August 29, 2011


To:                   Northwest Council Members

From:               Rick Hoffman, R-7

Subject:            Pre-Submitted New Business:  Rescinding of all motions providing monetary or other support to Jobs with Justice (JwJ) of Washington State and transferring the support to Jobs with Justice of Portland Oregon.




            In over the past year Jobs with Justice of Washington State has become dysfunctional and an embarrassing hindrance to the labor community rather than an asset.  Internal strife has consumed much of the energy of the organization for more than a year.  The culmination of the strife occurred at the last JwJ council meeting where a motion in violation of JwJ own bylaws was passed that essentially stripped the Seattle-King county organizing committee of all authority to support any labor actions.  The newly elected board at its meeting after the election then proceeded to ostracize members of the Seattle-King County organizing committee for supposed wrong doing with out a hearing provided to those accused of wrong doing.

            In a sad and ironic twist of justice, numerous present members of the JwJ council and board have violated principles of justice that we hold to be foundational principles of justice.  They have passed motions and created rules that apply solely to members of the Seattle-King County Jobs with Justice organizing committee, an act in the same vein as a “Bill of Attainder” the passage of which is not allowed by the constitution of the United States and by most if not all states. Again, in violation of a fundamental principal of justice they charged, found guilty and then punished individuals without any hearing whatsoever and they have created arbitrary rules and punishments to suit their needs.

            The Martin Luther King County Labor Council has withdrawn its usual support of approximately $800 per year and instead has only given the $50 membership fee to the organization. United Food and Commercial Workers and other unions have also withdrawn their support from JwJ of Washington State.

            Rather than give our support to the dysfunctional organization here in Washington State we should instead be providing support to an organization that is effective working in an area where we have members.  We should therefore transfer our support to JwJ of Portland Oregon



I, Rick Hoffman, therefore recommend passage of this motion.




It is moved that:  THE NORTHWEST COUNCIL hereby rescinds all prior motions of monetary or other support for Jobs with Justice of Washington State and requests the SPEEA board to support this motion and further requests SPEEA board to provide to Jobs with Justice of Portland Oregon the aforementioned monetary support.  It is further moved that no support shall be provided to Jobs with Justice of Washington State until such time as this council determines it is a viable asset to the labor community.