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May 3, 2002 Newsletter #1878


SPEEA Area Rep Training

New Staff Member in Wichita

Notes from the Executive Director
"How do your teeth
feel today?"

Welcome Lorena!

Boeing Retirement

SPEEA Assistance for
Laid-off employees

Registration Open for
First Technical Principal

Contract Personnel

1,786 Layoffs Since Sept. 11

Free Updated Workshop
"Dealing with Layoff --
An Integrated Approach"

SPEEA Tellers Elected

Applicants Sought for
Ed Wells Initiative Co-Director

SPEEA Area Rep Training

In preparation for upcoming contract negotiations, SPEEA will be hosting several opportunities for Area Reps to take advantage of targeted training in the next few months.

Topics will include:

Negotiations 2002 - Report on issues, survey results, and preparations to date. Also, what can you do to support the negotiations effort. A SPEEA Negotiation Team member will be available to answer your questions.

Ways that Area Reps can have an impact on their union and in the workplace.

Spotlight on the Contract - We'll focus on the areas that are most confusing and least understood.

Update on Hot Topics - Compensation and Market Based Salary, Globalization, and the BPS conversion.

Opportunity for input - What do you want to communicate from the members in your area?

Each session will last three (3) hours, and will include dinner and a SPEEA visibility item.

Please RSVP at the numbers listed below for the session of your choice.


SPEEA Headquarters - 15205 52nd Ave. S. - Seattle, WA 98188

5:00 to 8:00 p.m. - RSVP: (206) 433-0995

Thursday, May 16 OR Wednesday, July 17 OR Monday, September 16


SPEEA Everett Office - 2615 Casino Road, #3B - Everett, WA 98204

4:30 to 7:30 p.m. - RSVP: (425) 355-2883

Wednesday, May 15 OR Thursday, July 18 OR Wednesday, September 18

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New Staff Member in Wichita

SPEEA welcomes B.J. Moore, our newest employee. He began work Monday, April 29th, as a Contract Administrator in our Wichita Office.

Born in Larned, Kansas, B.J. attended Dodge City Community College for two years (on a football Scholarship) and then transferred to Wichita State University (also on a Football Scholarship). He received a B.A. in Communications with a minor in Minority Studies. After graduating from WSU, he stayed in Wichita and worked for 6 years at WSU as Assistant Equipment Manager. He hired on at Boeing-Wichita in 1989, into the Material Review Segregation Area (MRSA) working as a Manufacturing Engineer/Planner. During his twelve years at Boeing, he worked various jobs. Since December 2001, he was a Material Processor.

B.J. was a member of the Organizing Oz Employee Relations Committee, and he has been a member of the SPEEA Diversity Committee.

In his spare time, B.J. enjoys mentoring/tutoring middle-school students, playing golf, officiating college basketball and football - and spending time with his wife, Lillian, and four children, Yolanda (19), Amber (18), Bishop (17), and Elizabeth (14).

We are happy to have B.J. on board, and encourage you to take time to welcome him.

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Notes from the Executive Director
How do your teeth feel today?

Someone once told me that being a labor leader is a lot like being a dentist.

It made me wonder at first, but his point was clear when he went on to ask, "How many times do you think people call the dentist to say, 'My teeth hurt and I need your help RIGHT NOW?' How many times do they call to say, 'Just wanted to let you know that my teeth feel GREAT, thanks.' ?"

I'm began to understand the life of dentist a bit more.

When my wife turned 40, I had some photos and home movies set to her favorite songs on a video. I picked up the tape just before her surprise party, where we all saw it for the first time. The next afternoon I called the man who made the video. His wife answered the phone and seemed a bit cautious as I asked for her husband. When he answered the phone I said, "Just wanted to call and thank you for helping to make our surprise party a great event - the tape was great." He thanked me and admitted that he had thought I was calling to complain about the tape. He doesn't get many thank-you calls. It seems that he understands the life of a dentist too.

The point of this article is to underscore that we all get more than enough complaints and far too few complements. This is true in both the workplace and the community. There is a steady stream of volunteers and staff members working long hours to help make good things happen for SPEEA members. These are people who certainly deserve more "thank-you's" than they get. The good news is that they do get a few. However, you can't get too much of a good thing. Let's all do our part to raise the number.

This is a critical time for SPEEA. Now is the time for us to pull together as a team. One way to help encourage and grow a team atmosphere is to take the time to thank those around you for what they do. This is true in all venues of our lives: home, work, community.

Instead of complaining about our teeth, let's show them to each other. Let's smile and give our thanks to people who deserve much more.

And remember your dentist.

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Welcome Lorena!

Lorena Gomez, a senior at the University of Washington, started work Wednesday, April 24th as an intern at SPEEA Headquarters.

An English major with an interest in law and public relations, Lorena will help 15 hours a week with communications and research projects. The work experience will help her earn credits toward graduating in June.

In addition to her studies, Lorena works at the Four Seasons Olympic Hotel. Her past experience includes sales work for Banana Republic, as a housing coordinator at the University of La Verne, and administrative manager for LTK Engineering Services.

She is a member of the Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society.

Lorena will be at SPEEA Headquarters each Thursday and Friday until June 14th, working from her desk near Rich Plunkett's office.

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Boeing Retirement Plans Website

Boeing plans a rollout of an updated website related to Boeing Retirement Plans. The link, which is available within and outside the Boeing web, is:

When employees access this page, they should select the "Retirement Plans" link and on the following page, select their union to view their specific retirement plan information.


SPEEA Assistance for Laid-off Employees

After Boeing announced plans to lay off over 30,000 employees, SPEEA began offering seminars to help those who would receive layoff notices. To date, about 1400 SPEEA-represented employees have been laid off since November of 2001. An additional 350 employees are currently holding WARN notices. This number includes engineers and techs in the Puget Sound and Portland, as well as the Wichita Technical & Professional Unit and the Wichita Engineers (see chart).

Some of the services we've provided to date include:

Job Fairs
SPEEA and the Ed Wells Initiative have worked jointly with the Boeing Career Transition Center, the IAM Quality Through Training Program (QTTP), WorkSource and others through the Reaching Out Coalition to sponsor three job fairs in the Puget Sound area. These job fairs are open to any Boeing employee holding a WARN notice, or who has already been laid off. Examples of employers who have attended the job fairs: Lockheed Martin, Pratt & Whitney, Puget Sound Naval Shipyards, the United States Navy, Volt Services, and Aerojet. Employee attendance has ranged from 1000 to nearly 2500 at these three job fairs, with the number of employers ranging from 35 to 50. For more information about upcoming job fairs and other information about the Reaching Out coalition, go to:

Dealing with Layoff seminar
This has been a popular seminar that has been offered on six occasions since the layoffs began. It was also offered several times during the layoffs in 1999. The guest speaker is a SPEEA member with 32 years of Boeing experience, who was a victim of the massive 1971 layoffs that nearly devastated Boeing. In this seminar, he shares the lessons he learned from this experience to develop positive approaches in dealing with layoff which led to his own successful career after being laid off. Comments from previous seminars include: "Inspiring! This seminar provides a 'real world' perspective." And "This was the most practical and realistic seminar I've attended about layoffs." (for more information)

Also at these seminars, members of the SPEEA staff answer audience questions about layoffs, such as benefits, severance, retraining funds, retirement, etc.

Job Search seminars
America's leading job-search coach, Robin Ryan, conducted six seminars for SPEEA-represented employees last fall: four were conducted in the Puget Sound area, and two were conducted in Wichita. Robin covered Job Search Strategies, the Hidden Job Market, Resume & Cover Letters in her first seminar, and then covered Interviewing & Salary Negotiations in her second seminar. As always, she received rave reviews from those who attended, as well as personal testimonials as to the effectiveness of her job search techniques.

As a special service to our bargaining unit members, SPEEA is offering Robin's three books ("60 Seconds and You're Hired", "Winning Resumes" and "Winning Cover Letters") at a special discount price. Check out the SPEEA web site for more information, or drop into any of our SPEEA offices to purchase these directly.

Alternative Routes to Teaching
SPEEA partnered with the Puget Sound Educational Service District and the Washington Alliance for Better Schools to offer a unique and customized program to help guide laid-off Boeing employees through the process of becoming certified to teach at the K-12 level in Washington State. Many people showed an interest at the three forums we offered at the Seattle and Everett SPEEA offices in March and April. This program will link potential teachers with 12 school districts in Western Washington who are looking for teachers in subject matter shortage areas (typically math and science) and could place them in the classroom as a teacher as early as September 2002.

Union Counselor Training
In November of 2001, SPEEA offered training to union volunteers who wanted to be a resource to their co-workers facing layoff. Along with the King County Labor Agency and representatives of United Way, BECU, WorkSource and the Washington State Employment Security Department trained nearly 50 SPEEA representatives in issues such as, unemployment insurance, emergency assistance, personal financial issues, retraining benefits and stress management.
See for a list of SPEEA Union counselors and an email address for each.

KCLA / SPEEA Cares Fund
SPEEA set up a special fund to assist members targeted for layoff before the holidays in December 2001. Called the KCLA / SPEEA Cares Fund, SPEEA solicited donations and then arranged for checks of nearly $300 to be mailed to over 300 eligible employees in Washington and Kansas. People from outside of the SPEEA bargaining units donated also, including Boeing management.

Wichita "Member Services" Meetings
Member Services meetings are held once a month in our Wichita Office to cover various discounts offered, and to assist members in answering questions about layoff. Contact the Wichita office at (316) 682-0262 for more details.

SPEEA web site
SPEEA's web site offers a special page for those who are being laid off. To view this information, check out: It includes information about upcoming seminars and job fairs, frequently asked questions, retraining information, layoff count, job posting links, etc.

SPEEA also mails out our Layoff Handbook to people who receive WARN notices. And we periodically send email notices regarding job openings which are sent to us by employers throughout the United States. (To receive information after you are laid off, be sure we have your home email address.)


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Registration Open for
First Technical Principal Conference

Technical Principals may now register for the first annual Technical Principal Conference. The Conference will be held in Seattle June 11, 2002 to advance and apply technical excellence at Boeing. Each Technical Principal is encouraged to invite his or her manager.

The conference opens the way for Technical Principals to work together on the Company's current technical challenges, share and add to their technical knowledge, and improve their ability to mentor others.

Like other Boeing technical conferences, it helps the Company take advantage of its own technical talent and its own infrastructure of technical excellence.

Technical Principals will be presenting such technology topics as Supplier Manufacturing Integration ... The Storage, Retrieval and Use of Three-Dimensional Type Design Data ... and Variability and Obsolescence Issues of Legacy Test Systems. Additional sessions by the Ed Wells Initiative will describe their utilization tools, team resources and other products and services.

The conference will be held in the 2-22 building auditorium at Seattle's Plant 2. There are no conference fees. Attendance requires management approval and labor charges must be provided by your home organization. Recommended dress is business casual.

Technical Principals and their management guests may register and learn more by visiting the web site of the First Annual Technical Principal Conference,


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Contract Personnel Update

As of April 23, 2002, The Boeing Company reports there are 790 people hired as contract personnel holding jobs equivalent to SPEEA-represented positions, broken down by major organization and bargaining unit in the table below. Since the 11/27/01 report, this indicates a decrease of 621 engineers, 544 techs and 16 paycode 6.

A&M 1 48 15 90 7  
BCAG 70 483 13 19 2
S&C 1 38
SSG 1 2
Total 73 571 28 109 9






Jobs with 10 or more:
Loc Major Group Paycode Job-smc Total
KS A&M 2 6AJC-623 12
KS A&M 4 6AJA-63Y 29
KS A&M 4 6AJA-679 12
KS BCAG 4 6AJA-63Y 1
WA A&M 4 6AJA-63Y 22
WA A&M 4 6AJA-647 10
WA BCAG 2 6ASE-636 10
WA BCAG 2 6ASE-65L 20
WA BCAG 4 6AJA-62E 36
WA BCAG 4 6AJA-63Y 161
WA BCAG 4 6AJA-647 102
WA BCAG 4 6AJA-651 17
WA BCAG 4 6AJA-679 41
WA BCAG 4 6AJA-691 16
WA BCAG 4 6AND-684 22
WA S&C 4 6AND-684 20














Refer to for complete data

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1,786 Layoffs Since Sept. 11

Layoffs of SPEEA-represented employees continue to mount. The chart below shows cumulative layoffs since November 16, 2001 - a total of 1,786. Headcount for SPEEA-represented employees totaled 25,064 in November 2001. Based on these figures, 7.13% overall have been laid off or are holding layoff notices (future projections are based on 60-day layoff notices already issued). During this same time frame, 1184 contract employees have been released from SPEEA-represented type jobs, which has helped reduce the number of layoffs of SPEEA-represented employees.

Total SPEEA layoff counts are regularly updated on the SPEEA website at

(click chart for a larger version)

No Disk File

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Free Updated Workshop
"Dealing with Layoff --An Integrated Approach"

"Inspiring! This seminar provides a 'real world' perspective."

"This was the most practical and realistic seminar I've attended about layoffs."

This new session is composed of two parts:

Part I - An overview of coping with layoff, using a totally-integrated analysis to examine all facts of this issue - i.e., psychological, professional and financial.

Part II - An opportunity to ask questions about layoff benefits (health insurance, COBRA, retirement, retraining funds, unemployment benefits, the layoff process, VIP, etc)

If you have received a 60-Day Notice and face imminent Layoff, this class will offer you some short-term tactics to apply immediately. For others who risk or face layoff, the information provided will better prepare you for the difficulties that lie ahead.

RSVP: Please call (206) 433-0991 to sign up for this free workshop.


Thursday, May 23, 2002 - 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

SPEEA Headquarters - 15205 52nd Ave S, Tukwila



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SPEEA Tellers Elected


On Wednesday, April 24, 2002, SPEEA's Northwest and Midwest Regional Tellers Committees met and elected the following from their ranks to serve as "SPEEA Tellers" for a two-year term:


Jean Ray (Chair) - PS Prof Unit George Anthony (V.Chair) - WTPU Richard Duncan - PS Prof Unit
Rick Nelson - WEU Al Withers - PS Prof Unit Larry Thompson - WEU
Wayne Laabs - PS Tech Unit


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Applicants Sought for
Ed Wells Initiative Co-Director

SPEEA is seeking applicants for the SPEEA-appointed Co-Director to the Ed Wells Initiative (EWI). The position became vacant as a result of the retirement of SPEEA's previous Co-Director, Paul Zieske.

The Ed Wells Initiative is the joint SPEEA/Boeing program to develop an effective sustainable process to maintain and continuously improve the technical excellence of the Company and SPEEA-represented technical workforce. The initiative is described in Article 20 of the Professional Unit, Technical Unit and Wichita Engineering Unit contracts.

In this full-time assignment, SPEEA's Co-Director works with the Company Co-Director to lead the program. They manage a small group of employees operating as Program Administrators for the various EWI programs. The co-directors are responsible for recommending the annual EWI budget; selecting staff to work on the program; review details and initiate new programs; review and support ongoing program activities; and assess program performance.

We are seeking an individual who has knowledge and understanding of engineering and technical processes, people processes, a commitment to life-long learning and teaming, and an ability to work effectively with the Company Co-Director and other program staff.

Some of the challenges facing this position are: improving employee morale; regenerating respect within the workforce; maintaining a "working together partnership"; focusing service on employees some of whom may be facing near-term layoff; expanding products and services in alignment with technical and product strategies; balancing short-term and long-term needs; and creating a passion for learning.

To apply, please complete and return the application by May 24th. Feel free to elaborate or provide supporting information on additional sheets of paper.

Application form PDF


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No Reason to Sell Out Our People

/s/ Bill Scott, Plant II
SPEEA Council Secretary

Boeing has undergone huge changes in recent years, now appearing nothing like The Boeing Company of the 777 Working Together days. The first major change came when the Boeing / McDonnell-Douglas merger took place. The words "Boeing MD 10," and "Boeing F-18" sounded comical when first uttered, as it took time for such concepts to permeate our minds. This New Boeing Company appeared to be a huge success, as the stock value hovered at the 60 dollar per share level and the 777 was outselling the Airbus A330. The 737 New Generation was on the way and there were now only two manufacturers of large commercial jet airplanes in the entire world. All Boeing employees, both traditional and newly-acquired were full of optimism. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, we all know some things later happened that were a little disappointing; but let's concentrate on how Boeing became so successful in the first place. If you're the leader of a successful group of people, it's easy to allow yourself to believe that you are responsible for the group's success. It's also easy to blame others in the group for failing to achieve goals. However, for any group of people to be successful, everyone in the group has to work closely together, have mutual respect for each other, and share the rewards of achieving success in a fair manner. Being big and powerful enough to have your way and forcing others to take less than they truly deserve won't bring success over the long term. This is because most people want to give their best effort for someone they respect and someone they believe treats them fairly. Herb Kelleher proved this fact with his employees at Southwest Airlines. Gordon Bethune proved it when he turned Continental Airlines around. The point is, the employees will make or break the success of any company.

Boeing, until very recently, also enjoyed high employee morale, which was a major reason for its success. The New Boeing desperately needs to remind itself where it achieved success and with whom. There are too many employees worried about plant closures these days. These are employees who have made large contributions to Boeing's success, coming up with new ideas for manufacturing, doing more than their basic job required. The Boeing employees at Spokane have now learned that their facility is going to be sold. Boeing's actions show little loyalty to its community of employees, while at the same time Boeing television commercials are full of promise and patriotic themes. Why do the employees of Spokane have to pay with their jobs while our highest-level corporate leaders collect 20 million dollar per year pay packages? Is Boeing just making another mistake? If so, who will be held accountable for that mistake? How will employees in other parts of Boeing feel about a company that is willing to abandon them if their bottom line falls short of the accountant's expectations?

The American Corporate world is full of these quick cookbook management tactics. It's typical America - if a little bit of medicine works well, then we all run out and drink gallons of it. Right now, Jack Welch is the retired corporate guru and every manager afraid to think for himself is following Jack's recipe. However, anything in excess brings adverse consequences. It's like the guy who throws all the good wood on the fire the first night of camp. Everyone is warm and toasty for a while but the wood soon runs out and the cold inevitably settles in. I hope our corporate leaders will remember the people who "Worked Together". Wages and benefits are not unreasonable at Boeing and there is no reason to sell out our people!


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Case History
Good Side to Union Relations

A Renton member recently contacted his Contract Administrator about being directed by his manager to train an IAM represented employee on how to do his job. At the same time an Everett member was contacting his Contract Administrator about the same incident. The work that the IAM-represented employee was going to be trained in had been SPEEA-represented work for over 20 years.

Upon hearing this, the Renton Contract Administrator contacted the Company Union Relations person with the details about this potential bargaining unit erosion issue. It didn't take the Union Relations person more than 20 minutes to contact the offending manager and direct him to cease and desist.

The Union Relations person then contacted the Contract Administrator to let him know that the employee would not be training any IAM represented employee to do his work.

Both the Renton and Everett SPEEA members were informed about the decision. Everyone went back to doing their job. [DG]

SPEEA - Making a Difference!

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WSU Master's Programs

On May 15 and 16, representatives from Washington State University will be at Boeing to review its popular Master of Engineering Management program and the Management of Technical Systems option for business professionals. Both the Engineering Management and Management of Technical Systems options provide an integrated education in technical decision-making and leadership for industry employees, and allow business and engineering employees to learn together in common courses.

Location Date Time Building# Room #
Kent 5/15/02 9:00a-10:30a 18.26.2 20B3
Dev Center 5/15/02 12:00n-1:30p 9.101.1 N.Fctry
Conf Rm
Renton 5/15/02 2:30p-4:00p 10-80 12K4
Everett 5/16/02 10:30a-12:00n 40-87.2 21F10
5/16/02 1:30p-3:00p 40-81.2 21H8






Further information on this program can be obtained by visiting the website


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Council Vacancy - W-10

Gary Doerschlag will be stepping down from his Council Rep position in District W-10 (Profs & Techs, all buildings in Spokane). If you reside in this area, meet the minimum one-year SPEEA membership qualification, and are interested in serving your co-workers as their Union rep - please complete and return your petition to SPEEA Headquarters no later than NOON, MAY 8th (may be faxed to 206/248-3990). An extensive training course is provided. If you have questions, contact Terry at (206) 433-0995 x130 or The petition can be downloaded from the SPEEA web site at:


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