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Calendar of Events

SPEEA Tukwila
15205 52nd Ave S
Seattle, WA 98188
Phone: (206) 433-0991
Fax: (206) 248-3990

SPEEA Everett
2414 106th Street SW
Everett, WA 98204
Phone: (425) 355-2883
Fax: (425) 355-9380

SPEEA Wichita
4621 E. 47th Street S.
Wichita, KS 67210
Phone: (316) 682-0262
Fax: (316) 682-4668

Ed Wells Partnership
Phone: (425) 965-4310







Benefits of Joining us

  • Leadership opportunities
  • Be a community influence
  • Opportunities to participate in advisory panels and committees
  • Attend seminars or classes that are important to you and your family
  • Influence SPEEA policies
  • Educational opportunities
  • Network with other professionals and union members
  • Political activism
  • Build lasting friendships, both in and outside the workplace
  • Hands across the nation in womens issues by being apart of Coalition and Labor Union Women (CLUW)


How do I join?

Attend a meeting!

Meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of every month at the Tukwila and Everett Halls.