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General Elections 2012
Candidates address aerospace and labor issues

The SPEEA and Northwest Legislative and Public Affairs (L&PA) Committees asked candidates to respond to questions on issues relevant to
more than 26,000 engineers, technical workers and pilots represented by SPEEA.

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Members are welcome to participate in the SPEEA regional and/or national L&PA committees. Contact Chelsea Orvella,
SPEEA legislative director, at for details.

The questionnaires went to both federal candidates in districts where members live and also candidates running for seats in the Washington state legislature. Per SPEEA governing documents, SPEEA does not endorse candidates nor donate to campaigns.

For candidate endorsements based on working-family issues:

  • Washington State Labor Council (WSLC) at (see link for political education).

  • Wichita Hutchinson Labor Federation at (see link for voter guide).

2012 State Candidate Questionnaire
  • State competitiveness: The 2011 Accenture Competitiveness Study, commissioned by the Washington Aerospace Partnership, identified several investments Washington must commit to, to remain competitive in the aerospace industry and others.  Some of which are listed below.  Building upon the work of the 2012 legislature, please describe what policies you would support to address the following on a long-term basis:
  • STEM: Increasing Washington graduates with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) degrees and ensuring our public investment gives graduates direct access to local family-wage job opportunities.
  • R/D: Bolstering publicly supported R&D (e.g., via the Joint Center for Aerospace Technology Innovation) and ensuring the commercialization of this investment by Washington industries.
  • Transportation: Addressing the state’s growing transportation infrastructure needs.
  • Union Representation: SPEEA represents workers in “right-to-work” states, including Kansas and Utah.  We know first-hand how such laws affect workers’ voices in the workplace, community and in government.  Would you support or oppose “right-to-work” legislation in Washington?  Do you support or oppose the right of public sector workers to collectively bargain?
  • Job Security: The technical workforce is increasingly impacted by deindustrialization and globalization, via offshore outsourcing and the misuse of temporary worker visa programs (H-1B, L-1).  These trends drive down wages, increase unemployment and discourage entry into technical fields.  What policies do you support to protect and create living-wage jobs in Washington?
  • Trade and State Procurement: Recently, the State of New York contracted with IBM to modernize its unemployment claims system. IBM performs this work using temporary workers from India. California rebuilt the new Bay Bridge with steel from China, allowing China to increase its capacity and establish a market advantage for future orders.  Should state procurement policies seek the lowest possible prices in exchange for other measures of public good?  Are you concerned that current trade policies restrict the ability of states to enact local procurement policies?
  •  Campaign Financing: The 2010 Citizens United vs. FEC Supreme Court ruling drastically increased the level of unrestricted influence available to corporations (and unions to a lesser degree) via political contributions and the creation of “Super PACs.”  As this has changed the political landscape at all levels of government, do you support or oppose the campaign finance reforms established by Citizens United and to what degree?

2012 Federal Candidate Questionnaire
  • H-1B and L-1 Visas:  What role do you feel non-immigrant worker visa programs should play in the domestic economy?  What specific reforms do you support – if any – in the H-1B and L-1 visa programs to better protect temporary and domestic workers?
  • Offshore Outsourcing:  Would you support the Outsourcing Accountability Act (HR 3875) and/or other measures to bring transparency to corporate hiring practices and discourage the offshoring of U.S. jobs?
  • Trade:  As the Trans-Pacific Partnership is being negotiated, labor, industry and community groups have highlighted the unlevel playing field, lack of enforcement and imbalance between public and corporate interests in our current trade policies.  What specific reforms do you support – if any – in U.S. international trade policy to rebuild America’s industrial base?  How would you balance the necessity of trade with protections for workers?
  • Domestic Manufacturing Strategy:  How do you propose bolstering the domestic manufacturing sector and restoring a high level of family-wage jobs in these industries?
  • Health & Welfare:  In your opinion, what role should the federal government play to ensure workers and retirees have access to affordable healthcare coverage, adequate pensions and social security?
  • Workers Rights:  If re-introduced in the 113th Congress, would you support/oppose the Employee Free Choice Act, related to organizing rights?  Would you support/oppose the Computer Professionals Update Act (S. 1747), related to overtime protections?
  • STEM Education:  What policies would encourage domestic students and transitioning workers to choose careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields? How can we retain current STEM workers whose careers are disrupted by globalization and deindustrialization?
  • Campaign Financing:  The 2010 Citizens United vs. FEC Supreme Court ruling drastically increased the level of unrestricted influence available to corporations (and unions to a lesser degree) via political contributions and the creation of Super PACs.  Would you support Congressional efforts to reverse the effect of Citizens United on American politics?  If so, by what means?

2012 Washington state candidates for governor

Jay Inslee - D   Rob McKenna - R

See link to their responses

2012 State Candidate Responses

Find your district

Legislative District 1   Legislative District 17    
Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe, Sen (D) Sen. Don Benton, Sen (R) Terry Harder, Pos 1 (R) Matthew Krogh, Pos 2 (D)
Rep. Derek Stanford, Pos 1 (D) Rep. Tim Probst, Sen (D)
Legislative District 2 James Gizzi, Pos 2 (D) Rep. Cathy Dahlquist, Pos 1 (R) Speaker Frank Chopp, Pos 2 (D)
Bruce Lachney, Sen (D) Brian Gunn, Pos 1 (D) Kshama Sawant, Pos 2 (Soc.)
Greg Hartman, Pos 1 (D) Ralph Schmidt, Sen (D)
David Shehorn, Pos 2 (D) Rep. Cindy Ryu, Pos 1 (D) Rep. Hans Dunshee, Pos 1 (D)
Rep. Andy Billig, Sen (D) Robert Reedy, Pos 2 (R) Mary McNaughton, Pos 2 (D)
Nancy McLaughlin, Sen (R) Sen. Karen Fraser, Sen (D) 
Legislative District 45
Marcus Riccelli, Pos 1 (D) Rep. Chris Reykdal, Pos 1(D) Rep. Tina Orwall, Pos 1 (D) Rep. Larry Springer, Pos 2 (D)
Rep. Timm Ormsby, Pos 2 (D)
Sen. Christine Rolfes, Sen (D) Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon, Pos 2 (D) Rep. Gerald Pollet, Pos 1 (D)
Mark Mullett, Sen (D) Rep. Sherry Appleton, Pos 1 (D) Jessyn Farrell, Pos 2 (D)
Chad Magendanz, Pos 2 (R) Rep. Drew Hansen, Pos 2 (D) Daniel Griffey, Pos 1 (R) Sarajane Siegfriedt, Pos 2 (D)
David Spring, Pos 2 (D) Rep. Kathy Haigh, Pos 1 (D)
Sen. Jim Hargrove, Sen (D) Rep. Mark Hargrove, Pos 1 (R)
Dennis Dellwo, Pos 2 (D) Gael Tarleton, Pos 2 (D) Bud Sizemore, Pos 1 (D)
Dawn Morrell, Pos 1 (D) Andy Massagli, Pos 2 (R)
Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen, Sen (D) Bill Hilton, Pos 2 (D) Rep. John McCoy, Pos 1 (D) Rep. Pat Sullivan, Pos 2 (D)
Rep. Mike Sells, Pos 2 (D)
Jim Flynn, Pos 1 (D) Karin Ashabraner, Pos 1 (D) Rep. Ross Hunter, Pos 1 (D)
Steven Bergquist, Pos 2 (D) Linda Wright, Pos 1 (D) Cyrus Habib, Pos 2 (D)
Jack Connelly, Sen (D) Elizabeth Scott, Pos 2 (R)
Paul Spencer, Pos 1 (D) Rep. Jeannie Darneille, Sen (D) Carolyn Crain, Pos 2 (R)
. Rep. Laurie Jinkins, Pos 1 (D) Howard Pellett, Pos 2 - Green .
. Legislative District 28 .
    Yoshie Wong, Sen (D)   Maureen Judge, Sen (D)    
  Eric Choiniere, Pos 1 (D) Tim Eaves, Pos 1 (R)  
  Paul Wagemann, Pos 2 (R)    

2012 Federal Candidate Responses

Find your district

Washington   Oregon

Congressional District 1: Suzan Delbene (D)

Congressional District 1: Cong. Suzanne Bonamici (D)

Congressional District 2: Dan Matthews (R)

Congressional District 5: Cong. Kurt Schrader (D)

Congressional District 3: Jon Haugen (D)


Congressional District 5: Rich Cowan (D)

Congressional District 1: Cong. Rob Bishop (R)

Congressional District 6: Derek Kilmer (D)

Congressional District 2: Jay Seegmiller (D)

Congressional District 9:  Cong. Adam Smith (D)


Congressional District 25: Lee Rogers (D)