2013 Professional Unit Salary Charts

2013 SPEEA Salary Charts

Contractual salary increases were distributed to Professional and Technical bargaining units at The Boeing Company effective March 8, 2013. The salary adjustment pools were:

Bargaining Unit

Contractual Fund Size

Minimum Increase

Professional Unit



Technical Unit



Boeing WEU


Note 1

Note 1: A minimum of 3% over the life of the 3-year contract is guaranteed to continuous employees.

Data as of 3/8/2013

Below is a list of all of the charts prepared. The title is a concatenation of the chart number, the major organization, the occupation, the job family and, if applicable, the skills management code. For example, "11-BCAG-6AJA-62Y.pdf" is chart number 11, for the major organization BCAG, the occupation 6A, job family JA and skills management code 62Y. The best source for your current job classification and skills management code (SMC) is the Boeing web site "MyBoeing + TotalAccess + My Profile.".

NOTE: Some people in the workplace have reported difficulty viewing the files on account of the default security settings for Internet Explorer. Downloading the file by right-mouse-clicking and choosing “Save Target As” or “Save Link to Disk” may be a work-around. Alternatively, you can contact Boeing Computing Support, to have them enter the domain as a trusted site on your computer

2013 Prof Summary


1-BCAG-6G5C 151-BCAG-6K8C-675
2-BCAG-6G5D 152-EOT-6F4B-6B5
3-EOT-6F4B 153-BCAG-6B1C-679
4-BCAG-6K8C 154-BCAG-6H6D-661
5-BCAG-6H6H 155-BCAG-6B1C-652
6-BCAG-6B1B 156-BCAG-6E3B-655
7-EOT-6L9B 157-BDS-6K8C-6D9
8-BDS-6J7B 158-BCAG-6G5B-63A
9-BCAG-6H6B 159-EOT-6L9B-64C
10-BCAG-6E3C 160-BCAG-6B1B-622
11-BCAG-6G5B 161-BCAG-6E3C-63P
12-BDS-6K8C 162-BCAG-6H6H-66S
13-BCAG-6B1C 163-BCAG-6G5D-698
15-EOT-6J7B 165-BCAG-6G5B-62D
16-BCAG-6C1L 166-EOT-6F4B-6A8
17-BCAG-6E3D 167-BCAG-6E3E-651
18-BCAG-DFKE 168-BCAG-6D2E-671
19-BCAG-6H6D 169-BCAG-6K8C-602
20-EOT-6D2B 170-BDS-6G5D-63Y
21-BDS-6G5D 171-BCAG-6H6B-6E1
22-BCAG-GBA3 172-BCAG-6K8C-6C9
23-BCAG-6J7B 173-BDS-6K8C-6G7
24-BCAG-8AAG 174-BCAG-6J7B-6D6
25-BDS-6B1E 175-BCAG-6D2H-64H
26-BCAG-6E3E 176-BDS-6J7B-6D8
27-BCAG-6D2E 177-EOT-6F4B-6B6
28-BCAG-JADE 178-BDS-6G5C-647
29-BCAG-GFD1 179-BCAG-6E3B-656
30-EOT-6K8C 180-BCAG-6F4B-6A7
32-BCAG-6F4B 182-BCAG-6E3G-672
33-BDS-6G5C 183-BCAG-6E3B-6E3
34-BDS-6B1B 184-EOT-6D2B-66D
35-EOT-6B1D 185-BCAG-6E3F-654
36-SSG-8AAJ 186-EOT-6L9B-64D
37-BDS-6G5B 187-BDS-6J7B-6D7
38-BCAG-6E3G 188-BCAG-6B1E-62Q
39-BCAG-6B1E 189-BCAG-JADE-J71
40-EOT-6B1E 190-BCAG-6K8C-62R
41-BCAG-6E3F 191-EOT-6F4B-6B8
42-BDS-6L9B 192-EOT-6L9B-680
43-BCAG-GBA1 193-EOT-6D2B-66E
45-EOT-6G5D 195-BCAG-6B1B-6E2
46-BCAG-GBA2 196-BCAG-6K8C-62U
47-EOT-6H6H 197-BDS-6G5B-63B
48-BCAG-7AED 198-BDS-6B1B-664
49-BDS-6B1D 199-BCAG-8AAG-822
50-BDS-6B1C 200-BDS-6L9B-680
51-EOT-6C1L 201-BCAG-6G5B-6E4
52-BDS-6H6B 202-BCAG-8AAG-821
53-BCAG-GLG1 203-EOT-6F4B-6B3
54-EOT-6E3D 204-BCAG-6K8C-6G3
56-BDS-GBA1 206-BCAG-6H6H-66T
57-BDS-6E3D 207-BDS-6H6H-66R
58-BDS-6D2E 208-EOT-6L9B-63Z
59-BDS-GLG1 209-EOT-6B1D-676
60-EOT-6C1M 210-BCAG-6G5B-66A
62-EOT-7ABS 212-BCAG-6K8C-6D9
63-BCAG-GKF5 213-EOT-6G5D-63Y
64-BDS-6E3B 214-EOT-6L9B-657
65-BDS-GBA3 215-BCAG-6K8C-6G7
66-EOT-6B1B 216-EOT-6B1D-64Y
67-EOT-7AED 217-BCAG-6K8C-62P
68-BDS-6C1L 218-BCAG-7AED-701
69-EOT-6G5C 219-BDS-6G5D-698
70-BCAG-6E3H 220-BDS-6B1E-64U
71-BDS-6E3E 221-EOT-6H6H-66R
73-BDS-6H6D 223-BDS-6K8C-6C9
74-EOT-6G5B 224-BCAG-6J7B-6D7
134-Utah-BDS-6K8C 225-EOT-6C1L-6A3
135-Utah-BDS-6L9B 226-EOT-6F4B-6B2
136-Utah-BDS-6J7B 227-BDS-6H6B-62E
137-BCAG-6G5D-63Y 228-SSG-8AAJ-825
138-BCAG-6G5C-639 229-SSG-8AAJ-826
139-BCAG-6G5C-647 230-BCAG-6K8C-6AL
140-BCAG-6H6H-66R 231-BDS-6K8C-62U
141-BCAG-6H6B-62E 232-EOT-6B1E-62Q
142-BCAG-6B1B-664 233-BCAG-GLG1-GLA
143-BDS-6J7B-6D6 234-EOT-6D2B-670
144-BCAG-6E3C-643 235-BCAG-6G5B-6G5
145-BCAG-6C1L-6A3 236-EOT-6K8C-64R
146-BCAG-6E3D-6A2 237-EOT-6F4B-6B7
147-EOT-6J7B-6D6 238-EOT-6J7B-6D7
148-BCAG-DFKE-D26 239-BDS-6B1D-676
149-EOT-6L9B-689 240-EOT-6K8C-6F8