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November 2001


SPEEA Cares Fund

SPEEA/KCLA Cares Fund will carry workers through holidays

A member speaks out about layoffs


WTPU contract synopsis

Wichita/Hutchinson Labor Federation meeting

WTPU benefits enrollment in November

Irving negotiations report

Member needs your help

CLUW Convention report

Interested in applying for the 2002 SPEEA negotiation team(s)?

Download an application for nomination to 2002 SPEEA Negotiation Team

Robin Ryan Seminars

Mitigation efforts result in little help for first wave of layoffs

Santa Day at SPEEA

Time to board the band wagon

Classified Ads

SPEEA/KCLA Cares Fund will carry workers through holidays

Wanting to reduce the hardship of employees who face layoff on December 14th, SPEEA has created a special fund to collect donations and then distribute the money as gifts in lieu of lost holiday pay to laid-off employees.

Administered with the cooperation of the King County Labor Agency, the fund was created after dozens of union members suggested donating a day or a few hours of work to help carry their fellow employees through the year-end holidays after the Company said layoffs must begin December 14th.

Donations will be directed into the SPEEA/KCLA Cares Fund. The fund was created as a 502(c)3 charity, allowing donations to be made tax-free. Members, non-members and anyone else can contribute.

"We don't believe the leaders of The Boeing Company should be laying people off just before the holidays," said Charles Bofferding, SPEEA executive director. "And if they insist, the real Boeing Company-that is the people who work at Boeing-will do everything in our power to make sure people are not left without income before the holidays."

The creation of the fund and the goal to provide income assistance to upwards of 1,000 laid off union members is the largest fund-raising effort since SPEEA bought and paid for its union headquarters more than two decades ago.

"This is a huge goal, but it's the right goal," Bofferding said. "It's terrible to lay people off and it's even more terrible to lay them off one week before the holidays."

Donations are being accepted to the fund by check. Other avenues (including bank transfers and accepting credit cards) are being investigated and could already be available.

The suggested donation is $100 or about 4 hours of regular pay. People who donate to the fund will be given a special "I Gave" patriotic badge sticker. Special honors were also being discussed for people who make significant contributions. Donation packages are being mailed to all SPEEA members.

Workers laid off on December 14th are being released five working days before the year-end holiday. Because of the way Boeing administers year-end holidays, workers laid off on December 14 will miss out on six days of year-end holiday pay. Adding January 1st to the missed pay brings the total of missed holiday compensation to seven days.

The fund was created and launched after a series of joint mitigation meetings. During the meetings, SPEEA was unable to convince the Company to delay layoffs beyond the first of the year. The union estimates the Company could retain all 10,000 union and non-union workers beyond the first of the year for about $20 million. After several meetings, Boeing rejected nearly all of the union's suggestions, including offering early retirements, job sharing, voluntary layoff with severance, and calling back outsourced work. Boeing did agree to abide by our contracts and lay off contract workers before regular employees.

"Keeping employees through the holidays is the right thing to do," Bofferding said. "If the Company won't take care of the people, then the Union will. This is what unions do, we look out for and take care of people."

Make your check payable to "SPEEA/KCLA Cares Fund" and send to:

2800 First Avenue, Room 126
Seattle, WA 98121

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A member speaks out about layoffs

by Roger J. Pullman, SPEEA Council Rep District E-14

Editors note: The following was originally sent as a letter to Boeing's leadership.

I am deeply disappointed by your announcement of massive layoffs in the Commercial Airplane division.

I have a difficult time believing that this is the result of the recent terrorist attacks. It is true that the airlines were hurt by the shut down of the air traffic system for several days and they continue to be hurt by the reluctance of Americans to fly. However, there is little doubt in my mind that we will soon recover from this. Americans are a resilient people. A gang of vicious thugs will not terrorize us for long.

I believe a more likely reason for these layoffs is that the order book has been shrinking for some time. Our 2002 and 2003 commercial airplane deliveries have been scheduled to decline for some time. There has been little doubt that layoffs were inevitable for the past year. I question your motives for laying the blame for this at the feet of the terrorists.

I am convinced that another likely reason exists. The price of Boeing stock has plummeted. In the past, we have seen The Boeing Company leadership react to lowering stock prices by announcing layoffs. Many of us remember back to 1995, when Frank Shrontz announced massive layoffs and then sat back and watched Boeing stock prices rise. By the end of the year we had been forced to re-hire many of those employees. That was an unethical practice then and it is an unethical practice now.

I think that you are over-reacting to the events. As I stated before, Americans are a strong and resilient people. We will soon recover and move on with our lives. We will return to the skies for leisure and business travel. However, we need strong and inspired leadership to make that happen. We don't need our leaders to engage in fear mongering. Decisions need to be based upon facts, not fears. Yes, there probably is a business case for some employment reductions. Yes, you needed to announce that fact. However the manner in which you made your announcement and your stated reason for doing so are questionable at best.

Instead of the doomsday message that you sent to employees and our country, you could have said words to this effect; "We are a strong and resilient people. We have been hurt. We will continue to hurt. But we will not be terrorized nor will we be intimidated. We will recover. We will move on. And here is how we will do it..." Instead, you chose words that wouldn't inspire my Aunt Nellie to buy an airline ticket to Boise.

I am disappointed in you. You let our Company down. You let the employees down. And, worst of all, you let America down. You passed up an opportunity to inspire us to overcome this horrific attack and you added another dimension to our fears.

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WTPU contract synopsis

The WTPU Council Representatives met to discuss and better understand some of the contract language that many members have been asking about. This is a synopsis of what was covered.

Bump Rights

The WTPU workers do not have contract specific language on "bump" rights. This does not mean that employees cannot be moved from one area to another. PR0-700 allows managers the ability to transfer employees they deem valuable to the Company. Thus, a skill team could transfer an employee identified as surplus into a job opening within the same job family in another organization.

Management may be offered a WTPU job in lieu of a layoff. The new member will be given an R3 retention level.


The 2001 WTPU retention exercise is over. Except for appeals, all workers should know their current retention rating. The outcome of appeals will not change the distribution of retention indexes.

If a manager is transferred to a WTPU represented job code, their new retention will not affect any other employees' retention.

The contract states that for the retention exercise, we must have approximately 40% / 40% / 20% distribution of workers. After the exercise, if an influx of new employees (from either inside or outside the company) happens in a retention group, the forced retention levels do not have to be maintained. Thus you could have more/less R1's and R2's than 40% and more/less R3's than 20% due to a movement of personnel.

An employee whose retention is adjusted for seniority is considered to be at the bottom of the retention level he/she was adjusted to.

Some groups (but not all) have employees in a numbered totem so it is possible to know where you stand in your retention group. This is not a WTPU contract
provision - it is management discretion to do this and tell you about it.


Not all organizations or job families will be laying off the R3's at the same time. Some skills might be considered more valuable than other groups. Thus, one group might not lay off any R3's until another group is well into their R2's

Boeing is allowing accelerated layoffs for those who have received layoff notices and must leave early to accept another job. Those who take an accelerated layoff will still receive layoff benefits.

Those who take a voluntary layoff will lose layoff benefits provided in Article 21 of the contract.

Those who take a lump sum severance package will also lose their "first consideration" recall rights.

Any employee on layoff may maintain their recall status by notifying the Company of their interest in returning with a letter during the January thru June timeframe and another letter during the second half of each of the three years following layoff.

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Wichita/Hutchinson Labor Federation meeting

Letters from President Sweeney of the AFL-CIO detailed the many people belonging to unions who were lost in the September 11 attack. The list included Machinists at the Pentagon, technicians from ABC and NBC working on the top of the WTC buildings, as well as the Firemen that we know about, and obviously many other members. The Union Community is the official vehicle to contribute to the aid of the affected families. The address for the fund is:

Union Community Fund
815 16th St. NW
Washington, D.C.

A report from the Kansas AFL-CIO detailed that the 18th bi-annual state convention will be held in Topeka on November 14-16.

The valiant efforts to register union voters in Oklahoma were discussed. Over 30,000 voters were registered, in a massive effort against the Oklahoma right-to-work legislation. In spite of the intensive union efforts, the legislation passed (54 to 46%). Several other states (see website below) are now on track for right-to-work legislation. Oklahoma was the first state in fifteen years to enact right-to-work legislation. The Oklahoma bill appears to be fundamentally flawed, and open to challenge.

SPEEA delegate Harold Evans reported that a volunteer roofing project would begin on Saturday, October 13th. The project is to support a disabled woman with cerebral palsy and has meant much to the woman and her neighborhood.

Many of these topics can be found at, the official Federation web site.

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WTPU benefits enrollment in November

All employees represented by the WTPU - SPEEA member and non-member alike - must enroll in all Medical, Dental, and Insurance plans during the November sign-up period. Failure to enroll may result in denial of these benefits after January 1, 2002.

Additionally, employees who do not select the optional supplemental life and disability insurances during this initial signup period may be required to demonstrate evidence of insurability when selecting the insurance benefit during future enrollment periods.

Boeing will be providing detailed instructions to enroll by telephone or through a website. Regardless of the method you choose, you will need to provide your Health and Welfare Personal Identification Number. If you do not know your PIN, contact the Health and Welfare Plan service center at 1-888-747-2016 and a new PIN will be mailed to your Boeing address of record. (Do not wait until the last minute to request a PIN or you may be without health and insurance benefits next year.)

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Irving negotiations report

Irving recently had an all member meeting to fill negotiation subcommittees and discuss their negotiation survey. There was a large turnout with some very enthusiastic members.

There has been a 6% increase in membership recently in Irving. The importance of a large membership cannot be understated. A large membership shows strength in cause and supports the negotiation team in their discussion with the company.

The results from the negotiation survey showed that Irving priorities are strongest in Benefits, Workforce and Compensation. Many people volunteered to join these and other subcommittees.

Irving also had 25 declared WARN notices during this round of layoffs. Due to the bump rights in their contract, only 12 workers will be laid off.

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Member needs your help

A WTPU member who has been given a WARN notice also has a daughter who has acute lymphatic leukemia with a chromosome disorder. She is going to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle for a bone marrow transplant on November 16th. To treat the leukemia, she must first go through extensive chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The doctors must kill off all the existing bone marrow and replace it with donor bone marrow. To complicate things more, she has a liver disorder that makes the operation that much more dangerous.

A fund has been set up for donation to help defray the expenses due to this expensive procedure. The Aimee Dorsett Fund is set up at the Wichita Municipal Federal Credit Union, 3730 W 13th ST, Wichita, Kansas 67203.

"I am not one to ask for help, I would rather help others. However, under these circumstances, I am grateful for any help. Thank you and everyone for their help and concern. Prayers are requested." /s/ JIM DORSETT"

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CLUW Convention report

Linda Newell was the Midwest Region SPEEA delegate at the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW) 11th Bi-annual Convention, October 4-7, 2001 in Las Vegas, Nevada. There were 775 in attendance of which there were 511 delegates at large, 100 alternates and 164 Chapter Delegates.

The conference was conducted by the president, Ms. Gloria Johnson. The Convention title for this year was "Designing Our Own Future." It reflects the critical need for CLUW to maintain its strong voice for working women and families as the workplace and the world evolve through the changing role of women in today's global economy.

The World Trade Center tragedy was discussed. Over 400 union members were lost in those buildings. Several members attending the convention had witnessed the planes flying into the WTC. Some went to the microphone and told of their loved ones who perished.

In the year 2000, 65.6 million women were in the labor force. In that same year, professional women earned about 26% less than their male counterparts did. Where minorities and women workers make up a large percentage of the workforce, it is important that we demonstrate that a "women's place is in her union" and demonstrate to the younger group of women the "union advantage."

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Interested in applying for the 2002 SPEEA negotiation team(s)?

SPEEA contracts expire next year for Puget Sound area Profs & Techs, and for Wichita Profs. So it's time to begin the process of selecting Negotiation Team members who will bargain for new contracts. Do you know of a good candidate?

An Application for Negotiation Team is included in this SPOTLITE (go here for download). Applications must be turned in by December 1, 2001.

A Negotiation Team Nominating Committee will schedule interviews with all applicants, determine their recommendations, and then present a slate of nominees to Council Representatives at their February 2002 meeting. The Council is charged with making the final selection.


If you wish to apply for the team, you must meet several requirements (per SPEEA Policy Section VII-C.3):

1) Regular SPEEA membership for the immediate past three years.

2) At least two years active SPEEA participation in the immediate past three years (e.g., committee member, Area Rep, Council Rep, Board member, etc.) [This requirement may be waived by the Council].

3) Agreement to attend a Team Candidate Orientation and further Team training.

Orientation - Attendance REQUIRED

We are scheduling a series of orientations to help interested candidates find out what is expected of Team members. This can help you decide whether you will make a good candidate. Orientations are scheduled as shown. Please RSVP to the appropriate phone number for the session of your choice. Attendance at one of these orientations is REQUIRED for all applicants.
Negotiation Team Orientations

SPEEA Headquarters

Wednesday, November 7
Tuesday, December 4
5:00 - 6:00 p.m.
(206) 433-0991

SPEEA Everett Office

Tuesday, November 27
4:30 - 5:30 p.m.
(425) 355-2883

SPEEA Wichita Office

Monday, November 19
Monday, December 3
4:30 - 5:30 p.m.
(316) 682-0262

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Robin Ryan Seminars

Everything you need to know to find your next job

SPEEA's Executive Board has agreed to fund another series of Robin Ryan seminars for the many SPEEA employees who may be forced to find other employment in the coming months. These will fill fast, so sign up today!

Robin Ryan is America's leading career coach and best-selling author. She is one of the nation's foremost authorities on what it takes to get a job in today's market. Don't miss this opportunity to hear her as she discusses proven job search strategies that will aid you to move on to a better job.

85% of all jobs are never advertised! You'll hear the results of her employer survey and learn EXACTLY what employers want on your resume and cover letter. She'll share her proven interview techniques and the formula for successful salary negotiations. Attend one or both parts:

PART 1 - Covers Job Search Strategies, the Hidden Job Market, Resume & Cover Letters, plus an Action Plan for You

PART 2 - Covers Interviewing & Salary Negotiations
Wednesday, November 28
5:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Auburn Performing Arts Center
700 East Main Street
(206) 433-0991
Monday, December 3
5:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Foster Performing Arts Center
4242 S. 144th, Tukwila
(206) 433-0991
Thursday, Nov. 29th
Wed, December 5th
5:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel
3105 Pine St, Everett
(425) 355-2883
Saturday, November 10
9 a.m. - 12 noon
1:30 - 4:30 p.m.
The Airport Plaza Hotel
5805 W. Kellogg Dr, Wichita
(316) 682-0262

HOW TO REGISTER - Space is available, first-come, first-serve. To register, call the number listed above. Check-in begins one hour prior to each session.


Robin has appeared on over 600 TV and radio programs, and has been featured in many widely-known magazines. A popular national speaker, she has taught over 1200 seminars and keynote programs. She is also a best selling author.

Robin Ryan's books (60 Seconds & You're Hired! ... 24 Hours to Your Next Job, Raise or Promotion ... Winning Resumes ... and Winning Cover Letters) are available to SPEEA members at a discount. Call our office for details. You can also check out Robin's web site at

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Mitigation efforts result in little help for first wave of layoffs

Despite early hopes Boeing would respond positively to efforts to minimize the number and individual impacts of upcoming layoffs, the first round of mitigation talks are bearing little fruit.

The one area where our input is paying off is in assurances from the Company that efforts are being made to release contract workers before
regular employees. Preliminary estimates are that to reduce the SPEEA-represented workforce in Commercial Airplanes by about 10 percent (or 2,000 employees), Boeing will lay off six contractors for every four regular employees.

"We're going to continue to push on this and keep a very close watch to make sure it does happen," said Charles Bofferding, executive director. "They agreed to release contractors and use our people to take their place."

The SPEEA contracts allow the use of contractors since they create a buffer to layoffs for regular workers.

Boeing rejected a host of other mitigation suggestions. Among the ideas that were rejected were allowing early retirements, job sharing, voluntary layoffs with severance and allowing employees to work reduced hours as a way to cut costs.

The SPEEA-Boeing Partnership Committee created the Mitigation Committee as a method for finding ways to reduce the number and impact of layoffs. The group held three meetings. Each time adjustments were made and issues researched by both sides. In the end, the Company remained focused on cutting all expenses.

"We pulled together all these things and the Company said no," Bofferding said. "After the first no, we went back and reworked several items and the Company said no again."

Lively discussions revolved around several key issues during the meetings. Among the more spirited issues were outsourcing, early retirement incentives and having the first employees laid off on December 14th, one week before the year-end holidays.

"It is wrong for the Company to lay people off that close to the holidays," Bofferding said. "We will continue to investigate ways to help people through this time."

Following is a partial list of the issues discussed by the joint mitigation committee and the Company's response:

* Release contractors first - The Company agreed that where possible contract workers would be released before regular SPEEA-represented employees. The union is watching this action and requests that employees forward information about any discrepancies in this process to their Council Representatives or SPEEA Headquarters.

* Carry employees through the holidays The Company said they were already doing enough because they were following the 60-day WARN notice rule.

* Discontinue outsourcing - The Company agreed to put it on their list as a suggestion from SPEEA. The Company did say they needed to honor commitments to other companies and in existing offset agreements.

* Inventory and post "contractor jobs" that become available - While some of this is being done, the Company will research additional ways to use contractors as a buffer to laying off regular employees; get the word out and report back.

* Transfer some employees to emerging technologies and other divisions - The Company will research and attempt to do this.

* Stop processing new hires - Boeing said they would look into the hiring situation. They said some of the new employees were offered jobs before the September 11th attack and the onset of the current crisis. In those cases the commitments would be met.

* Early retirement incentives - The Company declined to consider an early retirement program.

* Voluntary Layoff with severance pay - The Company declined to provide severance pay to employees who volunteer for layoff.

While the Company failed to approve many of the suggestions, SPEEA representatives said they would continue to press the issues in an attempt to get items reconsidered. The hope is to help decrease layoffs in the months ahead. Finally, SPEEA is continuing to lobby state and federal leaders for assistance for workers laid off due to the current crisis.

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Santa Day at SPEEA

Bring your Kids!

SPEEA has arranged for Santa to visit our offices so members can have the opportunity to bring their kids in for a free, convenient visit. We do ask that you RSVP to reserve your time slot with Santa, at the appropriate number listed below:

Saturday, December 1st - 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

SPEEA Headquarters SPEEA Everett Office
15205 - 52nd Ave South 2615 W. Casino Rd, #3-B
Tukwila, WA Everett, WA
(206) 433-0991 (425) 355-2883

You can bring your own camera, and take pictures at no charge - OR we will have both Polaroid and Digital cameras available. Polaroid photos will be available before you leave. Digital photos can be emailed to you the next week. We do ask that you either donate a canned food item, or pay $1 for our Polaroid or Digital photos.

We will have some refreshments available, and also some literature for the adults so you can learn more about the services provided by your union.

Please RSVP today, and reserve your time with Santa.

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Time to board the band wagon

By Gregory J. Junemann, President IFPTE

Some people wake up faster than others. It's taken a while, but the right people at the AFL-CIO may finally be waking up and taking notice of SPEEA's organizing victories and its potential for future growth.

Recently, SPEEA Executive Director Charles Bofferding and I met with Rick Bank and Joe Uhlein of Secretary-Treasurer Rich Trumka's staff and Mark Splain, the AFL-CIO Organizing Director. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss SPEEA's and IFPTE's current and future organizing ventures. We've had similar meetings with other AFL-CIO reps in the past, where we tried in vain to get the AFL-CIO to recognize our potential. What was different with our meeting in early September was that the AFL-CIO asked to meet with us.

Brothers Bank and Uhlein are no strangers to our union. They were both involved in guiding our efforts in Washington DC during the strike. Since then, Bank has kept himself current on Boeing news as well as SPEEA's string of continued successes. Mark Splain was named as the AFL-CIO's head of organizing some time after our organizing win in Wichita.

As most of organized labor is experiencing reductions in their membership ranks, we continue to grow in size and in strength. Moreover, we are growing in a field that the experts lectured against trying to organize: professional workers employed in technical occupations. We've stuck to our principles, and as Charles is fond of saying, "We continue to make history." Finally, like the scene from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, someone looked at us and wondered, "Who ARE these guys?"

The folks at the AFL-CIO have come to understand that we have a successful program. We have a series of strategies that work for us, and, more importantly, that make sense to the employees who are interested in organizing themselves into a union. Further, we have an established method of addressing our members' needs, while working to make our employers more competitive. We have a proven track record of organizing workers in the technical community, we know how to represent them, and we're the only ones doing these things.

During our meeting, we discussed our current organizing campaigns. Our hosts were particularly interested in our efforts and plans to organize the technical community within Boeing. Charles used some broad strokes to illustrate our developing strategy to reach our goals, and he augmented this with an explanation of the necessity to look beyond Boeing and assist other IFPTE efforts to organize technical employees throughout the aviation industry. We left the meeting with the promise to meet again to explain our planning in greater detail.

The AFL-CIO needs some organizing successes, and we can deliver for them. In return, we expect them to contribute to our efforts. It looks like this could be happening at last.

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Classified Advertising is provided free-of-charge to SPEEA members. The editor has full and final authority to make decisions concerning publication of each ad. SPEEA is not responsible for the authenticity or validity of ads or the quality of merchandise advertised in the SPOTLITE.

Ads are limited to 25 words or less, must be received by the 10th of the previous month and receive priority on a "first-come, first-serve" basis. To submit an ad, include your name, address, home and work phone numbers, and your clock number. Ads are published once and must be resubmitted for each subsequent monthly publication. No more than two ads per member can be accepted each month. Submit your completed ad by:

15205 52nd Ave S - Seattle, Washington 98188
(206) 248-3990

Classified advertising is also available on Boeing's internal web at


* = Items of Interest Nationwide


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* Maui Vacation Home in Kihei. 2BD/2BA, 1100 Sq Ft. $80 per night. 1 week minimum stay. Ask about SPEEA Boeing employee discount. Call Toll Free: 1-866-429-1800 email:

* Oceanview North Oregon Coast, 2 bedroom/2 bath, fireplace, pool/spa, near beach and golf, discounted rates $105-125/night. or 1-888-349-5304.

* Italian city/country vacation rentals. For more information:; Call: (425)836-1017; Email:

* Cabin at Copalis Beach, WA (5 miles north of Ocean Shores). Sleeps 5. Two blocks from beach. $75.00 per night. For information call (253)529-5444.

* Sunrise Resorts - Silver Charter membership; RV Park; 30 days in 7 out; dues current; Resorts 6 in WA, 3 in AZ; must sell $500 + transfer fees; (360) 289-0648.

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* Put yourself in charge, and get paid for helping others with Primerica Financial Services, a subsidiary of CitiGroup. All training provided. Call Stephanie Curtis toll free at 1-866-651-1024 and mention this ad.

Electric dehydrator with four 11" x 12" shelves, $25.00. (425) 454-0858.

Have two 1991 CRX SI seats. Great condition, $200. (253) 589-4843.

* Model railroad equipment. Selling 40 year collection by bits & pieces. Trains, kits, structures & books. Some brass. H.O. guage. (425) 743-6814.

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