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NLRB certifies pilot and instructors’ representation election

On Friday, May 18, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Region 19 certified the results of the recent union-authorization election and issued a Certification of Representation, making it official that Standards, Technical, and Safety pilots, along with Simulator Instructors are now part of the AMPA/SPEEA bargaining unit.  Copy of the Certification of Representation. The news was posted on the AFL-CIO blog shortly after it was announced.

A meeting is now being scheduled to bring all AMPA members together and discuss and plan for negotiations.

May 10, 2012
Boeing’s Safety, Technical, Standards and
simulator instructors vote to join SPEEA

Press Release May 10, 2012

SEATTLE – In a vote that more than doubles the number of pilots at The Boeing Company represented by SPEEA, pilots and instructors in Flight Training Services are joining the Airplane Manufacturing Pilots Association (AMPA) bargaining unit.

The year-long effort to join with fellow pilots culminated Thursday (May 10) when votes were counted at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Region 19 office in Seattle. The tally showed an overwhelming victory for union advocates with 48 ‘yes’ and 11 ‘no’ votes. The expanded AMPA/SPEEA bargaining unit now includes 105 members.

The newest members of the bargaining unit share the same concerns as AMPA and SPEEA about maintaining the quality of flight services and training in the face of Boeing’s continued use of contract workers.

“We didn’t have to do this, but we needed to have a stronger voice,” said Mike Coker, safety pilot and member of the organizing committee. “Our group has a lot of experience and we want to use it to ensure Boeing has the best training and support possible.”

Responsible for all technical, safety and flight standards, along with instructing in simulators, the newest members of AMPA/SPEEA work primarily in Renton. Like existing AMPA members, the work includes training the pilots of airline customers on Boeing aircraft, including the 787. AMPA pilots also deliver aircraft from Boeing factories to customers. The work takes members to training and customer facilities around the world.

“These pilots are respected throughout the aviation industry as the leaders in Flight Training and now they’ve taken a big step to gain the respect and voice they deserve at Boeing,” said SPEEA President Tom McCarty

“Boeing and SPEEA have had a successful collective bargaining relationship since 1946,” added SPEEA Executive Director Ray Goforth. “The growing ranks of professionals joining SPEEA will broaden and deepen that relationship.”

Join us and vote YES!

A strong, unified pilot corps only strengthens Boeing's ability to provide superior, standardized, world class service to our customers. Being a prior AMPA and ALPA member, I believe my professional success as a pilot can be better assured by having a strong unified pilot group working together to ensure our statement of work is protected. Strength through unity!

Joe Bracken,
Standards Pilot


We, the members of the Airplane Manufacturing Pilots Association (AMPA), welcome Safety, Technical and Standards Pilots and Simulator Instructors into
our SPEEA bargaining unit.

Every pilot and simulator instructor deserves fair treatment and a voice in the decisions affecting our work, our customers and the training we provide at The Boeing Company.

As one unified group, we will have a stronger voice to negotiate job security, wages, benefits, working conditions and the company's use of contractors over full-time employees.


Marcus Ballou

Matthew Bouzek

Richard Brown

Donald Canova

Jeffrey Chapman

Charles Christenson

Lisa Clark

Matthew Coleman

Richard Denton

Christopher Escola

Daniel Gamache

Brian Hansen

Robert Howe

Gregory Laxton

David Lilly

William Nelson

Anthony Nogales

Kennedy Panton

Ronald Peters

Gregg Pointon

Thad Shelton

Theodore Shropshire

Jon Sites

William Smith

Ian Sullivan

David Whitacre

James Wilkerson

As a former ALPA and AMPA member, I know the benefits and protections that a union can afford, while at the same time keeping the company's success as a priority. At this point, it is in all of our best interests to join AMPA. It is the only way to get back the stability, security and open communications that are necessary for a successful work environment.

Robert Botnick, Standards Pilot


More and more, Boeing says the crucial function of ensuring our products are operated safely and within design capabilities can
be done by contractors. This
marginalization of our work is distracting and creates an aura of uncertainty for the men and women who are proud Boeing Technical Pilots.

Affiliating with AMPA/SPEEA will create a working contract that guarantees compensation, benefits and stability and is a "Win-Win" for The Boeing Company, our customers and the dedicated employees of TFS.

Doug Allington,
Technical Pilot

As a four-year employee of Boeing's Training and Flight Services, I've witnessed a consistent and tireless effort to dismantle what once was a
world-class training facility.

Outsourcing more of our work to contractors jeopardizes the Boeing reputation, our customer service and the future of flight training. Joining SPEEA is the only way to protect our careers, our future and the far reaching reputation of The Boeing Company.

Bill Reed, Safety Pilot

As a founding member of AMPA, I know the union wasn't everyone's first choice, but it was the right choice.
Today, with Boeing's professed desire to outsource work to contractors and myopic focus on "the bottom line" at the expense of customer service and quality, joining AMPA and SPEEA is the only choice available for those of us concerned about our personal welfare, the future of training and truly meeting the needs of airplane buying customers.

Mike Coker, Safety Pilot

I have not been a supporter of unions in the past, but after 13 years, I am convinced Boeing does not value our input on anything to do with our work (training development, ATMS, flat panel trainer, scheduling).

I'm supporting the opportunity to join the Flight Training Airplanes group because I think it is the only way we can have a voice in the work. I also feel that we have never had a better relationship with the folks across the aisle than we do now.

Charlie Clayton,
Simulator Instructor


“After being seriously injured by a union in the past, and after considerable thought, I put it behind me because this union is clearly worthy of support. We need to open communication and to have a voice that can be heard. Your support is needed. In Boeing take pride we’re all on the same side!”

Bill Simmons, Simulator Instructor



Technical, Safety and Standards Pilots &
Flight Training Simulator Instructors

"We absolutely support Safety, Standards
and Technical pilots and Flight Training
Pilot Instructors joining AMPA/SPEEA.
Our elected council and membership are
behind you.

As a member of five SPEEA Negotiation
Teams, I've seen improvements in every
contract – including securing language requiring contractors to go before direct employees. Without a union, Boeing has absolute control. With a union,management must bargain in good faith. SPEEA's done that for 60 years. Without a union, you have no say at all."

SPEEA President Tom McCarty
Boeing engineer 39 years
Boeing Communications and
Sensor Systems

"AMPA welcomes and encourages Standards, Safety and Technical pilots and Flight Training Pilot Instructors to vote "Yes" and join our bargaining unit. We share the goal of preserving full-time jobs and making flight training the best for Boeing and customers by ensuring there is a professional core of full-time employees committed to excellence.

AMPA members saw immediately the benefits of our association with SPEEA. Now, we look forward to fully integrating with SPEEA in our next contract. The addition of Standards, Technical and Safety Pilots and Flight Training Pilot Instructors will enhance our unit's voice at the negotiation table with Boe
ing and benefit everyone."

AMPA President David Whitacre
Boeing Instructor Pilot 5 years

AMPA welcomes pilots
and instructors

As a direct response to inquiries for a meaningful
voice at work, Standards, Technical and Safety Pilots (ADPX), along with Flight Training Pilot Instructors,
are organizing to join the AMPA bargaining unit of SPEEA. Members of AMPA were  unanimous in their support welcoming ADPX pilots into their bargaining unit. After Boeing made several arguments to include Pilot Instructors as a way to prevent ADPX pilots from voting, AMPA members quickly met, discussed the situation and voted overwhelmingly Feb. 21 to include Pilot Instructors into the campaign to join the AMPA/SPEEA bargaining unit. Pilot Instructors
eagerly and overwhelmingly joined the organizing effort. 

Your rights to organize
The National Labor Relations Act (a federal law) provides employees the right to form, join, or assist
a labor union. This same law prohibits employers
from intimidating, coercing,or firing employees in retaliation for exercising their right to form, join, or assist unions. Employees have the right todiscuss forming a union and can distribute union literature during breaks, before and after work.

Know your rights at work

AMPA is part

Airplane Manufacturing Pilots Association
voted to seek SPEEA representation in
fall, 2010. After working through the transition, pilots voted unanimously
Feb. 2, 2011 to take the final step.
AMPA is now a new bargaining unit
within the SPEEA Northwest Region. AMPA pursued SPEEA after seeing our ranks shrink due to Boeing outsourcing
of pilot jobs.

Benefits of being part of SPEEA




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