SPEEA Governing Documents Committee

Chair: Walt Ditlefsen - (425) 965-6667
Vice-Chair: Theryl Johnson - (425) 237-5571
Secretary: Jimmie Mathis - (425) 223-1373

Meeting Time: 3rd Wednesday of every month at 4 p.m. (Pacific Time)

Develops changes it deems necessary, based on its own review of the SPEEA Governing Documents and/or request of the SPEEA Council or other governing body. Reviews SPEEA Council action for inclusion in the SPEEA Policy Manual. Reviews and recommends policy on association, affiliation and merger. Recommends affiliation/merger with other unions. Recommends and proposes new policies as the need arises. Prior to any printing of the SPEEA Governing Documents and/or any amendments thereto, the final draft of said publication must be certified in writing by the Chairman or designee of the SPEEA Governing Documents Committee.

News about the proposed changes to the SPEEA Governing Documents

This is a link to the final draft of the proposed revised Constitution prepared by the Governing Documents subcommittee. There is also a link to a document that presents a table showing where sections of the Constitution were moved to and what sections were removed and why.

We still need to create a table of additions.

Draft of the proposed revised SPEEA Constitution

Current Constitution with changes marked

It contains all the changes proposed by the Governing Documents Committee.

We welcome any and all feedback, positive or negative, suggestions, criticism, or comments. Tell us:

· If we left things out,
· Mistakes you believe we made,
· Sections that don’t seem to make sense,
· Sections that are incomplete,
· Something you don’t understand,
· Something you believe should not have been changed.

Feel free to ask us questions.

Feedback can be sent to Steve Spyridis (steves@speea.org).


Proposed Northwest bylaws – tell us what you think

The Northwest Council voted to publish the Northwest bylaws for members to review and make comments before the Council votes to approve the bylaws.

Click here to review. If you have comments or questions, send an email to steves@speea.org.

About the Northwest bylaws

The bylaws work in tandem with other governing documents by “describing the methods of implementing the rights and responsibilities.”

In addition to regional bylaws, SPEEA’s governing documents include a constitution and national and regional policies.