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September 2001


Negotiations Survey

Help St. Louis organize!

St. Louis kick-off is huge success!

Loyalty and corporate profits linked

SPEEA - employees on the move

Negotiations are Coming and We Need Your Input!

Fun had by all at the 13th Annual SPEEA Picnic

7th annual tournament - Gold Mountain hosts SPEEA golfers

Wichita SPEEA teed off!


30% discount for Opera Rusalka

Entertainment Book sales support SPEEA's Christmas Fund


Classified Ads

Help St. Louis organize!

SPEEA members everywhere are encouraged to help their fellow Boeing workers in St. Louis gain the benefits of union representation.

If you have a friend, co-worker or acquaintance working in St. Louis, simply contact and encourage them to sign a SPEEA authorization card. Tell them how you, your career and your family have benefited from union representation.

“Personal contacts are the best way to spread the union message,” said Paul Shearon, organizer for SPEEA. “It doesn't have to be a detailed talk. Simply encouraging your friend to check out the available information will go a long way.”

Forming a new bargaining unit is never easy. However, when employees and union members pull together, it is possible. In the end, everyone benefits!

Visit the Organizing St. Louis web site

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St. Louis kick-off is huge success!

The kick-off meeting was a “fantastic” success, attracting about 500 Boeing employees to a local hotel in St. Louis on August 9.

SPEEA is working with a determined employee organizing committee to bring union representation to 5,000 Boeing employees here.

“The people not only showed up in a rain storm but they stayed the entire meeting!” said Charles Bofferding, executive director of the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace, (SPEEA) IFPTE Local 2001, AFL-CIO.

Members of the organizing team, which formed more than one year ago, said the number of employees who attended the meeting was more than double what they had hoped to attract.

“This is a great start,” said Paul Shearon, SPEEA organizer. “This is a very determined group.”

Hoyt Hillman, a key employee from the “Organizing Oz” effort in Wichita, said the St. Louis workers are ahead of schedule and looking good.

“It's clear these workers see the value of representation,” Hillman said. “We are much better off in Wichita today because we have a union.”

Most of the attendees took the opportunity at the meeting to sign petitions seeking a representation election. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) would oversee such an election. The NLRB requires signatures from 30 percent of the potential bargaining unit members before calling for an election. The organizing committee said they will collect many more than the required amount before seeking an election.

SPEEA used the meeting to also announce the opening of a St. Louis office. The new office is located near the St. Louis Boeing plant. The union has space next to the Boeing Gift Store at 5910 N. Lindbergh Boulevard, Hazelwood. The office has space for committee meetings and general office equipment to aid the organizing drive.

Visit the Organizing St. Louis web site

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Loyalty and corporate profits linked

It's no surprise to SPEEA members but it is nice to know that a new book from Harvard University Press documents studies that link employee loyalty to corporate success and profits.

Frederick Reichheld studied 100 companies, interviewed 2,000 employees in one dozen different industries to make his findings. One of the studies found that a 5 percent drop in employee retentions resulted in corporate profit swings of 25 percent and more.

Other parts of Reichheld's work showed that of today's employees, only about 50 percent believe the company they work for has earned their employees' loyalty. He went on to conclude that typical U.S. corporations lose half their customers every five years, half of their employees every four years and half of their investors and or stockholders every year.

The new book, Loyalty Rules! How Today's Leaders Build lasting Relationships, is due out in September.

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Notes from the Executive Director
by Charles Bofferding

SPEEA - employees on the move

Last week, Boeing employees in St Louis who want to become part of SPEEA held a meeting. Contrary to newspaper reports, about 500 people attended the meeting. Many said that more would have showed up if not for the heavy rain and limited parking. In any event, about 500 people came and stayed for a meeting in which they said they wanted to help form a SPEEA bargaining unit.

Boeing's representatives issued the following statement regarding the organizing efforts: “Boeing respects the role of unions in the business environment. We also believe that our company will be stronger and our future more secure if employees and managers continue to work directly together - rather than through additional intermediaries - to resolve workplace issues. Ultimately, the decision to join a union will be up to each individual employee. Boeing encourages employees to make an informed decision and is committed to providing relevant facts for employees to consider in making their choice.”

Actually there are points I agree with. I agree that Boeing is stronger when managers and employees meet and work local problems on a one-on-one basis. Guess what? Having a contract can help make that happen. Performance Management has the potential to really help employees and managers have the interaction mentioned in Boeing's statement. One problem is that too often managers are too busy (from all the tasks assigned) to hold the meetings. A contract can help ensure that the meetings happen.

However, I disagree with some of the statement. On a macro level, individual managers and employees have little to do about many important things that affect all Boeing employees, e.g. the benefit plan or the wage pool. Only through acting collectively can employees (and their managers) hope to see people put ahead of short-term profit. Only by having the power to speak with one voice do employees have the chance to affect many of the macro processes that govern their careers, their professions and their future.

We said it at the meeting and we meant it: This is NOT about a fight. It is about people having a common voice to help make good things happen in productive ways.

We believe that a good union, with educated and engaged employees working with committed and capable managers, can make a company better. It appears that the employees in St Louis just might feel the same way.

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Negotiations are Coming and We Need Your Input!

August 2001
Dear SPEEA Members,

* The initial survey - in preparation for 2002 Negotiations for the three contracts covering the Puget Sound Professional & Technical Units and the Wichita Engineering Unit - is included in the printed issue of the SPOTLITE that is sent to your home.

* This is just the first step in a process that will include lunchtime and area meetings which will give members an opportunity to bring their issues to a wider forum for discussion.

* Survey responses from SPEEA members will help us to design a follow-on, more specific survey to be sent out early next year.

* Your input is extremely important! Survey responses will be used by SPEEA negotiators to prepare proposals for next negotiations that truly reflect the desires of our Union members.

* It is more crucial now than ever before. The next negotiations could be more difficult than we've encountered in the past, and your support will be vital.

* Thank you for completing and returning the survey. You may return your survey either through your local SPEEA rep, by mailing it to SPEEA Headquarters, or by carrying it into any of SPEEA's offices.

Your participation is crucial!

In Solidarity,

SPEEA Negotiation Preparation Committee

Thomas M. McCarty


Judy Campbell
Tom Clark
Tom Day
Dick Ferguson
Joel Funfar
Chris Glenn

Wayne Hollatz
Jeff Horn
David Huster
Charlie Kusuda
Tom McCarty
Shane Michael
Sharon Moats
Judy Mogan
Joe Newberry
Dave Patzwald
Mark Rawlings
Alan Rice
Jim Roberts

Dave Rohrig
Kurt Schuetz
Dave Silkroski
Pat Waters
Karen Weil
Warren Williamson
Paul Wojciechowski

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In the August SPOTLITE, we published an article about Attrition and New Hires.

The report included three figures. The first figure showed attrition trends over 5 years. Figure 2 showed Prof new hire activity for “last year” (March 2000 to March 2001). Figure 3 showed Prof new hire activity for “this year” (March 2001 through June 2001). The caption for Figure 3 mistakenly said “last 5 years”, instead of “this year - March to June”

Thanks to Valerie Beyer in Kent for catching this error.

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30% discount for Opera Rusalka

Before the Opera House closes for refurbishment will come one last production: Antonin Dvorak's Rusalka. SPEEA has arranged for a 30% discount for this opera on the following dates (OCT is “Orchestra Center” and OCB is “Orchestra Center Back”).

Friday, November 2, 2001

OCT - $48 (reg. $68)

OCB - $39 (reg. $55)

Saturday, November 3, 2001

OCT - $63 (reg. $90)

OCB - $49 (reg. $70)

Seats are limited, and available first-come, first-serve. To reserve your seats, complete and return the coupon. Once ticket sales are complete, we will order the tickets and mail them to you (at least 6 weeks before the date of the opera). If you have questions, contact Robbi at (206) 433-0995, ext. 126.

SPEEA Discount - Opera Rusalka

Please send me the following tickets. Enclosed is my check (payable to “SPEEA”) in the amount of $__________ OR charge $__________ + $2 handling fee to my credit card:

VISA ___ MasterCard ___ AMEX ___ Card # ________________________________ Exp. ______

Signature __________________________________________________________________________


# Tkt Price each Total # Tkt Price each Total
Fri, Nov. 2 ____ OCT $48 $_____ Sat, Nov. 3 ____ OCB $48 $_____
____ OCB $38 $_____ ____ OCT $63 $_____


Name ____________________________ Clock #______ Email _________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________________

W.Phone (_____) __________________ H. Phone (_____) __________________

Mail to: SPEEA Opera, 15205 - 52nd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98188

(include self-addressed, stamped envelope)

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Entertainment Book sales support SPEEA's Christmas Fund

Again this year, SPEEA is selling coupon books, with proceeds going into SPEEA's Christmas Fund account. With this fund, we purchase Christmas presents for children of laid-off SPEEA members or other needy families. You can help by buying your entertainment books through SPEEA. Books are now available in both the Tukwila and Everett SPEEA offices, at the same prices as last year.

Seattle/Eastside $40

South Puget Sound $35

North Puget Sound $30

Gold C $10

You can either pick up your book at one of SPEEA's offices for the price shown, or send in the coupon with postage payment and we'll mail your book(s) to you.

ORDER ON-LINE: You can also purchase Entertainment Books (from any city) over the web. If you do order on-line, we encourage you to use SPEEA'S ACCOUNT #130805, so that credit for the sale goes to SPEEA's Christmas Fund Account.
To order, log onto and be sure to use our account number.

Entertainment Book - Mail Order form

Enclosed is my check in the amount of $_____ (payable to “SPEEA”). Please send me the following coupon book(s) - prices include postage:
__ Seattle/Eastside Entertainment @ $43 each __ South Puget Entertainment @ $38 each
__ North Puget Entertainment @ $33 each __ Gold C @ $13 each
OR charge $______ (+$2 handling fee) to my credit card:
Card #___________________________________________ Exp.Date________
Signature _________________________________________________________

Name ______________________________________________ Clock # _________
Address _____________________________________________________________
W.Phone (_____) ____________________ H. Phone (_____) __________________
Email: ______________________________________________________________

Mail to: SPEEA Coupon books * 15205 - 52nd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98188

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Remember -— report all injuries!

Accidents and injuries are a part of life. They can happen when we are exercising, playing, relaxing, and working. When injuries happen at The Boeing Company, you must be sure to follow procedures and report your injury.

PRO-1010 Wichita -— “Accident/Incident Reporting and Investigation” is the procedure that covers the process of reporting an accident/incident. Employees must report all injuries and illnesses immediately to an area supervisor, then proceed to report to Medical Services, with the exception of when immediate (on-site) medical attention is needed. Failing to report to Medical Services can have unforeseen consequences.

Recently, an employee had an injury at work. He reported to his supervisor and then went to Medical Services. When he arrived, there was a long line waiting to be served. Feeling poorly, the employee decided to go to his physician and skip reporting to Medical Services.

When he went to claim his visit to his insurance, he was informed that this injury should be covered under Workman's Compensation. But since he did not report to Medical Services, Workman's Compensation would only pay $500 of the total bill.

This employee lost coverage for his treatment because he did not follow Boeing procedure. Remember, next time you have an accident/injury at a Boeing facility that does not need immediate (on-site) medical attention, follow PRO-1010 and report to your supervisor and Medical Services.

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Contract administrator moves to Seattle

It is with great respect and admiration that the Midwest Region bids a fond farewell to Jim Singletary, our veteran Contract Administrator. Jim has accepted a new position in SPEEA that takes him back to the Northwest.

Jim's short tenure as the only SPEEA Contract Administrator East of the Rockies occurred during a time of significant change: the engineers' “strike without a strike” contract negotiations, three union organizing elections, and the first contract for the WTPU. While each achievement was a team effort, Jim's dedication, experience, and skill made each task far easier than it otherwise would have been.

Thank you, Jim, for all you've done and all you will do for SPEEA in your new post. Your past efforts for our union are greatly appreciated and you will be missed.

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Lines of communication growing

New banners are going up on the existing SPEEA bulletin boards. The boards are found in several locations across the Boeing Wichita campus. Additional locations are being scouted in order to increase accessibility for the SPEEA-represented employees in Wichita. The bulletin boards are used to facilitate union communication to employees. Employees will be able to find information on the boards regarding membership, current union information, the monthly newsletter, and other SPEEA materials.

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Information from the Wichita Hutchinson Labor Federation

The national and regional AFL-CIO has requested help in Oklahoma on a “right-to-work” initiative election set for September 25th. Sue Ledbetter, the Labor Federation's staff person, has been sent to Oklahoma to help in this effort.

Another national issue concerns the bill that will allow trade agreements to be rushed through Congress with no changes and minimum review. This would result in faster trade deals like NAFTA, more U.S. job losses, a reduction in community support structures, more attacks on workers' rights, and more pollution.

The Wichita Area Globalization Coalition is sponsoring a presentation by Juliette Beck at Bethel College's Krehbiel Auditorium in Newton, KS, 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, September 11th; and at Wichita, WSU, Hubbard Hall, Room 209, on Wednesday, September 12th at 7:00 PM. She will discuss the fair trade alternatives that would protect worker's rights, communities, and the environment.

There is a proposed change to allow international codes of building rather than the evolved Kansas Law. The burden will be placed on the architect to “show the structure good”. The proposed international code may reduce safety factors.

Jim Sumner, of the Operators and Engineers, is the contact person on a project involving moving a semi-trailer used for storage, and building an 8 by 12-foot replacement storage shed. Volunteers would be required in late August or early September.

The Labor Federation scheduled a Labor Day picnic for union members and their families at District # 70 Machinists Hall, 3830 S. Meridian, on September 2nd.

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WTPU Council Representatives receive contract training

Council Representative contract training for the new WTPU contract began on Saturday, August 11th. Council Reps reviewed articles pertaining to recognition, rights of management, grievance procedure and arbitration, and workforce. Steve Smith, current Midwest Council Chairman and recent WTPU Negotiation Team member, conducted the training with the help of contract administrators Jim Singletary, Shelvy Brown, and Bob Brewer.

This training will help WTPU Council Representatives in their role as an advocate for your rights as a represented employee.

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Engineering negotiation preparation begins

A committee has been formed in Wichita to begin preparation for bargaining the Engineers contract, which expires in December 2002. Volunteers from the Engineering Unit are needed to compile the results of the survey contained in this issue of the SPOTLITE.

If you are interested in helping this committee, contact Lacey Jilek at the SPEEA office (telephone 682-0262 or E-mail Your participation would be appreciated.

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Irving preparing for negotiations

The Irving Negotiation Team is busy forming committees and generally preparing for formal bargaining to start after the first of the year.

The contract, which expires February 2, 2002, covers about 170 Technical employees at Boeing's plant in Irving, Texas.

Committees hope to have a survey ready for distribution in the near future. The survey will help the team determine key negotiation issues of the membership.

In preparation for negotiations, Irving SPEEA members are busy signing up new members.

“People are starting to see that membership is key to successful negotiations,” said Council Rep Redge Thompson (I-2). “We're making good progress signing up new members. Some of the new people are workers we never thought would sign up. It's very encouraging.”

SPEEA contract administrators Shelvy Brown (who recently assisted in the WTPU contract effort) and Bob Brewer (negotiator for the WTPU contract) are lending their experience to the Irving Negotiations Team.

“We've got work to do, but we are getting going,” Thompson said.

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Classified Advertising is provided free-of-charge to SPEEA members. The editor has full and final authority to make decisions concerning publication of each ad. SPEEA is not responsible for the authenticity or validity of ads or the quality of merchandise advertised in the SPOTLITE.

Ads are limited to 25 words or less, must be received by the 10th of the previous month and receive priority on a "first-come, first-serve" basis. To submit an ad, include your name, address, home and work phone numbers, and your clock number. Ads are published once and must be resubmitted for each subsequent monthly publication. No more than two ads per member can be accepted each month. Submit your completed ad by:

15205 52nd Ave S - Seattle, Washington 98188
(206) 248-3990

Classified advertising is also available on Boeing's internal web at

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