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January 4, 2002 Newsletter #1862


Boeing payroll changes

No change to alternate work schedules as a result of BPS implementation

Notes from Exec. Director: "An encouraging call to arms"

SPEEA Cares checks distributed

NW Council Highlights - 12/13/01

CESO Report

Women's committee to meet

Colleges seek labor reps for advisory boards

"Power Networking" - Sat. workshop

Military leave benefits

SPEEA brings Santa to Kids

WA Senators visit 767 Workers

Upcoming Meetings

Boeing payroll changes

The Boeing Company plans to implement a Common Payroll System & HR System. SPEEA has held several meetings with the Company in an attempt to negotiate some of the effects of these changes.

The first phase of implementation goes into effect January 1, 2002 - for Portland, Spokane, Puget Sound Connexion, and Puget Sound A&M Training.

The second phase goes into effect April 1, 2002 - for the rest of Puget Sound and Wichita based employees.

The changes include:

  • VIP Savings (Boeing's contribution will no longer be reported on the paycheck stub)
  • VIP Loans (Changed from 12 payments per year to 26 payments per year; payment amount to be recalculated accordingly, the loan duration will not change)
  • Union Dues Deductions (Changed from 2nd paycheck of month to 1st paycheck)
  • Holiday & Vacation Advances (No longer available ... those who have direct deposit will have money deposited in their account on regular payday - those who receive checks will have check mailed to their home).
  • Pay Calculations (Rate of Pay changed from 3 digits after the decimal to 6 digits after the decimal)
  • Overtime Calculations (Method of display changes ... no longer shows OT hours and Bonus hours ... shows OT hours at the overtime pay rate)
  • Paycheck (Paychecks will have a different look... You can arrange to receive an electronic "e-Stub" sent to you in lieu of a paper stub ... Paper stubs will be mailed to your home address of record ... checks will still be delivered to the worksite)

Following are Boeing web sites which contain information about these changes.

#1 -

#2 -

#3 -

New BPS system -

Separate changes to MyInfo

At the same time as the BPS changes, certain changes are being made in the MyInfo website:

  • MyInfo additions (You'll now have the ability to add previous employer information ... and you will be able to update your personal education information)
  • MyInfo losses (It will no longer identify your HR rep ... you can't revise your Skill Inventory Field ... and you won't be able to access your training data)

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No change to alternate work schedules as a result of BPS implementation

With the implementation of the payroll changes associated with the Boeing PeopleSoft, there was the concern that the new system would not accommodate non-exempt employees (i.e.. SPEEA Technical Unit and approximately one-half of the Wichita Technical & Professional Unit/WTPU) on alternate work schedules having a non-work day other than Friday.

We are pleased to report that Boeing recognized the value of alternate work schedules to both the Company and employees and there will be no disruption to employees continuing their alternate work schedules as previously allowed.

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Notes from the Executive Director
An encouraging call to arms

This is the first newsletter of the New Year. As such it was written last year before the holiday break.

I had a heck of a time deciding what to write about. Robbi, our Editor, was pressing me for the article and I told her that I wasn't sure if I should write something encouraging or a call to arms. She asked simply, "Can you do both?" It was an excellent question/suggestion; hence the title of the article.

I was reading a great book by Martin Luther King, "The Strength to Love". In it, he talks about the need to have your principles well grounded and the strength required, when you are committed to love, to project love, even in the face of hatred.

On a certain level, this is what happened in our last negotiations. It was clear that Boeing was out to strip medical benefits from its employees and wanted SPEEA to lead the way for reductions for represented employees. It was also clear that a focus on short-term financials had so gripped the Company's leaders that they could not see the value in a motivated and skilled workforce. We had to fight for peace. We had to stand up and push back on medical takeaways and fight for a partnership. We did these things, not out of hatred for Boeing - but out of our love for our Company and our co-workers. We stood up to help make Boeing the best Company it could be in the long run (as opposed to the financial short-term).

Our picket-line cry still rings in my ears, "We are not here to hurt Boeing ... we are here to help save Boeing." Our picket lines were places of community; we shared our hopes and our fears. We shared life. At least two couples that met on the picket-line later married. We talked a lot about our hopes for ourselves and our Company. The loudest cheer at many rallies was after the statement, "If we could take the spirit and energy that is out here on this line into the workplace, there would be no doubt about who the world's Aerospace leader is." The experience was not one of aggressiveness; it was one of commitment and community. In the end, we helped to make something good happen. We returned to work and turned Boeing around faster than most imagined possible.

This year will be the first negotiations on these contracts since our historic strike. My greatest hope is that we will achieve our goal - a goal that I am certain Boeing's decision-makers share - a contract that is acceptable to all groups on the first try. Easy to say - much harder to accomplish. The negotiation process has already started, we have conducted surveys, members have signed up as candidates for our teams. We can't wait for September to think about negotiations. Now is the time to stand firm for what we know is right, now is the time to demonstrate our commitment to respect and honor for all Boeing workers, and this includes medical benefits and market wages. We need to make it clear that we have the strength to love and will stand for what is right. Our commitment is to work as hard as we can to reach our goal in positive ways that position both us and our Company to recover with a vengeance when the market turns.

We have the ability to do anything we set our hearts and minds to. However, we can't do it alone. In the last negotiations, over 90% of our members answered the survey question: "Do you think we should employ working together principles even if we have to do it alone?" with YES. The lesson we learned was that you can't do working together alone. It is something that must be done with a partner. Our goal, our commitment, our strength is to be a great partner with Boeing; to see that all Boeing employees are treated fairly and in ways that move us all forward.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and is well rested and ready to go - it is going to be a fascinating year. My guess is that we're going to need our strength.

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SPEEA Cares checks distributed

Boeing technical workers laid off by The Boeing Company on December 14th received a little help from SPEEA members just before the holidays.

Checks from the SPEEA Cares Fund were distributed to 291 employees who were laid off by Boeing before the break and who chose to participate. Each of them received a check for $281. Boeing laid off about 485 SPEEA-represented employees in the first round of layoffs.

"This money comes from the heart," said Charles Bofferding, executive director of SPEEA. "It was donated by employees who really believe it is not right to lay off people right before the holidays."

In all, SPEEA members and others donated nearly $85,000 to the SPEEA Cares Fund before the holiday. The King County Labor Agency, a non-profit charity, assisted with administering the fund and distributing the checks.

SPEEA started collecting donations shortly after Boeing announced plans for drastic cuts in its commercial airlines company. Donations are still being accepted. Future donations will help employees laid off in the months to come.

No Boeing matching funds were received. At least one Boeing manager challenged the union's ability to set up donation tables for the fund in the workplace. However, most union members and caring workers were able to make their donations by mail, through the Boeing Employees Credit Union and at lunchroom collection tables.

Donations to the SPEEA Cares Fund are still being accepted. To make a donation, send a check payable to the KCLA/SPEEA Cares fund to:

KCLA/SPEEA Cares Fund, 2800 First Avenue, Room 126, Seattle, WA 98121

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NW council highlights - 12/13/01

Pre-meeting speakers were Jeff Hawk (outgoing chair) and Jim Draxler (incoming chair) of the Boeing Regulatory Compliance "SafeAir Team". The SafeAir Team has studied and begun implementing significant process changes in the way the Company certifies airplanes. Early in 2001, BCAG leaders chartered this activity as one of the first Boeing-SPEEA partnership areas. SPEEA and the FAA have been participating in these SafeAir meetings over the past year. Changes will include new tools and work-flows for DER's and certification specialists to use in identifying, tracking and approving new components, materials, configurations and designs. The position of "Admin-DER" will be created to assist groups of DER's, by function/discipline, in resolving issues, appeals, conflicts of interest, etc. Asked what Boeing is doing to assure safety of all its new suppliers around the world, Jim responded Boeing has created a new position titled Safety & Airworthiness for Supplier Management. They are auditing and assessing all their suppliers, assigning them ratings of 1 through 5 (1 is lowest level of approval authority; 5 is greatest level of responsibility). Work will not be sent to suppliers that do not meet minimum requirements for the job assigned. This list is also being provided to suppliers, so it can be applied to any subcontracting done by the suppliers.

Newly-seated Council Reps were introduced:

District B-20 Orlando DeLos Santos (Profs & Techs, Issaquah buildings)

District R-1 Tom McCann (Profs, Renton, 10-80 Building)

District R-4 Roni Schaffer (Techs, Renton, 10-80 Building)

Contract Administrator Mark Moshay reviewed contract provisions relating to redeployment (retentioning, layoff order, contract personnel, bumping, etc.) Council Reps asked if they could be provided a list of names of people in their area being laid off. It was decided that some members may prefer this information remain confidential; so instead, Council Reps should make sure everyone in their district is aware they are the Council Rep; and that members can come to them to obtain information, referrals and other assistance during periods of layoff.

NW Regional Council Chair Jim Mathis reported the following have been assigned to the Negotiation Team Nominating Committee for Puget Sound Profs & Techs:

Phil Richmond (former negotiator, Tech)

Harrison Henninger (former negotiator, Prof)

Ron Mathes (Executive Board, Tech)

Craig Buckham (Executive Board, Prof)

Sharon Moats (Council Officer, Tech)

Joe Gregg (Council Officer, Prof)

Bryan Young (Council Rep, Tech)

Jeff Stone (Area Rep, Prof)

Staff member Stan Sorscher showed a series of viewfoils showing data related to SPEEA-represented employees: i.e., total headcount by age and service over the past 25 years ... layoff cycles since 1980 ... age & service histograms for past 10 years ... pattern of 1999 layoffs ... pattern of 1995 retirement incentives ... voluntary terminations following the strike, and during the past nine months ... retention distribution (by age for Profs; by service for Techs) ... and population projections based on recent patterns. Stan then talked about how to interpret engineering and technical populations in terms of Boeing's Vision and Mission. Keys to long-term success for The Boeing Company are: Competitive Advantage; and Healthy and Stable Technical Community. These discussions - which emphasized how important experienced people are for our products - are more important now than ever. Stan offered to come to lunchtime meetings arranged by Council Reps - to share this data, and to solicit feedback from members. (Contact your Council Rep if you'd like a meeting scheduled in your area.)

As recommended by the NW Governing Documents Committee, the NW Council PASSED a motion to establish Negotiation Policy for the NW Region.

The NW Council PASSED a motion to support solving the noise and regulatory problems that currently limit use of Boeing Field for Boeing and other companies using the airport; to support maintaining jobs at Boeing Field and allowing growth for many more jobs in the future.

The NW Council voted unanimously (75 FOR, 0 AGAINST) to support the fair and equitable treatment of transportation industry employees in the process leading up to layoff decisions. (The NW votes will be combined with the Midwest Region votes to determine the outcome of this motion.)

John Kohlsaat, John Repp and Judy Campbell were given recognition for the training they have conducted over the past year on Common Sense Economics and Campaign for Global Fairness.

Brenda Carlson, who is to be laid off 12/14/01, was recognized for her tremendous efforts on behalf of SPEEA - as Chair of the Legislative & Public Affairs Committee, SPEEA representative on the Everett Parking Committee, Council Rep & much more.

NW Treasurer Joe Gregg shared various budget projections with the Council, based on projected layoffs and anticipated recruiting and organizing efforts. He said that SPEEA's leaders are in the process of coming up with next year's budget, and he solicited input from Council Reps on their projection of the future of SPEEA.

Alton Folks (Chair, Leadership Development & Training Committee) reported that "Guest Night" is planned for the February 7th Council meeting. Council Reps are invited to bring a guest - either their designated alternate or other interested Area Rep or member in their District. This will give some new people a chance to see how the Council operates and encourage them to get involved in leadership positions within SPEEA. The agenda for the February 7th meeting will include election of the Negotiation Teams, and introduction of candidates for SPEEA Executive Board.

NW Region VP Tom McCarty reported SPEEA leaders and staff have been focused over the past few months on assisting people who are being laid off and coordinating the KCLA/SPEEA Cares Fund. The Board has also approved budgeted upgrades to SPEEA's printing department.

Various Negotiation Preparation Committee members shared survey results from the kickoff negotiations survey. (Watch for summaries to appear in upcoming newsletters.) Members were encouraged to provide input for questions on the second negotiations survey (which will be web-based), scheduled to come out in February.

Women's Advocacy Committee Chair Peg Curtin reported her committee is busy planning for their sixth annual "Women on the Move at Boeing" forum, scheduled for Thursday, April 24th at the IAM Hall in South Seattle.

CESO report

At the December 13th NW Region Council meeting, Kristin Farr (Staff & CESO legislative focal) reported on the latest CESO meeting in Washington, DC attended by Craig Buckham, Pat Waters, Jim Mathis, Steve Smith, Ron Mathes, Tom McCarty & Joe Newberry. CESO is the Council of Engineers & Scientists Organizations, made up of labor unions from across the country representing engineering, technical and professional employees. The newest member in attendance was MOSES (Massachusetts Organization of State Engineers & Scientists), a union representing about 4,500 public-sector employees working for the State of Massachusetts. CESO includes about half public-sector, half private-sector unions.

Kristin said our original meeting scheduled for September 20-21 was moved to November 12-13. She noted we found when we tried to visit some of the Congressmen on the Hill, they didn't have offices available to work in (due to the Anthrax letters). SPEEA representatives discussed the affect of the 9/11 attacks on the other unions. Every union felt the affects in one way or another.

Kristin said delegates got to meet with the new President/Chair of the Export Import Bank, John Robson. Also, Mike Gildea (lobbyist for the Department for Professional Employees, DPE, AFL-CIO) was guest speaker at the CESO meeting. He reviewed various bills pending in the legislature that affect our members.

Finally, CESO delegates broke into two workshops, to discuss targeted issues: (1) Why would a professional want a union? And (2) Contract issues (coordinating our bargaining efforts).

Kristin said after the CESO meeting ended, she, Charles Bofferding and Craig Buckham attended a meeting with Boeing's new VP of Operations in Washington, DC - Rudy DeLeon. He is a Democrat who formerly served as Undersecretary of Defense during the Clinton Administration.

Following the CESO meeting, Charles and Craig attended the IFPTE Executive Committee meeting in Washington, DC. Then Charles and CESO Chair Phil Thompson traveled on to Switzerland to meet with union representatives from around the world to help plan the Third International Conference of Engineering Unions scheduled for the spring of 2003. Kristin said, through this contact, we hope to obtain copies of labor contracts between Airbus and their respective labor unions.

Kristin noted, in times like these we are currently experiencing, membership in CESO is extremely important. A major goal of our participation in CESO is to maintain contact with unions which represent employees similar to our members, in industries like ours, both nationally and internationally. CESO serves a unique role in meeting that goal that no other organization can.

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Women's committee invites interested members to join them

SPEEA's Women's Advocacy Committee meets every month, generally on the third Monday. They invite interested members to attend and discover what the committee has already accomplished and what they hope to accomplish in the future.

Their January meeting will be at SPEEA Headquarters in Tukwila on Monday, January 21st. Dinner will be served at 5:00 p.m. and the meeting will start at 5:30 p.m.

This committee is in the planning stages for their 6th annual "Women on the Move at Boeing" forum, which is scheduled to be held on Thursday, April 25th. They also will be discussing other issues that are of interest to women.

If you would like to join this committee at their January 21st meeting, please RSVP to SPEEA at (206) 433-0991.

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Colleges seek labor reps for advisory boards

Several local community colleges are seeking "Labor Representatives" to serve on their various advisory boards.

The Labor Representative serves along with college administrators, instructors and industry representatives. They discuss the curriculum, and the needs of the hiring/labor community to ensure compatibility. Having SPEEA-represented labor reps on these committees gives these schools the added expertise of your technical background. These boards generally meet once a quarter, in the evening at their campus.

We have been contacted by the following colleges:

Seattle Central Community College

Information Technology Advisory Board

Bellevue Community College

Media Communication & Technology Advisory Board [This program focuses on the production and application of digital technologies of multimedia, the world wide web, video, graphics, and animation - for more info, see their web site:]

South Seattle Community College

Computer Technology Advisory Board (help desk, web)

Business Information Technology Advisory Board (office administration focus)

HOW TO APPLY: If you are interested in applying to fill one of these spots, please email your name, work & home phone, and statement of interest & qualifications to SPEEA's Executive Board will make the final appointment. For more information, contact Robbi at (206) 433-0995, x126.

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Power Networking: The Secrets to Success"

Special Saturday Workshop

The Association for Women in Computing, Puget Sound Chapter (AWC/PS) and Digital Eve invite you to attend this Joint Event for twice the networking

Statistics show that the majority of jobs are never actually advertised by the hiring company. One of the best ways to find jobs in the hidden job market is networking with others who may know of open positions or companies that are hiring. Although most perceive networking as difficult, it is one of the easiest, most natural, and most effective ways to build your career ... but only if you know how. Effective networking is a skill that can be learned by anyone.

This workshop focuses on: How to broadcast confidence (even when you don't feel it) ... The three critical opportunities and what to say when they arise ... Three instant remedies for networking paralysis ... It's not who YOU know, it's who THEY know ... It's not what you KNOW, it's what you ASK ... Why rejection is never, ever a problem ... The hidden enemy to making a good impression and how to disarm her.

This workshop will teach you how to: Make powerful requests so that your network can deliver the results you want ... Shift your body so that it expresses confidence, competence, and vision ... Prepare for and follow up on networking events so that your contacts go to work for you ... Get out of a dead end situation; a.k.a. the cornered syndrome.

Facilitator Molly Gordon, CPC, PCC is an internationally known speaker, writer, and personal coach. Her international coaching practice is the catalyst for men and women who set a higher standard for personal and professional success, a standard that connects purpose with prosperity and mastery with heart.

Saturday, January 12, 2002
9:00am - 1:00pm
2-22 Theater - Old Boeing Headquarters

7755 E Marginal Way S, Seattle
Cost - $5 for AWC members; $15 for non-members
(Pastries ,coffee and tea will be provided)

Directions can be found at:

Registration Deadline: By check, we must receive your payment at our P.O. Box by Thursday, January 10, 2002. By credit card - we must receive payment confirmation by Friday, January 11th. Register online at or leave voicemail at (206) 781-7315. Send your check by the due date noted above to: AWC/PS, P.O. Box 179, Seattle, WA 98111 or pay by credit card on our site via PayPal.

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Military leave benefits extended

Boeing is extending its policy for employees who are on military leave of absence as a result of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Effective immediately, the company will provide military differential pay, as well as medical, dental and basic life insurance coverage, for up to a total of six months (in lieu of the previous 90-day limit).

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SPEEA brings santa to kids

Santa Day at SPEEA

Special thanks go to Dave Fisher (Everett) and Gene Blackman (Tukwila) who served as Santa for SPEEA's Santa Day on Saturday, December 1st. This opportunity allowed members to bring their kids in to visit Santa, with no crowds, lines, or hassles - and get their picture taken at no charge. Quite a few members took advantage of this opportunity, as shown in the various photos.

Gifts for Children of Laid-Off Members

Each year, SPEEA utilizes donations to our Christmas Fund to purchase gifts for children of laid-off members. The majority of the fund is comprised of proceeds from sales of Entertainment Books (either in our offices - or on the web, using SPEEA's account number).

With the latest layoff announcements of members going out December 14th, the number of requests this year was tremendous. We heard from 107 families with 232 kids. Of that, 25 families (and 54 kids) were in Wichita. Staff members purchased and wrapped the gifts (special thanks to Terry Hall, Ann Eaton, Sheila Martinez, Robin Fleming, Lacey Jilek and Robbi Alberts).

The following members and staff volunteered to help deliver the gifts and checks to each of the families: Bill Barrett, Gene Blackman, Chris Carpenter, Joel Funfar, Chris Glenn, Joe Lake, Ron Mathes, Jim Mathis, Tom McCarty, Mark Moshay, Susanne Murphy, Susan Parker, Laurel Reiff, Phil Richmond, Bob Rommel, Mark Schuetz, Bob Secrest, Paul Shearon, Stan Sorscher, Bob Steiner, Pat Waters, Al Withers and Ron Wodtli.

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Washington Senators visit 767 workers at the Everett plant

SPEEA Executive Director Charles Bofferding and SPEEA President Craig Buckham, along with representatives from the IAM and John Quinlivan, general manager of the 767 program, accompanied Washington State's U.S. Senators Patty Murray (who chairs the Transportation Appropriations Subcommittee) and Maria Cantwell on their visit at the Everett plant on Monday, December 10th. The purpose of the visit was to tell the workers that the Senate has passed a $20 billion plan to replace the Air Force's aging fleet of KC-135 refueling tankers with 100 leased 767s; and if approved by the House, the program could mean up to 2,400 Boeing jobs over the life of the 10-year program, and perhaps thousands more for subcontractors. Both Senators played a key role in passing this legislation.

The Senators told the 767 Everett workers that "The battle's not over. We have one more stage to go." Even though this is a program the Air Force backs, the House of Representatives has not been as supportive of the idea of leasing military aircraft. At that time, the plan in the House bill merely authorized $150 million for the Air Force to buy one 767 and convert it to a tanker on a trial basis. House lawmakers had voiced skepticism because the 767 has not been used as a tanker and the leasing arrangement could commit the government to a long-term payment schedule.

There was good news for workers on the evening of December 18th, when it was announced that House and Senate negotiators sealed the $20 billion deal on the plan that allows the Air Force to replace aging air-refueling tankers with new Boeing 767s. Congress plans to send the bill to President Bush for signature before the holiday recess.

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Southern California employees win reprieve for 717

LONG BEACH, CA - Pressure from Boeing employees here, who fear engineering and technical workers' jobs are being sent overseas, helped earn a reprieve for production of the midrange 717 jetliner.

Boeing announced a reprieve for the 106-seat jetliner, before the holiday break. While stating the decision was based on "customer pressure" there is no denying the fact that employee pressure was a factor.

The 717 is the last commercial aircraft in production from the McDonnell Douglas Company. It is also the newest design in the Boeing commercial product line. While downplaying the market for the 717, Boeing holds an agreement with Russia's Sukhoi and Ilyushin aircraft companies to design and build a similar jetliner. Boeing said this new midrange jetliner has a world market of from 2,000 to 3,000 aircraft. The Company's own press releases state that the Russian firms look forward to worldwide sales.

In November, members of the Southern California Professional Employees Association started a "Save our Jobs" campaign to solicit support for continuing the 717 program. The effort included a mailing campaign to local, state and national officials, and workplace visibility items.

"We are pleased the Company has given the 717 more time to prove itself as the outstanding and economical aircraft that employees know it as," said Steve Dunham, president of the Southern California Professional Engineering Association (SCPEA). "Employees pushed this decision. People in Long Beach know that."

SCPEA members staged a rally in support of the 717, asking the Company why they were expanding the Moscow Design Center. Charles Bofferding, SPEEA executive director, conveyed the support of SPEEA members to workers at the rally.

"We're very disappointed that Boeing would trade away American jobs for the possibility of receiving some airplane orders sometime in the future," Bofferding said. "At this critical time, we need to protect the jobs of people working at Boeing."

All levels of employees at the Long Beach facility warmly received the "Save our Jobs" campaign. Many non-union employees and local Boeing managers wore buttons that said "Boeing - Keep our Jobs in Southern California."

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Rally to save Boeing Spokane January 16

SPEEA members and all Boeing workers in Spokane should mark their calendars for Wednesday, January 16 and plan to attend a lunchtime rally at the plant in support of keeping the Boeing facility open.

Corporate leaders are reviewing the continued operation of the Boeing Spokane plant. They plan to make an announcement regarding its future in February.

Boeing employs more than 500 people, including 59 represented by SPEEA, at the Spokane facility.

Watch for more information regarding the January 16 rally and the "Save Boeing Spokane" campaign. Saving jobs in Spokane is a concern for every SPEEA member and Boeing employee.

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New Council Reps seated

The Tellers met on Wednesday, December 12, 2001 to count ballots for contested District R-4. Results are as follows:

Ballots authorized: 483

Valid Ballots returned: 98

For Aubrey Shinholster 21
For Roberto A. Santos 29
For Roni Schaffer 39

Roni Schaffer was seated as Council Rep for District R-4.

At the same time, the Tellers validated Council Rep petitions received by the noon deadline (day before the monthly Council meeting). Since he was unopposed, Orlando DeLos Santos was seated by the Tellers in District B-20 (Profs & Techs, all buildings in Issaquah).

Contest in District E-11

We received seven valid petitions for two vacancies in District E-11 (Profs, Everett, 40-87 Building). Ballots will be mailed to all members in that district on January 2nd, and counted on January 16th -- the day before the January Council meeting.

District E-11 petitions were received from the following (listed in the order they will appear on the ballot):

Jennifer Erickson
Patricia J. Bell
Tom Griffin
Jack Whalen
Kevin Bremer
Austin Chow
Erek S. Barhoum

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Total layoffs during 2001

Below is a breakdown of those SPEEA-represented employees who were laid off during the year 2001. It includes 22 employees who accelerated their layoff date, and six voluntary layoffs.

Location Paycode Maj Org Prior to Oct 01 Oct-Nov 01 Dec-01 2001Total
WA 4 SSG 1 1
WA 4 S&C 1 1
WA 4 BCAG 3 96 99
WA 2 SSG 1 1
WA 2 S&C 1 1
WA 2 BCAG 1 10 203 214
WA 2 A&M 3 3
OR 4 BCAG 3 3
OR 2 BCAG 3 3
KS 6 SSG 3 3
KS 6 BCAG 8 54 62
KS 4 BCAG 5 5
KS 2 SSG 10 10
KS 2 BCAG 8 93 101
KS 2 A&M 1 1
Totals 4 30 474 508

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Layoffs effective December 14, 2001

The Company reports that 463 SPEEA-represented employees were laid off effective Friday, December 14, 2001, broken down by paycode and major organization:

Location Maj Org P/C 2 P/C 4 P/C 6 Total
KS BCAG 88 5 54 147
KS SSG 10 3 13
OR BCAG 3 3 6
WA A&M 3 3
WA BCAG 199 94 293
WA SSG 1 1
Totals 303 103 57 463


Jobs with 10 or more:

Location Maj Co PAYCODE

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Midwest Meetings
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