2015 Professional Unit salary charts

Data as of 3/6/2015

Detailed salary charts for the Prof and Tech bargaining units at The Boeing Company are posted with updated 2015 selective salary adjustments.

About the online charts

Salary charts were developed for every unique combination of bargaining unit, job family and occupation with more than 10 eligible individuals. In addition, each Skill Management Code (SMC) with more than 25 individuals eligible for the salary exercise received their own additional salary chart.

Promotional and Out-of-Sequence

Salary adjustments since the 2014 annual salary review and prior to the 2015 salary review are summarized in the charts. For data specific to individual jobs codes, search for the chart using the links below.

The online charts E and F include the number of reclassifications/promotions and other Out-of-Sequence (OOS) increases by level as well as average increase amount. The minimum promotional increases are $2,500 for Techs and $3,500 for Profs.

Note: The below figures reflect data for individuals eligible for the salary exercise.

Bargaining Unit

Count of  Individuals

Average Old
Base Salary

Average New
Base Salary

OOS Dollars

OOS As %
of old base*

# of

OOS incr.

















Because less than 0.5% was spent on the Professional and Technical bargaining units,
an additional $1.5M (Prof) and $543k (Tech) was added to the Salary Review Funds.

Salary adjustment distribution

SPEEA monitors the salary data to ensure the terms of the contracts are met. The Professional and Technical units' contractual salary review adjustment funds were 5.0%, with minimums for all eligible employees of 2.0% for Profs and 2.5% for Techs. Actual funds spent were 5.099% for Profs and 5.112% for Techs. In addition to the salary review adjustment funds, the Prof and Tech contracts guarantee at least 0.5% to be spent on reclassifications/promotions and other out-of-sequence increases. Because in less than 0.5% was spent on the Prof and Tech bargaining units, an additional $1.5M (Prof) and $543k (Tech) was added to the Salary Review Funds.


The Compa-Ratio is the ratio of an employee’s salary to the Salary Reference Table (SRT) market reference middle value for the employee’s job family and level. Employees having a Compa-Ratio greater than one indicates they are paid more than the market reference. Conversely, a Compa-Ratio less than one shows that salary is less than the market reference.

Salary Reference Tables

Salary Reference Tables (SRTs) are built by Boeing for each job, occupation and level. They are adjusted annually based on market and business conditions. The SRT minimum is 70% of the SRT midpoint and the SRT maximum is 125% of the SRT midpoint.

Below is a list of all of the charts prepared. The title is a concatenation of the chart number, the major organization, the occupation, the job family and, if applicable, the skills management code. For example, "11-BCAG-6AJA-62Y.pdf" is chart number 11, for the major organization BCAG, the occupation 6A, job family JA and skills management code 62Y. The best source for your current job classification and skills management code (SMC) is the Boeing web site "MyBoeing + TotalAccess + My Profile.".

NOTE: Some people in the workplace have reported difficulty viewing the files on account of the default security settings for Internet Explorer. Downloading the file by right-mouse-clicking and choosing “Save Target As” or “Save Link to Disk” may be a work-around. Alternatively, you can contact Boeing Computing Support, to have them enter the domain as a trusted site on your computer


1-BCAG-6G5D 148-BCAG-6H6D-661
2-BCAG-6G5C 150-EOT-6J7B-6D6
4-BCAG-6K8C 153-EOT-6F4B-6A7
5-BCAG-6H6H 154-BCAG-6K8C-675
7-EOT-6F4B 155-BCAG-6H6H-66S
8-EOT-6L9B 156-BCAG-6B1C-679
9-BCAG-6B1B 157-BCAG-6E3B-655
12-BCAG-6E3C 159-EOT-6F4B-6B5
13-BDS-6J7B 162-BCAG-6B1C-652
16-BCAG-6G5B 163-BCAG-6G5B-63A
17-BDS-6K8C 165-EOT-6L9B-64C
18-BCAG-6B1C 166-BDS-6K8C-6D9
19-BCAG-6C1L 167-BCAG-6E3C-63P
20-BCAG-6E3B 169-BCAG-6G5B-62D
21-BCAG-DFKE 173-BCAG-6E3E-651
22-BCAG-6E3D 174-BCAG-6K8C-602
23-EOT-6J7B 175-EOT-6F4B-6A8
27-BCAG-6H6D 177-BCAG-6D2E-671
30-BCAG-8AAG 178-BDS-6G5D-63Y
31-BDS-6G5D 180-BCAG-6G5D-698
32-BCAG-6J7B 182-BCAG-6J7B-6D6
33-EOT-6D2B 184-BCAG-6D2H-64H
34-BCAG-6E3E 185-EOT-6F4B-6B6
35-BCAG-JADE 186-BDS-6K8C-6G7
41-BCAG-6D2H 188-BDS-6G5C-647
42-SSG-8AAJ 189-BCAG-6K8C-6C9
44-EOT-6B1D 190-BCAG-6F4B-6A7
45-BDS-6G5C 192-BCAG-JADE-J71
47-BDS-6G5B 193-BCAG-6E3B-656
48-BCAG-6E3G 194-EOT-6L9B-64D
50-BCAG-GFD1 195-BCAG-6E3G-672
51-BCAG-6B1E 196-BCAG-6K8C-62U
53-BCAG-GBA3 199-EOT-6L9B-680
54-BDS-6H6H 200-BCAG-6B1E-62Q
55-EOT-6K8C 201-BCAG-8AAG-822
58-EOT-6B1E 203-BCAG-8AAG-821
60-BCAG-6E3F 205-BCAG-6H6B-60
64-BDS-6L9B 207-BCAG-6E3F-654
66-BCAG-7AED 208-BDS-6G5B-63B
69-EOT-6G5D 209-BDS-6J7B-6D8
72-BDS-6H6B 211-BDS-6J7B-6D7
73-EOT-6H6H 214-BCAG-6K8C-6D9
74-BDS-6B1D 215-EOT-6B1D-676
78-EOT-6C1L 217-BCAG-6E3B-6E3
83-EOT-6C1M 218-BCAG-6K8C-62R
84-BDS-JADE 219-BDS-6H6H-66R
87-BDS-6D2E 221-BCAG-6B1B-6E2
90-EOT-6E3D 225-EOT-6F4B-6B8
92-BCAG-GBA2 227-BCAG-6K8C-6G7
93-EOT-6G5B 228-EOT-6D2B-66D
94-SSG-8AAG 229-EOT-6F4B-6B3
96-BCAG-6L9B 230-BCAG-7AED-701
97-BCAG-GLG1 231-EOT-6L9B-657
99-EOT-6E3B 235-BCAG-6H6H-66T
100-BDS-GBA1 236-BCAG-6G5B-66A
101-Utah-BDS-6L9B 237-EOT-6D2B-66E
103-EOT-7ABS 238-BDS-6L9B-680
104-BDS-6C1L 240-BDS-6B1B-664
105-Utah-BDS-6K8C 242-BCAG-6K8C-62P
108-BDS-GLG1 244-EOT-6L9B-63Z
109-Utah-BDS-6J7B 246-BCAG-6K8C-6F9
114-BDS-6E3B 249-BCAG-6G5B-6E4
115-BDS-6E3D 250-BDS-6H6B-62E
117-EOT-7AED 251-BCAG-6J7B-6D7
118-EOT-DFKE 252-EOT-6B1D-64Y
121-BDS-6H6D 253-BDS-6G5D-698
124-EOT-6B1B 254-BCAG-6K8C-6AL
129-BCAG-GKF5 255-EOT-6F4B-6B2
130-EOT-6D2H 256-SSG-8AAJ-826
131-BDS-6E3E 257-SSG-8AAJ-825
132-BCAG-6G5D-63Y 259-EOT-6G5D-63Y
134-BCAG-6G5C-639 261-EOT-6L9B-63R
135-BCAG-6G5C-647 262-BDS-6B1E-64U
136-BCAG-6H6H-66R 264-EOT-6B1E-62Q
138-BCAG-6H6B-62E 265-BCAG-6K8C-6G3
139-BCAG-6B1B-664 266-EOT-6C1L-6A3
141-BCAG-6E3C-643 267-EOT-6H6H-66R
142-BDS-6J7B-6D6 271-EOT-6F4B-6B7
143-BCAG-6C1L-6A3 273-BDS-6K8C-62U
144-BCAG-DFKE-D26 277-EOT-6C1M-6M1
145-BCAG-6E3D-6A2 278-EOT-6L9B-63C
147-EOT-6L9B-689 279-BDS-6B1C-652