February 25, 2011



To:                   SPEEA Council Delegates


From:              SPEEA Council Officers


Subject:          Pre-submitted New Business:  Budget Approval Clarification for FY 2012 Budget and future budgets.




For last four years, the current process of proposed budget input allocation approval and then specific line item appropriation approval has become overly onerous and is confusing to council delegates.


The former process where the SPEEA Council Delegates had the opportunity to discuss merits of the proposed budget then in one single action approved the fiscal year budget input which was then incorporated into the main SPEEA proposed budget.  This process, used for decades, worked quite well in providing excellent oversight by the SPEEA Council on both the SPEEA Council budget and the overall SPEEA Budget input.  It is time to return to what has worked well in the past.









It is moved that the SPEEA Council approves the following addition to the SPEEA Policy section 1, sub section C, paragraph I: (h) The entire proposed SPEEA Council fiscal year input once approved in the January SPEEA Council meeting shall be accepted as allocated, appropriated and ready for inclusion into the proposed main SPEEA budget.