Dues for 2014 - $42.01

It takes money to run an organization, like a church, a club, or a union.  Dues are each member's investment to ensure that our organization has the strength and resources to be effective.  Union dues pay for contract negotiation expenses, office and support services, legal services, union newsletters and other communications, training for stewards (Council Representatives) and members, representation of members on the job, and helping new members organize into SPEEA. 

SPEEA members voted and approved how the union calculates and adjusts dues. The SPEEA Constitution (Section 3.3) provides for the recalculation of dues annually. Monthly dues are set at eighty-five hundredths (0.85) of the average hourly wage.

Dues are recalculated each January with the new rate taking effect with the first pay period in February. The calculation is based on a percentage of the average hourly rate of employees in all the SPEEA bargaining units combined. Per the SPEEA Constitution, dues are set at 85% of the average hourly rate.


About SPEEA Dues

SPEEA does not have an initiation fee

Members in newly organized bargaining 
units do not pay dues until the first contract is negotiated and ratified.

No portion of SPEEA dues is used for 
political activities.

Dues can be tax deductible.