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January 2002


Year in Review 2001


A Matter of Trust - Midwest Editorial

Labor Federation delegates elected

Robin Ryan gives hope to laid off workers

President's Corner
Once again, it's up to employees to "Save the Company!"

SPEEA 2001-Year-in-Review

SPEEA joins rally to save 717 jobs

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A Matter of Trust - Midwest Editorial

Trust doesn't happen overnight. It travels a long and winding road on its journey towards our beliefs. And when it arrives, it can be steadfastly held.

It seems there has been a loss of trust between some within our circle. Trust in the deepest sense of the word. How it happened, we do not know. It matters not. All that is important is the regaining of that trust.

When we, as employees, could no longer trust our companies, we trusted SPEEA.

When SPEEA answered our call, it trusted the leaders amongst us to organize.

When our organizing leaders trusted their fellow employees, petitions were signed, votes were taken and another bargaining unit was formed.

When our membership trusted the selected Contract Negotiation Teams, our contracts were signed.

It is truly amazing what a little trust can accomplish.

I ask us, now, to trust...

... our SPEEA staff
... our SPEEA leadership
... our fellow members
... ourselves

For one cannot give to another that which one does not, within himself, possess.

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Labor Federation delegates elected

Recently, the Midwest Council elected four new delegates to the Wichita-Hutchinson Federation of Labor. The Wichita-Hutchinson Federation of Labor is a group of affiliated labor organizations banding together to forward the interests of all Kansas working families. To find out more, go to
Earl Carter Earl Carter is currently serving as a WTPU Council Representative for district N-8. He has worked to organize the salaried workforce for the past six years and is active in various SPEEA committees. Earl has been at Boeing for 21 years, having worked in IAM represented, salaried and management positions. Earl wants to make sure our legislators are working on benefits to assist laid off workers, incentives for businesses employing union workers, and crafting new laws and regulations with workers' needs in mind.
Laura Dykstra Laura Dykstra is currently serving as an alternate Council Representative and Area Representative in district N-12. She is familiar with many union issues and has been attending the WHLF meetings for the last six months. Laura has been at Boeing for 13 years and working in SM&P since 1996. Laura wants to bring issues to the attention of the communities that are impacted by the rapidly-changing environment of the Aerospace Industry.
Stacey Shoffner Stacey Shoffner has been a Boeing employee for 18 years, working in various organizations across all divisions of the Company. Her experience has accorded her with leadership, teaming and communication skills. Her out-of-the-box thinking has created several innovative services providing support to the engineering community across the enterprise. Stacey is looking forward to providing support through committee involvement.
Ruth Mullhatten Ruth Mullhatten is currently serving as an alternate Council Representative and Area Representative in district N-1. She has been at Boeing for 20 years, working mostly in design. Ruth feels that the state government should address the needs of the union and its members.

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Robin Ryan gives hope to laid off workers

Best selling author and career coach, Robin Ryan, presented her "Everything you need to know to find your next job Faster" seminar in Wichita on November 10th. Over 150 people attended the seminar sponsored by SPEEA. Many of those who attended had either received their layoff notices or were expecting to receive them. Others were there to learn or update interviewing skills.

Ryan discussed many topics such as job search strategies, the hidden job market, resume and cover letters, a personal action plan, interviewing, and salary negotiations.

She explained her 60-second rule and five point agenda to use while interviewing. She suggested that an action plan be implemented that involved being accountable to one other person. They would act as your cheerleader to keep you moving forward.

The seminar ended with many people having their hope renewed in their abilities to achieve great results in their job searches. Thank you, Robin Ryan, for the boost to our self-esteem!

Robin Ryan's books are available at the SPEEA office. The set of three sells for $29.00, or you may purchase each book singly.

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President's Corner
Once again, it's up to employees to "Save the Company!"

By Craig Buckham

Save the Company! This is the rallying cry, heard from time to time during my entire 22-year career at Boeing, but heard with renewed fervor since September 11. What does it mean?

To top management "Save the Company" means preserve the stock price. Management sees the Company as the steward of the $50 billion capital represented by the outstanding shares of stock. The purpose of the Company is to maximize the financial return to the owners of the stock. As stewards of the capital, the Company evaluates today's operations and possible future operations against the profit template. If an operation appears to not be an appropriate allocation of capital, it is eliminated. Airplanes, space systems and military systems are part of the product mix only as long as they turn a profit.

Employees are an important asset whose costs have a direct impact on profits - just like rivets. It is important to maximize "return on assets," either by increasing revenue or by decreasing assets (including employees!). Moving business to foreign countries - laying off employees here and hiring employees over there for less money - is acceptable to the Company and even desirable if the net costs are lower.

Ideal assets are those that can be quickly acquired when needed and then easily divested the moment they are not fully utilized. In an environment where these factors are reality, it is desirable for the Company to meet its business goals by reducing assets and costs through contracting, outsourcing and offloading.

As employees concerned about the long-term future of Boeing and its legacy, we see things differently. We see Boeing as a producer of high-quality airplanes, military and space systems, and services associated with these products. We are stewards of a legacy of achievement in Aerospace. We recognize that the Company has succeeded because it has produced innovative and better products. Boeing is a success because it has matched the needs and dreams of its customers and improved processes used to design, manufacture and support the products and services it produces. People are not only Boeing's most valuable asset; they are the source of all value the Company has created.

There is no limit to how productive employees can be. There is no limit to what we can do for our Company. There is no limit to the value we can create for Boeing.

We clearly see that success for Boeing is success for our customers, our families, our communities, the United States, and ourselves. Done right, shareholders will be handsomely rewarded as well.

The events of September 11 provide an extraordinary challenge.

Yes, let us - the employees who built this Company-once again Save the Company. Let's retain our ability to produce Aerospace excellence, serve our customers and compete in all our markets. Let's take advantage of the energy, commitment and resolve of our employees. Let us position ourselves for success when the travel industry and the rest of the economy turn around.

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SPEEA 2001-Year-in-Review


SPEEA implemented a new logo containing our IFPTE, Local 2001 affiliation.

During 2000 (the previous year), a record 7,335 new members were recruited into SPEEA.

SPEEA-Wichita moved to new facilities this month. Expansion was necessary to accommodate the recent growth from 1200 represented employees to over 5200!

SPEEA hired two new contract administrators in our Tukwila office, to help with increasing workload: Laura Anderson and Dick Goyt. They also hired a new contract administrator (Shelvy Brown) and a new office administrator (Lacey Jilek) for our Wichita office.

Negotiations for the first contract covering SPEEA's new Wichita Technical & Professional Unit (WTPU) began in earnest. Negotiation Team members gathered member inputs through surveys and lunchtime meetings.

SPEEA representatives joined representatives from other unions in meetings on January 15th with U.S. Vice President-elect Dick Cheney, and with NASA Administrator Dan Goldin. During January, SPEEA members also met with U.S. Congressmen Jim McDermott, Rick Larsen, and Jay Inslee, all from Washington State.


Longtime SPEEA activist Charles "Chuck" Bitler passed away on February 7th.

Lunchtime celebrations were held on February 9th at numerous sites around the country in honor of the first anniversary of SPEEA's 40-day Strike.

SPEEA member Lisa Washburn was selected to work on the Ed Wells Initiative staff.

The WTPU Negotiation Team shared their contract proposal with members at an all-member meeting on February 8th before handing it over to management's team. Face-to-face bargaining began February 19th.

Meetings began in earnest to develop the negotiated Partnership between SPEEA and Boeing. SPEEA leaders and members at a variety of sites were asked to take an active role in Engagement activities.

SPEEA representatives participated in the Washington State Labor Council's "Lobby Day 2001" on February 23rd in Olympia, WA.


IFPTE's Executive Committee selected Greg Junemann to replace former IFPTE President Paul Almeida (who resigned to become President of the AFL-CIO's Department for Professional Employees). Dee Gorcyzca was appointed to replace Greg as IFPTE Secretary/Treasurer.

Effective March 9th, SPEEA hired Ann Eaton to help out with the new billing requirements for Agency Fee.

BCAG VP of Engineering Hank Queen talked to Council Reps about progress in our Partnership engagement activities.

SCPEA representatives Steve Weixel and Rich Devens attended SPEEA's Council meeting in March, sharing their experiences. SPEEA's Council voted overwhelmingly to support employees represented by SCPEA in their pursuit of SPEEA representation. [Southern California Professional Engineering Association is the labor union representing former McDonnell-Douglas, now Boeing engineers in Southern California.]

The Council elected Dave Palmer from Wichita to fill out the remaining term on the Judicial Review Committee.

Long-time Wichita activist Doug Ritter moved on to a management position with The Boeing Company.

Staff member Robbi Alberts celebrated her 25th anniversary with SPEEA.

Craig Buckham was re-elected as SPEEA President, and four Regional Vice Presidents were elected to two-year terms: (Northwest Region) Alan Rice, Tom McCarty & Ron Mathes; and (Midwest Region) Joe Newberry.

A group of SPEEA leaders and staff began a process to develop new SPEEA Vision and Goals. The initial effort included representatives from Wichita and Irving. Results were shared with the Council in May for additional input. A Task Force was appointed to continue these efforts.


In April, the Regional Tellers appointed the following SPEEA Tellers: Jean Ray (Chair), Karen Hikel, Craig Sheldon, George Anthony, Larry Thompson & Rick Nelson.

Boeing Sr VP Engineering & Technology Dave Swain talked to Council Reps in April about "People, Technology and the Future". He said he is in a group reviewing compensation (wages & benefits) to assure Boeing is competitive in the marketplace.

At their April meeting, Council Reps passed a motion to support petitioning our lawmakers to fully fund the modernization of our defense forces, provide sufficient funding for current and future R&D programs, and provide adequate pay for members of our armed forces.

New Co-Directors were appointed for the Ed Wells Initiative: Paul Zieske for SPEEA and Pam Eakins for Boeing.

The "Orientation Lawsuit" filed by SPEEA in 1992 was finally settled. The court ruled in SPEEA's favor, requiring The Boeing Company to provide back-pay (with interest) for employees who attended orientation in 1989 or later.

SPEEA sent delegates to the Spring CESO meeting in Washington, DC. While in DC, participants spent a day meeting with congressional delegates and other governmental agencies.


In a vote on March 29th, WTPU members had narrowly REJECTED their first contract offer. On May 7th, a vote on the second offer passed with an 81% yes vote.

On May 3rd, SPEEA's Women's Advocacy Committee sponsored its 5th Annual "Women on the Move" forum. Guest speakers included: Tricia Stromberg (Associate Tech Fellow, A&M); Marlene Nelson (Chief Project Engineer, BCAG); Patricia Guthery (Mfg Eng Manager, BCAG); and Charlotte Lin (AST Program Manager/Director, S&C).

At their May meeting, SPEEA's Regional Councils elected officers: (Northwest) Chair Jimmie Mathis, Treasurer Joe Gregg, and Secretary Sharon Moats; (Midwest) Chairman Steve Smith, Treasurer Burt Shah, and Secretary John Poettker.

Irving members elected their Negotiation Team - Redge Thompson, Joyce Thomas and Clint Kinser - to bargain for a new contract, replacing the one that expires February 2, 2002.

After months of waiting, Boeing announced its decision to move its "world headquarters" to Chicago. (No one is certain why!) SPEEA began to expand partnering efforts with local management.

IFPTE awarded its 2001 scholarship for the private sector to the daughter of SPEEA member Ron Trees.


SPEEA hired new Staff Member Bob Brewer as contract administrator in our Wichita office, effective June 6th.

For the fourth year in a row, SPEEA hired Naomi Robinson (daughter of Executive Board member Jerry Robinson) as a summer intern in our Tukwila office.

SPEEA held its 5th Annual Camping/ River-Rafting Trip on June 1-3 at Tumwater Campground and on the Wenatchee River with 42 participants.

SPEEA offered training on how to utilize Performance Management as a valuable career-building activity.

SPEEA began offering a line of SPEEA-logo apparel. SPEEA Council Reps and Area Reps who attended training were provided a SPEEA-logo polo shirt.

At it's first annual Convention on June 7th, the SPEEA Council elected its officers: Chair Pat Waters, Treasurer Hoyt Hillman, and Secretary Bill Scott. BCA President/CEO Alan Mulally shared his "vision" with the Council members at this Convention.

Remote site Council Reps met Friday morning, June 8th, to discuss issues unique to their particular sites.

SPEEA held it's Annual Recognition Banquet on June 8th. Top Leadership awards went to: Craig Buckham, Pat Waters and Gene Blackman. Other awards given were: (Outstanding Activists) Roger Pullman, Lori Bechtold, Brenda Carlson, Alton Folks, Dave Forsyth & Sharon Marrell ... (Outstanding SPEEA Activists, remote sites) Steve Smith, Bill Hartig & Carolyn Wood (Wichita); Chris Carpenter (Portland); Joyce Thomas, Gail Ayres & Redge Thompson (Irving) ... (Outstanding "new" Activists) Judy Campbell, Judy Mogan, Joel Funfar & Paul Morin ... (Stephen Pezzini H.O.P.E. Award) Chris Glenn ... and (Top Recruiter for 2000) Bill Sutton.

The Annual Leadership Conference was held Saturday, June 9th. Topics included: WORDpower - the language of leadership; strategic grievance handling; the National Labor Relations Board; effective responses to interrogation techniques; what Union Reps should know about EEOC; misconceptions about unions; and getting employees to stay ("Love 'Em or Lose 'Em").

On June 20-21, SPEEA & Boeing representatives met at Alderbrook for a "Mid-Term" review of the Puget Sound-based SPEEA/ Boeing contracts. Participants included Boeing VP People/BCAG Jerry Calhoun and Boeing VP of Engineering Hank Queen.


Seattle Mayor Paul Schell addressed SPEEA's Council Reps at their July meeting.

Forty-four members participated in SPEEA's 7th Annual Golf Tournament held Saturday, July 21, 2001 at Gold Mountain's "Olympic Course". Top foursome was: Warren Yasutake, Don Aho, Eugene Halar and Guy Law.

Wichita also conducted a golf tournament on July 14th at Hidden Lakes Golf Course in Derby, KS. First place team was: Marvin Ryherd, Kirk Percival, Russell Lee and Dennis Webb.

The annual SPEEA Picnic was held Saturday, July 28th at Woodland Park Shelter #3. About 100 were in attendance. This year's tug-of-war (Profs vs. Techs) was won by the Techs.


SPEEA membership doubled in less than two years - from 9,632 members in August 1999 (43%) to 19,909 members in August 2001 (80%). Membership was 88% in the Puget Sound area where Agency Fee went into effect a year earlier.

On August 9th, SPEEA kicked off its organizing efforts at Boeing-St. Louis with a well-attended meeting. Over 500 were in attendance. The potential bargaining unit is about 5,000. SPEEA opened an office in St. Louis, and hired Eric Sigman as office administrator. SPEEA staff began full-time organizing efforts on a rotating basis.

SPEEA members John Kohlsaat, John Repp (retired) and Judy Campbell provided training to members on "Common Sense Economics" and "Campaign for Global Fairness".

SPEEA's Council passed a motion recommending SPEEA file a petition with the Federal government to initiate a countervailing duty investigation against Airbus Industries.

SPEEA sent delegates to the 2001 Washington State Labor Council Convention held August 23-25 in Wenatchee.

WTPU elected the following members to serve as SPEEA representatives on it's Company/Union Joint Oversight Committee: Robert Cropp, Daryl Glamann, Bill Hartig and Janice McCrary.

The CLUB (Coalition of Labor Unions at Boeing) held it's first meeting in August. Most of the unions representing Boeing employees were represented.


The kick-off negotiation survey for Puget Sound Prof & Tech, and Wichita Prof was published in the September SPOTLITE. Negotiation Preparation Committee members spent the following weeks compiling survey results.

SPEEA Staff member Jim Singletary moved from Wichita back to the Puget Sound area, to work as contract administrator out of our Tukwila office.

Following the September 11th terrorist attacks, Boeing announced plans to lay off employees over the next year, in order to reduce their Commercial headcount by 30,000. The first round of layoffs targeted employees to be laid off on December 14th, just prior to the Christmas holidays.

SPEEA began meeting with Boeing management, through our Partnership, on a regular basis trying to get the Company to agree to a number of mitigation efforts to ease the pain of the layoffs. The Company, however, failed to approve any of SPEEA's suggestions. Thus, SPEEA established the KCLA/SPEEA Cares Fund. Proceeds of the fund will be paid in equal portions to all SPEEA-represented employees laid off on December 14th, to help cover their pay through the holidays.

SPEEA met with WA Governor Gary Locke and U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell to reinforce support of federal aid for Boeing workers facing possible layoff.

George Yamamura talked to Council Reps about the "three questions" he created which are being utilized in the Company's workplace engagement activities: (1) What is your current job satisfaction level? (2) What is most important to you about your job? and (3) What are the biggest issues or greatest barriers to improving your organization? Managers are being asked to work with employees to find ways to address these issues and barriers.


Representing SPEEA at the CLUW Convention (Coalition of Labor Union Women) on October 4-7 in Las Vegas were Linda Newell (Wichita) and Karen Hikel, Judy Campbell, & Kristin Farr (Seattle).

SPEEA sent Layoff Handbooks and related information to the nearly 600 SPEEA-represented employees who were included in the first round of 60-day Layoff Notices. A series of "Dealing with Layoff" seminars were scheduled.

A "Union Counselor Training" class was provided so that SPEEA leaders in the workplace would to be able to assist employees needing emergency assistance and counseling on resources during these times of downsizing.


Candidates were solicited for the Negotiation Teams for Puget Sound Profs & Techs, and Wichita Profs, whose contracts expire in December 2002.

To help employees who are being laid off in their job search, SPEEA hired career counselor Robin Ryan to conduct six seminars in the Puget Sound area and Wichita. Her seminars cover job search strategies and interviewing techniques.

Effective November 5th, SPEEA hired Pauline Tamblyn to fill the Comptroller position that will become vacant when Jimmie Bergeron retires this coming January after more than 27 years of service.

While in Washington, DC for the Fall CESO meeting, SPEEA delegates joined representatives from other unions in a meeting with the newly-appointed President & Chair of the Export-Import Bank John E. Robson.


SPEEA arranged for it's third annual "Santa Day at SPEEA" where members could bring their kids for a convenient, free photo on Santa's lap. Special thanks to Gene Blackman (Tukwila) and Dave Fisher (Everett), and their helpers.

Throughout the year, SPEEA saved members thousands of dollars on discounted tickets to the Sonics, Wild Waves, the Opera, the Nutcracker, and other events.

During the year, SPEEA's DER Concerns Committee participated in regular meetings with the Company's BCA Regulatory Compliance Organization, in a Partnership effort initiated early in the year. The goal was to explore options and make recommendations to further our Commitment to Safety while enhancing the quality, cost, cycle time and morale. SPEEA's participation is important to assure changes do not take us out of the certification loop.

In other Partnership efforts, SPEEA worked with the Company in three targeted areas: Utilization ... Organizational Alignment ... and Knowledge Retention and Transfer.

By the end of 2001, 60-day Layoff notices had been issued to over 1,000 SPEEA-represented employees (614 targeted for layoff December 14th, and 399 targeted for layoff January 25th).

SPEEA Staff and leaders in the workplace monitored Company activities as they relate to redeployment to assure that our contractual provisions are adhered to (as they relate to contract personnel, new hires, layoffs, etc.)

SPEEA joined in sponsoring a Job Fair on Tuesday, December 11th to aid Boeing employees targeted for layoff in their search for other employment.

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SPEEA joins rally to save 717 jobs

LONG BEACH, CA - SPEEA joined leaders and members of the Southern California Professional Engineering Association (SCPEA) for a "Save Our Jobs" rally December 6 as Boeing continued to position itself to do away with the 717 and open the door for designing and building a similar jetliner in Russia.

At press time, Boeing had not decided what to do with the 100-seat midrange jetliner. While saying the midrange aircraft has a limited future, Boeing holds agreements with Russian's Sukhoi and Ilyushin aircraft companies to design and produce a midrange jetliner that is similar to the 717. This new "717" has an expected market of up to 3,000 aircraft.

About 150 employees of the Long Beach plant attended the rally. News media from Long Beach and throughout Los Angeles attended the rally. Boeing issued a flurry of announcements in the days preceding the rally, refuting a number of the union's statements.

Several of the Company's statements contradicted earlier comments. Among those was that Boeing only employed 65 people at its Moscow Design Center and that the Moscow facility was laying off workers. Boeing's own announcements have said it employs 650 in Moscow. Corporate leaders have also said they plan to expand the Moscow facility.

"There has been no discussion of layoffs in Moscow," said Charles Bofferding, executive director of SPEEA.

A highlight of the rally was about a dozen special t-shirts that were thrown to the crowd. The t-shirts carried the phrase "Boeing - Just Say Nyet" and referenced employees desire for the Company to say NO to transferring production of a midrange jetliner to Russia.
rally 1
rally 2

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