No change to Boeing’s performance management for 2010


The Boeing Company’s recent changes to the performance management process do not apply to SPEEA-represented employees.


The company’s changes include the use of a “self-assessment” form and the introduction of a “performance management feedback” form. The late notice of these changes does not allow adequate review by union officials (section 4.3 of the SPEEA contracts). Therefore, the performance management process remains unchanged for 2010.


While SPEEA has not agreed to the use of the new “self-assessment” form, it is an intuitive part of the performance management process.  The use of the form is voluntary. Employees should not be penalized for declining to participate in the self-assessment. 


SPEEA expressed concern about the use of a “performance management feedback” form. The primary concern is that the form asks other individuals (peers, contractors, leads, etc.) to rate the employee’s performance, i.e. “met expectations,” rather than simply providing input to the manager with respect to the accomplishments and contributions of the employee. This form should NOT be used by employees or managers.


SPEEA is always willing to work with Boeing, and all companies where members work, to enhance the performance management process. However, any changes need to be carefully reviewed and approved by SPEEA prior to implementation. Please contact your SPEEA Council Representative if you are directed to use these forms, or if you have questions about performance management.