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January 18, 2002 Newsletter #1864


SPEEA member's daughter to carry Olympic torch

Tellers election - nominations due

Notes from Exec. Director: "Unions in a Changing World"

Reaching out JOB Fair (Everett)

Midwest News

WTPU JOC to meet Jan. 15th
New Wichita Ed Wells administrator
Member Services meetings (Wichita)
Member's family needs help

Survey: Benefits Highlights

Members comments on survey

Cogswell College Continuing Ed

"Smoking Cessation" program

CPI -November 2001

Laid-off member offers thanks

SPEEA Ombudsman Committee

Upcoming Meetings

SPEEA member's daughter to carry Olympic Torch through Seattle

Kelly Corcoran submitted an essay through a web site shortly after the 2000 summer Olympic games in Sidney, Australia. After several months, she was notified that she was being considered for the opportunity to carry the torch. A lot of paperwork was filled out and more time passed. Then in October she was notified via email and directed to a web site for confirmation. She received her package on the 2nd of January 2002, which included her uniform and torchbearer information.

Kelly will carry the torch on Wednesday, January 23rd, at 5:15 p.m. from #600 4th Ave. (Seattle Municipal Building between James and Cherry St.) to the intersection of 4th and Madison St. - just a little over three blocks.

Kelly is a sixteen-year-old sophomore at Kentwood High School. She is a straight "A" honor student and enjoys playing alto saxophone in the band. She is a year-round competitive swimmer and holds several best time records for Kentwood. She is also very involved with her church, St. James' Episcopal Church, in Kent. She has aspirations of attending Stanford University and pursuing a career in the field of sports medicine.

Kelly is the daughter of Robert "Corky" Corcoran who has been with Boeing since 1987. He's a SPEEA Tech working in the Thermal/Contamination/Propulsion Systems Laboratory in Kent. His wife Tori, his son Kyle, and he are very proud of what Kelly has accomplished. They are very excited for Kelly and this proud and symbolic display of competitive spirit.

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Tellers Election - Nominations due by noon, Feb 1st

SPEEA's revised governing documents call for a biennial election of all Regional Tellers, with a vote of the entire regional membership. The plan was for the Tellers election ballot to go out at the same time as the Executive Board election ballot, to save on postage.

To meet this schedule, we are asking that nominees submit their names no later than NOON, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1ST.

The major responsibilities of the Tellers are to perform the annual audit of SPEEA's financial records, conduct all balloting & elections of SPEEA, and perform "redistricting" of the Council districts to insure that each district represents approximately 200 bargaining unit members.

We are accepting nominees for both the Northwest (7 positions) and Midwest (3 positions) regions. Each bargaining unit, if possible, should have a member on their Regional Tellers Committee (i.e., Prof, Tech, WEU, WTPU, Irving). Elections occur every two years (in even-numbered years) in March. Terms of office commence on the day following the election. Any member can serve as a Teller - however, you cannot concurrently serve as an Executive Board member, Council Rep, JRC member or Ombudsman.

How to Apply

You may submit your name for nomination by sending an email to Robbi Alberts at Please include your name (as you wish it to appear on the ballot), your clock number, work phone, plus a 100-word-or-less statement which will accompany the ballot.

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Notes from the Executive Director
Unions in a changing world

No one stands alone. When we help others, we help ourselves.

Last week I was in Toronto for two separate meetings with Canadian Unions representing professional employees. In both meetings I was there to provide the perspective of an organization that might be a bit further down the same road and to offer the benefit of our experiences. This is not to say that our answers would necessarily be their answers, but it is to say that we can and should learn from each other's experiences as we all continuously improve our own organizations.

The first meeting was with the Society of Energy Professionals. They are an independent trade union representing over 6,000 professional employees in the energy industry. Their industry is being deregulated and they are now facing negotiating and serving over 16 contracts for a group that used to be in one.

They are examining their options for the future and working hard to find ways to best represent and serve their members. They invited me to share SPEEA's experiences and the decision-making process we used when we went through our re-organization effort and then decided to affiliate with the IFPTE. I took along a PowerPoint presentation and we had a great meeting and series of interactions over a couple of days. The SEP leaders are a very intelligent group. It is clear that they will find a way to move forward in a fast-changing environment.

For me, retelling our reorganization and IFPTE affiliation story underscored how committed SPEEA is to democratic processes and member involvement. When one looks back on the restructure effort, the affiliation effort and the solidarity of our strike, it is clear that direct member involvement was the common key to success.

The other meeting was a gathering of Unions representing Professional, Technical and Administrative workers across Canada, many of whom are unaffiliated. The bottom line was that they see the potential for a CESO-type organization and wanted to know a bit about CESO and the various structures that SPEEA is engaged in to work Professional, Technical and Administrative issues at national and international levels. It was an all-day meeting in which everyone expressed a desire to find a way to network both nationally and globally. We talked about the environment that we are all facing and the ways that we can work collectively to make positive impacts for our members.

The bottom line here is clear: just as their members, Unions do not stand alone. We are strongest when we stand together in ways that honor our individualism but reinforce our collective strength. If we are to best represent and serve our membership, when the world changes, our unions and the relationships that we have with each other must also change. Change is among us now and we are adapting well.

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WTPU Joint Oversight Committee to meet January 15

The WTPU Joint Oversight Committee is tasked to oversee labor management initiatives that SPEEA and Boeing undertake. Per the contract Letter of Understanding that charters the committee, these joint initiatives are intended to enhance and develop employees as the Company's key resource. The oversight function includes (1) establishing subcommittees to handle joint initiatives; (2) reviewing, expanding where appropriate, and resolving issues related to ongoing initiatives; and (3) formulating future labor-management cooperative initiatives.

The SPEEA members currently serving on the WTPU JOC are Daryl Glamann (Chair), Bob Cropp (Co-Chair), Janice McCrary, and Bill Hartig. The JOC will hold its initial meeting with Company representatives - Jack Black, Mark Dannar, Chris Falo, and Kim Scanlan -- on January 15, to validate the team charter, review team-operating procedures and to plan for future sessions and subcommittees.

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New Ed Wells administrator announced

SPEEA, in partnership with Boeing, is proud to announce the arrival of a new Ed Wells Initiative program administrator in Wichita. Tena Mason will assume responsibility for the Ed Wells program on January 21, 2002.

Tena is replacing Joe Zenisek, who has filled the administrator's position since January 2000 and will be returning to Commercial Engineering in Wichita. Joe has been committed to the belief that technical excellence and training is a win-win scenario for Boeing and its engineers, and he has done an exceptional job during the past two years.

The Ed Wells Initiative is a Boeing/SPEEA joint program. As the Company seeks to continuously refine and expand its technical capability, the Ed Wells Initiative helps enhance the technical excellence of our engineering employees through education, training, and career development.

Please join us in welcoming Tena to her new position. Please feel free to contact her at the Ed Wells office and utilize her skills as you build your career and personal development plans for 2002.

Member services meetings

SPEEA Wichita Office

Upcoming Meetings:
4:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Jan. 22, Feb. 19 & March 19

Member services meetings are scheduled once a month to cover special member discount programs including Mortgage and Real Estate Loans, Credit Cards, Legal Services, Educational Loans, Scholarships, Motor Club, Life Insurance, Accident Insurance, alternative Dental and Vision plans, and retail discount services for members. Recent meetings have focused on 401(k) transfers, tax advice and services to assist members during layoffs.

Speakers include staff, members of the Benefits Committee, and approved Financial Advisors.

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Member needs our help

John Loftis, WTPU member, who recently received a WARN notice, has a daughter, Shelby, with a serious heart defect. The child is waiting for open-heart surgery at the Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.

The family is strapped financially both because of the mounting medical bills and because of the expenses involved with being away from home for extended periods.

Help would be appreciated. Donation checks can be made out to the Shelby Loftis Heart Fund and mailed to:

Shelby Loftis Heart Fund
The Bank of Commerce & Trust Co.
201 W. Harvey
Wellington, KS 67152

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Henry Cogswell College Continuing Educational Program

Henry Cogswell College is pleased to announce the offering of a variety of courses under its Continuing Educational Program starting the winter of 2002. These non-credit courses will allow students to fulfill personal enrichment interests, discover a new talent, update professional skills, or chart a new career path, while studying at their own pace or convenience. The Continuing Educational Program courses are offered either on- or off- campus, through a variety of instructional formats: on campus workshops, online courses, and Web-based courses with an associated laboratory. No application fee is required and registration is easy.

On-campus workshops include digital arts areas of interest such as digital photography, and computer art and animation courses (Principles of 2D and 3D Animation and Web Animation with Macromedia Flash are examples). Each workshop will be taught on weekends by a faculty member specialized in the subject. The class size will be limited to 12 students to allow for greater faculty and student interaction. The first class will start early February 2002 and course fees range from $75-$550.

On-line courses cover topics relating to small/large business, Internet and computers, paralegal, and personal enrichment (gardening, etc.). Each course requires two 2-hour sessions per week for six weeks. Students may use their own computers and Internet access or may use Henry Cogswell College resources during regular business hours. All classes start on the second Wednesday of each month and fees range from $125-$250 per course.

The on-campus Web-based courses include an intensive hands-on laboratory exercise under the direction of an instructor. The courses are intended to assist students in meeting special training needs in areas of information technology (IT) that are in high demand by industry. Courses are available that will assist in preparation for Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), or Oracle certification examinations. The first of these courses will start in early March 2002.

Please contact the Continuing Education Office for more detailed information at (425) 258-3351, or email, or check out the web site

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Company improves coverage for "smoking cessation"

The Boeing Company has been offering a "Smoking Cessation" program, administered by the Group Insurance Office. Coverage was at 80% up to a maximum of $160, including doctor services, smoking cessation programs and associated prescriptions.

Effective 1/1/02, the program will now be administered by Regence BlueShield. Coverage is increased to 100%, up to a maximum of $500.

This program is available to Boeing employees covered by the Traditional Medical Plan (the other medical plans have their own programs).

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CPI - November 2001

The U.S. City Average all-items Consumer Price Index for urban wage earners & clerical workers (CPI-W) on a 1982-84=100 base for November 2001 is 173.7. (On a 1967=100 base, the November index is 517.3.) This is a decrease of 0.2% since October 2001, and an increase of 1.6% from one year ago.

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Laid-off member offers thanks


Many, **many** thanks to SPEEA for all your efforts throughout my five years here.

Prior to Boeing I was never in a company with unions present, so I had a rather lop-sided concept of them: primarily "media sensational". But after about two years at Boeing I saw the real value of them: not only SPEEA but all unions. The Strike was a new experience for me but I participated willingly.

Really, even into the start of the 21st Century, it's sad that unions still exist. But given how any number of companies still treat their employees - what the companies try and get away with - I now have good reason to believe unions are still a necessity for employees at all levels and skills.

Perhaps someday I'll return to Boeing, and if the situation warrants, I will unhesitatingly rejoin SPEEA.

Thanks for your help.

/s/ Jim Nevermann

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SPEEA Ombudsman Committee - We're here for you!

How Can the Ombudsman Committee Help You? The Ombudsman Committee is a five-member panel of SPEEA volunteers who help members deal with issues related to how SPEEA functions, as well as conflicts with other SPEEA represented employees. Sometimes the panel acts as a "court of first resort" to send an issue on to the appropriate SPEEA Committee for resolution. Other times the panel acts as a mediator to resolve immediate conflicts. In short, the Ombudsman Committee helps members understand and find resolution to their concerns. All discussions within the Ombudsman Committee are completely confidential.

What Can't the Ombudsman Committee Do for Me? The Ombudsman Committee cannot help you solve a grievance or an issue with the Company, as this is the function of a Council Representative or Contract Administrator. Nor can the Ombudsman Committee resolve any personal issues outside SPEEA.

How Do I Contact the Ombudsman Committee with an Issue? The Ombudsman Committee usually meets on the 1st Monday of the month (however, in February it is meeting on Monday, February 11th). You can come to a meeting, or contact a member of the Ombudsman Committee directly at:

Laurel Reiff, Chair: (425) 965-4906
Paul Wojciechowski, Vice Chair: (425) 294-3117
Steve Spyridis, Secretary: (425) 717-3101
Gene Blackman: (253) 891-2738
Kristin Farr, Staff Focal: (206) 433-0991

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Do you hold a public office?

SPEEA is looking to compile a list of all of its members who currently hold public office. This could include city or county council, state legislature, school board, port commission, water or sewer district, etc.

If you have been elected or appointed to serve as a public representative, please contact Robbi Alberts at Give us your name, the title of the office that you hold, and the date you were last elected.

Thank you!

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Everett Site Assembly seeks "Adopt-A-Street" Volunteers

The Everett Site Assembly is negotiating with the City of Everett Adopt-A-Street program to pick up roadside trash on a street near the Boeing Everett Plant. Along with providing a needed community service, it also gets SPEEA's name on a sign that all the managers will see on their way into work.

We need volunteers to come out once every other month or so and pick up trash. Tbis is an excellent opportunity for us to show our concern for our community. If you are interested, please contact Mark Moshay at the Everett SPEEA office at (425) 355-2883.

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"Assume the best!"

During a job reclassification grievance heard in early 2001, the respective skill team representative explained their dilemma that they had nearly 14 other employees in an identical situation as the grievant. After granting a retroactive level increase for that employee, the skill team agreed that each of these affected employees should be treated in a similar fashion.

For nearly six months, the employees patiently waited for the retroactive increases to occur after their levels had changed. When they finally approached the Union, a call was made to both Union Relations and the skill team manager reflecting back to what the original agreement was. The skill team manager was surprised because nobody had mentioned it to him and he assumed that everything was already accomplished pursuant to the agreement. With the new information in hand, the skill team manager quickly prompted the necessary parties to help expedite the payment of the retroactive portions of the employees' reclassifications.

The moral of this experience is "To Assume The Best"! All of the right intentions were agreed to, but the settlement fell through the cracks. Once it was brought to the parties' attention, everything was easily rectified. [BR]


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Weekly Meetings

Monday, Jan 21
5:00 PM
Wednesday, Jan 23
Tellers Committee (validate EB petitions)
5:00 PM
Thursday, Jan 24
Executive Board
4:00 PM
Monday, Jan 28
Council Officers
4:00 PM
Wednesday, Jan 30
SPEEA Legislative & Public Affairs
5:00 PM
Wednesday, Jan 30
NW Legislative & Public Affairs
6:00 PM
Thursday, Jan 31
NW Governing Documents
5:00 PM
Midwest Meetings
Monday, Jan 21
MW Communications
5:00 PM
Tuesday, Jan 22
MW Benefits Committee
4:00 PM
Monday, Jan 28
MW Communications
5:00 PM
Tuesday, Jan 29
MW Benefits Committee
4:00 PM

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