Boeing - Wichita Engineers Unit Charts

Data as of 3/8/2013

Below is a list of all of the charts prepared. The title is a concatenation of the chart number, the SPEEA unit, the occupation, the job family and, if applicable, the skills management code. For example , "02-WEU-B6B1E.pdf" is chart number 2, for Boeing Wichita, occupation 6B, job family 1E. The best source for your current job classification and skills management code (SMC) is the Boeing web site "MyBoeing + TotalAccess + My Profile".

NOTE: Some people in the workplace have reported difficulty viewing the files due to the default security settings for Internet Explorer. Downloading the file by right-mouse-clicking and choosing “Save Target As” or “Save Link to Disk” may be a work-around. Alternatively, you can contact Boeing Computing Support, to have them enter the domain as a trusted site on your computer.