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March 8, 2002 Newsletter #1871


Have you voted?

Irving SPEEA approves new 3-year contract

SPEEA Open House

Notes from Exec. Director: "Best we can hope for"

Member Comments on Survey

Sen. Patty Murray visits Spokane

Lunchtime meeting: Longacres

25% off Intiman theater tickets


Upcoming Meetings

Have you voted?

Member participation is extremely important in any organization, but especially for SPEEA as we gear up for negotiations the end of this year. By February 22nd, every SPEEA member was mailed an Executive Board ballot package. The envelope was marked "Ballot" so it would be clear what was inside.

Have you taken time to cast your vote? We encourage you to read the material in your packet, and return your ballot by the deadline of noon, March 13th. For your convenience, we enclosed a self-addressed, stamped envelope (to our PO Box where we collect ballots).

Please take time to VOTE!

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40-days on the line

*** Anniversary ***

Open House

March 20th

2 pm - 6:30 pm

SPEEA Tukwila & Everett Offices

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Notes from the Executive Director

The best we can hope for

And they say an optimist is never pleasantly surprised.

Two weeks ago, my column was titled "All eyes on Irving"; last week it was "The ball is in their court". Both articles focused on the Irving negotiations and the tone that would be set for this fall's Wichita and Puget Sound negotiations.

Last week I wrote,

The best I can hope for is that the Irving negotiators choose people over pennies and put a decent money package on the table tomorrow. After that it would be good if the "Irving experience" serves as a learning opportunity that reinforces the notion that working together yields better results for all involved. Negotiations should be an opportunity for both "sides" to publicly demonstrate their principles. And when those demonstrated principles align with a compelling vision - we are off to the races.

We got the best we could hope for - and more.

It wasn't just WHAT we got (an acceptable money package); it was also HOW we got it (collaborative interaction). This was the first negotiation since '97 in which the goal of the Company's negotiators was to jointly build a total contract rather than simply attempt to impose a pre-determined compensation and money package.

In the end, it was a success story for the local Irving employees and managers who were focused on what was right for Irving. In the end, we all rolled up our sleeves and made the right thing happen. Irving is now best positioned to tackle some of the very real challenges before them. Hats off to all involved in this process who fought to make the right things happen in the right ways.

Hopefully, the Irving negotiations were a bridge between the way we've negotiated with Boeing since '97 and the way we will negotiate with Boeing from now on. Irving started out "the old way" and finished "the new way". What will happen this fall is not certain, but the Irving experience shifts the odds. It is now clear that the Commercial Airplane negotiation team, under the leadership of Alan Mulally, wants to engage SPEEA to jointly build an acceptable contract.

The best we can hope for is that imposition of a pre-determined package is being abandoned for a joint design-build effort that will yield a contract that serves us all.

Once again I am hoping for the best. This optimist is hoping to be pleasantly surprised again.

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More Member Comments on Surveys

These comments were submitted on the initial Negotiations Survey which was published in the September 2001 SPEEA SPOTLITE.

"There should be some link between Performance Management and salary adjustments, so that there is a tangible line of reasoning and individuals cannot be overlooked in favor of 'the spread'." - Tech member

"People should be proactive in their careers. The Company is not here to babysit everyone. All the people complain, sit around and expect everything to be given to them." - Prof member

"I'd like to see an increase in vacation days for newer employees. Rather than increasing to 3 weeks after 10 years, it should happen at 5 years, as is the practice at a lot of other companies." - Tech member

"I'd like to see well-child checkups covered between the ages of 6 & 18. They currently cost me over $300 each year. In two years, it will be over $450. Also, coverage for dependent parents, or even parents in general, even if only as an added-cost option." - Prof member

"While I see the need for sensitivity to the diversity of the workforce, I have seen people disciplined for innocent comments made with no intention to hurt anyone. This was in reference to an automobile, nothing sexual, racial or personal - but someone complained to HR. I think we have become too politically correct!" - Tech member

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Senator Patty Murray visits Boeing - Spokane

On Wednesday, February 20th, U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) visited the Boeing Spokane plant. She was accompanied on her visit by SPEEA representatives, IAM Stewards and Spokane senior management. Senator Murray was given a tour of the Spokane facility and sat down with everyone to offer her support and discuss why keeping Boeing in Spokane was important. The group shared the importance of keeping Boeing as their employer not only because they enjoyed working for Boeing, but this was a Company they had their retirement savings invested in and it would be detrimental for a group of that size to risk losing their nest egg. Also shared was the fact that this was a location where the workforce is able to independently accomplish cost-saving improvements on a regular basis because they are somewhat removed from the "bureaucracy" of Boeing Puget Sound. This autonomy has allowed them to create improvements in processes that may not have been allowed in a larger environment. And lastly, the Spokane plant manager shared how impressed she is with the Spokane workforce's "working together" attitude. Senator Murray thanked the group for sharing this information with her.

After the meeting, employees and the press were waiting for the Senator to ask questions. She was asked what she thought about the delay in the decision. The Senator responded that she saw the fact that a decision has not been made yet as "a positive sign that they are seriously looking at ways to keep the plant open", and that the political pressure that she, Senator Cantwell, Congressman Nethercutt and the Spokane Community have exerted is making a difference. She also stated she was "thoroughly impressed with the Boeing-Spokane workforce and the innovations that they have developed for Boeing." She also mentioned that she would be contacting Alan Mulally to discuss the importance of Boeing-Spokane, and would relay to him her conversations with SPEEA, the IAM, and senior management.

Lunchtime meeting re: Outsourcing

Staff member Stan Sorscher is hosting another lunchtime meeting to discuss Layoffs, Outsourcing and Employment Dynamics. He is sharing data and gathering employee input. (More info here)


25-01 Bldg - TA Wilson Conf. Room

Wed, March 13 - 11:30am to 12:10pm

Contact: John McLaren - (206) 662-7756

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Free Asset Allocation Plan

Tom Dooley, an Associate VP and Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley, is offering a free, bound, Asset Allocation Plan to current SPEEA members, or SPEEA members who have left the Company. Included is a free one-hour consultation, evaluating your current retirement plan, as well as assistance in completing a questionnaire needed for putting together the recommended plan. The Asset Allocation Plan can be used to compare to your existing Boeing Retirement Plan, or it can be used in conjunction with any retirement or rollover needs. There is no obligation, and the consultations are available on Saturdays and evenings by appointment. For an appointment, call Tom at (425) 744-1832.

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SPEEA Salary Charts Available End of March

SPEEA will be preparing the Salary Data Charts for the March 2, 2002 selective salary adjustment distribution shortly. As with recent salary charts, they will be made available on the SPEEA website as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Look for them to be available by the end of March.

The charts are organized by job grouping (occupation, job family and/or skills management code). For each grouping, there are up to two data displays, one a histogram of the salary distribution and the other a scattergram of salary versus experience.

Individuals who would rather that their salary and experience not be displayed on the scattergram plot, please send an e-mail with clock number and name to:

Anyone who previously sent an e-mail to InvisibleDot does NOT need to send another one.

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ne who previously sent an e-mail to InvisibleDot does NOT need to send another one.

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