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February 1, 2002 Newsletter #1866


Irving-SPEEA unanimously rejects contract offer

Employees write Phil Condit re: EIP

Workforce Report

Council highlights - January 17

Ex. Bd. Petitions validated

Survey: "Top Issues" & demographics

Council vacancy - E-18

Partnership Report - January 17

IFPTE's Dee Gorcyzca talks

Ex. Bd. Mini-minutes - Jan. 24

Lunchtime meetings scheduled

New Council Reps seated

Upcoming Meetings

Employees write to Phil Condit

(Subject: Employee Incentive Plan News Article)


At a point during July of 2001, The Boeing Company employed 199,400 people. I would suggest that all of these people contributed something to the performance of the Company during 2001. Your statement in the January 25th issue of The Boeing News pertaining to the Employee Incentive Plan payout "This year we wanted to accurately measure our employees' contributions. I believe we've done that." could be interpreted to mean that almost 120,000 employees didn't contribute anything to the performance of the Company in 2001 since only ~80,000 will receive a payout from the Employee Incentive Plan. Some of those 120,000 (including me) might not agree with your statement.

I applaud the idea behind an Employee Incentive Plan and congratulate all Employees on their performance last year. Let's keep up the good work.

However, I request that the company either extend the benefit to ALL employees or change the name to Non-Unionized Employee Incentive Plan to more accurately reflect the participant group.


/s/ Robin Scheffer (Everett)

(Subject: EIP or lack of)

(Sent to Charles Bofferding, with cc to Condit & Alan Mulally)

There are quite a few unhappy SPEEA people in my group, including myself, about the fact that The Boeing Company's leaders continue to go out of their way to "punish" union-represented employees by not including them in the EIP Program. On top of that they go out of their way to increase the amount of the payout by writing off the 9/11 impact and callously announce that "the Boeing Team" worked hard for this while alienating half of that team from reaping the reward.

If they can go out of their way to eliminate the monthly medical co-payments of the non-represented people after our last strike (in order to standardize benefits across the entire company - or so they say), then they could have easily offered us the EIP (in order to standardize rewards across the company) as well. In any case, I and many other fellow employees feel strongly that we should be included in this program and that SPEEA should make it a priority to get this included in our upcoming contract. After all, we will probably never see a dime from the failed ShareValue Program (which by the way, is also offered to non-represented people as well).

Polarizing the workforce is counterproductive to the health of The Boeing Company and this practice is undermining any remaining morale, loyalty and dedication. I am counting on the SPEEA leadership to join me in reminding The Boeing Company of this as contract negotiations near. Thank you.

/s/ Allen Filipowicz (Auburn)

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Workforce Report

By Mark Moshay, SPEEA Contract Administrator

SPEEA has been continually monitoring layoff activities since the first announcement in late September. Overall, we have found very few discrepancies in the process.

We identified seven discrepancies in the first round of layoffs on December 21st. All of those cases have since been resolved.

Our attention is also focused on the release of contractors in those job class/skill codes to ensure that contractors are released prior to SPEEA-represented employees being laid off.

It is important to note that the contract allows for exceptions in certain cases. The language of the agreement says that "normally" it is inappropriate to hire contractors during times of layoff. It is not a total restriction.

However, SPEEA believes that by our continued monitoring and investigation of the actions, the Company is reluctant to invoke these exceptions. In those instances in which the Company claims an exception we have found their reasoning is legitimate or at least defendable before a third party.

In terms of the "big picture", we believe the process is being followed per the contract. However, we know that for those individuals being laid off, it doesn't make the situation any less stressful.

SPEEA continues to offer assistance to those employees facing layoff in several ways:

  • Layoff Handbook
  • Layoff Seminars
  • Robin Ryan Job Search Seminars
  • KCLA/SPEEA Cares Fund
  • Counselor training to assist members
  • Job Fairs
  • Web Information

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Council Highlights - January 17

The Council elected Jim Dibble to serve a three-year term on the Judicial Review Committee.

It was reported that the motion taken regionally in December (to support fair and equitable treatment of TWA and other transportation industry employees in the process leading up to layoff decisions) PASSED unanimously.

The Council PASSED a motion to approve the proposed April 2002/March 2003 Fiscal Year Budget for the SPEEA Council (totaling $143,020).

The Council PASSED a motion to place proposed Revisions to SPEEA By-Laws on the March 2002 SPEEA Council meeting agenda (after publishing the requisite two times in the SPEEA Newsletter). Watch next week's newsletter for these proposed revisions, or visit our website.

The Council PASSED a motion to support the Oregon Nurses Association in their strike against the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU).

Executive Director Charles Bofferding reported: SPEEA has received several thank you notes from laid-off employees whose families received money and holiday gifts from SPEEA ... SPEEA as an institution is standing in support of "Jobs here for US", to assure quality of products and the long-term success of the Company; SPEEA is creating pressures so that Boeing's leaders will step forward and do the right thing for their employees ... Charles met last week with a Canadian "independent union that has been around since 1940 whose external world is changing and they think they need to step into the formal labor movement" (sound familiar?) ... SPEEA is working with the IAM to schedule another meeting of the CLUB (Coalition of Labor Unions at Boeing) ... this is a critical year; we are gathering input from our members, and widening our circle to assure a successful negotiations.

President Craig Buckham reported: Spokane employees have demonstrated, over and over again, their ingenuity in solving problems and making airplanes better. Boeing should take advantage of this and give them new challenges. Instead, the entire plant is being considered for outsourcing or sale - so-called "asset utilization". The entire Spokane community is voicing their concern ... The efforts we put into defending ourselves should be applied to helping make our Company better and our products great ... While Boeing is widening its circles, SPEEA is widening our circles in labor at Boeing, in the labor community at large, and in all of aerospace ... the Nominating Committee has been interviewing some great candidates and believes they can recommend a strong slate for our Negotiation Teams.

Council Chair Pat Waters gave the Council an overview of the latest draft of SPEEA's Vision, Mission, Goals and Values (see February SPOTLITE). Members will be asked for input before these are finalized. Council Treasurer Hoyt Hillman presented a "five-year look ahead", a compilation of input on where we expect SPEEA to be in the next few years. We can only "estimate" the future; but it is hoped layoffs will cease and our membership will stabilize. Meanwhile, we will continue emphasizing organizing and recruiting to maintain SPEEA membership. SPEEA Treasurer Rich Taylor shared with the Council the latest draft of the budget estimate for all of SPEEA during the coming fiscal year. He encouraged feedback, prior to a final vote on the budget at the March Council meeting.

Chair Judy Mogan reported the SPEEA Organizational Planning Committee receives regular updates on SPEEA's organizing activities. She invited interested members to join the committee, which next meets on February 19th at 4:30 p.m.

Chair Joel Funfar gave a report for the SPEEA Legislative & Public Affairs Committee. The committee continues to work on the countervailing duty petition against Airbus, and is monitoring issues of the various local labor councils. He encouraged members to monitor SPEEA's website for the latest issues, items of interest, and call for volunteers.

Co-Chair Bryan Young reported the Negotiation Team Nominating Committee has been conducting interviews with some excellent candidates. They will bring their recommended slate to the Bargaining Unit Council for a vote at the February 7th meeting.

Guest speaker was IFPTE Secretary/Treasurer Dee Gorczyca (see summary below).

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Executive Board petitions validated

On Wednesday, January 23rd SPEEA's Tellers Committee met to validate petitions for the Executive Board elections. The following members filed valid petitions and their names will appear on the ballot in the following random order:



Dave Forsyth

Jimmie L. Mathis

Thomas E. Day

Bryan Young

Craig A. Buckham


Michael J. Dunn

Joseph Gregg


Mohammad A. Ali

Jeff Stone

Philip Richmond

Larry Marrell

Jennifer Mackay

Ballots will be mailed to all members by February 27th, and must be returned no later than noon on Wednesday, March 13th.

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Council Vacancy - E-18

Due to a resignation from Steve Hotchkiss, there is a vacancy in the Council Rep position for District E-18 (Techs, Everett, 40-23, 40-24, 40-25, 40-26, 40-35, 40-36 & 40-37 Buildings). If you wish to apply for this vacancy, please obtain a copy of the petition at To qualify, you must have been a SPEEA member for at least one year. The petition must be signed by at least 15 SPEEA members (at least 10 within your district). Deadline for submitting petitions is noon on February 6th (they can be faxed to 206/248-3990).

IFPTE's Dee Gorcyzca tells SPEEA to stand together

With negotiations for SPEEA's Irving bargaining unit now taking place and opening later this year for Wichita and the Puget Sound units, IFPTE Secretary/Treasurer Dee Gorcyzca recently reminded the SPEEA Council to stand together and prepare for a tough year of negotiations.

"This round of negotiations promises to be tough due to the economic climate," Gorcyzca told the Council at its January 17th meeting. "Boeing has seen what a united labor movement will do when joined together. It is to your benefit that the Company knows you are not afraid to stand up for what is right and fair."

Gorcyzca serves as IFPTE's top organizer. Her words were encouraging and laudatory. She spoke of SPEEA's success in organizing the WTPU in Wichita last year and the current organizing effort in St. Louis.

"The AFL-CIO is finally recognizing the successes that IFPTE and SPEEA have accomplished," Gorcyzca said. "Nobody in the labor movement believed that a union of professionals and technical workers would have made such an impact on a Company the size of Boeing. Certainly, Boeing didn't believe it. But, you showed them."

Gorcyzca noted that labor union growth is now aiming toward white-collar professionals. Labor union members today are 50 percent white-collar workers. More important, the only growth for labor unions is with professional workers. For its own part, IFPTE is currently involved in six organizing campaigns, including the SPEEA effort in St. Louis.

Growing insecurity, increasing work hours, and decreasing job satisfaction are prompting professional and technical workers to turn to the collective power of a union for support and assistance, Gorcyzca said.

"Imagine what power and influence you would have if SPEEA represented every professional and technical worker in Boeing and the old McDonnell Douglas facilities throughout the United States," Gorcyzca said. "That can and will happen by building your foundation brick by brick and facility by facility."

She encouraged the Council and all SPEEA members to prepare for negotiations and work to help SPEEA expand throughout Boeing.

"You can be assured IFPTE will support you in whatever means we can to achieve social fairness and justice in your negotiations," she said.

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Executive Board Mini-Minutes

Thursday, January 24, 2002

Attendees: Craig Buckham, Richard Taylor, Alan Rice, Ron Mathes, Tom McCarty, Joe Newberry (by phone) [Council: Pat Waters, Jim Mathis, Hoyt Hillman (by phone) ... Guests: Lori Becktold, Judy Campbell ... Staff: Bill Dugovich, Robin Fleming]

  • Reviewed and approved guidelines for SPOTLITE letters and the plan to transition from a "classifieds" page to an "OP-ED" page.
  • Discussed annual photos for Executive Board and Council Officers
  • Discussed the "5 year look ahead" and need to have an annual effort in October to extend the current view.
  • Passed a motion to create contingencies in the 2002/03 budget to react to new constraints.
  • Discussed Strike Anniversary recognition options: Approved funds for an "Open House" at Headquarters and Everett.
  • Approved funds to send members to the "Summer School for Union Women".
  • Approved funds to attend the February 22, 2002 Washington State Labor Council Legislative Conference.
  • Discussed Irving Negotiations.
  • Discussed offload of work in Wichita and Puget Sound.

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New Council Reps seated

The Tellers Committee met on Wednesday, January 16, 2002 to review new Council petitions received and to count ballots for contested District E-11.

Two candidates who submitted petitions were qualified and unopposed, so they were seated by the Tellers, as follows:

K-4 Judy Campbell (Techs, Kent, 18-01, 18-04, 18-05, 18-20 series Buildings)

R-40 John McLaren (Profs & Techs, Longacres buildings)

District E-11 ballot results

There was a contest in District E-11, where seven candidates were running for two positions. Tellers counted ballots, with the following results:

Total ballots authorized 934
Invalid ballots received 11
(3 no signature, 8 wrong election)
Total valid ballots cast (17%) 163

FOR Jennifer Erickson 67

FOR Patricia J. Bell 61

FOR Tom Griffin 15
FOR Jack Whalen 26
FOR Kevin Bremer 37
FOR Austin Chow 48
FOR Erek S. Barhoum 42

Abstentions (voted for only 1) 30

Congratulations to Jennifer Erickson and Patricia Bell who will serve the remainder of the term as Council Reps for District E-11 (Profs, Everett, 40-87 Building).

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60-day notices issued to 288

The Company reports that, on January 18, 2002, 60-day notices of layoff (for layoff on March 22, 2002) were issued to 288 SPEEA-represented employees, broken down as follows:
Location Major Org PC2 PC4 PC6 Total
Kansas BCAG 50 32 51 133
Puget Sound A&M 2 6 8
Puget Sound BCAG 114 20 134
Puget Sound S&C 12 12
Puget Sound SSG 1 1
Totals 166 71 51 288

Details of layoff notices by job-code and major org are available on the SPEEA web site at:

We understand, Company-wide, 60-day notices were handed out to about 2,300 employees.

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Hours of Operation of the Boeing Family Center

Just prior to the Christmas holidays, SPEEA Contract Administrators in Everett received several e-mails regarding changes in the hours of operation of the Everett Boeing Family Center. In order to understand the rationale for the impending changes along with addressing our members' concerns, SPEEA requested a meeting with the Company pursuant to Attachment 2 of the current collective bargaining agreements.

At the meeting, Senior Manager of Employee Programs Becky Evans began with a brief presentation regarding the on-site childcare centers at both Everett and Longacres. The Company has contracted through Bright Horizons for the daily management of these facilities. Both facilities have capacity for 208 children. At both facilities, salaried employees utilize the services nearly six-fold over the hourly. The Everett facility has already received the most prestigious accreditation (NAEYC), and the Longacres site is awaiting the necessary time frame for their initial application.

During the recent downturn in employment numbers at Boeing, participation decreased to 91% utilization in Everett and 89% at Longacres. To accommodate this lost revenue which goes directly to staffing and services provided, Bright Horizons did an analysis of the utilization at each of the facilities and made some adjustments in the hours of operation along with not offering second-shift coverage in Everett. To help ease some of the concerns about the earlier closing time, they initiated an extended-care program outside their normal operating schedule. They are also looking at additional alternatives to mitigate potential lost revenues in the near forthcoming year.

These facilities provide a tremendous service to the employees we represent. It is our hope that the potential economic downturn is brief and that the demand for service at these sites reach full capacity. [BR]

SPEEA Does Make A Difference!

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The "Spirit of Giving" never stops!

On Tuesday, January 15th, the Puget Sound Blood Center (PSBC) held their annual Partners in Life luncheon at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center. This event honors volunteers who assist PSBC's efforts, individuals who have donated platelets, bone marrow, or have donated significant units of blood, people and organizations who coordinate donation drives, and this year, donors who responded to the 9/11 tragedy with their first donation. The luncheon of over 1500 people is truly a "Thank You!" event for our entire community.

SPEEA was represented at this event by Area Representative Chris Glenn and Contract Administrator Bob Rommel. Chris has been a diligent blood donor over the years and has been very instrumental in coordinating blood drive activities. Bob is a long-term blood and platelet donor, registering over 23 gallons donated. Both individuals acknowledge that donating blood is merely the act of giving of yourself and your time.


SPEEA applauds all of our members who become involved in these types of activities. One responsibility as a member of the community is to help one another when the need arises. SPEEA recognizes the ongoing needs of the PSBC and encourages any and all individuals to participate however they can.

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New Council Reps receive training

On Wednesday, January 23, 2002, 19 SPEEA members received extensive Council Rep Basic Training. This training prepares Council Reps for their roles as SPEEA policymakers and workplace representatives. "Designated Alternate" (DA) Council Reps were invited to participate in this training as well.

This workshop is highly rated by the Council Reps, who say that it equips them to do a better job for their members. It includes:

  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Basics of Labor Law
  • The Right to Union Representation
  • Duty of Fair Representation
  • Grievance Procedure/Process
  • Contract Familiarization
  • Security & EEO Interviews
  • Standards of Just Cause
  • Attendance & Conduct Discipline
  • Notice of Remedial Action (NORA)

The eight-hour training was conducted by staff members Maria Nelson, Mark Moshay, Jim Singletary and Rich Plunkett.

Newly Trained Council RepsCRs

(Front row, l to r): Rick Tucker (DA-Dev.Ctr), Dan Johnson
(DA-Renton), Orlando delos Santos (CR-Issaquah), Kim Ohlmann (CR-Everett), Bill Vanderberg (DA-Renton), Keith Neal (CR-Everett), Brian Carey (CR-Dev.Ctr) and John McLaren (CR-Longacres).

(Back row): Roni Schaffer (CR-Renton), Linda Walter (CR-Renton Benaroya), James Dildine (DA-Kent), Wilfred Moy (DA-Cust.Serv), Mike Gardner (CR-Cust.Serv), Tom McCann (CR-Renton), Todd Schoeneman (CR-Cust.Serv), Tim Phan (CR-Everett), Patricia Bell (CR-Everett), Betsy Hunt (DA-Everett) and Judy Campbell (CR-Kent).

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Cascade Blood Bank needs help

The Cascade Regional Blood Bank is in urgent need of O Negative & B Positive blood types. They are also dangerously low on all blood types, but this critical stage alert is for the O Negative and the B Positive. These low levels are due to lack of donors at their branches and blood drives.

Check out the website for branch locations, hours of operation and blood-mobile schedule:

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