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January 5, 2001 Newsletter #1817


SPEEA Hires Two New Contract Administrators in Seattle

Notes from the Executive Director
Looking Backward and Forward

SPEEA-Wichita Welcomes Shelvy Brown

Council Highlights - 12/14/00

Meeting with Congressman Dicks

Karen Kaiser is Guest Speaker at SPEEA Council Meeting

Report on Partnership Activities

Salary Charts Available Soon

2000 Performance Management Final Review Phase

Revision to SPEEA By-Laws

Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement

Retirement Planning Seminars

Last Chance to order Opera Tickets

Final Airplane Delivery Bonus

Restoring History - a B-29

SPEEA-Wichita to hold Open House

CPI - November 2000

Upcoming Meetings

SPEEA hires two new Contract Administrators in Seattle

Due to the ever-increasing workload, SPEEA is hiring two new Contract Administrators to work in the Puget Sound area. We are also remodeling our Tukwila Headquarters building over the holidays to accommodate these new staff.

Laura Anderson

Laura came on board with SPEEA starting January 2nd. She was born in Helena, Montana and raised in Superior, MT. She attended secretarial school in Montana, then moved to Washington, DC to work as a secretary. She found a wealth of available night classes, so decided to pursue an education. She earned a B.A. degree in Urban Planning (concentrating on Budget Management) at the University of Maryland's Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences in College Park, MD. She then went on to Antioch School of Law in Washington, DC. She was research assistant to Constitutional Law Professor Herbert Summel, interned with former WA State Supreme Court Justice Robert Utter, and graduated with her law degree in 1984.

She has held a variety of jobs including: attorney-public defender in Seattle's Society of Council Law Offices ... Deputy Prosecutor in the Douglas County Prosecutor's office ... Assistant City Attorney for the City of Bremerton ... Assistant City Attorney for LeSourd & Patten Attorneys at Law ... Adjunct Instructor of legal & business courses at Crown College and South Seattle Community College ... and most recently was attorney for the Department of Assigned Counsel, representing defendants in Pierce County District Court.

Laura's husband has been a SPEEA member since he hired on with Boeing and spent 40 days on strike last year. She became interested in working for SPEEA after watching events unfold over the past few years.

Laura heads up a chess club, is a community activist (joining the 3rd runway battle), and enjoys reading. She lives in Normandy Park with her husband Matt and two children, daughter Erin (7) and son John (9). She brings with her a sense of humor and looks forward to taking on the responsibilities of the job.

Dick Goyt

Those who have been around SPEEA for a few years probably remember Dick Goyt. Dick was a SPEEA activist for many years and has been with Boeing for 281/2 years. He joined SPEEA while the Tech Unit was being organized in the early 1970's. Over the years, he has served as a SPEEA Area Rep, Council Rep, Council Chairman, and Executive Board Vice President. He was a member of the 1986, 1989, and 1992 SPEEA Tech Negotiation Teams, and served on numerous SPEEA committees (legislative, constitutional review, national union task force, and reorganization task force).

In the past few years, Dick dropped out of "elective office" at SPEEA, and worked on projects in the background. He was assigned to work on the SPEEA Tech Job Redesign (STJR) project and the follow-on Career Planning activities. He was moved into management for six months, working on Salaried Job Classification (SJC) conversion for nonrepresented employees. He then went back into the workplace, working in the lofting group for a year as a Principal Technical Product Designer. For the past year, he has been working with the Ed Wells Initiative on SJC conversion for SPEEA-represented employees.

Dick was born and raised in Bellingham, WA. He took engineering aide classes for three years at Skagit Valley Community College and Bellingham Voc-Tech, before hiring on with Boeing in 1972. He lives in Renton with his wife of 33 years, Reesa. He enjoys golf and spending time with his grandchildren.

Dick's diverse background will help him fit right into his new position as SPEEA contract administrator. He'll be coming on board January 8th.

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Notes from the Executive Director
Looking Backward and Forward

We should all be Proud and Prepared

It is appropriate that, as we stand on the cusp of the new millennium, we look both backward and forward. On the strength of our people, it is a great view both ways. Indeed we should be both proud and prepared.


2000 certainly was a year for the history books. We have not had, nor will we have, another year like this in our history. We have accomplished things that some thought impossible. A powerful strike, achievement of Agency Fee, organization of thousands of employees at a time, and restructuring of our organization. Each of these things is a tremendous achievement; all of these things together are historic.

2000 was the year that SPEEA-represented employees, demanding respect for Boeing's technical community, executed and won the largest high-tech strike in U.S. history ... to allow local autonomy and increase member involvement, we restructured our union ... and to increase the number of organized employees at Boeing, we helped over 4,000 Boeing employees form a SPEEA bargaining unit in Wichita. All of our accomplishments were achieved through the direct support and involvement of represented employees. We have found our strength and it is us, working together to make the right things happen. On the line we shouted that we were striking, not to hurt Boeing, but to SAVE it. We proved we meant it when we came back and worked with everyone else at Boeing to quickly get production back on track. We continue to prove it as we strive for a real partnership based on mutual respect. Boeing is our company and we want it on track and moving in the right direction; this includes our wages and benefits.


We have witnessed the birth of a united and powerful SPEEA. Our challenge now is to continue to grow and efficiently and responsibly use our power to make good things happen in the right way. Our strike was about respect. We now must demand that respect be both given and received. We must push for market salaries for all employees. We must continue to grow the Partnership and use it to address issues important to SPEEA-represented employees. We have a contract to negotiate in Wichita; we must stand firm that respect be evident in that process. We must push for partnerships, not just with Boeing management, but with all Boeing employees. Now that we are in the house of labor, we must work to find common ground with all Boeing employees. One lesson from our strike was that no one stands alone. When we ALL stand together, then the right things happen. 2001 will be the year to focus on making good things happen through partnerships in multiple forums.

It's the people

We are stepping into a new millennium with many challenges. However, we are also stepping into that millennium with momentum and purpose. Just as before, it is the direct commitment and involvement of the people that will make all the difference. Knowing the people that are with us, the view into the New Year is certainly a very good one.

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SPEEA-Wichita welcomes Shelvy Brown

With the addition of our 4,000+ member Technical & Professional bargaining unit in Wichita, Kansas, SPEEA has moved to a larger facility, and hired another Contract Administrator to help out Jim Singletary.

Shelvy Brown brings a variety of related experience and enthusiasm. He was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, and earned his B.S. degree in Education from Missouri Southern State College in Joplin, MO - with an emphasis in psychology. He went on to join the Air Force, reaching the rank of Master Sergeant. Some of his duties in the service included fitness director, sports director, food services superintendent, community center manager, and training & traveling manager. He traveled extensively, playing basketball in over 47 countries as a sports ambassador for the U.S. military. He also played professional basketball in the European league. He has a coaching license, teacher certificate and college instructor credential.

Shelvy hired on with Boeing-Wichita in June 1997 as an AOG (Airplane on Ground) Manufacturing Engineering Planner. About a year ago, they moved him into the position of "Employee Advocate", to provide confidential assistance and guidance to SJC employees and managers in resolving work-related issues.

Shelvy is one of 19 children (number 7), he is the father of 13, and has 23 grandchildren, so his family takes up much of his spare time. He lives in Wichita with his wife Cecilia and three of his children. He is a Muslim by faith, and his hobbies include basketball and buying & selling coins. Welcome, Shelvy!

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Council Highlights-December 14, 2000

* Pre-meeting speaker was Karen Keiser (see related article).

* Lucy Brokaw (Everett) reported she will be participating in a teleconference with other IFPTE locals as part of the IFPTE Women's Steering Committee, helping to develop a survey.

* Prior to this meeting, the Tellers seated new Council Rep Ron Bates in District R-4 (Techs, Renton, 10-80 Building). The Council also welcomed the 19 newly-elected Council Reps in Wichita, who were all in attendance.

* Jane Hadley, co-chair of the Newspaper Guild's Strike Committee, thanked SPEEA and the rest of labor and the community for its support during their strike against the Seattle Times and Seattle Post-Intelligencer. She said every Guild picketer appreciates the burn barrels and knows exactly where they came from!

* The SPEEA & NW Regional Councils approved questions for SPEEA Executive Board candidates running in the upcoming election. Responses will be published in the voting pamphlet mailed to all members.

* The SPEEA Council approved a motion to amend the proposed SPEEA By-Laws (i.e., that dues shall be waived for any bargaining unit on strike; and any departure from waiving dues during a strike is subject to overturn by the SPEEA Council). Council Reps agreed to place the revised By-Laws on their January 18, 2001 agenda for final approval.

* A motion to "express extreme displeasure with the actions of SPEEA's President" was overwhelmingly defeated by the SPEEA Council.

* The SPEEA Council approved a motion to waive certain sections of SPEEA Policy, allowing Wichita to select the following Negotiation Team members for their new bargaining unit: Bob Brewer, Charles Coleman, Teresa Coleman, Steve Smith and Eldon Troutman.

* Executive Director Charles Bofferding reported: SPEEA has hired three new contract administrators, two in Puget Sound and one in Wichita ... SPEEA has been in contact with the Bon Marche about their advertising in the struck newspapers ... IFPTE President Paul Almeida will be replacing retiring Jack Golodner as President of the AFL-CIO's Department for Professional Employees (we wish Paul well, but now must find a replacement) ... Wichita's top management has expressed an earnest desire to make the upcoming negotiations a problem-solving event. (Wichita is now the most highly-organized site at Boeing.) It's great to see the enthusiasm among the new Council Reps in Wichita!

* President Craig Buckham reported: Paul Almeida's appointment may have potential implications for CESO*; it may be an avenue for CESO to provide more influence, and increase its voice on behalf of the entire professional community ... "Best wishes to the Wichita negotiation team - we're behind you 100% in your goal to be treated with respect, and negotiate a trend-setting contract" ... we look forward to congratulating the winners of SCPEA's leadership election ... and finally, we in SPEEA need to pause and give everyone a bit of recognition for a heck of a job this year!

* Treasurer Richard Taylor noted year-to-date income exceeds expenses. Some of it will be spent hiring additional staff and remodeling our facilities, to include a new telephone system at SPEEA Headquarters and new computers.

* Staff member Maria Nelson and Council Rep Paul Morin provided a report on Partnership activities [see related article].

* Midwest VP Doug Ritter reported in January Wichita will be electing new Regional Tellers, and new Regional Council Officers.

* The NW Regional Council approved a motion to authorize a "SPEEA Strike Remembrance" to take place on February 9th at lunchtime outside the gates. Everyone is encouraged to participate. Details will be announced at a later date.

* Women's Advocacy Committee chair Peg Curtin reported her committee is preparing for their 5th annual "Women on the Move" forum, set for Thursday, May 3, 2000 at the West Coast Bellevue Hotel.

* A total of 6,076 new SPEEA members have been recruited year-to-date. Since the last Council meeting, the following have recruited 2 members each: Bill Barrett, Paul Bowman, Lawren Havlik, Ron Mathes & Wilfred Moy; and 1 member each Aila Bergstrom, Timothy Cannon, Tom Day, John Drobnick, Jennifer Erickson, Martin Estergreen, Robert Farmer, Don Gardner, William Graling, Neal Harris, Luci Hood, Dave Horton, Denys Johnson, David Kehoe, Larry King, Randy Larson, David Liversidge, Larry Marrell, Jimmie Mathis, Galen Mcelyea, Mark Monsrud, Montgomery Morgan, Paul Morin, Howard Murray, Keith Neal, Cheryl O'Brien, Robert Okubo, Peter Ormiston, Linnea Peterson, Doug Ritter, Roni Schaffer, Kerry Scott, Bill Scott, Linda Sprague, Bob Wentworth, Evan Wipf & Ross Youngs.

* Recruitment Committee chair Roger Pullman reported his committee is looking into new visibility items for SPEEA.


* CESO is the Council of Engineers & Scientists Organizations, a group of engineering labor unions to which SPEEA belongs.

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Meeting with Congressman Dicks

On Monday, December 18th, SPEEA representatives met with U.S. Congressman Norm Dicks, (D-WA, 6th District). SPEEA's legislative staff focal Kristin Farr was accompanied by Brenda Carlson [Chair of SPEEA's Legislative and Public Affairs Committee (L&PA)], SPEEA President Craig Buckham and SPEEA Council Chair Pat Waters.

They discussed issues that have affected SPEEA during the 106th Congress, as well as upcoming issues that will be addressed by the 107th Congress. Those issues included increasing the Defense budget to create new jobs in the aerospace industry, as well as naval shipbuilding; research and development; and the procurement arena. Congressman Dicks serves as a senior member of the House Appropriations Committee, and is a member of three key Appropriations subcommittees: Defense, Interior and Military Construction. Congressman Dicks invited SPEEA to testify before the Defense Subcommittee in the Spring of 2001 to share information on how an increase in the Defense budget would mean increased jobs for workers employed by Defense contractors.

Other topics addressed included SPEEA's concerns over raising the H-1B high-tech Visa limit for the next three years, as well as protecting overtime for high-tech workers. Congressman Dicks asked that SPEEA share information on how H-1B Visa increases are hurting Engineering salaries. He encouraged SPEEA to stay in contact with him as he enters the 107th Congress.

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Karen Keiser is guest speaker at SPEEA Council meeting

Karen Keiser, Communications Director for the Washington State Labor Council, was the pre-meeting speaker at the SPEEA Council meeting on December 14, 2000. She has worked for WSLC since 1981. Karen was also recently re-elected to a second two-year term as State Representative for Washington's 33rd District. She is past president of the Western Press Labor Association and executive board member of the International Labor Communications Association. Before joining the WSLC, she worked as a news reporter and producer for KSTW-TV, and served as a shop steward in the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

In the State legislature, Karen was elected by her House caucus colleagues last summer to become Caucus Vice Chair. For the second term in a row, the House ended up in a tie, with 49 Democrats and 49 Republicans. Though they don't have any problem working through "housekeeping" type legislation, Karen noted this makes it more difficult to pass important pieces of legislation. Karen serves on three committees in Olympia: Appropriations; Education; and Financial Institutions & Insurance committees. The first two cover 50% of the state's operating budget.

She reported the legislature was successful in passing legislation related to unemployment benefits for dislocated workers while they are being trained - 52 weeks for all workers, and an additional 74 weeks for Forest, Fin-Fish and Aerospace workers. Other worker-related legislation has been tougher to get through. For instance, they did not succeed in getting full collective bargaining rights for the thousands of public-sector employees in the state.

Karen said they are currently looking at improvements to Workers Comp, related to return-to-work rules. The State also passed an Ergonomics Rule that is now law, but it is important to educate workers and employers to make sure it is being enforced.

The Family Medical Leave Act has been working pretty well for people who can afford to take time off without pay. But for those who normally work paycheck to paycheck, going without a paycheck can create a crisis. Karen said they are looking at legislation to fund family leave for Washington workers, called "Family Leave Insurance". It would apply under the same circumstances as Family Medical Leave (care for newborn, care for seriously ill child/spouse/parent, or to recover from your own serious medical condition). It would be funded through a one-cents-per-hour tax on both workers and employers (~$20.80/year for full time workers). It would provide $250/week for up to five weeks, and would be administered by the Department of Labor & Industries, alongside the Workers' Compensation program. In a survey, 75% of respondents supported this kind of insurance system. The majority favored it for workers who had to take time off to care for a seriously-ill parent.

Karen wrapped up by responding to some questions related to her report, and encouraging participation in the Newspaper Guild's rally.

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Report on Partnership activities

At the SPEEA Council meeting on Thursday, December 14th, Staff member Maria Nelson provided an update on our "Working Together" Partnership activities. She attended a meeting held November 17, led by Dave Swain. Hank Queen made a presentation on the Commercial Engineering People Strategy, and Dr. Ruth Huwe spoke about utilization and job satisfaction measures.

Maria noted that "partnership" also means addressing the issues that SPEEA thinks are important - for example, asset utilization and offloading. SPEEA expressed concern over the process, and how these decisions are made. Boeing seems to be uncomfortable about sharing information, much less involving us in the process, but we at least began the dialogue, she noted.

Maria is working with Fred Mitchell to arrange a briefing in January for Kent and Auburn Council Reps, to address the rumors at those sites, and to allow a forum for Council Reps to provide input. This issue has also been raised at other Partnership efforts in Commercial Engineering, Customer Services, and Facilities.

A few SPEEA reps attended Hank Queen's recent All-Managers Meeting where he mentioned work transfer and how it fits into the business plan. Maria said she's in the process of scheduling an Article 10 meeting to discuss this further. This issue was addressed in a meeting this week at Customer Services, and a joint team of SPEEA and management will be approaching upper-level management with their concerns.

Maria said Facilities had a briefing with their employees to fully discuss the impact of building closures and what it will mean to the SPEEA-represented employees. (See more details in Paul Morin's report.)

Maria said another issue under discussion is the involvement of SPEEA leaders in the Partnership efforts. Some Council Reps may be asked to join a "Support Team" in Commercial Engineering to help develop the engagement process appropriate for their organization. Area Reps may also be asked to get involved.

Finally, Maria reported we are planning training/briefing sessions for Council Reps to acquaint them more fully with the principles and processes of the Partnership efforts underway now and to get their feedback and ideas for areas to begin Partnership activities in the future. If you are interested, contact Maria at

Facilities Partnership report

Council Rep Paul Morin (District S-1) gave an overview of the Partnership activities occurring in the Facilities organization. Their charter is "to provide an open forum for communication among Facilities engineers, management and the Union." Paul has been coordinating meetings for the various sites, working with engineers and management to prioritize agenda items. Volunteers have been assigned "Site Engineer Reps" to communicate ideas and concerns of the site Engineers to the Team, provide feedback between the Team and site engineers, and distribute minutes. Management is asked to provide an environment where engineers and managers can express their ideas freely. And Maria Nelson is responsible for ensuring policies and procedures developed by the Team are in accord with contractual provisions.

Some of the agenda items of interest are: steward leadership, SJC conversion, Ed Wells Initiative, Acquire Modify Process, and offload of engineering work. (Union sentiment is a non-issue.)

Some successes to-date include: Reliability Engineering skill code (depopulate/survey), Lead selection process (to be developed), SJC process heads-up, and SPEEA/management/engineering interface.

Paul recommended that: meetings group managers and employees by skill code ... managers (1st level and up) be solicited ... promote communication and win/win environment ... promote and respond to feedback ... and maintain momentum through emails and distribution of minutes. He suggested that you NOT be confrontational, or "too" pro-union. Don't make this a union rally. He encouraged other Council Reps to help make these things work in their area.

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Salary Charts Available Soon

Watch for a posting on the SPEEA web site soon announcing the availability of salary charts portraying the status of employees following the conversion to Salaried Job Classifications (SJC). We expect to have them available for downloading by January 18th.

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2000 Performance Management Final Review phase

The Performance Management Final Review Phase for SPEEA-represented employees began December 15, 2000, and should be completed by January 15, 2001. During the Final Review, an employee's overall performance is summarized and documented. Actions for further development are discussed and agreement reached. Performance Management information, forms, and additional resources are available on the Workforce Strategic Planning and Administration web: html

Click on 2000 Performance Management. At the conclusion of the Final Review, the first page of the completed Performance Management will be filed at the Employee Records Center.

Information and guidance on the 2001 Performance Management schedule will be communicated at a future date.

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Revision to SPEEA By-Laws

By Jeff Stone for the Implementation Committee

On November 29th, 2000 the SPEEA membership approved the referendum for constitutional changes to reorganize SPEEA. Now, the SPEEA By-Laws need to be revised to match the Constitution. The Reorganization Implementation Committee and the Governing Documents Committee have jointly drafted the proposed revision to the SPEEA By-Laws.

The proposed SPEEA By-Laws are available on the SPEEA Website for your review at The SPEEA Council will vote on approving these proposed By-Laws at the next SPEEA Council meeting on January 18, 2001.

How does one read the By-Laws? Section numbering and Paragraph numbering are exactly the same as the SPEEA Constitution. So a paragraph in the By-Laws has the same title and same paragraph number as the corresponding section of the SPEEA Constitution.

What is in the By-Laws? The By-Laws define or clarify the implementation, i.e. the who, what, where or when, of the rights given by the Constitution. In addition, the By-Laws also define rights and clarify processes and procedures, which are not explicitly stated in the Constitution.

For example, 3.3.1 of the Constitution states the right that dues shall be waived during a bargaining unit strike, but the Constitution does not define how that should occur. Therefore, 3.3.1 of the SPEEA By-Laws clarify that the Executive Board is authorized to waive dues and also that the SPEEA Council may overturn an Executive Board decision to not waive dues.

What is not in the SPEEA By-Laws? Implementation of local issues specific to a region or a bargaining unit are reserved for the Regional By-Laws. Rights given, and fully clarified, in the Constitution are not repeated in the By-Laws (although often a pointer is placed in the SPEEA By-Laws which says "See Constitution"). Procedures more appropriately belong in either the SPEEA Policy manuals, or in the SPEEA Executive Board Policy manual.

How do the SPEEA By-Laws get changed? The SPEEA Council charters a committee to draft proposed changes to the By-Laws. Either that committee, or any Council member, may make a motion to approve putting a revision on the subsequent month's meeting agenda. Then, at that next month's meeting the SPEEA Council can vote to approve the proposed By-Laws.

Again, on January 18th, 2001 your Council Representatives will vote on approving the proposed SPEEA By-Laws.

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Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement

This four-part seminar introduces you to the key concepts of wise money-management for retirement. Learn about making the best use of your employer's retirement plan and evaluate lump sum distribution options ... generating a steady income, protect your assets from inflation, minimize taxes, and provide secure retirement for yourself and spouse ... various types of investments such as stocks, mutual funds, municipal bonds, and tax-deferred annuities ... Social Security, Medicare and ways to provide for costs of potential long-term health care ... diversification and asset allocation to properly position assets for retirement.

Four consecutive Thursdays

January 18, 25, February 1 & 8

6:30 - 9:30 p.m.

Bellevue Community College

The tuition is $79 (covers cost of instruction and all materials, including a 155-page workbook).

For more information or to register, call Mike (instructor) at (425) 451-9502.

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Retirement Planning Seminars

Kevin Cahoon, Associate Vice President, Retirement Planning Specialist, and Andrew Hergert, Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, will be presenting these free seminars for people who are close to retirement and asking themselves: Do I have enough money to retire? How can I reduce my taxes? What are the appropriate investment strategies for my goals based on the risk I'm willing to assume? If you are close to retirement and don't have answers to these questions, take an hour of your day to attend.

SPEEA members and spouses are invited. Box lunches will be provided. To reserve your spot and request a box lunch, call Andrew Hergert at (206) 224-4203 or 1-800-733-4873.



Tuesday, January 16, 2001


Boeing Career Transition Center
Building 7-124, meeting room
2909 100th St SW


Thursday, January 18, 2001


Boeing Career Transition Center
Building 7-22, room 11D7
1601 E. Valley Frontage Rd.

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Last chance to order Opera tickets

If you'd like to order discount tickets to the opera "Tosca", you must place your order by Friday, January 12.

Please complete and return the order form below, with your check or credit card authorization and a stamped self-addressed envelope.

SPEEA Discount Opera Ticket order form- "Tosca"

Please send me the following tickets. Enclosed is my check in the amount of $__________ -- OR
charge $_____ + $2 handling fee to my credit card:

* VISA * MasterCard * AmEx

Card #_____________________________________ Exp. Date _________
Signature ______________________________________________________

____ Friday, March 9, 2001 - OCT $50 each (reg. $71)
____ Friday, March 9, 2001 - OCB $42 each (reg. $58)

Name ______________________________________ Clock # __________

Address _______________________________________________________


W.Phone ( ) _______________________________________________

H.Phone ( ) ________________________________________________

Email ____________________________________________________

Mail with stamped, self-addressed envelope to:

SPEEA Opera tickets

15205 - 52nd Ave S
Seattle, WA 98188

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Final Airplane Delivery Bonus

The SPEEA contracts provide for a $1,000 Airplane Delivery Bonus to be paid to SPEEA-represented employees who are on the active payroll when the 491st airplane has been delivered since January 1, 2000. We have been told that 489 airplanes were delivered by the end of December. The final two airplanes are expected to be delivered within the first two weeks of this year. The Company will be preparing checks and distributing them to eligible employees as soon as that delivery occurs.

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Restoring History-a B-29

For the past six years, a group of 25-30 volunteers has been restoring a B-29 bomber "T-Square-54" for the Museum of Flight. Their goal is to restore the Boeing aircraft to its original 1945 configuration, with most major systems operable.

If you are interested in participating in the B-29 restoration, or if you have any parts for the aircraft, you are encouraged to contact Tom Dawson, B-29 Project Manager, at (206) 764-5700.

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Wichita SPEEA to hold Open House

WICHITA - Meet the new staff members and visit your expanded office as we open the doors to SPEEA's new office for an Open House from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., Wednesday, January 24.

All members are invited and encouraged to stop by and see the new facilities. Contract Administrator Jim Singletary will introduce Shelvy Brown, recently hired as a contract administrator. We also hope to have a secretary on staff during January.

The new expanded Wichita SPEEA office (973 S. Glendale) is right down the walkway from our old office (949 S. Glendale). Stop by, enjoy some snacks and refreshments and meet your SPEEA staff.

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CPI - November 2000

The U.S. City Average all-items Consumer Price Index for urban wage earners & clerical workers (CPI-W) on a 1982-84=100 base for November 2000 is 170.9. (On a 1967=100 base, the November index is 509.0.) This is a 0.2% increase from one month ago, and a 3.5% increase from a year ago.

Weekly Meetings

Jan. 8
Council Officers
5:00 PM
Jan. 9
Leadership Dev. & Training Committee
5:00 PM
Jan. 9
WAC Sub-Committee
5:00 PM
Jan. 9
Communications (Everett & HQ)
5:00 PM
Jan. 10
DER Concerns (Everett & HQ)
4:00 PM
Jan. 10
Legislative & Public Affairs Committee
5:00 PM
Jan. 10
Implementation Committee
5:00 PM
Jan. 11
Executive Board
4:00 PM
Jan. 15
Women's Advocacy Committee
5:00 PM
Jan. 17
Employee Diversity Team
5:00 PM
Jan. 18
Council Officers
5:30 PM

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