Professional Unit Salary Charts

Data as of 3/7/2014

Below is a list of all of the charts prepared. The title is a concatenation of the chart number, the major organization, the occupation, the job family and, if applicable, the skills management code. For example, "11-BCAG-6AJA-62Y.pdf" is chart number 11, for the major organization BCAG, the occupation 6A, job family JA and skills management code 62Y. The best source for your current job classification and skills management code (SMC) is the Boeing web site "MyBoeing + TotalAccess + My Profile.".

NOTE: Some people in the workplace have reported difficulty viewing the files on account of the default security settings for Internet Explorer. Downloading the file by right-mouse-clicking and choosing “Save Target As” or “Save Link to Disk” may be a work-around. Alternatively, you can contact Boeing Computing Support, to have them enter the domain as a trusted site on your computer

2014 Prof Summary