Member Applications

The following SPEEA membership applications are in Acrobat PDF format. They can be downloaded and printed from your desktop. They require Acrobat Reader to view (this is usually included in later browser versions). If you don't have the reader, you can get it here: Acrobat Reader

The Boeing Company - Puget Sound and all other areas:
Boeing Puget Sound - SPEEA Application

Spirit AeroSystems - Wichita, Kansas:Spirit - SPEEA Application

Triumph Composites Systems - Spokane, Washington:
Triumph - SPEEA Application

Please drop-off, mail or fax application to: Directions to SPEEA Locations

Everett Hall
2414 106th Street SW
Everett, WA 98204
[425] 355.2883

Fax: [425] 355.9380

Seattle Hall
15205 52nd Avenue S
Seattle, WA 98188
[206] 433.0991
Toll Free: 800.325.0811
Fax: [206] 248.3990

Wichita Hall
4621 E. 47th Street S.
Wichita, KS 67210
[316] 682.0262

Fax: [316] 682.4668

For link to member dues page click here

If you are employed by Boeing, Spirit, or Triumph and are working in one of the bargaining units represented by SPEEA, you are eligible to join SPEEA as a "REGULAR member". This is your only membership option. Being a member gives you the right to vote on your contract, for your elected officials, and on any changes to SPEEA’s governing documents. Members receive the monthly SPOTLITE at their homes, and can read the weekly newsletter routed in the workplace by their local union rep.

If you are NOT employed in a bargaining unit represented by SPEEA (i.e., if you are in another payroll at Boeing including management) or if you work for another company, but you have an interest in being associated with SPEEA, you may become an "ASSOCIATE member". Associate members receive our monthly publication, the SPOTLITE, and can take advantage of any SPEEA discounts, seminars or other offerings made available to our membership.

For an ASSOCIATE membership application, CLICK HERE.

The Engineering Retirees Society (ERS) was formed by SPEEA retirees in 1982 as a way to maintain some contact with their union. ERS obtains information and lobbies for benefits for retirees in the areas of medical insurance, pension, taxation, investments and other areas of concern to retirees. They also provide service programs, social events, and hold quarterly membership meetings. Retirees receive the monthly SPEEA SPOTLITE publication at their homes, and can take advantage of any SPEEA-sponsored discounts or seminars.