Council Rep Information
Action Items
Council Representative
A Council Rep is a member leader who chose to take a more active role in SPEEA.
Selection Process
Become a Council Rep

SPEEA is divided into districts with one Council Rep allotted for every 200 members in the district. The SPEEA Tellers Committee determines this delineation.

Every two years, or as vacancies occur, members seeking to serve submit a Council Rep petition (available on the Forms & Petition page) for election. Council Reps are elected by members in the district to two-year terms. If only one member submits a petition for a position, no election is held and the member is seated in the position.

  • Represent members in the district on the Regional and SPEEA Councils where union policy is developed and approved.  
  • Represent co-workers in dealings with management, including Weingarten rights, partnership forums, performance issues, contract inforcement and disciplinary matters.
  • Build communication networks in their district.
  • Welcome new members to the workplace and union.
  • Encourage member participation in SPEEA activities.

Opportunities also include:

  • Partnership teams
  • Site Assemblies
  • Committees
Eligibility, Training and Support

Council Reps must have been regular members in good standing of SPEEA continuously for the preceding twelve-month period.

Regular SPEEA members in good standing for the previous 12 months are eligible to serve as a Council Rep. Participation in a CR role provides experience to grow at work and as a member leader. After being seated, Council Reps receive training by SPEEA's professional staff and seasoned member leaders. Training is both in the classroom and by participating in union activities on and off the job. When questions arise, support is available from seasoned Council Reps in the workplace and by contacting the Contract Administrator on SPEEA staff for your site.


By federal law, Council Reps are equals with management when acting in a representational capacity on behalf of SPEEA members. The law specifically protects CRs and your other union leaders from discrimination or retaliation by management because of your union activity.

Organizing Your District 

Organizing a communications network in the district is an essential duty for Council Reps. Recruiting and using Area Representatives to assist in this work, the CR is responsible for keeping members informed with emails, workplace meetings and regular face-to-face communications.

Training Materials