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March 9, 2001 Newsletter #1826


Wichita negotiations update

Ann Eaton joins SPEEA's staff

It pays to be prepared

Raises to appear on March 15th paycheck

Notes from Executive Director:
"Something Nice"

AWC offers career fair

Council election schedule - petition deadline is April 4th

Earthquake update - Renton 10-85 report

Dependents "attending" school covered by insurance

"A deal is a deal" on bonus


Council Election Petition

District Delineation

Upcoming Meetings

Wichita negotiations update

At the conclusion of week two of WTPU contract negotiations, both sides remained optimistic about reaching a settlement in the near future. They have made progress with tentative agreement on many noneconomic articles and letters of understanding. They have exchanged language revisions on other issues. SPEEA's team is still wary because benefits and money have yet to be finalized. The schedule provides these economic issues will be discussed in earnest in week three.

Watch the SPEEA website for daily updates -

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Ann Eaton joins SPEEA's staff

SPEEA has hired Ann Eaton effective March 9th to help out with a variety of tasks in our records and billing departments. Ann brings with her a wealth of experience in computer applications along with enthusiasm and willingness to learn our processes.

She was born in Brunswick, Georgia, but spent her childhood traveling to various locations with her Dad who was in the Navy. She moved to this area and graduated from Highline High School. She worked as an hourly employee at the Boeing Company for three years in Everett's Production Assembly group. She decided to change careers and worked at various local companies doing billing, planning and other office duties. Most recently, she worked for Totem Equipment Company as an assistant in their service department.

Ann has two children and two new grandkids (twins). She enjoys reading, growing houseplants, stitchery and billiards. She's very friendly and looks forward to working with and being part of the labor movement.

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It Pays to be Prepared

One of our members reports that Boeing has been using some of SPEEA's strike email distribution lists (i.e., home emails) and members' strike web sites (with permission) to communicate to employees' homes. The member writes, "This is happening in Flight Technical Services and Renton Aerodynamics. We were better prepared than our bosses to get the word out on workplace changes etc. due to the earthquake."

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Raises to appear on March 15th paychecks

Both the Puget Sound Prof and Tech contracts, as well as the Wichita Prof contract, call for a 4% selective adjustment pool, effective March 2, 2001. A minimum of 3% of that pool is guaranteed to all active employees. The remaining 1% will be distributed selectively.

We have learned that the raises will first appear on your March 15th paycheck. Notices should be distributed prior to that date.

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Notes from the Executive Director
Something Nice

I haven't been shy about criticizing Boeing when bad things happen. I believe that people should be just as free with praise as they are with criticism and that's what this column is about.

I missed the earthquake. I was in a negotiation meeting in Wichita when a note was passed to me saying that Lacey (in our Wichita Office) was on the phone to the SPEEA Everett office. She was told that there was an earthquake happening just before the line went dead. Phyllis Rogers (our General Counsel) left the meeting to call SPEEA and see if everyone was OK. Thankfully, it turned out that they were.

The full impact of the earthquake wasn't known until sometime after the ground stopped moving and much of the damage to many of the buildings was discovered. By early the next morning, the word was getting out that many employees could not return to their workplaces. Many people had situations to address at home as well.

The good news about the quake was Boeing's response to it. After just a bit of thought, they decided to pay people's time; they told people to take care of business at home, they quickly set up information channels to get the best information (which in some cases was changing) as fast as they could to anyone who might need it. This was a chance for Boeing to show real concern for employees, and they did. They are working hard to get everyone back to work in ways that make sense given the constraints that now exist.

The accountants may look at the expense side of ledger on this one; but, frankly, I'd post it as an asset. Aligning with what I was talking about last week, this was money well spent. However, I believe that it wasn't about the money; it was about the people. Worth more than a thousand posters, actions like this convince people that Boeing cares about employees. As Phil Condit says, "I can say whatever I want, but people will watch my feet." I believe that Boeing has gone a long way to proving real concern for employees, and making working together more of a reality.

The very short version of this story is that Boeing's Top Management had a chance to demonstrate that they care about employees, and they took it. To that, I say congratulations and keep up the good work.

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AWC offers "career fair"

The theme for this month's meeting for the Association for Women in Computing features career planning. They will have experts on the following topics: Resume reviewing - highlighting your skills and accomplishments ... how to interview effectively - making the right first impression ... using the Internet - when is it appropriate? How to do it effectively? Attendees will receive personal, one-on-one attention and advice.

Cost is $5 for students; $10 for AWC members; and $15 for nonmembers.

Register online at

or leave voicemail at (206) 781-7315. Send check by March 15th to: AWC/PS, PO Box 179, Seattle, WA 98111.

Tuesday, March 20, 2001

6:00 - 8:30 p.m.

Best Western Executive Inn

200 Taylor Ave N, Seattle

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Council Election schedule

Deadline for petitions is April 4th

It's time for election of SPEEA Council Representatives to serve a two-year term of office. [Revisions to SPEEA's Constitution which members approved last fall extended the term of office for Council Reps from one year to two years. So this will be the first "biennial" election.]

If you think you're the kind of person who seeks to gain experience in employee personnel matters . . .wants to become more knowledgeable about our contract provisions and employee rights . . . wants to affect the direction of SPEEA as an organization . . . and wants to improve the level of representation in your work area, then consider becoming a Council Rep. An intensive training course is provided.

Qualifications? To be eligible to run, you must have been a SPEEA member for at least one continuous year.

How to apply? Attached to today's Newsletter is the 2001-2003 SPEEA Council Election Petition. Applicants must complete this petition. Note on the petition your correct district number (see instructions below), obtain at least 15 signatures of SPEEA members-in-good-standing (at least 10 must be from members who reside in your own district), sign the petition, and turn it into SPEEA Headquarters (may be faxed) by the deadline.

What District am I in? Attached to today's Newsletter is the official District Delineation (recently updated by the Tellers Committee) for use in determining your district in this election. You must apply for the district where you are working as of April 4th. [Positions assigned to buildings closed by the earthquake will be redistributed by the Tellers based on data as of April 4.]

What's the Deadline? Your petition must reach SPEEA Headquarters by 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, April 4, 2001. It may be hand-carried, faxed (Fax: 206/248-3990), or mailed (please allow the postal service plenty of time). Petitions received late cannot be accepted.

Election Schedule? If a position is contested, ballots will be mailed to members in that particular district by Wednesday, April 11th. Ballots must be returned by noon on Wednesday, April 25th, at which time the Tellers Committee will count and determine the results. Winners of the election(s) plus all unopposed candidates will officially take office the evening of April 25th. The first meeting of the new Council will be on Thursday, May 10, where new Council Officers will be elected.

Questions? Contact Robbi at (206) 433-0995, ext. 126 -- or Terry at (206) 433-0995, ext. 130. Take this opportunity to become involved!

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Earthquake Update - Renton 10-85 Report

In the aftermath of the Wednesday, February 28th earthquake, many Boeing buildings were closed to ensure safety of employees, to assess structural damage from the earthquake, and to restore them to operational status. Employees who were unable to work due to "suspended operations" were paid for their shift through Friday, March 2nd. As of Monday, March 5th, all employees were asked to return to their work location, or to an alternate location if their building was not ready for occupancy.

As most of you have probably heard, Boeing's 10-85 building in Renton was damaged heavily during the February 28 earthquake and will need to be torn down. There were about 900 SPEEA-represented employees located in that building. Here is a note from Renton Council Rep Sharon Moats who served as a SPEEA focal on the management team which attempted to relocate those employees.


Renton 10-85 Report, Monday March 5th

Some of us are getting settled in our 7th floor View Location in the 10-20 building in Renton. We have a rooftop view of the 10-85 Building, what a mess. Lake Washington is especially beautiful today.

A great team meeting was held in the cafeteria this morning with around 900 in attendance. It reminded me of some of the large lunchtime meetings that we held in there before the strike! The management/facilities people did a tremendous job. All the telephones were even operational with our old phone numbers! The IS people worked around the clock. Only around 50 people are going north to Everett, but for many of them that is where their home organizations are located. No one is being assigned to second shift. In our morning meeting they said that more than 1000 new PC's were delivered to Boeing for all the facilities that need to be set up. This has been an absolutely incredible effort expended to get everyone a working area today. Management did a tremendous team-building presentation as we enter this temporary phase before a permanent home is found for the organizations.

They were able to stabilize the 2nd floor of the 10-85 a little on Saturday and removed the computers from the first floor on Sunday. There is no date yet when any personal belongings and work packages/files can be removed.

/s/ Sharon Moats

SPEEA Council Rep R-6

QUAKE 2001, SURVIVOR, 10-85.2!

[EDITOR'S NOTE: We have learned from the Company that Renton's 10-85 employees (including nonrepresented paycodes) were redistributed as follows, for now: 10 to Auburn; 48 to Everett; 200 to the 2-122 Building at Plant II; and 900 into available space in other Renton buildings.]

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Case History

Dependents "attending" school are covered

A SPEEA Area Rep recently called his Contract Administrator regarding a letter received from The Boeing Company by one of his co-workers/members. The topic of the letter was "Dependent Eligibility Notice" for dependents who have reached certification age on their parents health and welfare plans.

The letter stated specifically that:

". . . a dependent will continue to be eligible for coverage only if the dependent is unmarried and meets one of the following criteria:

1. Dependent upon you for more than 50% of financial support.

2. A full-time student

3. Disabled

Please refer to your summary Plan Description for Definitions."

The Area Rep's concern was that this information was inaccurate for employees represented by SPEEA and should not be distributed to members of our units. While the information regarding "full-time students" is accurate for the NON-represented employees, it should not have been distributed to employees we represent. On page A-4 of the Puget Sound and Wichita contracts, language reads "unmarried children may continue to be eligible from age 19 through 24 if they are attending school" without any requirement for it to be a full-time schedule.

While having several paycodes working with different plans might be confusing for the administrators for the Company, SPEEA is committed to ensure that the correct understanding is available to all our membership. [BR]

SPEEA "Committed To Make Boeing Better"

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Case History

"A Deal is a Deal"

A new member who transferred into the Technical Bargaining Unit on January 2, 2001 was mistakenly entered into the payroll system as a non-represented employee. When January 10, 2001 came around, this member was fully expecting to receive the $1,000 delivery bonus as stated in the SPEEA contract. When he didn't receive it, he contacted the SPEEA office to find out why.

The Contract Administrator conducted an investigation and discovered the error in his company records. The member was advised to contact his HR representative and have the record changed to reflect that he was in fact in the bargaining unit on January 10.

We have learned the records were changed and the member will be receiving his delivery bonus check as guaranteed by the contract. [DG]

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Weekly Meetings

Mar. 14
Legislative & Public Affairs Committee
5:00 PM
Mar. 15
Executive Board
4:00 PM
Mar. 15
Governing Documents Committee
5:00 PM
March 19
Women's Advocacy Committee
5:00 PM
March 20
Organizational Planning Committee
5:00 PM

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