiting the "Union" was a new concept to the management side.

Maria said they will be sharing "vision and mission statements" of the various groups. At the last meeting, SPEEA was able to share its new vision and goals. At the next meeting, Boeing will be sharing their's. Both parties will be looking for areas of common ground and monitoring what is being worked in the various Partnership activities. Maria said they had a representative from the DER Committee report out at the last meeting about their partnering activities.

She said, in BCA's People Plan, one area they are working is "Workforce Development" - identifying people whose work is being outsourced or where their skills are redundant, and developing a plan to bring them up to speed to make sure they don't lose their job. Representatives from the Workforce Development team will be making a presentation at the next Working Together Partnership meeting.

Maria said they are posing three questions to the current Partnerships: (1) What are you working on and how are you partnering? (2) What are the benefits of your efforts to the employees, business and the union? and (3) Lessons learned: what has worked, what could be better, how can we help you?

Current Partnership efforts in Commercial Engineering include: Utilization, Workforce Development, Compensation, Diversity, Knowledge Retention & Transfer, Organizational Alignment, Communication, and Skill Teams. There are also partnership efforts taking place in: Facilities, SHEA, Customer Support, Everett Roundtable, DER, SCAMP/People Involvement, Joint Discussion Groups, and Ed Wells.

Maria solicited input from Council Reps on areas that the Partnership could work in the future that would benefit us all (you can email your ideas to

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New Council Reps seated

The following members submitted valid petitions to fill the vacancy of Council Rep in their district by the April 10th deadline, and were seated by the Tellers Committee:


District E-11

Austin Chow (Profs, Everett, 40-87 Building)


District K-3

Michelle Cooper (Profs, Kent, 18-26 & 18-63 Buildings)


District W-10

Gary Doerschlag (Profs & Techs, all buildings in Spokane)





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NW Tellers Vacancy

Effective May 1st, we will have a vacancy on the NW SPEEA Tellers Committee, with the retirement of Bob Schellhase. If you are interested in filling this vacancy, please contact Robbi at (206) 433-0995 x126 (or email by May 6th. The Tellers handle elections, districting, and the annual audit for SPEEA. Any SPEEA member may serve as a Teller, except that you cannot concurrently serve as a member of the Council, Board, Negotiation Team, or Judicial Review Committee.

The petition can be downloaded from the SPEEA web site at:

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Council Vacancy - District N-4

A resignation has been received from Michael Dicke, creating a vacancy in the Council Rep position for District N-4 (WTPU, Wichita, Buildings 4-056G, 4-085F, 4-106C, 4-118F, 4-140H & 4-174H).

If you are the kind of person who seeks to gain experience in employee personnel matters ... wants to become more knowledgeable about our contract provisions and employee rights ... wants to affect the direction of SPEEA as an organization ... and wants to improve the level of representation in your work area, then consider becoming a Council Rep. An extensive training course is provided.

If you reside in this area, meet the minimum one-year SPEEA membership qualification, and are interested in serving your co-workers as their Union rep - please complete and return your petition to the Wichita SPEEA office no later than NOON, MAY 8th. If you have questions, contact Lacey at (316) 682-0262 or

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NW Region Council Highlights - April 11, 2002

SPEEA members John Kohlsaat (right) and Chris Glenn spoke about the critical need for SPEEA leadership support in this year's Employees Community Fund (ECF) campaign. As we strive to improve our own lives, it's important to remember the less fortunate people in our community. Boosters are needed to help with the Campaign, set for May 6 to 17. Everett Council Rep Randy Larson suggested we ask Boeing to match all ECF contributions this year, since their downsizing is really hurting this program and the communities we live in. It was pointed out Boeing DOES match contributions from new ECF members and contributions that exceed Heart of Gold.

The Council APPROVED a funding request and charter for the new Northwest Transportation Committee (dedicated to addressing legislation and transportation issues, making evaluations and recommending workable solutions for creating an integrated regional transportation system that addresses the long-term needs of NW communities, The Boeing Company, its employees, and the industries that support aerospace work).

The Council APPROVED working in concert with the IAM to conduct a survey of SPEEA members on Transportation issues.

Dick Morris, who will be retiring the end of April, was recognized for his many years of service as a SPEEA Council Rep. Dick said his most treasured memory is learning at 2:00 a.m. while out on the strike line that the Company had "caved". He wished SPEEA good luck in our upcoming negotiations, and encouraged everyone to hang together.

The Council also thanked Bob Schellhase for his long years of service as a SPEEA Teller. Bob will also be retiring the end of the month.

Chair Keith Neal reported the NW Facilities Committee is working on two projects right now: trying to find additional parking for SPEEA headquarters in Tukwila; and locating expanded office space and better parking for our Everett office.

Joel Funfar reported the SPEEA Labor Delegates Committee may be surveying SPEEA members to find out their interest in getting SPEEA more politically involved.

Dave Patzwald, chair of the Prof Unit Negotiation Team, reported the Negotiation Team members (Prof, Tech and WEU) participated in internal team training on March 28th. On March 29th, they met with Alan Mulally and his leadership team to share information in preparation for contract negotiations. SPEEA's teams will be meeting internally to review results of the second negotiations survey (a web-based survey). And the Team members are willing to go out and listen to members in lunchtime meetings over the next few months, gathering input in order to prepare the final proposal.

The NW Council reviewed the Boeing Shareholder Proposals, and chose to make recommendations to vote FOR the following:

            4) Link Executive compensation to social performance       

            5) Incorporate human capital measures in executive compensaion        

            7)         Elect entire Board of Directors annually

            8)         Vote on shareholder rights plans

            9)         Nominate independent directors to key committees

            10)      Vote on severance agreements

            11)      Adopt simple majority vote

            13)      Give retiree choice of pension plans

Note: The midwest Council, due to severe weather/tornado warnings during the MW Council meeting, was unable to take up the shareholder proposals, and therefore does not have recommendations for SPEEA members.

Executive Director Charles Bofferding reported: We are coordinating with the AFL-CIO and other unions in putting out our message "Outsourcing doesn't make sense (based on what we're seeing today)" plus other messages being taken to the Shareholders meeting ... SPEEA is collecting outsourcing information through lunchtime meetings, and publishing articles to put out our message ... SPEEA is also getting Council Reps involved in their local areas, carrying the members' message to local decision-makers, beginning the dialog ... Boeing-Spokane employees are investigating an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan); they've requested the AFL-CIO to analyze and comment on a feasibility study which they are having conducted ... SPEEA convinced the Company to reverse its position limiting relocation mitigation to "non-union" employees ... SPEEA is trying to get involved early in the Company's development of a "globalization" plan ... In Wichita, SPEEA is being forced to take issues to court that we believe are arbitrable and the Company says they aren't; in at least one case, the court sent it back to arbitration and it appears we may settle before an arbitration can be held.

President Tom Day congratulated the Council on achieving 100% filling of all Council seats. He said he is going out and meeting with members in lunchtime meetings; he hopes communication networks can be established now for use later on. Finally, Tom talked about a "plan" he wants to put together to end the layoffs, and end globalization. He said he's been talking with some Tech Principles and managers to outline a plan. He said he will be posting it on the web, and he hopes everyone will buy into it. He believes it's possible, and ABB used this method. It was suggested Tom submit his plan as "pre-submitted new business" for the next Council meeting.

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Midwest Region By-Laws on web

The Midwest Region Council will be voting on approval of Midwest Region By-Laws at an upcoming meeting. The proposed Midwest Region By-Laws are now posted on the web, for member review. You can find these By-laws at, and click on the "SPEEA Midwest" tab.

We encourage all Midwest Region members to review these and provide any input you might have to your Council Rep, prior to their vote.

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SMS comes to BCA Engineering in Puget Sound

BCA Engineering employees in Puget Sound now can describe their work experience in a Boeing Skills Management System (SMS) structured resumŸ. These resumŸs are part of the SMS computer database application, which supports better matches of employee skills and interests with job opportunities.

SMS resumŸs can be viewed by Skill Team Leaders and HR Representatives or forwarded to managers who have access to the Boeing intranet. They consist of two parts, Skill Listings and Narrative Profile.



Skill Listings contain information about an employee's technical identity using phrases that have



been defined by Skill Teams. Employees are notified when these are revised so resumŸs can be updated



Narrative Profile, which allows employees to describe their technical identity in a more personal



way, demonstrates how skills have been applied to work experience. It can be used to express



interest in open positions and to supplement Skill Listings as part of career planning.









BCA Engineering management has authorized one half hour of part-time overhead for each employee to input a resumŸ into SMS after he or she has developed it. Participation in the resumŸ portion of SMS, though voluntary, is strongly encouraged because of the benefits to both employees and the Company. For Puget Sound employees in S&C, A&M, Phantom Works and Connections, now would be a good time to update or input your resumŸ if you have not done so already.

SPEEA has endorsed SMS since it was first introduced in Defense & Space in 1998 [reference "A Level Playing Field", SPEEA SPOTLITE, December 1998; and "SMS: A Win/Win Deal", 11/17/00 SPEEA Newsletter - which can both now be found via a link on SPEEA's website under "Hot Issues". The current implementation in BCA Engineering is supported by SPEEA and the Ed Wells Initiative.

For more information about SMS or to input your resumŸ, visit the SMS web site at

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CPI - March 2002

The U.S. City Average all-items Consumer Price Index for urban wage earners & clerical workers (CPI-W) on a 1982-84=100 base for March 2002 is 174.7. (On a 1967=100 base, the March index is 520.2.) This is a 0.6% increase from one month ago, and a 1.2% increase from a year ago.

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Ensuring members receive all benefits available

One of our members who was scheduled for layoff within 60 days became distressed by information received from his HR representative. The member, who is eligible and is anticipating taking an early retirement in the near future, was told that he could not receive both his 50% payout of his unreserved sick leave and his lump-sum benefit under his layoff benefits when he is involuntarily laid off. It was either one or the other! Upon receiving this explanation, he intuitively knew it was incorrect and proceeded to call the SPEEA offices for clarification and confirmation.

After brief conversations with the HR representative, a representative from Compensation and the Company's union relations focal, the contract administrator responded directly to the employee's concerns.

Since the employee was retirement-eligible at the time of layoff, Article 6.6 of his contract provides for a 50% payout of his unreserved sick leave balance. Since the employee was leaving employment due to an involuntary layoff (Code 14), the employee was eligible for his lump sum layoff benefit pursuant to Section 21.2. The only caution given the employee was to hold his retirement application until he received the lump-sum payment from the Layoff Benefit Plan. If the application was received prior to the lump-sum benefit being distributed, confusion could occur within payroll as to what termination code he was leaving the workplace under.
[NOTE: Laid-off employees have six years in which to retire "as an active employee with full benefits", following their date of layoff.]

The employee felt reassured after receiving this information. Many employees facing potential layoff, retirement and unemployment are continually seeking assistance of their Contract Administrators to ensure awareness of all the various benefits available to them in these trying times.

SPEEA Does Make A Difference!

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Company Service Award

A member writes: I was unaware for a long time that service date adjustments were available if you had prior time in at McDonnell Douglas. Last week I found another person in our organization who was also eligible and unaware. Perhaps SPEEA should make a notice of the following web site so people can apply to have their years of service applied to Boeing.

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