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June 15, 2001 Newsletter #1838


Special guest from England

Alan Mulally addresses SPEEA Council

Notes from Exec. Director: "Couldn't have said it better..."

Committee volunteers sought

Wichita welcomes Bob Brewer

Seeking Ombudsman volunteers

SPEEA supports UW TA's

Convention Hi-lites - June 7th

Vision, Mission, Values, Goals

Free 3-part workshop

New SPEEA discounters

Partnership Report - June 7th

New Reps receive training

Perfect Council Mtg Attendance

Everett Site Report: SCLC's community services breakfast

Upcoming Meetings

Special guest from England

Alan Rice (SPEEA's NW Regional VP) introduced this special guest, in town for our Convention, Banquet and Leadership Conference. Ray Arrowsmith is president of the Engineers & Managers Association (EMA) located in the United Kingdom. Ray thanked SPEEA for the invitation to attend these events. EMA represents 20,000 professional engineers, technicians, scientists and various professional and associate professional employees in civil service & defense, electricity generation & supply, utilities, chemical and other industries. He noted his union is considering merging with the Institution of Professionals, Managers and Specialists (IPMS), also located in the United Kingdom. IPMS represents over 80,000 employees similar to those represented by EMA.

Ray congratulated SPEEA on the successful outcome of last year's strike. He said it was not only noted nationally, but internationally as well.

EMA's main issues right now include reorganizing, contracting out, decisions being made in the name of "increased shareholder value", building membership, and increasing the skill level of members.

Ray talked about companies becoming more global, and the need for unions to form a similar global network. Hopefully, he said, EMA and SPEEA can form the first link in this chain.

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Alan Mulally addresses SPEEA Council

Guest speaker at SPEEA's first annual Council Convention, on Thursday, June 7th, was Alan Mulally, President and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Charles Bofferding introduced Alan as someone who really knows about "teamwork" - about working with people and engaging the people you're working with to make the right things happen. He noted we look forward to furthering our "Partnership".

Alan told SPEEA's leaders he came here to thank SPEEA for helping bring the Company back from near disaster - and to continue the dialogue about where we want to go together. He reported on what he is learning from the customers about what they want, and what it will take to provide it. He said the Sonic Cruiser is a phenomenal product - it flies higher, faster and further - and the airlines do want it.

Alan felt we should put "people" above everything - people being our customers, employees, investors and communities. We must also provide products people want, and a production process that will keep us competitive in a global marketplace.

Alan responded to several members' questions about the Sonic Cruiser, and the future of Boeing-Spokane and Boeing-Wichita. Debora Proctor from Irving asked Alan to take time to visit all the Boeing sites, and Alan thanked her for the invitation indicating he would make every effort to do that.

Alan said Phil Condit asked him not only to head up the Commercial Airplanes group, but also to take the lead for Union Relations in the Puget Sound area. He said he "is sorry" for what happened last year, and he is looking forward to working as a Partner with SPEEA, "respecting each other". In contract negotiations next year, he said, we can "decide the future of Boeing, together".

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Notes from the Executive Director
Couldn't have said it better myself

I did a "make/buy" on analysis of my column this week, and decided I couldn't improve upon the speech Pat Waters, our Council Chairman, gave at last Saturday's SPEEA Leadership Conference. Attending the Leadership Conference were 150+ SPEEA Council Representatives from across the nation, SPEEA staff, and other SPEEA activists and guests.


Leadership Conference Speech
by Pat Waters

We met Thursday to develop our vision, mission and goals that will chart SPEEA's course in the next few years. I want to remind you of a higher mission that you have been given by millions of other union people in our nation as a result of your actions.

Paul and Greg from IFPTE wrote a letter to us in March. It reminded us that the impact of our historic strike extends well beyond our own ranks. Labor leaders from across the U.S. and Canada constantly remind them that the impact of our efforts continues to energize their own members and leaders.

Richard Trumka (AFL-CIO Secretary/Treasurer) also wrote us a letter in March. He told us that because of your courageous action during the strike, millions of white-collar and professional workers in our country now know they can build a better future for their families by joining and forming unions. He said that our agreement was an inspiration to millions of white-collar employees who are beginning to organize around long-standing concerns over wages, benefits, job security, respect in the workplace, and the ability to have some control over how they do their work.

You are the leaders of SPEEA. The decisions you make and the direction you take will not only affect the lives of your 26,000 members but also the millions of union workers in our nation looking for inspiration and guidance in their lives. Don't ever be afraid to take more of the bold and courageous steps you have taken in the recent past. Don't ever be afraid to be the best example of what a union can be.

" Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise, risking more than others think is safe, dreaming more than others think is practical, and expecting more than others think is possible."

I know we are on that path. I am proud to be one of you.

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Committees hold kick off meetings-

Want to volunteer?

The following SPEEA Committees will be formed in the coming weeks. They will coordinate issues on a level representing all of SPEEA (as opposed to "regional" committees which cover issues on a regional basis). If you think you would be interested in serving on one of these committees, please send your name to Staff member Carol Landis ( or contact the appropriate Staff focal at (206) 433-0991 for more information.

Governing Documents Committee
Thursday, July 5, 2001
SPEEA Headquarters
5:00 p.m.
Staff focal: Phyllis Rogers

"Reviews, maintains and proposes revisions to SPEEA's governing documents ... reviews and recommends policy on affiliation and mergers"

Leadership Development & Training Committee
Tuesday, July 10, 2001
SPEEA Headquarters
5:00 p.m.
Staff focal: Maria Nelson

"Reviews responsibilities of elected SPEEA leaders and determines training requirements (how well they are trained is a direct result of this committee) ... plans and implements seminars and educational meetings"

Legislative & Public Affairs Committee
Wednesday, June 27, 2001
SPEEA Headquarters
5:00 p.m. dinner; 5:30 p.m. meeting
Staff focal: Kristin Farr

"Analyzes pending government legislation and candidates' positions and their impact on SPEEA and our members ... presents its findings and recommendations to the SPEEA Council for action"

Organizational Planning Committee
Tuesday, June 26, 2001
SPEEA Headquarters
5:30 p.m.
Staff Focal: Paul Shearon

"Investigates and plans mergers, affiliations, associations and organizing campaigns"

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Wichita welcomes new staff member, Bob Brewer

As we continue to grow in Wichita, we find we also need to grow our staff to handle the ever-increasing activity. Thus, we have hired Bob Brewer to serve as a Contract Administrator in the SPEEA Wichita Office, effective June 6th.

Many Wichita members already know Bob, as he served as the Chairman of the WTPU Negotiation Team, which recently completed bargaining their initial contract.

Born and raised in Wichita, Bob graduated from Derby Senior High School. He attended Cowley County Community College in Ark City, KS where he earned an Associate of Science degree in Industrial Technology. He went on to Southwestern College in Winfield, KS and earned a B.S. in Manufacturing Technology (graduating Summa Cum Laude 4.0). With this new job, Bob decided he needs a little more training, so he is currently pursuing a degree in Human Resource Development.

Bob served two years in the military, stationed in Washington, DC, in the Army's Honor Guard (which included guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier). He hired on with Boeing in 1973 as a tool crib storage attendant. From there he went into the Machine Shop. In 1975, he left Boeing to build residential homes for five years. He came back to Boeing in 1980, working as a Tool Analyst. Over this period, he spent six years in the hourly payroll, represented by IAM, and 11 years in management. Most recently, he worked in Facilities Acquisitions.

While working with Bob in negotiations, we found him to be a great communicator and people-person. He put in hours of preparation and effort, helping to organize, educate and lead the team and the WTPU members to an outstanding contract.

Bob lives in the country with his wife Lori, and raises miniature horses. Other hobbies include golf, mountain biking and hiking. Welcome, Bob!

Interested in being an Ombudsman?

It's time to appoint members to serve on SPEEA's Ombudsman Committee, per SPEEA Policy.

The Ombudsman Committee "hears and assists members who feel they have a problem with SPEEA leadership / actions / activities, but do not have charges to file with the Executive Board nor a contractual grievance to be filed and handled ... There shall be a minimum 3 and maximum of 5 members elected annually by the Council Reps to serve on this committee (none of whom may be a member of the Board, Tellers, Judicial Review Committee, nor a Council Officer)."

This committee should not attempt to handle grievances or formal charges (instead, immediately referring the SPEEA member to the appropriate party for action) and should not usurp the prerogatives of other committees (instead, providing liaison with those committees).

How to Apply

If you are interested in offering your nomination for the committee, please contact Robbi (at 206/433-0995 x126 or by 5:00 p.m., Monday, July 9, 2001. Names of interested candidates will be submitted to the Council at their July 12th meeting.

Candidates are requested to be present at that July 12th meeting to speak to the Council members relative to their qualifications and reasons for wanting to serve on the Ombudsman Committee.

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Supporting striking UW teaching assistants

SPEEA representatives turned out to show their solidarity and walk the picket lines with striking UW grad students at the intersection of 40th NE and NE 15th on Friday, June 8th. These teacher assistants, readers, graders and tutors are seeking to have the University of Washington recognize GSEAC/UAW as the exclusive bargaining agent, and agree to a fully-arbitrable contract.
SPEEA representatives picketing with UW teaching assistants, (l to r) Dave Forsythe (Renton Council Rep), Stan Sorscher (Staff), James Hatfield (Wichita Council Rep) and Jessica Bonebright (Staff).

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Council Convention Highlights - June 7, 2001

This was the First Annual Convention of the SPEEA Council, as provided in our newly-revised governing documents. The pre-meeting consisted of an "engagement process" to develop new Vision, Mission, Values and Goals for SPEEA. Then we heard from guest speakers Alan Mulally (CEO & President of Boeing Commercial Airplanes) and Ray Arrowsmith (from England). (See related articles on page 1)

The following new Council Reps were seated prior to this meeting:

A-20 Steve Van Matre (Techs, Auburn, 17-62 Building)

D-1 Ray Lam (Profs, Developmental Center, 9-90, 9-96 & 9-98 Buildings)

D-5 Mark Schuetz (Profs, Developmental Center, 7-251, 9-50, 9-101, 9-120, 13-01 & 13-03 Buildings)

E-12 John Lynn (Techs, Everett, 40-87 Building)

N-1 Harold Evans (Profs, Wichita, 3-190Z, 3-200X, 405-1, 4-505 & 4-509 Buildings)

R-3 Sun Gil Kim (Profs, Renton, formerly 10-85 Building)

R-5 Dave Forsyth (Profs, Renton, 10-16 Building)

The Council elected the following officers to a two-year term of office:

Chair - Pat Waters (Everett)

Treasurer - Hoyt Hillman (Wichita)

Secretary - Bill Scott (Plant II)

The Council approved a motion to send a letter of support to IAM Local 837 in St. Louis following their successful contract negotiations with The Boeing Company.

The Council also approved a motion to send a letter of support for the "Charleston 5". [Background: In October 1999 in Charleston, SC, 600 police officers in riot gear attacked 150 longshoremen who were peacefully picketing at the Charleston Port. While the dispute developed over job issues, state and local union leaders say the harsh reaction by law enforcement and state officials was motivated by a desire to discourage workers in the state from exercising their rights on the job. South Carolina, a "right-to-work" state, entices corporate investment by touting its anti-union climate and lowest rate of unionization in the nation. Five longshoremen (members of International Longshoremen's Association ILA Local 1422) were falsely accused of inciting and planning to riot, they were attacked & beaten by South Carolina police, and have been held in custody ever since. These felony charges stemmed from what witnesses say was a police-initiated disturbance as union members gathered on the city's docks to peacefully protest the use of nonunion stevedores in January 1999. (Information on this event is posted on the AFL-CIO website, with a link to SPEEA's site under "hot issues".) The AFL-CIO has asked all unions to send their support.]

IFPTE President Greg Junemann reported on current IFPTE activities. IFPTE's Executive Committee recently completed a strategic planning exercise, reaffirming their goals, objective and mission. First priority is Organizing, along with reinforcing the strength of IFPTE locals. Several organizing campaigns are being conducted. Another goal is "training at every level" ... IFPTE recently hired a Research Director, and is seeking to hire a full-time Legislative Rep. (While IFPTE doesn't campaign for individual candidates, they still need to monitor issues in WA, DC that might affect our members' jobs.) ... The IFPTE website ( has been completely revamped. It will contain "Steward News" and newsbreaks from the various locals.

Executive Director Charles Bofferding applauded Greg Junemann for his tremendous leadership of IFPTE ... introduced new staff members from Wichita and Puget Sound (Shelvy Brown, Bob Brewer & Ann Eaton) ... noted we should be forming partnerships "everywhere", not just with Boeing; we should stand behind our elected leaders and practice politics of unity and success ... and we are working with IAM District 751 and other unions at Boeing to form a partnership, standing together and advocating for what is right - maintaining benefits for employees who make a career at The Boeing Company.

President Craig Buckham told the Council members that leading SPEEA is very important to him ... it was valuable to hear comments during the earlier table discussions on SPEEA's vision and goals ... since last month's meeting, there has been a Partnership meeting and Ed Wells Policy Board meeting, with participation by Wichita ... the Everett Site assembly is working; participants are enthusiastic about participating and working local issues ... and the UW Teachers Assistants are very appreciative of SPEEA's support in their strike.

Treasurer Richard Taylor reported recent large expenditures include WTPU negotiations in Wichita, and this week's events (convention, banquet and leadership conference) ... Richard met with regional treasurers to discuss how to handle the various Council budgets ... And there have been questions about SPEEA's purchase of a car for our Executive Director. His contract, and our budget, provide for a car. The budgeted amount was "pre-spent" for several years, to purchase instead of lease. It was determined purchasing was cheaper in the long run than leasing, so the Board agreed to purchase a vehicle that fell within the budget. Richard offered to speak personally to any member who still has questions.

Paul Shearon provided an update on Organizing. SPEEA is attempting to organize employees at Boeing sites around the country, including facilities engineers in Wichita (one of the few remaining nonmanagement groups in Wichita that aren't organized).

Council Committees are being formed: Governing Documents ... Leadership Development & Training ... Legislative & Public Affairs ... and Organizational Planning. If you are interested in becoming a member of one of these committees, please send your name to staff member Carol Landis at "".

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ENGAGEMENT PROCESS: Vision, Mission, Values & Goals

From 1:00 to 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 7th, SPEEA Council members participated in discussion and development of a new Vision, Mission, Values and Goals for SPEEA. This exercise was facilitated by Pat Waters, Craig Buckham, Maria Nelson and Sharon Moats.

At the end of the exercise, Pat Waters told the Council we would be sharing the results of today's exercise with members, soliciting their input. He asked for a representative from each table to assist in compiling the results. The following volunteered:

Dave Forsyth (Renton)
Donna Gaskill (Renton)
Joe Gregg (Bellevue)
Hoyt Hillman (Wichita)
Ron Long (Wichita)
Dan Mengoni (Wichita)
Henry Oberson (Renton)
Debora Proctor (Irving)
Roger Pullman (Everett)
Phil Richmond (Dev. Center)
Ron Shoemaker (Renton)
Steve Smith (Wichita)
Redge Thompson (Irving)
Paul Wojciechowski (Renton)
Mark Worden (Everett)
Bill Dugovich (Staff)

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FREE 3-part workshop
Retirement - Long-Term Care - Estate Planning

Saturday, June 23, 2001

Saturday, June 30, 2001

Retirement Planning - 9-11 am
Long-Term Care - 12:30-2:30 pm
Estate Planning - 3-5 pm

Retirement: Speaker Mike Matthews from PaineWebber Inc. will talk about retirement investment strategies, how to maximize monthly income, tax alternatives, and managing VIP/FSP.

Long-Term Care: Pat Harter will discuss the need for long-term care, and explain the fantastic SPEEA discounts on LTC insurance.

Estate Planning: An attorney will cover probate, living trusts, administering your estate, protecting inheritances and eliminating estate taxes.

Attendees will also receive complimentary 1-hour initial estate planning consultation and complimentary retirement funding analysis. To register by phone, call Pat Harter at 1-888-227-8211.

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New discounters approved

At their May 31, 2001 meeting, the Executive Board approved the following new SPEEA Discounters:

Choice Dental Care (12733 Lake City Way NE, #201, Seattle) - (206) 365-2244. After deductibles are met, will accept coverage of Boeing Scheduled Dental Plan (Aetna) as payment in full for covered services provided at this clinic. Deductibles apply.

JenCo Marketing Group (Tacoma) - (253) 318-5225 or 1-800-990-0095. 10% discount on Vacation Gift Packages at more than 60 destinations in U.S., Canada & Mexico. Valid one year from date of issue. Three packages: 4-day/3-night (Reg. $300); 3-day/2-night (Reg. $220); and premium location 4-day/3-night (Reg. $420). Vacations are transferable, replaced if lost or stolen (non-refundable). Satisfaction guaranteed. Available nationwide.

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Partnership Report - June 7, 2001

At our Convention on June 7th, Maria Nelson (Staff) said she invited two people from Wichita to talk about the Partnership activities they have going on down in Kansas.

Shane Michael (N-3) said, right after last negotiations for Wichita engineers, folks on both sides wanted to get the joint committee efforts going. They have had a Letter of Understanding in their contract for some time which allows either management or labor to begin joint initiatives in the workplace. They have scheduled regular meeting dates for the Quarterly Labor Management Business Meeting and Joint Oversight Meetings. Their subcommittees (on retentions, performance management, and secondary skill codes) have been meeting. One joint subcommittee is working on a survey dealing with questions on retentioning.

Burt Shah (N-5) gave Shane credit for making these joint efforts with the Company happen. Shane has been on the Wichita Engineers' last three negotiation teams and has worked hard to press on these various issues.

At the Midwest Quarterly Labor Management Business Review Meetings, Burt said participants include Directors, HR/Labor Relations, and Council Reps. The engineers are excited about the Partnership. SJC conversion is complete, and they have incorporated the secondary skills management code (which was uniquely negotiated for Wichita). At these Review meetings, the engineering directors provide an employment projection for the coming 3-6 months. They are working towards a "common vision" to attain a competitive advantage.

Burt talked about "Star Search" where employees are encouraged and rewarded for bringing in new employees to be hired.

Finally, Maria Nelson spoke about Partnership activities in the Puget Sound area. A Working Together Partnership meeting was held in May. Those attending for SPEEA included Craig Buckham (Pres), Charles Bofferding (Ex Dir), Alan Rice (VP), Pat Waters (Council Chair) and Maria. From the Company's side were Dave Swain (Boeing Sr. VP, Engrg & Technology), Hank Queen (VP, Engineering - BCA), Dan Becker (Mfg & Quality, BCA), Di Sanchez (HR People, BCA), Wayne Brown (People, BCA Engineering), Geoff Stamper & Sandy Harper (Union Relations) and Ed Wells staff members.

Dave Swain discussed rationale for Company Offices moving out of Puget Sound. Dave will also be moving to Chicago, so won't be attending the Working Together Partnership meetings in the future. He will still be connected, however, by participating with Phil Condit and Alan Mulally in the "Leadership Council" Partnership meetings.

Di Sanchez shared information collected by an outside consulting firm from engineers leaving BCA for other jobs outside of Boeing. They also looked at those folks taking early retirement. There was about a 60% response rate, through phone interviews. They identified the key drivers for employee turnover. The top three reasons listed for employee turnover were: (1) Financial reasons; (2) Lack of Career Development options; and (3) Lack of Promotional Opportunities.

Of those responding, 88% did not take jobs with another aerospace company; 63% of those who did not take early retirement indicated they'd be interested in returning to work at Boeing in the future.

In order to correct some of the problems they have with attrition, Boeing is promoting ideas found in the "Love 'Em or Lose 'Em" book. (For example, managers should treat people well, "don't be a jerk", and solicit employees' input on what would make them stay, before they announce they are leaving.) Boeing is bringing in trainers to teach their managers these people skills. Maria noted, at our leadership conference this weekend, we will have a speaker who will cover these same topics.

Hank Queen gave a report at the Partnership meeting on the progress of the engagement efforts in Commercial Engineering. Hank said they are focusing on providing tools to the Support Teams, along with clear instructions, metrics and accountability for managers.

Managers will be expected to gauge: What is the current satisfaction level in their group? What is important to the employees in their work group? What should be improved? With their group, they are asked to choose a product or process, build a plan to improve it, and develop a process to measure improvement. In 2002, managers will be expected to show improvement from their baselines measured in 2001.

Four meetings are scheduled for June and July to communicate this to managers.

The rest of the Partnership meeting was spent discussing what the issues and boundaries are for this group, who should participate, and when they should meet. It was agreed they should have more frequent, but shorter, meetings. They agreed to focus on the SPEEA Contract Partnership language in Attachment 31 of our contracts, as the base for accomplishments. A subcommittee (composed of Craig, Charlie, Hank and Dan) will work on a draft of how this committee can support the contract language.

On SPEEA's side, Dean Tudor (from Ed Wells) and Maria Nelson conducted five Council Rep & Area Rep "walk-throughs" in May, to present an update of what is happening in the engagement process. There was good attendance and valuable input. Maria said the input has been compiled and she will send it to Council Reps next week. She looks forward to seeing their reaction.

Finally, there has been some interest expressed in SCAMP regarding engagement & employee involvement. Maria said we're working with Harold Croy to discuss what this might look like, and how SPEEA can be involved.

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New Council Reps receive training

On Wednesday, June 6, 2001, 29 new SPEEA Council members received extensive training for their roles as SPEEA policymakers and workplace representatives.

This workshop is highly-rated by the Council Reps, who say that it equips them to do a better job for the members.

The eight-hour training, conducted by Staff members Maria Nelson, Mark Moshay, Stan Sorscher, Kristin Farr, Rich Plunkett and Bob Rommel, included:

* Roles & Responsibilities
* Basics of Labor Law
* The Right to Union Representation
* Duty of Fair Representation
* Grievance Process
* Contract Familiarization
* Security & EEO Interviews
* Standards of Just Cause
* Attendance & Conduct Discipline
* Notice of Remedial Action (NORA)

A new manual was prepared for this training, and copies are being provided to all current Council Reps who were previously trained
(front, l to r): Pauline Roundy (Everett), David Huster (Wichita), John Watson (Everett), Bryan Young (Auburn); (back) David Baine (Frederickson), Steve Hotchkiss (Everett), James Hatfield (Wichita), Ron Shoemaker (Renton), Bill Eames (Thompson Site) and Wayne Doucette (Everett).
(front, l to r): John Lynn (Everett), Ernie White (Thompson Site), Kurt Schuetz (Everett), Mark Schuetz (Developmental Center); (back) Matt Carter (Portland), David Pearson (Everett), Jennifer MacKay (Spokane); Joe Newberry (Wichita) and Steve Spyridis (Everett).
(front, l to r): Jon Hood (Wichita), Bob Boys (Kent), Steve Nielsen (Everett), Sun Gil Kim (Renton); (back) Donna Gaskill (Renton), Ray Lam (Developmental Center), Ron Long (Wichita), Paul Wojciechowski (Renton), Dave DeLoach (Customer Service) and James Roberts (Everett).

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Perfect Attendance at Council meetings

"Perfect Attendance" certificates were handed out to the following Council members who attended every Council meeting during the 2000-2001 term of office (May 2000 through April 2001):

Alton Folks (A-10)

John Kampsen (A-10)

Wayne Laabs (E-2)

Chris Glenn (E-8)

Pat Waters (E-11)

Steve Conrad (E-11)

Sharon Marrell (E-12)

Joe Lake (E-12)

Lucy Brokaw (E-12)

Mohammad Ali (E-15)

Ed Osgood (E-16)

Mark Worden (E-17)

Larry Marrell (E-20)

John Watson (E-40

Ron Mathes (K-2/EB)

Mike Dunn (K-3)

Dave Westman (K-7)

Tom McCarty (K-9/EB)

Bruce Skach (N-2)

Burt Shah (N-5)

James Hatfield (N-6)

Ron Long (N-6)

Earl Carter (N-8)

Carolyn Wood (N-8)

Hoyt Hillman (N-12)

Lloyd Bonham (N-14)

David Fansler (N-18)

Randy Fleming (N-24)

Bob Lochner (N-26)

Steve Smith (N-32)

Linda Newell (N-34)

Chris Carpenter (O-10)

Joel Funfar (P-4)

Tony Laffranchi (P-10)

Michael Bereman (R-4)

Gene Blackman (R-6)

Sharon Moats (R-6)

John Rees (R-7)

Jimmie Mathis (R-10)

Jeff Bates (R-50)

Craig Buckham (EB)

Richard Taylor (EB)

John McLaren (EB

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Everett Site Report
Volunteers recognized at the Snohomish County Labor Council's 10th Annual Community Services Banquet

On Thursday, May 31st the Snohomish County Labor Council (SCLC) presented awards at their annual banquet to recognize volunteer activities of individuals and organizations within the community. SPEEA's representatives on the SCLC (Chris Glenn, Dave Pearson, Alan Rice, Mark Moshay & Bob Rommel) were present at the event.

The theme for this year's banquet was "101 Years of Struggle and Success." The ceremony was co-hosted by Chris Glenn, a long time SPEEA activist and Jackie Boschok, the Recording Secretary for IAM 751 Local "F".

Washington State Representative Aaron Reardon from the 38th Legislative District was the first speaker of the evening. Rep Reardon pointed out that the economic future for Snohomish County is looking up. However, some will not be fortunate enough to take advantage of the opportunities that will come with economic prosperity. "You will be there to help those people take advantage of those opportunities," he said.

Bill Borders, AFL-CIO Community Services Liaison for the Snohomish County United Way, spoke about the tremendous impact that has been made by volunteers in our community, and by organized labor. He made a special mention of the fact that Boeing employees contributed $35 million dollars to United Way last year. In Snohomish County, the contributions by Boeing employees are nearly half of the annual income of United Way.

The keynote speaker, Peter Jackson, son of the late Senator Henry M. "Scoop" Jackson, addressed the banquet. This year a new award was added to the list, the Henry M. Jackson Award for outstanding community service. He spoke of his family's involvement with labor over three generations. Jackson is currently a speechwriter for Governor Gary Locke. He spoke of his dad's simple, direct manner in dealing with his constituents.

Jackson noted that his father saw firsthand the effects of poverty when working as a "kitchen boy" as a student at the University of Washington. Men, women, and children would line up to get scraps from the meals to sustain themselves. It was then that Henry M. Jackson devoted himself to helping the less fortunate through his service as a volunteer and later as one of Washington State's most famous Senators.

Awards were presented to the following individuals/groups:

Union Local of the Year

Laborers Local 292 (accepted by Dan O'Connor, Business Manager)

Robert J. Smith Volunteer of the Year Award

Barbara Saul, Teamsters Local 38

News Media and Reporting Award

Jim Smith, Laborers Local 292, Radio Labor Journal, KSER 90.7 FM

Business and Industry of the Year Award

Rubatino Refuse Removal Inc.(accepted by Tom Rubatino)

Non-Profit Agency of the Year Award

United Way of Snohomish County (accepted by Brent Stewart)

Students of the Year Award

Marion Gallagher, Cascade High School

Jennifer Gibson, Granite Falls High School

Henry M. Jackson Award

Bob James, National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 791

Seth Dawson Award

Bob Monize, Laborers Local 292

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Weekly Meetings

June 18
5:00 PM
June 18

Labor Council Committees

5:00 PM
June 26

Organizational Planning

5:00 PM
June 27

Council Officers

4:00 PM
June 27

Legislative & Public Affairs

5:00 PM
June 28

Executive Board

4:00 PM

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