Technical Unit Salary Charts

Data as of 3/6/2016

2016 salary charts for Prof and Tech units

Detailed salary charts for the Prof and Tech bargaining units at The Boeing Company are posted with 2016 selective salary adjustments.

SPEEA posts the charts online as a tool for members to see how their careers are progressing and to help with conversations about performance and career management. Members can access salary charts using their BEMSID and last name.

About the online charts

Salary charts were developed for every unique combination of bargaining unit, job family and occupation with more than 10 eligible individuals. In addition, each skill management code (SMC) with more than 25 individuals eligible for the salary exercise received their own additional salary chart.  Salary Charts containing 10-19 individuals receive 4 charts, and those with 20+ have all 6 charts. 

Promotional and out-of-sequence

Salary adjustments since the 2015 annual salary review and prior to the 2016 salary review are summarized below. For data specific to individual jobs codes.

The online charts, E and F, include the number of reclassifications/promotions and other out-of-sequence (OOS) increases by level as well as average increase amount. The minimum promotional increases are $2,500 for Techs and $3,500 for Profs.

Note: The figures shown here reflect data for individuals eligible for the salary exercise.

Bargaining Unit Count of  Individuals Average Old Base Salary Average New Base Salary OOS Dollar Spent OOS As % of old base* # of OOS Avg OOS incr.

















Because in less than 0.5% was spent on the Professional and Technical bargaining units, an additional $1.9M (Prof) and $775k (Tech) was added to the Salary Review Funds

Salary adjustment distribution

SPEEA monitors the salary data to ensure the terms of the contracts are met. The Prof and Tech contractual salary review adjustment funds were 5.0%, with minimums for all eligible employees of 2.0% for Profs and 2.5% for Techs. Actual funds spent were 5.120% for Profs and 5.156% for Techs. In addition to the salary review adjustment funds, the Prof and Tech contracts guarantee at least 0.5% to be spent on reclassifications/promotions and other out-of-sequence increases. Because less than 0.5% was spent on the Professional and Technical bargaining units, an additional $1.9M (Prof) and $775k (Tech) were added to the Salary Review Funds.

Below is a list of all of the charts prepared. The title is a concatenation of the chart number, the major organization, the occupation, the job family and, if applicable, the skills management code. For example, "06-BCAG-6E3J.pdf" is chart number 6, for the major organization BCAG, the occupation 6E, job family 3J. The best source for your current job classification and skills management code (SMC) is the Boeing web site "MyBoeing + TotalAccess + My Profile".

NOTE: Some people in the workplace have reported difficulty viewing the files on account of the default security settings for Internet Explorer. Downloading the file by right-mouse-clicking and choosing “Save Target As” or “Save Link to Disk” may be a work-around. Alternatively, you can contact Boeing Computing Support, to have them enter the domain as a trusted site on your computer.


59-BCAG-6G5F 177-BCAG-DARU-D08
60-BCAG-6D2D 182-BCAG-6H6G-6F2
61-BCAG-ECBX 184-BCAG-6G5E-634
64-BCAG-6E3P 187-EOT-6H6G-67F
65-BDS-6B1F 193-BCAG-6H6F-67J
69-BDS-6G5E 198-BCAG-6H6F-67M
71-EOT-6G5E 200-EOT-6L9C-61X
76-BCAG-DASD 207-BCAG-6G5F-65X
79-BCAG-DFKF 211-BCAG-6H6G-67G
80-BCAG-6E3J 213-BCAG-ECBX-E21
81-BCAG-6E3K 214-EOT-6F4C-6C2
82-BCAG-GDB8 220-BCAG-6K8E-61R
83-BDS-DFKD 223-BDS-6H6G-67F
86-BCAG-GBA7 224-BCAG-6E3P-65T
87-BCAG-GBA5 225-EOT-6F4C-6C1
93-BCAG-6E3L 228-BCAG-JACU-J14
94-EOT-6H6K 229-EOT-6L9C-61U
96-BCAG-GJF3 234-EOT-6F4C-6B4
97-EOT-6H6F 235-BDS-6G5E-636
99-BCAG-6F4C 240-BCAG-6D2D-65P
100-SSG-8AFU 243-EOT-6G5E-636
105-BDS-6L9C 245-BCAG-JACU-J54
108-EOT-6L9D 255-BCAG-8AFU-828