February 28, 2011


To:†††††††††††††††††† SPEEA Council Delegates

From:††††††††††††† Roger Pullman, CR (E-14)

Subject:†††††††††† Pre-submitted New Business: Revise SPEEA Policy III-A.3.c







There is a continuing disconnect between the SPEEA Leadership, Development, and Training Committee and the Northwest Regional Council Officers. Pursuant to NW Policy, VI. B. 2., the NW Council Officers are charged with notifying NW Council Members of training requirements, schedules, monitoring, and enforcing training requirements. In order for the NW Council Officers to carry out their duties, it is necessary that the LD&T Committee communicate the training schedule and Council Memberís progress on a regular basis.




It is moved that the SPEEA Policy III-A.3.c be revised as follows:


SPEEA Leadership Development and Training Committee - Responsible for generating pathways for SPEEA leadership development and training, and creating a well-informed, motivated, respected, and highly-skilled group of member activists to fill leadership positions throughout our organization. Responsible for planning, implementing, and providing services, facilities, and manpower for seminars, leadership training, and other educational meetings.


1)     The Chair of the Leadership Development and Training Committee shall notify the Regional Council Officers of each Regional Council Memberís training progress in writing every month.

2)     The Officers of the Leadership Development and Training Committee shall meet with the Regional Council Officers once a year to determine training requirements and a training schedule for that year. The first meeting shall be held within 90 days of the Regional Council Officers being elected.

3)     The Leadership Development and Training Committee shall offer training in Robertís Rules of Order to be conducted by a certified parliamentarian at least twice every year.