Northwest Council Seats Vacant
The next deadline to turn in petitions to run for a district is June 7, 2017. If you see your district below, and would like to represent your area, download the petition and delineation. If uncontested you would be seated at the June 9th Council meeting.
District # of Seats Petitioner Vote Count
Developmental Center
D-4   Vacant  
E-2 1 David Wilkinson 26
    Kelly D. Frankenbery 14
E-3   Vacant  
E- 8 1 Dan Nowlin 15
E- 8   Manizheh Sedghinasab 22
E-10   Vacant  
E-13   Vacant  
E-22 1 Aaron M. Allen 10
    Tarja Kallinen 14
    Becky Peppard 6
E-25   Vacant  
E-28   Vacant  
District # of Seats Petitioner Vote Count
K-2   Vacant  
K--3   Vacant  
Plant II
P-2   Vacant  
R-2   Vacant  
Second/third Shift
DS10   Vacant  
ES10   Vacant  
RS10   Vacant