Spirit AeroSystems
2012 Wichita Engineering Unit and Wichita Technical and Professional Unit salary charts

About the charts

All employees eligible for the salary exercise are grouped by occupation and job family.

No charts are printed for employee groups having fewer than 10 employees. This is done to give a measure of confidentiality on individual salaries.

For groups with 10 or more employees, four charts are prepared. For groups with 20 or more employees, two additional charts (a total of six) are prepared. Job families with 25 or more employees in a single skill management code (SMC) also get an SMC-specific set of six charts.

Other details about the charts include:

  • Compa-Ratio is defined as salary divided by the salary reference table (SRT) middle value for the job family and level.

  • The SPEEA salary charts online include the number and average amount of upgrades and out-of-sequence (OOS) increases on charts E & F.

  • You will need your employee identification number to access the charts.
1 - WEU - Spirit - 6AJA
2 - WEU - Spirit - DHKZ
8 - WTPU - Spirit - DGKH