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August 2001

Auditor's Report

Members can participate in workplace research

Send a message to Chicago with a "Letter to the Editor"

Solidarity Day XXI

President's Corner

Case Histories

Average incomes are lower in right-to-work states

Auditors Report & Financial Statements

Attrition & new hire report

News from Midwest Council

Charting a new course for SPEEA

Classified Ads

Members can participate in workplace research

SPEEA members are encouraged to participate in an online survey designed to understand ways to build and maintain high quality relationships at work. The survey studies how employees' expectations are being met by their company, and by their supervisor.

Principal Researcher Pat Baccili of Voices at Work coordinates the survey. You can learn more and take the survey by visiting Follow the link to the Boeing/SPEEA survey.

Results will be available on the website. We will also report on results in a future edition of SPEEA Spotlite.

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Send a message to Chicago with a "Letter to the Editor"

With Boeing Corporate headquarters moving to Chicago, reporters and editors at newspapers and broadcast outlets are scrambling to learn everything they can about the Company.

Members can help jump-start the process by writing a "Letter to the Editor." It will help the media and the people of Chicago get to know Boeing. Corporate offices are scheduled to open in Chicago the first week of September.

A few general guidelines may help as you pen your message.

Keep your message short and concise. Most publications will not print letters that are over 300 words. Understand that your letter will probably be edited.

Include your full name, address and both your daytime and evening telephone numbers. Many publications now verify all letters before printing.

It also helps to read a few letters in the newspaper before starting to write.

Good luck!

Chicago media outlets:
Chicago Sun-Times
Letters to the Editor
401 N. Wabash Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611
Chicago Tribune
Letters to the Editor
435 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611
Crain's Chicago Business Weekly
Letters to the Editor
740 North Rush Street
Chicago, IL 60611

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Join your fellow union members at

Solidarity Day XXI

Sunday, August 12, 2001
Cheney Stadium
Tacoma Rainiers vs. Salt Lake Stingers

Union softball game, door prizes, skydivers, music, entertainment, clowns, balloons.

Game time 1:35 pm - Gates open at NOON

FREE General Admission, compliments of SPEEA

Tickets available at SPEEA Headquarters, first-come, first serve. Call (206) 433-0991

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President's Corner by Craig Buckham

SPEEA in Saint Louis - Expanding the Voice of the Technical Community

Many Boeing Engineers and Techs in Saint Louis have contacted us, asking about joining the SPEEA family. In response, consistent with our vision of representing the entire Boeing Technical Community, we have officially launched an organizing campaign in the Show Me State. We have opened an office, assigned support staff and solicited help from our International. We have a growing team of enthusiastic volunteers, working in their areas to inform their co-workers about the value of Union representation.

We believe that every Boeing employee deserves a voice in the workplace, and that those of us who already enjoy the benefit of a Union voice will further benefit as more people at the Company are represented. Fair, reasonable and appropriate treatment of employees everywhere is in the interest of all of us. We can help make Boeing the best place to have a career in the nation. We do not want the Company shopping around for the most vulnerable workforce.

This is not a case of SPEEA swooping in and doing something to the employees in Saint Louis. It is very much a case of the Saint Louis Boeing Technical Community organizing themselves into a Union. While SPEEA is providing support, including staff, communications, training and facilities to the best of our ability, the heart and soul of the campaign is the person-to-person actions of the potential members themselves.

By the time you read this it is likely that Boeing Corporate will have responded to our campaign. Regrettably, in the past (Puget Sound and Wichita) Boeing Corporate has run divisive anti-union campaigns. Let's hope that this time, with some encouragement from us, they allow local management to engage in a reasonable and responsible discussion of the facts. By working together we can make good things happen in positive ways. This is a critical first step. Together we will make it happen.

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Recall - It never hurts to ask!

A member, who had been laid off nearly two years ago, contacted the Everett SPEEA Office when he learned from some of his friends that the Company was hiring employees in his former work area.

The SPEEA Contract Administrator determined that, though the employee had recently applied for and received priority consideration, it would not apply to job offers made prior to his updating his status.

The CA suggested that the employee contact the HR focal at his former work group. The result? A job offer was given to the employee, and he accepted.

Undoubtedly, the member has a much stronger belief in the old saying, "it never hurts to ask." [MM]

SPEEA helps member obtain FSP funds

Recently, a SPEEA member contacted the Everett Office because he had not been able to obtain funds from his Financial Security Plan (FSP) account. The member felt that he was "getting the runaround," and asked for assistance.

The Contract Administrator contacted the Company to determine the status of the employee's request. After a few follow-up phone calls, the employee was informed that his request was being processed and he should receive payment within a week. In an email to the Contract Administrator he said, "They are sending my check. I'm sure glad I have a Union to help me."

Unfortunately, situations can occur that result in a delay of obtaining funds. In this case the employee had to wait nearly five weeks. SPEEA is following up on this case to determine what are reasonable time frames for the process. Employees needing to access FSP funds should be able to obtain them without unnecessary delay.

The employee ultimately received his FSP and thanked SPEEA again for the support. [MM]

Employee gets 5-year pay error corrected!

In February, an employee contacted a SPEEA Contract Administrator (CA) concerned that his pay adjustment for a promotion may have been in error. What made the problem somewhat complicated was the fact that the adjustment in question occurred more than 5 years ago!

The Contract Administrator reviewed the employee's record and determined what appeared to be a pay error amounting to $800 of his annual salary. The CA contacted Company representatives who confirmed the error.

It took several weeks to process the adjustment. The calculations involved backdating his various pay increases to include the higher salary and determining how much back pay he should receive.

The employee recently notified the CA that his pay had been restored in full, and he expressed his gratitude for all who helped him correct the problem. SPEEA wishes to acknowledge the response by the Company in helping resolve this issue. [MM]

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Average incomes are lower in Right-to-Work states

Right-to-work laws are a bad deal for workers because they restrict workers' right to union representation and lower the average pay of all workers. In 1999, the annual average pay in free states was $33,104, compared with $28,035 in right-to-work states--an 18 percent difference. Right-to-work states have lower "union density" (the percentage of workers who belong to unions)--8.9 percent, compared with 15.6 percent in free states.

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Auditors' Report and Financial Statements

Years Ended March 31, 2001 and 2000

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Attrition and new hire report

As one of many services to members, SPEEA presents the following attrition report, which is one of a series. This report is current as of June 2001. In this report, we also show some data for new hires. (See also SPEEA Newsletter, March 23, 2001.)

Figure 1 updates a timeline of attrition, for Puget Sound Profs and Techs and for Wichita Profs. The post-strike spike in voluntary terminations (quits and retirements) has passed, with rates returning to levels typical before the strike.

FIGURE 1 - click on image for larger chart

Table 1 shows new-hire data for 68 Puget Sound Techs hired between March 2000 and March 2001. One Level 3 Tech was hired in this period.

Table 1. Puget Sound Tech new hires - 3/00 to 3/01
Grade Count Average new hire salary
Level 1 41 $36,400
Level 2 17 $42,800

Table 2 shows new-hire activity for Techs since the March 2001 selectives. Two Techs were hired into level 3 and one into level 4 in this period.

Table 2. Puget Sound Tech new hires - 3/01 to 6/6/01
Grade Count Average salary
Level 1 79
Level 2 26

Figures 2 and 3 present new-hire data for Puget Sound and Wichita Profs. Figure 2 applies to Paycode 4 hiring between salary exercises in 2000 and 2001. Percentile curves were generated from the March 2000 salary exercise. Figure 3 shows Paycode 4 hiring since the March 2001 salary exercise, with reference percentile curves from the 2001 exercise. In the figures, "SCAMP" refers to Puget Sound Space and Communications, Aircraft and Missiles, and Phantom Works.

FIGURE 2 - click on image for larger chart

FIGURE 3 - click on image for larger chart

Hiring was limited to just over 200 in the year from March 2000 to March 2001. The rate of hiring has increased this year. Hiring in SCAMP is concentrated in systems engineering. Commercial hiring is a little broader, with most activity in systems engineering, structures and manufacturing skills management codes. Wichita hiring is strongest in structural design and structural analysis.

Last year, a large fraction of hiring was for experienced people. In 2001, more entry-level positions are being filled, although many experienced people were also hired.

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Joint Oversight Committee

By Shane Michael & Roger Haynie

The Joint Oversight Committee (JOC) is an excellent opportunity for SPEEA and the Company to work together on issues that are mutually beneficial to both. As stated in the Wichita contracts, the committee was established to oversee labor-management initiatives that are intended to enhance and develop employees as the Company's key resource. The oversight function includes establishing subcommittees to handle these initiatives; reviewing, expanding and resolving issues related to ongoing initiatives; and formulating future labor-management cooperative initiatives. These "initiatives" are summarized as follows:

  • Monitor developments in engineering education & training
  • Monitor developments in compensatory time, near-site childcare, & telecommuting
  • Continue development of Career Enhancement
  • Continue review of the Employee Requested Transfer (ERT) process
  • Continue review of Professional Engineering Performance and Practices
  • Study skill code issues
  • Monitor the Performance Management Process
  • Conduct briefings on the Company's plans for the introduction of new technological change that may affect employees
  • Conduct pilot projects aimed at improving the quality of work life and productivity
  • Quarterly review of employee overtime

The Letters of Understanding pertaining to the JOC provide for up to four representatives from the Company and four representatives of SPEEA on the committee. Each of the two parties appoints a chairperson for their group. Shane Michael is the current acting chairperson for the Wichita Professional Unit (WPU) and Jeff Clark is the chairperson for the Company. The Wichita Technical & Professional Unit (WTPU) is in the process of organizing their JOC.

The agreements require that the committees meet a minimum of once each quarter. The WPU JOC has been meeting since the spring of 1996. A lot of initial work had to be done to establish internal operating procedures. Questions had to be addressed on how subcommittees would be chartered, monitored, and finally terminated once their task was complete. Agreement had to be reached on the content of reports covering overtime, contract engineers, and the number of personnel in and out of the bargaining unit. Other items that have been addressed in committee meetings include grievance issues, performance management issues, and organizing of New Salaried Payroll (NSP). Thanks to some relentless badgering from the union side of the table, improvements were made back in '96 & '97 to the travel package for engineers going on temporary assignment to Seattle. More recently, that same kind of effort has resulted in the establishment of the Ed Wells Initiative here in Wichita.

Now that you have a basic understanding of how the Joint Oversight Committee functions, and the scope of its efforts, our hope is to help both council bodies support the efforts of their respective JOCs and review all reports to update the membership. It is vital that responses and feedback from the membership are heard. When asked or when a vacancy appears, we hope that some of you will consider becoming a committee member. It is an opportunity to address membership issues with the company, which usually includes issues of particular concern to you. If you are going to get your voice heard, you need a platform. Our SPEEA contract provides us with the JOC platform. Please take advantage of it.

Recruit a member and earn a reward

Recruitment never stops!

The WTPU has a contract and the Wichita Engineers are midway through their current contract, but there are still plenty of non-SPEEA members in the Midwest Region.

You can help them understand the need and their professional responsibility to support the people who are working to improve wages and benefits for all bargaining unit members AND, at the same time, earn yourself some extra cash or even a vacation.

It's all part of the on-going SPEEA member recruitment plan. The plan is available to all SPEEA members.

For each new member recruited, you will receive $10. Just make sure the member lists you as their sponsor on the membership application at the time it is submitted. Once the application is processed, you can request your money anytime by contacting the SPEEA comptroller at

If you would rather use your recruiting efforts to earn travel awards, once you have five recruits, each new member becomes worth $20 in travel credit.

When making requests for cash or travel awards, include your name, clock number (last four digits of social security number), and full home address. Include a short note requesting either cash or travel awards for your recruits.

You will help your fellow employees by making SPEEA stronger plus you'll get rewarded for a job well done!

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Charting a new course for SPEEA

By Pat Waters, SPEEA Council Chairman

In the last two years SPEEA members won a 40-day strike, won agency fee for the Puget Sound bargaining units, and increased overall membership to more than 80%. We affiliated with the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE), reorganized our own union, and started building a real partnership between SPEEA and The Boeing Company. We also organized 4,000 new members in Wichita. Together we have accomplished more than any union in history and shattered most or our past goals and aspirations.

With so much accomplished, it's understandable that we now need a direction for the future of SPEEA. Our new goals should challenge us to improve and move together in the right direction over the next five years.

Toward this end, we recently convened a meeting of our elected officials and staff to develop a draft vision, mission statement, values, goals and boundaries for SPEEA's future. That draft was sent out to Council Reps. Their suggestions were incorporated into a new draft and a workshop was held at our 1st SPEEA Convention in June to refine the draft further. A new committee with 17 volunteers will examine the products of the workshop and refine the work into another vision, mission statement, values and goals.

The results of this committee's work will be forwarded to members for review and comment. Member's comments will be incorporated into the final product, which will then be voted on by your Council. While lengthy, this process insures that the final product has input from Council Reps, officers, staff and members.

The final product will contain a vision, which is a paragraph that describes the ideal result of your union activities. This vision will describe a "noble purpose that benefits all mankind". The Vision is a call to action. It is our union's reason for existence. It is our dream for the future of SPEEA.

We will also produce a Mission Statement, which identifies what a union must do in order to thrive and be successful. SPEEA's Mission Statement should tell what is unique about our union. It should identify what we want to do, not necessarily what we do today. It should tell what we stand for and the real value we provide to our members. It should compel and inspire us to take actions toward achieving our vision. It should tell us why we exist as a union.

A set of values will identify those principles that all SPEEA members will uphold in conducting SPEEA business with Boeing and other organizations.

Finally, goals will be determined which are specific and measurable and, when accomplished, will lead to success in meeting our Mission Statement.

In achieving the above we will use the principles of engagement. They provide a framework for open and honest communication using a process and principle focus to solve problems. Members will know and have a say in SPEEA's decisions and directions. Members will believe SPEEA is headed in the right direction and will look forward to being involved in their union. It will connect people to each other and ideas, creating communities for action. Broad participation will identify problems and solutions.

We need to connect our day-to-day activities involving SPEEA to the higher purpose of the organization. I want individual members to understand how their participation in SPEEA supports our vision, mission, values and goals. If we work towards a common vision and goals, the coming years will provide as much reward and accomplishments as have the past few tremendous years.

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Classified Advertising is provided free-of-charge to SPEEA members. The editor has full and final authority to make decisions concerning publication of each ad. SPEEA is not responsible for the authenticity or validity of ads or the quality of merchandise advertised in the SPOTLITE.

Ads are limited to 25 words or less, must be received by the 10th of the previous month and receive priority on a "first-come, first-serve" basis. To submit an ad, include your name, address, home and work phone numbers, and your clock number. Ads are published once and must be resubmitted for each subsequent monthly publication. No more than two ads per member can be accepted each month. Submit your completed ad by:

15205 52nd Ave S - Seattle, Washington 98188
(206) 248-3990

Classified advertising is also available on Boeing's internal web at

Changing jobs or retiring?

Do you know what to do with your pension/profit sharing/401(k) distribution?

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