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April 2001

SPEEA Discount List 2001

Buckham re-elected president

SCPEA reps thank SPEEA for support

Council elections

Presidents's Corner -
A vision of recruiting

Washington State Lobby Day 2001

Annual enrollment - medical, dental, LTD, VPA & eligible domestic partners

News from Midwest Council

"Women on the Move" forum

Annual SPEEA picnic

5th annual camping/river rafting trip

7th annual golf tournament

Be sure to use your vacation!

Robbi Alberts marks 25 years at SPEEA

Classified Ads

Buckham re-elected president

Engineer and 21-year Boeing employee Craig Buckham was recently reelected by SPEEA members to serve a second term as President.

Ballots in the Executive Board elections were counted March 14. Buckham was one of three people running for the top elected position. He will serve an abbreviated one-year term to bring the president's position in-line with the Union's revised constitution

"I'm very pleased the members have given me the opportunity to keep serving as their president," Buckham said. "I'm not done with this job. There are a number of things we are working on and I want to help accomplish."

Members also elected three vice presidents from the Northwest Region (Puget Sound bargaining units) and one vice president from the Midwest Region (Wichita, KS and Irving, TX bargaining units).

Northwest Region - Puget Sound, Spokane, Oregon, California, Utah

Alan Rice was elected Northwest Regional Vice President. Rice was previously SPEEA Vice President.

Ron Mathes was elected Northwest Regional Vice President. Mathes had been serving as the SPEEA Council Secretary and the Northwest Regional Council Secretary.

Tom McCarty was elected Northwest Regional Vice President. McCarty served on the SPEEA Prof Unit negotiation team during the union's successful 40-day strike in 2000, and had recently been appointed by the Council to serve out a term on the Executive Board.

Midwest Region - Wichita, Kansas, Irving, Texas, Cape Canaveral, Florida

Joe Newberry was elected Midwest Regional Vice President. Newberry served on the Wichita Professional bargaining team during last year's negotiations.

Election results

Valid ballots returned:


Ballots issued:



(1 yr term)

Craig Buckham




Tom Day




Jimmie Mathis



NW Regional VP

(top 3 elected)

Alan Rice




Tom McCarty




Ronald Mathes




Larry Marrell




Chris Glenn




Mohammad Ali



Midwest Regional VP

(1 elected)

Joe Newberry




Burt Shah




Daniel Mengoni



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SCPEA reps thank SPEEA for support

SPEEA continues to monitor and work with representatives of the Southern California Professional Engineering Association (SCPEA) in their effort to merge with SPEEA. Some SCPEA leaders have hotly contested such a merger.

Early last month, two elected representatives of SCPEA addressed the SPEEA Council. SCPEA Vice President Rich Devens and Board Member Steve Weixel thanked the SPEEA Council for their continued support.

"Your support has been greatly appreciated," Devens said.

Many of the engineers in Southern California are former SPEEA members. SCPEA represents Boeing employees in Long Beach and Huntington Beach, California.

SCPEA membership is hovering below 30 percent. Recently, another group within the SCPEA bargaining union filed a petition asking the National Labor Relations Board to hold a decertification election. SPEEA opposes decertification of any union.

SPEEA Council Reps voted overwhelmingly to continue support of employees represented by SCPEA in their pursuit of SPEEA representation.

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Council elections

Deadline for filing in this year's Council Representative election is 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, April 4th. If more than one person applies for a particular district, a mail ballot will be conducted among members within that district. Ballots will be mailed out by Wednesday, April 5th, and must be returned by noon on Wednesday, April 25th. Tellers will count ballots on that date, and certify the newly-elected Council.

The first meeting of the new Council Reps will be on Thursday, May 12th where Regional Council officers will be elected.

Based on our new Constitution, the term of office for Council Representatives has been extended to two years vs. one year.

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President's Corner
A Vision of Recruiting

Two-dozen SPEEA volunteers and staff, including Council representatives from Wichita and Irving, spent a recent Friday reviewing our union's Vision and Mission statements.

The annual exercise seemed even more important this year. A review of past years' goals shows that many have been met. Most groups should be so lucky. The plan is to have the Council polish the draft material and prioritize the goals during our national conference in June.

Our "Vision" is to make SPEEA one of the greatest, if not the greatest, labor union for technical workers. It should be a source of pride for members, a source of competitive advantage for The Boeing Company and a source of inspiration for the rest of organized labor.

Our "Mission" is to meet our Vision through securing great contracts for all members, succeeding in Partnership efforts with the Company and participating in and showing leadership in the house of labor. We know our mission includes involving as many members as possible, extending to more of the Boeing Technical Community and more, much more.

Our challenge at this recent Friday gathering was to develop exciting, powerful, gripping, and accurate, but brief language to express these thoughts. We made progress. The Council will see the draft results soon, and will be encouraged to solicit your help in suggesting changes. We have a lot to say in a few words. I hope you will help.

One long standing goal we met this past year, Agency Fee, recently prompted Boeing executives to ask what they can say to College students on recruiting trips. The executives' worry potential employees will now be apprehensive about the working for Boeing because they will, in one way or another, have to deal with a labor union. Executives fear some graduates will now avoid Boeing.

My suggestion to these executives is to tell the graduates the truth. The truth is that the current represented employees at Boeing appreciate their union. Employees value the benefits they have received because they are represented by a union. If Boeing wants the message to be, "Boeing is the preferred place to have a career," then they can work with SPEEA to make it true.

The existence of an institution that gives employees a voice in the workplace is, and should be viewed by everyone, as a source of competitive advantage for the Company.
A union makes it easier attract new workers. A union is a source of comfort for currently represented employees. Unions are good for the Company, employees, shareholders and customers.

It is a comforting fact that recruiting for Boeing is also recruiting for SPEEA. We want executives to be good at it! The Company's messages on outsourcing and consolidation cause much more anxiety to a potential employee than any concern over a Union. And, as a union, we will continue to talk with the Company about those issues too - something new recruits might be interested in knowing.

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Washington State Lobby Day 2001
View from the legislative gallery

By Judy Campbell

The atmosphere at the Legislative Conference held at the WestCoast Olympia Hotel on February 23rd was crackling with power and determination.

Union representatives from the Washington State Labor Council, and union staff members, had come to Olympia to meet their representatives and talk about key issues. In all, about 400 delegates were present.

The four IFPTE 2001/SPEEA WSLC Delegates (Lori Bechtold, Judy Campbell, Bob Christensen and Chris Glenn), SPEEA's Legislative and Public Affairs (L&PA) Chair (Brenda Carlson), and our Legislative Staff focal (Kristin Farr) examined how issues might impact SPEEA members and to bring back the news.

Lobby Day 2001 was full of action, interaction and issues. I learned about many legislative bills and their impacts on the working family.

House Representative and Senate speakers, along with Washington Governor Gary Locke, addressed the delegation.

During Gov. Locke's time, he called for a Collective Bargaining Bill for State Workers, maintaining an Ergonomic Law, and that the recommendations of the bi-partisan Transportation Blue Ribbon Commission be implemented to give our state back roads, ferries and rapid mass transit to save our economy, jobs and sanity. This means a tax increase. He said this is the toughest budget session in 10 years.

We had the opportunity to talk with Senator Dow Constantine from the 34th District. The senator asked us about our experiences with ergonomic injuries. The leading cause of injuries in our state, ergonomic injuries affect 50,000 workers annually. The senator encouraged the delegation to summit their comments on the ergonomic bills (HB1896, SB5882).

Another example of key bills before the state legislature is the Family Leave Insurance Act. Information gained during Lobby Day resulted in a recent motion to the SPEEA Council regarding the Family Leave Insurance Act (HB1520, SB5420). Proposed by Brenda Carlson and I, the SPEEA Council voted to support the proposed bill. When this bill becomes law, each one of us will benefit. We will be able to afford to take critical family leave and receive at least partial pay. Information about this and other important labor-friendly bills is available on the SPEEA website and will be available in upcoming newsletters.

It's safe to say the entire delegation found Lobby Day 2001 a valuable experience. The information gathered and contacts made should continue to bring positive results to SPEEA. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend.
Union representatives descending on Washington (l to r): Chris Glenn, Lori Bechtold, Bob Christensen, Brenda Carlson, Kristin Farr and Judy Campbell

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Annual enrollment-Medical, Dental, LTD, VPA and eligible domestic partners

The health & welfare annual enrollment period for SPEEA-represented employees covered by the Puget Sound Contracts has been set. During the period from May 1st through 25th, employees may:

* Change their medical or dental plan coverage

* Opt to purchase Long-Term Disability Insurance

* Enroll their eligible same-gender domestic partner in coverage for Medical, Dental and/or VPA

Prior to the annual enrollment period, employees will receive information in the mail. It will also be posted on the Boeing Compensation & Benefits Web site at:

NOTE: This open enrollment period for Long-Term Disability Insurance coverage is offered for the first time in several years, an option that SPEEA has requested. Normally employees are only allowed to sign up for this LTD insurance at their new-hire orientation.

Effective Date of changes

Any changes for SPEEA-represented employees requested during this open enrollment period will become effective July 1, 2001.

Plan Comparisons available

There are four plans to choose from, and all the plans are different. No one plan is the best for everyone. Prior to making your selection, you should closely evaluate the terms of the plan, and types of coverage they offer. If there are ongoing medical situations you are having treated, or if you know of treatment needs in the future, take those into consideration. Hewitt, the plan administrator, will provide comparisons to people who call in (1-888-747 2016) - or they can connect you to a specific plan directly if you have questions during the open enrollment period.

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It's Your Vote... It's Your Benefits

Can you afford to lose any more benefits? Soon we will be voting on our first WTPU contract that will ensure our benefits and rights as represented employees. This vote will result in a contract that determines your economic future here at the Boeing Company. Only those with a SPEEA membership will be allowed to participate in this historic event.

The function of SPEEA is to represent and serve the career and economic interests of our bargaining unit with competence, integrity and action. One of the guiding principles of SPEEA states that everyone is to be treated with mutual respect. A survey went out to all the employees in our bargaining unit. SPEEA values the opinion of members and non-members alike. Your opinions were used to develop the contract proposal that was presented to the company.

SPEEA recognizes that the employees and employer have a shared destiny. We each share in the economic existence of The Boeing Company. We each contribute to the welfare of the Company by coming to work and doing our jobs to the best of our abilities. All should benefit from our dedication to doing a good job. We partner with the Company in giving them a job well done in exchange for a wage and benefit package. We want that package to be fair and equitable.

Our destiny is now before us. Each one of us has the responsibility to be involved with our future. We can take an active interest in deciding this future or we can sit idly by and let it be determined by others that have no interest with our well-being.

To have a voice, you must vote. To vote you must sign a membership card. There is strength in numbers. We must show our unity in our membership numbers. The company respects strength. Weakness will result in a weak contract. Unity rules our futures. We must stand united in this together. It is not too late; sign a membership card today.

Benefits of a Contract, a chance to Partner with the Company

By John Poettker, Midwest Regional Council Secretary

SPEEA Wichita engineers currently have an opportunity to foster a partnership with the Company through Quarterly Labor/Management Business Meetings.

Quarterly meetings are held between the SPEEA Wichita Council Representatives, SPEEA Wichita Contract Administrators, Boeing Human Resources and Business Unit Representatives. In these meetings, Boeing Directors share information about business plans such as workforce planning, subcontracting, surplus activity, employment of contract people and other areas of interest.

This meeting can benefit us in many ways. When management wants to go with new products and plans, we can help them by identifying new skills, helping current workers acquire those skills, developing career pathways and stabilizing employment.

The value of partnerships is that we both gain. Boeing gets the motivated, skilled workforce they need; and we get the chance to learn, grow and participate in a more stable future - a future that's more profitable for us both.

Wichita Negotiations

For the latest news on contract negotiations visit:

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Women on the Move" Forum

Thursday, May 3, 2001

WestCoast Bellevue Hotel

625-116th Ave NE, Bellevue

SPEEA's Women's Advocacy Committee has scheduled their Fifth Annual "Women on the Move" forum - a panel event featuring successful women.

This year's speakers are yet to be determined, but will include experienced women who will share information about their success and advise attendees how to be successful. (Watch our website and other publications for speakers' names.)

ALL women (and men) who work at Boeing are invited to participate, but space is limited to the first 120 who sign up. The event is FREE to SPEEA members. We encourage nonmembers to attend for a nominal charge of $5 to help offset costs. (The $5 is refundable if you decide to join SPEEA.) Refreshments and social/networking will take place from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. The forum will run from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

If you are a member, you can register by e-mailing your name, clock number & work phone to: If you are NOT a member, you can send your $5 check (payable to "SPEEA") to: SPEEA WAC Forum, 15205 - 52nd Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98188.

DEADLINE for registration is Friday, April 20th. For information, call Robbi at (206) 433-0995, ext. 126.

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Annual SPEEA Picnic

Saturday, July 28 - Woodland Park

This year's annual picnic has been set for Saturday, July 28th at Woodland Park Shelter #3. Mark your calendar and plan to attend this fun event. We'll have volleyball, bean-bag toss and entertainment starting at 10:30 a.m. Lunch will be served from noon to 1:00 p.m. SPEEA will provide the hotdogs/ sausages, buns, condiments and soda pop. We ask that each of you bring a potluck dish of your choice (appetizer, salad or dessert) - perhaps your "burn barrel specialty"!

Starting at 1:00 p.m., we'll have games for every age group from smallest children to adults. Prizes will be awarded to the game winners. Activities will wrap up about 3:00 p.m.

Tickets will go on sale in early June, at a cost of $2 per person 11 and older (children under 11 are FREE). [Watch for names & phone numbers of the ticket seller at your plant site in upcoming publications, bulletin board notices and on our website.] Please purchase your ticket in advance to aid in planning final logistics. We'll also have tickets for sale at our offices.

If you'd like to help in the planning, coordinating and carrying out of this picnic, contact Robbi at SPEEA on (206) 433-0995, ext. 126 or email

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SPEEA's 5th annual Camping/River-Rafting trip
June 1-3, 2001

Join your fellow SPEEA members and friends for a thrilling ride on Washington's most well-known white-
water river, the Wenatchee River. Combine sunshine, adrenaline, the Cascades & engulfing whitewater to produce a day you'll never forget. Then share your experiences around the campfire later in the day.

We will be guided by Pacific Rim Expeditions, whose guides have run commercial river trips together for many years. Personal attention is given to safety, professionalism, and a genuine commitment to enjoyment of the trip. Equipment is of the highest quality, and each guide possesses years of experience with first-aid and CPR training.

We have reserved space at Tumwater Campground (located on the north side of Highway 2, ten miles west of Leavenworth) for both Friday & Saturday nights, June 1 & 2. Come camp overnight in this beautiful park located on the Wenatchee River. Enjoy hiking, fishing, games, camaraderie and a potluck dinner on Saturday night, reminiscing the day's white-water experiences.

We'll be rafting the river on Saturday, June 2. We'll gather that morning in Leavenworth and be bussed to the "put in" spot. We'll spend the afternoon floating (?!?) down to Wenatchee River State Park, then be bussed back to our cars.

COST PER PERSON: $55 (After May 1st, it's $60). Includes rafting fee with lunch on Saturday, plus two nights' camping fees, games and prizes.

TO REGISTER: Limited space is available. To reserve your spot, complete the coupon below, and return with your check(s) to: SPEEA Rafting Trip, 15205 - 52nd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98188.

If you have questions, please contact Robbi Alberts at w: (206) 433-0995, ext. 126 or h: (425) 235-6348 or email "".

RESERVATION FORM - SPEEA Rafting/Camping trip

Enclosed is my check (payable to SPEEA) in the amount of $_____ for __ people at $55 each ($60 after May 1) for the June 2 rafting trip.

Name____________________________________Clock # ___________

Email: _____________________________________________________

Phone: W: ( ___ )________________ H: ( ___ ) ____________________

Address ___________________________________________________


GUEST(s) NAME(s) : ___________________________________________________

(include age if under 21)

Enclosed is a separate check (payable to "Pacific Rim Expeditions") in the amount of $________ for:

___ wetsuit & booties @ $10 each ___ booties only @ $3 each (Please include Name, Height, Weight & Shoe Size for each order)

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Annual SPEEA Golf Tournament

(mark your calendar for Saturday, July 21 … we’ll be at Gold Mountain’s "Olympic Course" near Bremerton, one of the top rated courses in the state…watch for detailed flyer)

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Be sure to USE your VACATION!

Just a reminder, you need to start monitoring your vacation account to assure that you do not stop accruing vacation credits. Under the new vacation plan, if your vacation account reaches the maximum hours allowed, accrual will cease until hours drop back under the allowable amount. Check here for the "maximum hours allowed" table and for a "vacation calculator" link.

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Robbi Alberts marks 25 years at SPEEA

Robbi Alberts had recently moved to the area seeking employment when aa labor union called to ask if she would like to interview for a secretarial position.

It was March 1976 and the organization, the Seattle Professional Engineering Employees Association (SPEEA), offered her the job.

Robbi quickly advanced to publications editor and administrative assistant to the executive director. On March 15, she marked 25 years with SPEEA, making her the second most senior employee (just two years behind Comptroller Jimmie Bergeron).

"I never thought it would last this long," she said. "I like staying busy and this job has always kept me busy. I guess I've never really had time to look for a new job."

Her knowledge of the organization, and efficiency with a wide variety of tasks, has earned Robbi the respect of members and fellow staff members.

SPEEA President Craig Buckham said Robbi is the central cog for more than a dozen key processes.

"Robbi has the ability to handle an enormous amount of work and do it all well," Buckham said. "It's amazing."

Mrs. Alberts has watched the SPEEA staff grow from one dozen employees in 1976 to the current 29 employees. She has worked with three executive directors and sat through eight rounds of contract negotiations with Boeing.

She notes all of the negotiations sessions, except for one, were enjoyable. Fellow negotiators credit Robbi for being the first to blast the Company during the 1999 negotiations that eventually led to the 40-day strike.

"It wasn't right what they did," she recalled.

The job was, and remains, a fantastic fit, said Charles Bofferding, executive director and Mrs. Alberts' boss for the past 10 years.

"Every organization needs a Robbi Alberts," said Bofferding. "She can do just about anything there is to do around SPEEA. When she takes on a job you don't have to worry. You know it will get done and done correctly."

Robbi said the best part of her years at SPEEA has been meeting members and working cooperatively with other staff members.

"When everyone pitches in to accomplish something, and we all work together, that's what I really like," she said.

She enjoys helping members and endures helping non-members, one reason Mrs. Alberts was pleased to see last year's passage of the Agency Fee vote.

While marking 25 years, Robbi plans to be around SPEEA for a while longer.

"I've grown into this job," she said. "I never really imagined I would be here this long. But, now I can't really imagine what else I would have done."

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Classified Advertising is provided free-of-charge to SPEEA members. The editor has full and final authority to make decisions concerning publication of each ad. SPEEA is not responsible for the authenticity or validity of ads or the quality of merchandise advertised in the SPOTLITE.

Ads are limited to 25 words or less, must be received by the 10th of the previous month and receive priority on a "first-come, first-serve" basis. To submit an ad, include your name, address, home and work phone numbers, and your clock number. Ads are published once and must be resubmitted for each subsequent monthly publication. No more than two ads per member can be accepted each month. Submit your completed ad by:

15205 52nd Ave S - Seattle, Washington 98188
(206) 248-3990

Classified advertising is also available on Boeing's internal web at


Hartstene Island, N. End - "Island House", 2 BD, near clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis, BB courts. All appliances included. Ready for weekend retreats. $57,500. Call (206) 662-4450.


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North Oregon Coast oceanview 2 BD/2 BA, fireplace, pool/spa, near beach and golf. Rates: $105-125/night. $750/week summer. or 1-888-349-5304.

Beautiful 2 bdrm condo, Kihei Maui. All amenities, avail. April 15 on. Call Barbara - (206) 244-1830 evenings.

Koilma-Kena Condo. 1 BD/1 BA, ocean view, pool, well equipped, A/C in BR. $450 + tax/wk. (425) 883-1170.

If you are going to Rio, please inquire at email: for information on guided sightseeing tours. It might complete your vacation. (253) 838-4276.


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Profitable variety store. Southeastern Montana. 8,200 square feet sales floor plus efficiency apartments on second floor. $450K. Owner retiring. Call Bob at (406) 365-7729.


Fishing tackle: seeking those forgotten tackle boxes in the garage or attic containing wooden salmon or bass plugs, reels, creels, poles. Call Larry (425) 392-1632 (evenings).

"GERMAN WAR SOUVENIRS" from WWI & WWII . Top cash for authentic items. What do you have or know of ? Call Ron (425)432-3282


Professional wedding photographer, will develop and print film, and deliver BOTH proofs and negatives for the set price of $1,000. Sarah Church (253) 946-6950.

recycled laser printer cartridges. Le$$ expensive than buying new, 100% guaranteed, pick-up and delivery included. Call 1-888-608-1674 or (425) 353-3597.

Rising utility bills? Reduce your dependency on utility companies by using alternative and renewable energy. Call Tom (360) 579-2730 or

Free childrens books! Host an Usborne book party and choose from 1,000 titles. Call nancy for details.(425) 483-8910.

Subscription rate: $2 per year, $2 of the annual membership dues is paid as a year's subscription to the SPEEA SPOTLITE.

Reproduction rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without permission of the editor. When permission is granted, material must be used in context and credit given to the SPEEA SPOTLITE.

Original articles and feedback are solicited.

Executive Director, Charles Bofferding
Chairman of Communications, Jerry Robinson
Editor, Robbi Alberts
Art Direction, Wayne Schwisow

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Art Direction, Wayne Schwisow

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