October 3, 2009


To:                   SPEEA Council Delegates

From:              SPEEA Council Officers

Subject:           PRE-SUBMITTED NEW BUSINESS: Questions for Executive Officer Candidate Elections



Every even year, SPEEA elects their President, Treasurer and Secretary.  Not later than the January SPEEA Council Meeting, the SPEEA Council shall select five or six questions and give each candidate for these Executive Board positions an opportunity to respond to them in writing in a SPEEA-paid publication, mailed to each member of SPEEA so as to arrive just before or at the same time as the election ballot. 


SPEEA Policy V-B defines the process and requires that the candidates should be allowed at least two weeks to prepare their statements if at all possible and shall be given an opportunity to proof their statements prior to publication.


Each candidate shall have a maximum of 1200 words for the position statement, to be split among the questions as the candidate wishes.  If a candidate chooses not to respond to a question, that question for that candidate shall show "No response provided by the candidate," but those words shall not count in the number of words allowed.


Council Officers shall establish the schedule for notifying the candidates, candidates returning their statements, and mailing the statements.


The SPEEA Council Officers propose the following questions be approved:




It is moved: the following questions be submitted to the applicants for the Executive Officer positions and their responses be included in the Voters Guide.


  1. Why are you running for this position?
  2. What can you contribute to the Membership in this position?
  3. What do you perceive to be SPEEA’s primary challenges and what are your solutions?
  4. Problem solving, teamwork, and conflict resolution skills are critical for the position.  Please give personal examples where you have demonstrated them.
  5. How have you helped an organization achieve an important goal?